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September 19th is Judgement Day for Semitic Babylon

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Man from Atlantis

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#1 Apr 7, 2012
September 19th because the 19th was the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles and because that day is also Michaelmas, the Feast of Michael and All Angels
The Assyrian calendar seems to disclose an effort to get rid of the movable Sabbath in favor of the fixed. If after the twenty-eighth day two days are intercalated as new-moon days, the 19th day becomes the 49th from the beginning of the next preceding month, as in the Feast of Weeks, in connection with which the emphasis on "complete Sabbaths" ("sheba' Shabbot temimot"; Lev. xxiii. 15) is noteworthy. At all events, in the Priestly Code, Sabbath violation is represented as entailing death (Num. xv. 32-36). The prohibition against kindling fire (Ex. xxxv. 3) probably refers to producing fire by the fire-drill or by rubbing two sticks together; this was the crime of the man put to death according to Num. xv. 32-36, the "meḳoshesh " (see also Beẓah iv. 7), the presence of fire being considered, if the analogy with superstitious practises elsewhere is decisive, a very grave sign of disrespect to the deity.

Ullu or Ibbu or Lilith or the Sun as Virgo day of birth which take her raft out of Semitic people and Semitic Men.

The Babylonians additionally celebrated the 19th as a special "evil day", the "day of anger"

The Babylonians considered the 19th day of the month to be unlucky.

Akkadian 19th called Ibbu (" white") or day of wrath or anger

'ibu "enemy": add Ugaritic e-bu ='ebu U

3. ibbu = uggatu, um ibbu= 11m ufgati, CT Will a3, i5.

4. The bittu or day of sackcloth and ashes which fell on the ninth in K. 6012 etc.
does not occur in the hemerologies on the ninth but the 28" 1 and 29 th . The hemero-
logies call the ninth the day of Ninib and Gula hence it may be inferred that sack-
cloth and ashes were used in the Gula service no. XI.

applied to the seventh, fourteenth, nineteenth, twenty-first and twenty-
eighth; of these all the texts agree that the nineteenth was a day of
wrath ; the hemerologies assign mourning to the 7"', but not to the
fourteenth. Unfortunately the description of the twenty-first is not yet
explained. One can be certain that liturgies were said on the twenty-
eighth and twenty-ninth and probably with sack-cloth and ashes. We
know that the king said the entire bit rimki or « house of baptism »,
service at that time 1

The nineteenth is called ibbu, or « day of wrath »(dies irae)
er..bisu, er..visu, ebbisu, erbu, ebbu to rouse, awaken, lift up, raise, take away, give life (Kannad.a)[sk]

Sumerian term shuba, which is equated with the Babylonian words ebbu,

ebbu ('pure, bright')

Sumerian term shuba, which is equated with the Babylonian words ebbu, ellu, and namru, all of which mean "bright".5

shuba, siba - shepherd)
The Babylonians additionally celebrated the 19th as a special "evil day", the "day of anger", because it was roughly the 49th day of the (preceding) month, completing a "week of weeks". Sacrifices were offered to Ninurta and the day dedicated to Gula, and it may be supposed that prohibitions were strengthened.
Man from Atlantis

Pawleys Island, SC

#2 Apr 7, 2012
Ianna is Semitic she is piesces she was Arab Babylonian and when Semitic the change the Aryan Holiday of Akitu of Sept 19th the Sumerian Sun Aryan Sun God and Goddess twin holiday to Akitu Semitic Arab Babylonian Moon God and Goddess Holiday. When the Sun rules the Aryan Sumerian ruled Dumuzi and Geshtnianna then Akitu is Sept 19th my and Belit-Anath who Geshtnianna my twin sister because I am Dumuzi But Semitic Babylonian ruled then Dumuzi is the twin or Ianna then Akitu is March 19th and the Moon rules.

he autumn equinox is celebrated only once every ten years and is called the Feast of All Souls' Salvation or All Souls' Day. As with the spring equinox, this results in some changes to the calendar.

Roj Fravardin Mah Fravardin – All Souls Day and the day to

The 19th day of the month Frawardin (the first month of the year in later periods) is called Frawardigan, i.e. by the same name as the five supplementary or Gatha days. It is possible that in the first period the 19th day of the month Dai (then the first month of the year) bore this name and was consecrated to the same duties as the 19th Frawardin in later times. The possibility of the transmission of the name from one to the other on some occasion of the eventual concordance between the two is, from a practical point of view, very remote.

