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#25854 Apr 14, 2013
Scribes wrote:
<quoted text>
While it's true it used to drive me a bit batty
To the point I felt and wanted to act somewhat catty
about all your long writings in this particular thread
and now I regret to say there wasn't much I actually read.
Were those stories you were writing? I like reading your
posts, but somedays I didn't want to read a book, rather just
a few headlines. I like seeing you back around again and I
look forward to reading more that we don't know about you.:)
Keep writing and best of luck with that.
It is not comfortable to be flooded by revelations. They are awkward at best. They roll into ones life of perception as waves upon waves....and viewing them all is a daunting task. So?
I must resort to a creative way to unfold them otherwise no one would belive it all.

Enter Sherlock and Watson.
Although masked in a conversational episode I posted of their adventures there was profound unravelings of those revelations. Which now after 3 yrs I have been given the graces to put to print in an upcoming book through Lulu publications.

When presented with such visions.....seeing clearly in numbers the grand design...there was no other way to both dispense and dispell as well as 'distill' it all other than in a creative often LONG as you noted post of the adventures often of Sherlock and Holmes.

Ty ( otherwise I would have gone mad)

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#25855 Apr 14, 2013
You will perhaps like the graphic design for the books cover. Had to contract that out under again my imaginations.

A group of men sitting around a round table very wealthy and powerful somber men in thier dark deliberations. Behind each is a ghostly figure whipsering in their ears as the either write or speak.

What is 'speaking through them' the picture.

The Esoteric Antichrist
the title.

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#25856 Apr 14, 2013
This is serious work. Ome is not given a picture.....unveiled a template without it carrying with it a responibility.

Nothing special here about me in all of this. I just happened to 'think the right thoughts' have lived in a moral sphere of conduct perhaps...that when I began to look at the number 666.....it looked right back at me.

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#25857 Apr 14, 2013
no no no...hahaha...I won't bore you with long details.

Sherlock enters.."Watson? Get the man off the computer now........this is maddening. For bloody hell every time I make advances here he comes outside of the box in some awkward confessional conformaty."

Watson; "Yes, Inspector. I will text Stellar immediately."

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#25858 Apr 14, 2013

LULU Publications!

For real (?)- great name.

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#25859 Apr 14, 2013
Camilla wrote:
LULU Publications!
For real (?)- great name.
haha.....yes for real. Lulu is an online promotional publications group.
Going E book alone is a shot in the dark.

The Flying Frog ( she got it) did a great job at the cover.

There they are......all in their meetings......with shadows ..aparitions........demonic ghosts for a lack of a better word ...whispering in their ears.....and the looks on thier excited faces finding such thoughts 'given them' is exactly how the intended title draws meaning from.

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#25860 Apr 14, 2013
There I was......studying the bible and comparitive religions......when BAM!

I liken it to being given a two hour full length movie in 10 seconds.

It took some time to unveil.

The short......the skinny.( lol)

666 is not just to be seen as a number in the Apocalypse as merely the number of Man. Or, for that matter the number of just one man to come.

I show how this is in fact as well an historical number used by certain circles of men and Lodges to create crisis events. The timing of which serves to 'cloud the consciousnes' of the masses.

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#25861 Apr 14, 2013
why look! the judgements in this otherwise casual conversation here in 'JUST say what eva......" are proof of my research.

Demons actually do speak through others.

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#25862 Apr 14, 2013
Now, the so called 'intelligence' community knows full well of the difference between that which is secret and only known but to a select few and the information which is dispensed to the masses.

This is reflected in two words.

Esoteric.........knowledge possessed by a select few and
Exoteric.........knowledge which is dispensed unto the masses.

I invite anyone to search both terms. cabish?

When Standard Oil switched their name to become ESSO in 1.911 * note the number here involved is 911

They would later, this consortium change it yet again in 1972 to become EXxon.

This year the very same time Nixon took America off the Gold Standard and allowed the dollar bill to become a FIat currency.
(muhahahha..........stay tuned. It will be a most intersting read)

911 would then become 'ground breaking' for the PENTAGRAM........err gon in `1941
911 would then become an emergency phone number in America.
911 would then become in celebratory fashion on the '6oth" anniversary of ground breaking for the Pentagram..........errr gon the destruction of the Symbol of capitalism the World Trade Center September 11th 2001.

Anonymous Proxy

#25863 Apr 14, 2013
I tried to turn them around for ya SK. Pay them no mind. Some are small minded and have little outlet to enhance them.

Level 9

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#25864 Apr 14, 2013
Sleeping on the couch can get rough at times..
So can sleeping in a bed with someone..LOL

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#25865 Apr 14, 2013
my case is proven..........LOL

look at the judgements.

casting pearls before swine has its obvious outcome.


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#25866 Apr 14, 2013
Now, the Occult lodges I will lay out in my book one of which is the 9 Sisters Lodge of France at the turn of the 19th century.
THey are now the Oil Companies.

For the novice in understanding that which I speak of as Occult and Lodges a good primer read would be..

The Spear of Destiny: The Occult Power Behind the Spear which pierced the side of Christ [Paperback]


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#25867 Apr 14, 2013
StellarKnight wrote:
my case is proven..........LOL
look at the judgements.
casting pearls before swine has its obvious outcome.
That you're a mentally unstable weirdo that talks about killing cops and other crazyass stuff on here, I probably should report your dumbass to homeland security, but, knowing the jackasses in charge now, they would probably offer you a high level position in the current administration.

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#25869 Apr 14, 2013
you suck ass popo ......why not get a real life instead of trolling sociol media lookin for 'suspects'

see once you are one.........'everyone is a suspect' which makes you unfit to interact with the 'normal' population.

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#25870 Apr 14, 2013
I knew it..........pig trolls.

so glad they exposed themselves

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#25871 Apr 14, 2013
I know my way around Federal court.

CV -97-488 Charlotte North Carolina Western Division Federal Court.

since your oh so adept at trolling and have oh so much information on people.........get that filing.

I eat district court judges for lunch

and what is misappropriatedly not found resolution here?

I take it to another level. A very costly one,.

Norfolk, VA

#25872 Apr 14, 2013
God and the Messiah is a woman and the first day of the Lord should come by the end of 2014. What's happening in the middle east is in the OT and from what it says, her coming is imminent!

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#25873 Apr 14, 2013
wow look at that! A federal filing on September 11th in 1997.........

hmmm...that must mean sumpin huh.

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#25874 Apr 14, 2013
being instructive to demons is not my fortee...

but i do like numbers.

3's and 7's are in all the world both spiritual and religious disciplines......sacred numbers.

Exactly what happened when liar cops arrested my person on August 10th in New Orleans in 2002 which would result in my being jumped by crack heads from the 9th ward on August 28th that same year?

Exactly 3 years to that date in 2005.*( oh I know it is just coincidence LOL)



Try as I may I do not deal with flesh and blood rather spiritual powers and wickedness in high places.
but should those lowly powers indulge to engage with me?

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