Who is the legitimate Sultan of Sulu?

Who is the legitimate Sultan of Sulu?

Created by Tuan Ahmad III on Jan 9, 2008

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Sultan Ibrahim Barjin

Sulta Esmael Kiarm III

Datu Udah

Sultan Rodinood Julaspi

Sultan Aydal Aliuddin

Sultan Ibrahim Pulalon

Datu Muedzul-Lail Kiram

Aliuddin Haddis Pabila

Akijal Attih

Sultan Fuad A Kiram I



#411 Oct 22, 2010
HASSAN wrote:
Asalamu Alaikum, Warahmatulahi Wabarakatuhu. There is no known evidence that the Sultante was abolished. It was taken out of legal existence by foreign sovereign powers since the Spanish encroachments up to the Present self-identified Philippine Republic and done so through forceful acquiscence. To abolish a Sultanate or country, its Sultan or President have to abrogate it, which was never done. Contrary to abdicating the throne is merely stepping down as did in the 1915 Carpenter Memorandum Agreement, and even thru a mere memorandum. The said Sultanate is still to this day constitutionally existing, however, without a totally recognize Sultan King or President as by the International Community. The said Sultanate is a self-evident State and Country to the present. Salam.
Yazir Rajim


#413 Oct 24, 2010


#414 Oct 24, 2010
We should all realize and accept that the Sultan of Sulu is still Sultan Jamalul Kiram III. Regardless of what you've read on the internet with their beautiful but ficticious websites.
Firstly, how could a man like Datu Fuad Kiram become a Sultan when he was never been a Rajah Muda. CHECK the the RULE of SUCCESSION..
During Datu Fuad late grandfather's time Sultan Esmail Kiram II, Sultan Punjungan Kiram was his Raja Muda (crown prince) so when Sultan Ismael passed away, Datu Punjungan became his successor..
Sultan Punjungan Kiram"s Raja Muda was Datu Jamalul Kiram III. Subsequently, Datu Jamalul Kiram III became the Sultan when Sultan Punjungan Kiram passed away..
Whoever disagree with me should/can check the history of the Sultanate of Sulu and Philppine government

Makati, Philippines

#415 Oct 29, 2010
the malaysian money that was expected ages ago was false alarm and even let the innocent people get a passport for them to fly to borneo yet until now their passport expired already but the gossip has never been proven yet..poor claimers!!!

San Juan, Philippines

#421 Nov 29, 2010
Is there any sensible and knowledgeable in your blogs? seems none of the participants has researched the true facts and history of past and present sultan of sulu records why it was diminished and who dun it, you all believe when white people says so even if it is crap.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#423 Nov 30, 2010
Taga Sugbu

Upper Bicutan, Philippines

#424 Dec 9, 2010
Correction: Sultan Esmail I and Datu Punjungan no longer has communication when Punjungan went to North Borneo. When Sultan Esmail I died Datu Punjungan is nowhere to be found in Sulu. Before Sultan Esmail Died he already declared that his heir is his eldest son Datu Mahakuttah Kiram and Sultan Mahakuttah's Crown Prince was Datu Muedzul Lail Kiram. Datu Punjungan only went home in 1980 long before Sultan Esmail died. He proclaimed himself sultan during the reign of Sultan Mahakuttah Kiram. The proclamation of Mahakuttah is supported by the old Rumah Bichara and the Wazir Amb. Abraham Rasul (also a wazir of Sultan Esmail) and even supported by the Philippine government by a presidential decree.....now check your history

Sultan Esmail I died in Dec. 1973, Jolo was burned and took over by the separatist in Feb. 1974....in May 1974 Sultan Mahakuttah was proclaimed by the Wazir, Rumah Bichara and the Philippine government (with crown prince Datu Muedzul Lail)normanl life in Jolo was again restored.


Level 8

Since: Feb 08

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#425 Dec 9, 2010
No, as I recall, that title actually used to belong to ABU HASANGADID ENIMOR.

.=-v-=.Sultan of Sulu.

Muntinlupa, Philippines

#426 Dec 16, 2010
Taga Sugbu, check your facts again... Mahkuttah was intalled by Ispaldon... He was just a caretaker because Sultan Punjungan was away.. Amb. abraham Rasul? is he the son or grandson of Hji. Butu?

