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#5287 Mar 26, 2013
Snow day

I see snow everywhere I look,
When I look out my window, that’s what I see
Across the road, the field and down by the brook
Even in my yard on the limbs of the tree

The barn doors are closed so it doesn’t snow inside
A nice place, if you come I’ll show
I know the horses are safe as they hide
I think of them as I look out my office window

Old man winter will not let go of his grip
Even though the calendar shows spring
Good thing I don’t have to take any trips
Think I’ll just sit back and sing

My thoughts drifts to a special friend
I know they are thinking of me too
I’ll dig out some pictures I want send
This snow day, I am thinking of you!

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#5289 Mar 28, 2013
Simply deVine wrote:
The death of nature is the most beautiful
Fallen leaves are shedding a solemn golden colour
the lake is sleeping hugging withered trees in its arms
in the pitch-black cavern of a night
no sighs are affected
The most beautiful is the death of nature
A mass of mountains are reduced to a plain in the twinkling of an eye
a mob of seas are turned into a fine falling drizzle
at the volcano of a grave
are lying face-up the brilliant corpses of the stars
The death is the most beautiful of nature
The decaying animal carcass is swarming with thousands of ants
the felled forest has milky liquid running all over the place
sometimes under a stinking cancer sky
there wafts in the fragrance of the setting sun
The death of nature is the most beautiful
A most beautiful poem...penned by Yu Ouyang...


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#5290 Mar 28, 2013
The meaning of love

Love is something so beautiful between two
Yes my darling, I am talking about me and you

But what happens when one wants to open their wings
Would you let go and accept whatever it brings?

Maybe love isn’t holding on to the one you love
Maybe love is letting go and to rise above

Because if you love something, you should set it free
If it comes back, then it was meant to be

If it never returns, then you know it never was
But you’ll never know, until you let go and learn the meaning of love

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#5295 Mar 28, 2013
A song in her memory

The memory came flooding back
Bringing a tear to her eyes
A song that meant so much
Oh how time flies

It has been 60+ years since that time
She was a girl from the old country
He was a stranger to her land
But he set his sights on thee

He sang a song for her
One that is embedded in her heart
They confessed and shared a love
Swore they would never part

For more than 50 years
He was always by her side
Until Gabriel came calling
And took him the day he died

The memory of his song
Will always bring a tear
Because when she plays it
She’ll always feel him near

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#5296 Mar 28, 2013
A Fathers love

I sit back in amazement at what I have created
Two of the most beautiful girls there ever were
Even though ten years divides them
They are so alike that’s for sure

The oldest has curls you wouldn’t believe
With natural highlights women would kill for
Tall and thin and oh so smart
Defiantly has brains and so much more!

Then there’s her sister, a little firecracker is she
With the intelligence of kids more than twice her age
Also tall but not so thin with her own attitude
A wild child that will never be caged!

These are my girls I have described for you
I know they will grow and be beautiful ladies
I would die for them if it ever came to it
Because they are the whole world to me!

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#5298 Mar 28, 2013
Slow and steady

Finding the words to express
What I am feeling inside
Because I want to show you
There is nothing to hide

A friendship is building
Something I like allot
It’s going slow and steady
I just don’t want it to stop

Share with me and just know
I will be a good friend
Time will defiantly show
These feelings are not pretend

This friendship is building
I hope it last a long while
I am enjoying this feeling
Especially when you smile


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#5299 Mar 28, 2013
AbOUT FREAKIN' TIME the POETRY returned!!!.
WHERE YA GUYS BEEN??...,Running NEKKID through Grapevine Groves in Greece????

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#5300 Mar 28, 2013
Colorado Chick wrote:
AbOUT FREAKIN' TIME the POETRY returned!!!.
WHERE YA GUYS BEEN??...,Running NEKKID through Grapevine Groves in Greece????
lmao, sounds like fun to me!!!:)
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#5302 Apr 10, 2013

Help each Other
Always Tell the Truth
Pay with hugs and kisses
Listen to your parents
Laugh @ Yourself
Say I love You
Be Thankful
Show Compassion
Love Each Other
Dream Big
Respect One Another
Laugh Out Loud
Keep your promises
Say Please and Thank You
Think of others before yourself
Know you are loved
Hug Often
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#5303 Apr 10, 2013
Is in the little meaningless things that go unnoticed that define us? Slowly piling up behind us unawares that suddenly fall on us like an invisible blanket and we wonder where the lights went?

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#5304 Apr 11, 2013
one Sunday morning I was sitting so, when I heard the news that my girlfriend got married, I do not care who marries or ceases to be married in the pharmacy benden pills to forget, when they are putting me unanillo ami bright, ati 4 candles will be putting forward, when I sleeping on this mattress that beautiful ati worms will be eating the heart

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#5307 Apr 12, 2013
changed your home high
  by a gallery
  I changed ami
not served by a

Martinez, CA

#5308 Apr 13, 2013
trouble rather the tiger in his lair than the sage amongst his books. for to you kingdoms and their armies are mighty and enduring. but to him they can be over turned by the flicking of a finger...



