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clap your hands!

#27066 Jul 8, 2013
I seem to like coming to work better than staying home. There seems to be more "work" to do at home than here and I don't get paid for it.

Carnegie, PA

#27067 Jul 8, 2013
If we ignored celebs?
If we did not care who was dating who or having a baby by and with whom?
Just ignore stuck up celebs maybe??Would not be any news probably ha?:(


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Rockin' USA ;)

#27068 Jul 8, 2013

It was to Celebs.' Story...

Fairy Tale Ending VS. REAL LIFE Endings...



ROCK ON ROCKER$... LAST POST...IW...LPW (Bet'cha a Bag of Jelly Beans)...;)

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#27069 Jul 8, 2013
If a group of necrophiliacs met a group of zombies, who would do the chasing?

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#27070 Jul 8, 2013
If I was speeding would you make a comment to slow down?

“Cruising U.S.A.”

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General Motors

#27071 Jul 8, 2013
Kate Who wrote:
If I was speeding would you make a comment to slow down?
Hmmm,...A Ticket To Ride,...

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#27072 Jul 8, 2013
cjt12 is anass...

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#27074 Jul 9, 2013
Hope everyone has a great day. :)

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#27075 Jul 9, 2013
Kate Who wrote:
If I was speeding would you make a comment to slow down?
Yes, I would. Probably harshly too (if I was your passenger and you were barreling down the 101).

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#27076 Jul 9, 2013
Speed signs are just a suggestion only!

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#27077 Jul 9, 2013
ritalin'd by tomska on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch...

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#27078 Jul 9, 2013
OH? My research is just mumbly goobly gook?( lol)

Mumbo Jumbo? Anyone can make anything out of numbers, can they?

911, the '6's, 33's and 99's and of course '666'

Boston Marathon Bombing. The Finish line for the Marathon is '666' Boylston St Boston Mass.


The surviving suspect applied of his US Citizenship not in Boston Mass, rather McLean Virginia the home of a plethora of defense and intelligence contractors!

He was issued his citizenship last year. on "911-

September 11th, 2012.

What about the German former youth group member Pope John who suddenly resigned in March allowing a JESUIT from Argentina to take the helm of the Papacy? What is 2013 the celebratory year date if one subtracts '33' degree's a mason makes in years?
1980. Want to see it again?

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#27079 Jul 9, 2013
I have to update my publication ( book) going out through lulu five times this year just to keep up with all they are rolling out.

1980...the first time a US PResident 'faced' the Washington monument whilst being sworn in.

(The Jesuit/Illuminati just took control of the White House.)
And to mark their '33' years.........a Jesuit now rules the Vatican.

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#27080 Jul 9, 2013
Now I can say ANTHING? weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Since when did they 'change' the Boston marathons running from April 19th when it had been the date for over 100 yrs to April 15th as it was this year?

Believe me, I do the research. 1+5=6...so when did this come about? That instead of the 19th ( Sons of Liberty Day, WACO, Oklahoma City) it would come to pass that Marshall Law was declared instead in Boston and not the flipping Marathon running?


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#27081 Jul 9, 2013
It happened after WACO and Oklahoma City?

Who decided to change the date? What were/are their reasons?

Comon..........do the research ........I do.

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#27082 Jul 9, 2013
Remember my insisting 'there is no such thing as coincidence."

I hope to not disappoint any reader of my research...damn sure has been TUFF to bring down.

Book should be ready in September. I would love to launch it on the 11th lol

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#27083 Jul 9, 2013
I'm in a wrestling match with the graphic artist.

She wants 600 for the main lay out as such as I have described ( wow) and 200 for each additional character........lol

well that's going to sink me....I'm a poor researcher. My idea is a round table with 9 men sitting around it......each in thought one speaking...and 'demonic' apparitions in ghostly shadow at their shoulders......'whispering in their ears."

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#27084 Jul 9, 2013
With the previous post and picture I have in mind...
I find it amusing people say something and do not understand what they are in reality saying. It sort of goes along as a slogan or 'off the cuff' remark everyone mimicks without fully understanding both it's origin or meaning. For example.
"Where did you get that idea from?"
"What's gotten into you?"
"Where did you get that thought from?"
"Whatever possessed him or her to do this or that?"
"Well, you can send that thought right back where it came from!"

What is being said?

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#27085 Jul 9, 2013
here is the LINK

shows the Boston Marathon for over 100 years ran on
April 19th


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#27086 Jul 9, 2013
For crying out loud, what are you rambling about? Are you the Unabomber? Corn Flake Killer?
Just curious!

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