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#24491 Dec 21, 2012
Christmas Time is here!

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#24492 Dec 21, 2012
Being someoneís first love is great, but being someoneís last love is beyond perfect.

“Eleanor, Where is your heart?!”

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#24493 Dec 21, 2012
I really don't think you're an authority on the topic.

Brisbane, Australia

#24494 Dec 22, 2012
she's a peach
but her head's full of bleach

washed out stripped out
torn down burned out
wasted shell
going to hell
one of the most wonderful
people you could ever meet

she's a peach
but her head's full of bleach

and she turns around
she turns round
running down the street
if she trips she falls
down the silent halls
no victory in her defeat

so she doesn't know
the things you know

she can't see
but she knows how to relate
to the emptiness inside
the fear watered weeds
and the darkness that resides
it's not right

she's not right
she's not right for me

but she can sing like the wind
if you listen to her cry
you hear her scream in the night
as she's running out the door
turn around
and round

she's a peach
but her head's full of bleach

and there's no way of knowing
when the maker she will meet
if it's not in hours
it will seem like hours
if it's not in years
you will still feel the tears

such a silly waste
of a perfectly good smile.

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#24495 Dec 22, 2012
We all need the spirit of love and togetherness, because it conquers hatred, wars and the likes.

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#24496 Dec 22, 2012
I just saw on the news that Brad Pittís brother, Arm, is going to be the new model for Right Guard deodorant.

Brisbane, Australia

#24497 Dec 22, 2012
Mendacious people
Don't give a damn
About what's fair.
They squabble on
With nothing to say.
One day I hope
They'll have to pay.
The words they speak
I can't believe,
She is much
Too naive.
When they get together,
They're all the same.
Mendacious people
Oh how lame.
They think they're cool,
And all that plus more.
I wish I could show them,
Show them the door.
But they're multiplying fast
And taking control.
Their bad concurs our good.
They're achieving their goal.
I can't take it anymore.
I can't stand their lies.
They're spreading the evil,
Right in front of my eyes.
And I'm withering away
From the pain that they cause.
'Cause they're making me dwell
On all of my flaws.
And there's just so many
They're spread out in front of me
On the floor.
Flaws so bad,
They sting my heart.
These mendacious people
Are so tart.
Showing me every
Single one of my sins,
Laughing and taunting me
At everything I am within.
Untruthful monsters,
Completely horatius.
Such hurtful people,
How mendacious.

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#24498 Dec 22, 2012
Hoof Arted wrote:
I just saw on the news that Brad Pittís brother, Arm, is going to be the new model for Right Guard deodorant.
His older brother 'Gravel' must be on drugs as I have been told that he is always 'stoned'.

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#24499 Dec 22, 2012

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#24500 Dec 22, 2012
Hi Jackie38.

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#24501 Dec 22, 2012
Today's December 22nd.

Those Mayans didn't see that coming.

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#24502 Dec 22, 2012
Hey you men.... only one and a half days to start your Christmas shopping!

Brisbane, Australia

#24503 Dec 22, 2012
If I knew how to
love you more
I would
If I knew how to
soothe your core
I would

If I knew how to
make you fly
I would
If I knew how to
please your eye
I would

If I knew how to
give you sun
I would
If I knew how to
boost your fun
I would

If I knew how to
let you chill
I would
If I knew how to
keep your thrill
I would

If I knew how to
help you rate
I would
If I knew how to
cheer your fate
I would

If I knew how to
grant you peace
I would
If I knew how to
break your cease
I would

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#24505 Dec 22, 2012
...wondering if I'll get enough coal to feed the stove on Christmas day...

“Tequila time”

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#24506 Dec 22, 2012
I love a girl in a sexy sundress and barefoot

Brisbane, Australia

#24507 Dec 22, 2012
When silence becomes words.

When words become a sentence.

When a sentence becomes a letter stamped and sealed in an envelope.

When that letter becomes an invitation, and an invitation becomes departure, and departure becomes arrival.

When arrival becomes the first hello and the first hello becomes the second.

When the second hello becomes a kitchen stripped of all theatrics and artifice.