United States

#5309 Apr 21, 2013
"Familiarity makes the lion more dangerous..."

The Gap, Australia

#5310 Apr 24, 2013
"To A Skylark”
by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822)

Hail to thee, blithe Spirit!
Bird thou never wert,
That from Heaven, or near it,
Pourest thy full heart
In profuse strains
of unpremeditated art.

Higher still and higher
From the earth thou springest
Like a cloud of fire;
The blue deep thou wingest,
And singing still dost soar,
and soaring ever singest.

In the golden lightning
Of the sunken sun
O’er which clouds are bright’ning,
Thou dost float and run,
Like an unbodied joy
whose race is just begun.

The pale purple even
Melts around thy flight;
Like a star of Heaven
In the broad daylight
Thou art unseen,
but yet I hear thy shrill delight:

Keen as are the arrows
Of that silver sphere,
Whose intense lamp narrows
In the white dawn clear
Until we hardly see–
we feel that it is there.

All the earth and air
With thy voice is loud.
As, when night is bare,
From one lonely cloud
The moon rains out her beams,
and heaven is overflowed.

What thou art we know not;
What is most like thee?
From rainbow clouds there flow not
Drops so bright to see
As from thy presence
showers a rain of melody.

Like a poet hidden
In the light of thought,
Singing hymns unbidden,
Till the world is wrought
To sympathy with hopes
and fears it heeded not:

Like a high-born maiden
In a palace tower,
Soothing her love-laden
Soul in secret hour
With music sweet as love,
which overflows her bower:

Like a glow-worm golden
In a dell of dew,
Scattering unbeholden
Its aerial hue
Among the flowers and grass,
which screen it from the view:

Like a rose embowered
In its own green leaves,
By warm winds deflowered,
Till the scent it gives
Makes faint with too much sweet
these heavy-winged thieves.

Sound of vernal showers
On the twinkling grass,
Rain-awakened flowers,
All that ever was
Joyous, and clear, and fresh,
thy music doth surpass.

Teach us, sprite or bird,
What sweet thoughts are thine:
I have never heard
Praise of love or wine
That panted forth a flood
of rapture so divine.

Chorus hymeneal
Or triumphal chaunt
Matched with thine, would be all
But an empty vaunt–
A thing wherein we feel
there is some hidden want.

What objects are the fountains
Of thy happy strain?
What fields, or waves, or mountains?
What shapes of sky or plain?
What love of thine own kind?
what ignorance of pain?

With thy clear keen joyance
Languor cannot be:
Shadow of annoyance
Never came near thee:
Thou lovest, but ne’er knew
love’s sad satiety.

Waking or asleep,
Thou of death must deem
Things more true and deep
Than we mortals dream,
Or how could thy notes flow
in such a crystal stream?

We look before and after,
And pine for what is not:
Our sincerest laughter
With some pain is fraught;
Our sweetest songs are those
that tell of saddest thought.

Yet if we could scorn
Hate, and pride, and fear;
If we were things born
Not to shed a tear,
I know not how thy joy
we ever should come near.

Better than all measures
Of delightful sound,
Better than all treasures
That in books are found,
Thy skill to poet were,
thou scorner of the ground!

Teach me half the gladness
That thy brain must know,
Such harmonious madness
From my lips would flow
The world should listen then,
as I am listening now!


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#5318 Jul 1, 2013
imitates nature,
always moving, traveling continuously.
Falling leaves placed delicately;
foliage touching the echoing waters,
clarity removed -
Reflections distorted through waves rippling;
gracefully dancing
mirrored images
- reflect -
images mirrored.
Dancing gracefully,
rippling waves through distorted reflections -
removed clarity.
Waters echoing the touching foliage;
delicately placed leaves falling -
continuously traveling, moving always,
nature imitates
OMG!!..Soooo TRUE...Devine!"... On a ROCKIN' ROLL I notice..NICE!!

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#5319 Nov 12, 2013
Colorado Chick wrote:
<quoted text> OMG!!..Soooo TRUE...Devine!"... On a ROCKIN' ROLL I notice..NICE!!
Beautiful, Graceful Expression

Poetry in Motion

“Here & Now”

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#5320 Nov 13, 2013
Long time no see .... thread.





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#5321 Nov 13, 2013
i remember this thread..

easy now.

pulling this out of my hat.

Gypsy Love Song

Release the Autumn Gypsy,
O golden harvest moon
She longs to paint the season,
Rich in festive ornate hues
Jack Frost comes to play for her,
a cheery little tune
and dance with Autumn Gypsy,
beneath the harvest moon

someone once wrote.

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#5322 Nov 15, 2013
we need some input.....

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