Obama as the Personification of the New Masculinity

Mustard and water has been rendered obsolete as an emetic. If you find yourself urgently needing to empty the contents of your stomach, try reading this moonbat paean to the end of traditional maleness as established by the reelection of the metrosexual Moonbat Messiah:

Obama epitomizes a new model of manhood, masculinity forged not as an assertion of power but as an acknowledgement of mutual support and cooperation. He is a man formed not by his own efforts to succeed [true enough; Obama is a lazy Affirmative Action post turtle] but from his ability to relate to other people (including his own wife) as equals, a President calling for justice within American society, for the validity of caring for those not as fortunate as ourselves and for true cooperation between political opponents [!?!?!?!] where the social good of all people and the future of the planet are concerned.… All hail to the new masculinity.

Author Don Edgar used to teach sociology and education at the University of Chicago. Too bad he wasn’t there at the same time as Obama’s close friend Bill Ayers; they would have hit it off great. Both have done their part to erode the civilization they hate.