When a stripped kitchen becomes flesh and flesh becomes bone and bone becomes the beginning of everything thatís real.

And when everything thatís real becomes love and love becomes more love and more love becomes a hum skimming above and below each breath.

And when breath becomes peace and peace becomes hope and hope becomes awake and awake becomes meeting the world as if you had never been so alive.

Brisbane, Australia

#24508 Dec 23, 2012
Because of the noise she makes in the morning
because of her insistence on closed shutters
because of the way she hesitates before a map
because of the indelicate way she drives
because of her need to be held and touched
long after the argument is over
because of her breezy handling of conflict
because of her conservative approach to a dinner menu
because of her wild swings between hunger and overindulgence
because of the faultlines of her boundaries
because of her unwillingness to bend toward weakness
because of her unawareness of her own body,
her clumsy negotiation of a sidewalk, a bedroom, a door
because of her easy criticisms, her punishing eye,
her self-diminishment
because together they could not always line up the story
they'd begun with, a cozy scene of sexy familiarity
and a smooth stretch of time when there was nothing to do
but lap up their beauty, their stunning possibility
because together they were not as they had once thought,
a pair of puzzle pieces locking swiftly into place
because they were fragile and imperfect and foolish creatures
destined for certain doom and disaster
they were now, and would forever be, taking these falls from grace,
tumbling from the heavens each time they managed to climb back up,
into a clammy, crumbly earth below where, unbeknownst to them,
something was stubbornly, and beyond reason,
taking root.

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#24509 Dec 23, 2012
Troubled Youth666 wrote:
I love a girl in a sexy sundress and barefoot
I like tan lines. It's like all the best parts are highlighted.

“I be me, and you are...”

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in a city...

#24510 Dec 23, 2012
Root in what?
The soil must be alright then to think that first it was spoiled rotten as some are or seem to have been?

Some would say so...

In good and in bad ways...

Had a rush of thoughts slow however run through my brain, like good times they will stay in one's bank of memories...

No matter what the Gods are trying to have been so eager some to please I am sure some to destroy same ole sob songs love and gentle tenderness for the forgotten...

First bases first of firsts to the last in days according to Tribes and Churches last days are always present from each to the next...

Gods and people and that which keeps tabs to a future that has not been forgotten yet and in the way one keeps moving onward for?

Must be the freedom in fight of WAR...

What was and to what needs to lie, grow no longer
no more no further no distance can take act 1 and 2 for masses act 3 and 4 for passes and 5 for endurance 6 and 7 for praise 8 and 9 to now what has will be was done followed by 10 Man...

Some say things and some do things...

Ask a child why tears are falling running down it's face and then wonder about 11 and 12 the clock states full term and who's Grace????

An off spring of another to follow one by one they have been, to come, has beens...Old and new and old again by numbers years days and hours...

It seems to be a small world of small thoughts plenty in numbers of those...

Philosophers and Epistles first two man to man they would have had to be according to what life is one's the word the other is the written...

Or they never got one word out and they became an enemy instantly to then a one?

Seems some is some is not to truths?

I know mine for the day a morning to be awaken a start a new to each and everyone's day of everyday now is that and should be a Special...

To do and what can be done...

Change style color routine? The mind has a function and the mind to each it's own like a law to preservation to whom?
A world to preserve?
A world for the people, maybe so...

So Gods supply I hear and it is up to them as if they are in Rank a highest?


Brisbane, Australia

#24511 Dec 23, 2012
"Somewhere out there I may find a horizon." She said to me...

"But I do not talk about edges or inventing balconies to oblivion.

I drink wine and swallow sensation indefinitely.

I believe to be one whirl of smoke that spins upon the axis of habit.

Sometimes I peek through windows, as if they were encyclopedias of the beyond.

I am a romantic. I go outside and say: I see a single star reflected inside the thick glass of my endless wine.

A slow logic eventually wears down the brilliance of the sky; and for nights I camp under a starless proof.

But today a pound of purple strikes my tongue.

The thickness of a dream goes down my throat.

I begin to feel like an atmosphere of veins.

Like a slab of fiction that crumbles to illusion."

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