When is the Feast of Frawardignan?

April, September, August; 19th day of Frawardin, the first Zoroastrian month

Tristrya is Tammuz in Tishri the month August 19th to September 19th in Autumn where Aryan people like the Zoroastrians, Egyptian Djed Pillar or Resurrection of Osiris or Orion or the left Eye of Horus which the Sun Atum, Shamash in Babylonian, Ashur in Assyrian and Tammuz or Uru-anna " light of Heaven from the city of Ur which mean light or Sun originally in Sumerians. Uru-anna in Mittani is Uru-w-an or Varuna the originally black or Ethiopian Tammuz the light of Heaven for Aryan the Sun race or the Left hand of the Pharaoh King or Atum or Akhenaton who was Moses.

Tiri is Tammuz in month Nasan or Nasanu in March 19th to April 19th in Spring Semitic people Babylonian, The Egyptians who worship the right eye Horus or Ra the Moon god or god the Seth in the springs equinox, this was the God of Jewish Exodus from Egyptian Pharaoh the right hand the Pharaoh King or Moses brother Aaron who spoke against Moses Ethiopian wife Zipporiah who worship the Sun goddess Sham who was later called the Queen of Sheba.

20 September
[same date every year] MEXICO Kukulcan Snake God in Chichen Itza [Yucatan]- see the snake shadow appear during the first equinox in this spectacular Mayan pyramid complex, plus varied entertainments. A couple of days before and after too.

20 SeptemberQuetzalcoatl - means "Feathered Serpent", a panmesoamerican god of life, the wind and the "morningstar".

The equated Venus, which they called the Dawn Star, with their god Quetzalcoatl, the "Feathered Serpent
Man from Atlantis

Pawleys Island, SC

#3 Apr 7, 2012
I was the one who started what they called the Kali-Yuga or End of the World or Judgement Day or Day of Wrath for the Aryan people and I was born Septemeber 19th which the day the Sun God was born. The Feast of Micheal, Akitu or Sumerian Solar New Yeak. The is Geshtinanna or Belili or Lilith and me her twin brother Dumuzi birth of September 19th or Aryan Day of Wrath. My twin sister has killed the Moon Semitic God El and no Semitic is safe anymore and Earth and the after life. I as Dumuzi and My sister Geshtinanna or Lilith and Varuna the Sun God Ahura Mazda or Samael has killed El and capture the Middle East and Europe and the North Hemisphere September 19th 2000 but now on September 19t and 20th 2012 when the Autumn Equinox starts in 19th and 20th the Aztec Quetzalcoatl and Mayan Kukulcan will return the Southern Hemisphere and take control of the Southern Hemisphere with all the Aztec and Mayan Sun God. Not in December 21th 2012
Man from Atlantis

Pawleys Island, SC

#4 Apr 7, 2012
Only the Aryan are Rapture not the Semitic and their follower. We go to heaven for the 12,000 years and Semitic will go to hell the next 12,000 years. No Rapture for Semitic in Aryan Universe.
Man from Atlantis

Pawleys Island, SC

#5 Apr 7, 2012
I know that the Rapture exist for Aryan spirits because back in August 10th 2003 on Rashasa Bandhan a holiday for protect from the Rashasas or Vampire I personally Rapture All the Aryan God in North Hemisphere all with with help my twin Sister Gesthinanna or Lilith or Belit-Anat or who Persian Godddess Anahita or the Hindu Goddess Durga and husband is Enki in Sumeria, Varuna or Ahura Mazda in Persia and Varuna in India.

I know the rapture exist for the Aryan now for the next 12,000 years like did up until 2000 for the Semitic. Now the Rapture does exist for the Semitic.
Man from Atlantis

Pawleys Island, SC

#6 Apr 8, 2012
Aryans all the living, dead and the not born yet in the North Hemisphere were all rapture or give Absolution by the Persian Goddess Anahita or Belit-Anat or Lilith and my as twin brother Dumuzi and he husband Varuna or Ahura Mazda or Jesus himself. Jesus is dark Man with hair of wool that same description of the Magi god Ahura Mazda or Varuna is a black Caucasian like me.

The Aztec and Mayan Gods and Amerindian, Na-Dene and Eskimo people with be rapture or give Absolution in the Southern Hemisphere on Sept 19th 2012 my birthdate.

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