I just pooped in my pants
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Rowland Heights, CA

#125 May 18, 2009
Princess Ovo wrote:
<quoted text>
:) good to know.. and you stay safe girl..:)
Thanks sweetie!


“The Mystery Shopper”

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Undisclosed Location

#126 May 18, 2009
Ash Hole wrote:
I know of a person who went to Sears with his girl friend and her parents. That day he felt his stomach growling but ignored it. While walking though the store he said it erupted like a volcanoe, exploding with such force it made his shorts blow up like a balloon.
As he stood there in the middle of the store with all the customers looking right at him as he dripped on the floor. He ran to the bathroom, with even more customers watching and or following him and laughing. The only good part was his girl friends parents went and bought him new clothes, as they were in a store, but his feeling about it still exists today. Sears is a $hitty store.
The main point is this.....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =dFdRqoVSZPEXX
Have to agree with you about Sears,'Shopped' that store before and have had some absolutely terrible experiences. Incredibly low morale, seemingly company-wide. No wonder they were in bankruptcy and bought by Kmart, of all outfits. Though, nothing to compare with your friend's experience, fortunately...
Poopy Pant

Harrah, OK

#127 Feb 4, 2011
i pee my bed every night and poop my pants atleast twice per week

Leeds, UK

#128 Jul 4, 2011
Help me wrote:
please don't make fun of me I have never done this before, and I thought it just had to pass gas but it all came out.
DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT I AM A BLOKE FOTUNATLY IT HAS NOT HAPPEND TO ME YET BUT I KNOW QUITE A FEW LADS THAT HAVE ONLY DONE IT BECAUSE THEY HAVE HAD TOO MUCH TO DRINK i have had only one fantasy in my life and that is to make love to a lady that has pooped her pants while she has still got them on so don't knock it till you try it. if your bf does not like it or thinks it is too dirty then find a new bf who understands your problem i've been searching all my life for someone like this but now with the power of the computer it is now much easier but all i can do is wish & hope so don't put yourself down (you can't help it so find someone who understands your problem) like i do. unfortunately i am now 60 yrs old and never had the chance to do what i wanted to. take care of yourself love XXX.
swamp dog in lousiana

New Iberia, LA

#129 Jul 4, 2011
not a problem just get the hose and flush right on through and prest clean panties
Lucy Bowels

Brooksville, FL

#130 Jul 4, 2011
Uh oh !

I had a sudden bowel eruption in the driver's seat of my car.
The fabic used to be a light gray and now it's a medium brown.

“Hey ,yawl !”

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How ya doin? N.C.

#131 Jul 4, 2011
Lucy Bowels wrote:
Uh oh !
I had a sudden bowel eruption in the driver's seat of my car.
The fabic used to be a light gray and now it's a medium brown.
Like someone said, never trust a fart after 45. My dad says he don't even feel it coming on anymore. He just feels himself rising up!

“Hey ,yawl !”

Level 8

Since: Oct 10

How ya doin? N.C.

#132 Jul 4, 2011
Lucy Bowels wrote:
Uh oh !
I had a sudden bowel eruption in the driver's seat of my car.
The fabic used to be a light gray and now it's a medium brown.
You might want to think about buying some Depends.
melissa vannatter

Cadillac, MI

#133 Jan 2, 2012
i just pissed my pants the other night at a restaurant at a casino in northern Michigan.all in all pretty embarrassing situation. but like any addicted gambler i went right back to losing all my money while sporting pissy pants.sometimes you have to really look at the situation being handed to you.oddly enough sticking around with piss all over me paid off my hubby won $2000 in hard cash.see sometimes things work out for us unfortunate potty people. dont worry run your little self into the bathroom flush your panties down the drain,wash up ,use plenty of hand soap .go back and tell everyone someone made the bathroom smell so bad that you about threw up..it will pan out
Bun Dumpner

Lake Elmo, MN

#134 Mar 24, 2012
When I poop my pants I try to kick the poops out of the bottom of my poopy pants into the garbage can. This is a great idea because garbage cans don't smell good as it is, so nobody will wonder why the garbage smells like poops. If someone asks why you smell like poop, tell them that you don't smell anything and then they won't think it is you. Now, as for the brown poop stains on your butt, tell them you sat on a cup of coffee. DO NOT TELL THEM THAT YOU SAT IN POOP! This is to ensure that they think it is not poop.
Rex 89

Benton, KY

#135 Mar 24, 2012
Omg! Strange that I found this thread while string on my throne! Lol.

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Since: Apr 10

Is it my birthday?

#136 Mar 24, 2012
Tell someone you sat in it and are just absolutely APPALLED and need to go home to change! Go on about how you cannot believe that someone would leave feces there (wherever you want to claim that you sat in it).
Rex 89

Benton, KY

#137 Mar 24, 2012
Just 2 weeks ago.while waiting for court ..a women keep rushing in .running too the bathroom...sad too say she had soiled herself..everyone was gagging when she went by them..poor woman..

La Louvière, Belgium

#138 Aug 29, 2012
ok, i think you'd better go to this awsome website:
wetpantsboy, type it to google, suscribe freely and easyly, and when you have signed up, type my usernam: wishmaster and send me a message! ithink people here make judgments of you because you pooped your panties on purpose, i will not! hope to see you on wetpantsboy.

Huntington, NY

#139 Aug 29, 2012
Help me wrote:
Okay who ever will read this I need your help. I have been sitting in my cubeical for about an hour now and I can't get up and walk to the bathroom because I pooped in my panties and I only have on my skirt panties and shoes (shirt too) I have lit all my candles and sprayed almost all my air freshner the smell is starting to over power what do I do. I am thinking aobut taking off my panties and throwning them in my trash and running to the b room help me!!!!!!!!!
Just scootch your butt on the floor all the way to the bathroom (just like a dog/cat does). You will find that by the time you get to the bathroom you are about 85% clean......and you leave an easy trail for you to follow on your way back to your cubicle (in case you get lost).
Andrew 47

Melbourne, Australia

#140 Mar 29, 2013
I just pooped my pants.I think I should get some adult diapers to wear.It feels good but now it starting to smell, so better clean up,

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