Evolution vs. Creation

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High school senior Zack Kopplin is leading the fight to repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act of 2008.
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The Dude

Birkenhead, UK

#76094 Feb 15, 2013
Charles Idemi wrote:
<quoted text> Fine, disagreements are normal.
But the bible stands out for every true believers of Christ.
Sure it does. Hence "Christian". But since they all disagree over the correct way to interpret it...

And that's just the KJV which has already been translated into English FOR them.(shrug)
The Dude

Birkenhead, UK

#76095 Feb 15, 2013
Charles Idemi wrote:
<quoted text> I worship the living God, by name YAHWEH, with every fibre of my soul.
Can you fight death? if you can, then you can fight God.
Funny, I thought all you needed was an iron chariot or some Egyptian magic.

According to the Bible anyway.
The Dude

Birkenhead, UK

#76096 Feb 15, 2013
Charles Idemi wrote:
<quoted text> Define study?
That is indeed a dishonest answer.
Chuck, you're a big fat massive hypocritical dishonest liar for Jesus. Not an insult, just an observation. So that means you don't really get to claim others are dishonest.
The Dude

Birkenhead, UK

#76097 Feb 15, 2013
Charles Idemi wrote:
<quoted text> Give me three archaeological evidence for Harry Porter?
Charing Cross Road, King's Cross Station (both in London), and Egypt.

Sinton, TX

#76099 Feb 15, 2013
I love the way the History Channel says that an astroid Killed all the Dinosaurs!LOL One thing I have known all my Life an animal will always find a wayt live but Humans the find ways o die!LOL

Sinton, TX

#76100 Feb 15, 2013
Humans not astroids are killing the animals!!!LOL

Since: Apr 12

Location hidden

#76101 Feb 15, 2013
Subduction Zone wrote:
<quoted text>It is not just denial. We have evidence that supports our claims.

You and your side do not have evidence that back yours.

We probably know the Bible better than you do. For example, we probably know the Ten Commandments better than you do.
oh nice that's another lie! Have you no shame!

Since: Apr 12

Location hidden

#76102 Feb 15, 2013
thewordofme wrote:
<quoted text>Of course my denial doesn't prove it wrong,
"Of course my denial doesn't prove it wrong"

Good we have that settled.

Since: Apr 12

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#76103 Feb 15, 2013
woodtick57 wrote:
how come Russia gets all the really cool meteorites?!
Because they are really returning space craft that we sent out. They just don't land very good some times.

Since: Apr 12

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#76104 Feb 15, 2013
zander714 wrote:
Science refuses to look at itself with the same criteria that it places upon natural world.
There is no mirror in the science community. They all look out never in.

Newport, TN

#76105 Feb 15, 2013
The Dude wrote:
<quoted text>
You assume a "who" is necessary. Until we have more information it would be far more appropriate to say "what".
But leaving aside the question of the singularity itself, so far the evidence points to the Big Bang.
KA-BOOM! and the universe and all life emerges to form what Einstein called a ordered comphrehensible universe. From an explosion?..ha...ha,ha,.....ha ,ha,ha,Dude you've got a career in comedy on the horizon, or a stay in the nut house .

Since: Apr 12

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#76106 Feb 15, 2013
woodtick57 wrote:
<quoted text>No, your god is a myth, and death is real.
No your FSM is a myth God is real.
Now this will cause you pain because you understand the repercussion of the meaning to you of a real God. Good luck with that.

“Nihil curo de ista tua stulta ”

Since: May 08


#76107 Feb 15, 2013
forreal wrote:
I love the way the History Channel says that an astroid Killed all the Dinosaurs!LOL One thing I have known all my Life an animal will always find a wayt live but Humans the find ways o die!LOL
Yes, the scientific concensus is that an asteroid about the size of Mt. Everest struck the earth about 65 million years ago. It blew out a crater about 100 miles wide, and produced a variety of effects on a global scale.

Per Wiki: "The impactor had an estimated diameter of 10 km (6.2 mi) and delivered an estimated energy equivalent of 100 teratons of TNT (4.2×1023 J).[21] By contrast, the most powerful man-made explosive device ever detonated, the Tsar Bomba, had a yield of only 57 megatons of TNT (2.4×1017 J),[22] making the Chicxulub impact 2 million times more powerful."