“"you're not the boss of me"”

Since: Aug 09

yep, right, uh huh

#427 Dec 18, 2010
Do you have very many expat. Americans living there?

best wishes and all respect
Taga Sugbu


#428 Dec 20, 2010
bystander wrote:
Taga Sugbu, check your facts again... Mahkuttah was intalled by Ispaldon... He was just a caretaker because Sultan Punjungan was away.. Amb. abraham Rasul? is he the son or grandson of Hji. Butu?
Bystander, no he is not installed by Espaldon. Check your history before you give your opinion. Why would he become caretaker since his father is the Sultan and he is the eldest and the primogeniture heir, I tell you Datu Punjungan is nowhere around for a long time before, during and after the death of Sultan Esmail. Abraham Rasul is the son of the old Wazir Hadji Butu, and was also the Wazir of Sultan Esmail Kiram I. If you see the coronation in 1974 Almost all the old Ruma Bichara that is still alive of Sultan Esmail was there. It is only given bad publicity by the other branch since Sultan Mahakuttah was supported by the late President Marcos. But what's wrong with that ? do you know that the brothers Sultan Jamalul III and Esmail II were also receiving allowance during the time of President Arroyo ??
Sharif Jubair Moammad

Fullerton, CA

#429 Dec 26, 2010
The true hier of Sultan of Sulu no other than HRM SULTAN HJI. RODINOOD MAADIL JULASPI KIRAM, because, he has a LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT FROM HIS FATHER SULTAN MOHAMMAD HJI. JULASPI KIRAM who was the real ONLY son of late SULTAN JAMALUL KIRAM,AND THE PROVE IT OF HM SULTAN JULASPI KIRAM IS LAST WILL TESTAMENT FROM HIS FATHER LATE SULTAN JAMALUL KIAM... VISIT THIS WEBSITE: www.sovereignsulu.com , in order that you see and you know the true hier of Sultanate of Sulu...
datu sing lupah sug

Manila, Philippines

#432 Feb 19, 2011
none of the above are legitimate sultan of sulu.
Arnez Hamidi


#435 Feb 26, 2011
probably I'm the sultan.. I have this dream a few night back..was it a nightmare..huhuhu

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

#443 Apr 23, 2011
Sabah is belongs to the Sultanate of Sulu, whatever you think you cannot revise history.

New York, NY

#444 Apr 23, 2011
dayang dayang bongao


#445 May 22, 2011
Mohamad Nur Sapiya wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, the popular will of the peoples of the sulu and maguindanao territories concurred that the rightful heir goes to Adinda Famili; Maharaja Adinda Taup-Arpa. Google search: Maharaja Adinda Taup.
yes everybody have the right to say something...I'am also a true Royal blood my great ancestor Shaik Sayd Nassaruddin and the eldest granddaughter of former Mayor of Cagayan de Tawi-Tawi Datu "Kabulai"Amirul Kiram Jaafar and the Daughter of Datu Mawallil "Sozon" Amirul Kiram and Sharifa Hadja Nurrunhihar Ulod Hamad manglima Jumadil Sharif Sangkalang...It so nice to read all the comments about the "who is the legitimate sultan of Sulu and the confusion of young generation like me...
My concern is, Why do People claiming that they are the rightful heirs? and what so ever because of money and power? and discussing over "Allah's own"?"aanihin pa natin ang Kayamanan at Kapangyarihan sa mundo kung lahat tayo'y namatay na"?only piece of white cloth that we will bring in our grave... why not do something to be United and have a harmonious relationship or reunification of all clans so that we all know each other, we are big family and our great ancestors have so many wives, generation to generation that maybe is one reason why......and most of all Malaysian Government knows everything who is the rightful heir they just confusing us... My Great Grandfather The Father of Sabah Datu Mustafa Datu Harun Knew it all...
BAd cheetah


#446 Jul 18, 2011
nonsense.....none of the above are qualified...People of sulu are proud people.The tausug are still fighting for thier freedom from the philippines goverment because mindanao should belong to the people of mindanao,not govern by those corrupt people from luzon nor visayas,but from its own land...sultanate shoud be restore but not those guys or family mentioned above...they corrupt than those politician in the philippines...Sultanate should be from the true lineage of sultan decended from the prophet MOHAMMAD S.A.W not form those fake guys....
whats happening in Sulu

West Palm Beach, FL

#447 Jul 21, 2011
Can anyone tell me if a person named Lawrence Alan Gottfried was ever an Ambassador from Sulu. He is an american and Jewish and makes this claim on his letterhead. He lives in Boynton Beach Florida.
I have never heard of a Jewish person being an ambassador or dog catcher for a muslim state. Help me out here.
Tau Suluk

Taguig, Philippines

#448 Aug 24, 2011
Ali Baba wrote:
my tent maker omar disagrees
Who's the Omar your referring to Ali Baba?

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