What kind of pre civil-rights racist violent game is this? My Lord why is this game even known about and now Google and the NSA have linked me to this game. Visual images of the segregated south in the early 1900′s combined with jars of Welches (pick your own favorite – my mind went to Apple jelly).
Without researching this game I said to her “no way this is a terrible game”. She said “Grandpa you don’t understand because you were born before colors”. WHAT? Colors? What are they teaching in these schools these days?
Kailah, I said, what are you talking about. Did you eat too much ice cream? No response. Must be ice water in her veins unyielding to my superior intellect tactics. After a silence stand off she said “Grandpa its a fun game but you don’t know anything about it because you were born before colors were invented”? To myself I thought that either this was going to be a very deep conversation or someone was going to be bribed with another cone.