Oakland, CA

#76108 Feb 15, 2013
Charles Idemi wrote:
<quoted text> Evidence?
Now tell me how did the universe came without a maker?
I suppose when your maker distributed brains you ended up in back of the line - yemoron!

“Too hard to handle”

Level 4

Since: Jun 11

butler, pa

#76109 Feb 15, 2013
woodtick57 wrote:
<quoted text>yes they are...the bible and harry potter are fiction. reality has nothing to do with either...

Oh yes, the city of Jerusalem, Rome, Herod and Pontious Pilate (who are documents, historical roman rulers of judea), the persecution of the early believers, which is documented, etc all worthless un substantiated myth!

So, therefore, with your logic, the teachings of Jesus, being part of myth are useless! Teachings like "love the Lord thy god with all your mind, heart and soul and love your neighbor as yourself", unconditional forgiveness with no retaliation or repayment expected, going to those you have offended and asking forgiveness, and making restitution before you even have any thought of worshipping, letting your yea be yea and your nay be nay, certainly part of a worthless myth. In your estimation, with Jesus being a myth, anything he said, all of his teachings are discounted as worthless myth! Be careful in your answer because he DID say "I am the way and the truth...noone comes to the father but by me"

“Robert Stevens”

Level 1

Since: Dec 08

Jersey City , NJ

#76110 Feb 15, 2013
I believe in both. God is too complicated for most of us to understand.

Vero Beach, FL

#76111 Feb 15, 2013
Thomas Robertson wrote:
<quoted text>
What has a scientist who was an atheist ever done to hurt you?
If a scientific investigation is carefully designed, it will come to the same results no matter what the experimenter expects.
If a scientific report is carefully written, it will be perfectly objective.
So an acceptable scientific report will say nothing about God.
Or leprechauns.
Or gremlins.
Or invisible pink unicorns.
Or flying spaghetti monsters.
Or--well, you get the idea.(I hope.)
If only it were so! Unfortunately, science is run by humans, and humans do what they always do - insert bias. Even science is biased dramatically by personal political beliefs (i.e. global warming - look up the p-value on the relationship between carbon dioxide and temperature).

There are very few, if any, scientists who initiate a study without the intent of proving his/her particular theory.

Back on topic, if evolution is false why are so many genes homologous between a human being and a rabbit for example? Why is it that we are able to grow human recombinant proteins in e. coli bacteria?

The only requirement to disbelieve in evolution is a lack of education. Now Darwin didn't get it all exactly right. Real evolution happens a lot faster than what he estimated because cells have a lot more ability to rearrange DNA (ie spliceosome) and create different proteins, etc. Hell, we even have nucleic enzymes that can move DNA around on a chromosome.

“Darwin was right..of course.”

Level 9

Since: Jun 11


#76112 Feb 15, 2013
"Religious behavior evolved for a single reason: to further the survival of human societies. Those who administer religions should not assume they cannot be altered. To the contrary, religions are Durkheimian structures, eminently adjustable to a society’s needs. They are shaped in implicit negotiation with supernatural powers who then give instructions to promote society’s interests. Much of course depends on the craft and inspiration of the negotiators. But first it is necessary to understand that negotiation is possible.

Maybe religion needs to undergo a second transformation, similar in scope to the transition from hunter gatherer religion to that of settled societies. In this new configuration, religion would retain all its old powers of binding people together for a common purpose, whether for morality or defense. It would touch all the senses and lift the mind. It would transcend self. And it would find a way to be equally true to emotion and to reason, to our need to belong to one another and to what has been learned of the human condition through rational inquiry."

Nicholas Wade “The Faith Instinct: How Religion Evolved and Why It Endures,”

Level 2

Since: Apr 11

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#76113 Feb 15, 2013
woodtick57 wrote:
<quoted text>So the bible is fictionalized history? so what? it's basic premise is based on proven lies...you know this but as a cult member, you cannot stray from the cult line...
More shit from you.
Now give me three( 3) archaeological proof or evidence for Harry Porter ?

Level 2

Since: Apr 11

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#76114 Feb 15, 2013
thewordofme wrote:
<quoted text>
They lived in a time when the church would kill you if you did not believe.
I like that!
And yet they were not killed.
They were allowed to go on with their inventions and discoveries.
I hope you know you have no point in that remarks.

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