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The Gap, Australia

#24664 Jan 4, 2013
We Wear this Flesh
Strong to reach Center
of Space
at Times
Worth pursuing
Worth Keeping.

We Blink our eyes
At former Lives,

Gape longingly
For future

Sometimes reflectively,
Oftentimes willingly,
We Wear this give Flesh.

Cast it from us in our dreams;
Embrace it in our ethereal wanderings—

Lost in electric serenity;
Collected in colorful forgetfulness.

If fortunate,

Wear it well,
and timely,
We Do.

The Gap, Australia

#24665 Jan 4, 2013
I am so tired and weary,
So tired of the endless fight,
So weary of waiting the dawn
And finding endless night.

That I ask but rest and quiet—
Rest for the days that are gone,
And quiet for the little space
That I must journey on.

The Gap, Australia

#24666 Jan 4, 2013
Is this dancing sunlight
prancing through the windows
of this limping room
mocking us
who strain
and stagger
with legs strapped in leather
and braced
with cold steel
or tottering
on crutch
or cane…?

Is this carnival of light
the ponderous rhythms
and stumbling pace
and the tears
and gasps of supplication
to make quick
the sickened limb…?

Does it taunt
or does it beckon
with warm affection
and hope…?

Are prancing light
and faltering crutch
variations of the dance
of suns
and moons
and pain
and glory
point and counterpoint
to the baton
of the maestro
to whom
all rhythms
and periods
are the stuff
of the symphony
of life?

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

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Since: Mar 12

Friends Are Great...

#24667 Jan 4, 2013

Ellwood City, PA

#24668 Jan 4, 2013

Laura Beth

Since: Aug 09

Location hidden

#24669 Jan 4, 2013
Our new puppy is so cute ! He is curled up next to me sleeping. Making sounds like he's dreaming and snores on I occasion. That's what I'm thinking .

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Friends Are Great...

#24670 Jan 4, 2013
ahhh puppies are all so cute...!!!!

The Gap, Australia

#24671 Jan 4, 2013
Ashton Kutcher cheated on his wife of seven years and continued to be the star of a sitcom and had virtually no repercussions towards his career whatsoever

Sean Penn abused his wife and went on to win an academy award and a golden globe (he also said people who called hugo chávez a dictator should be arrested but idek what he was on when he said that so)

Charlie Sheen hired numerous prostitutes, shot his fiancee, verbally threatened his second wife, and in the same year that his children were taken away from him announced that he was going on a nationwide tour which sold out within 18 minutes...


Kristen Stewart cheated on her boyfriend and was ridiculed for six straight months and labelled a slut/whore/bitch/home wrecker by the general public even after releasing a statement and apologizing for her actions and was forced to drop out of multiple projects

Double Standards ?

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Since: Dec 10

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#24672 Jan 4, 2013
Looks like it is. My buddy, on the other hand, was named "Cheater Of The Year" for the past two years in a row.

I guess that makes him the official two-time champion.

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

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Since: Mar 12

Friends Are Great...

#24673 Jan 4, 2013
lets all pat him on the back for a job well done..LOL..
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United States

#24674 Jan 4, 2013
I'm not stalking this girl, I just follow her around town and then back to her house. You know, just to make sure there aren't any weirdos back there waiting for her.


Level 8

Since: Mar 11

Rockin' USA ;)

#24675 Jan 4, 2013
II'S FRIDAY NIGHT!!! Where's the PARTY...Chicks and Dudes???

The Gap, Australia

#24676 Jan 5, 2013
At once intimate and detached, passionate and calculated, love letters have been for centuries a key weapon in the arsenal of lovers.

In The Seducer’s Diary, Soren Kierkegaard draws a distinction between the ‘living word’ of speech and the ‘dead word’ of a letter, arguing that both are vital in creating the perfect romance. In a letter, he writes, one can throw oneself at a woman’s feet without shame, while in real life such an act would only provoke laughter.

Moreover, the distance of a letter allows the idealization of the lover to remain intact: love letters are free of the physical imperfections that can break the spell in a face-to-face conversation. A love letter can be folded and kept in a breast pocket or treasured in a hidden drawer. It provides tangible, enduring evidence of an often all-too-fleeting emotion.

Today, unless I am dating entirely the wrong kind of girl, the art of the love letter has fallen into disuse. It seems anachronistic – why take the time to write on paper how you feel when it takes mere seconds to call up the object of your affections? For those who find it difficult to open up in person, instant messaging and email are electronic alternatives.

But in the service of convenience lovers have sacrificed so much of what makes romance beautiful: the anxiety of waiting, the authenticity of personal communication and above all the aesthetic impact of an actual letter.

Restricting written declarations of love to an electronic medium means that they are read by the dead light of a screen, in the same font and in the same place that your lover deals with the most mundane daily tasks. There is something romantically unsatisfying about a heartfelt email; the term itself seems contradictory.

How much more beautiful would the same words be on actual paper, dappled with shadow from an overhanging tree, or read by torchlight underneath a blanket?

This is not to say that technology can offer nothing to romance. Electronic messages provide useful shades between Kierkegaard’s ‘living’ and ‘dead’ forms of communication. Instant messaging is as immediate as speech yet as detached as a letter. Emails, like letters, can be composed with care, and unlike letters they are convenient for casual conversations.

However, consider that the object of your affections might appreciate a physical letter from time to time. I know I do.


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#24677 Jan 5, 2013
Where is Bones?

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#24678 Jan 5, 2013
Went out for dinner and they burned the food.I could had hubby do that.

United States

#24679 Jan 5, 2013
Brigitte and Rosa left Offbeat at the same time

Another One Bites The Dust


TopMod21 wrote:
<quoted text>

Why do you even use Topix? I can't for the life of me understand that. It's obvious you're not happy here.

TM 21

Sweetie-Pie wrote:

You're a dumbazz and ask dumbazz questions.

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Wildbluerose wrote:

Geeeeee and no one even missed them....
Wonder why?

Sweetie-Pie wrote:

You, too, are a dumbazz and ask dumbazz questions.

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Seasons Changed

#24680 Jan 5, 2013
Brigitte and Rosa left Offbeat at the same time

Brigitte and Rosa left Offbeat at the same time


justaguess wrote:

Yoda says..."Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. I sense much fear in you."


You are pathetic

Get better Soon


“New & Improved..”

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Formerly From Kenya

#24681 Jan 5, 2013
Wow...someone is having an obsessive moment...

perhaps another quote would help...ya know...anything to ease the pain..

Yoda says..."So certain are you. Always with you what cannot be done. Hear you nothing that I say?"

“Take me to your kitchen”

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#24682 Jan 5, 2013
Wishing we had some ice cream in the freezer.
Level 6

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Fremont, CA

#24683 Jan 5, 2013
Hello HML...
I didn't bite the dust. New name and live in a new house. Hope you had a kickass start to the new year

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