Who do you side with in Ferguson?
your a turd

Columbus, OH

#388 Aug 25, 2014
Beastly wrote:
Where are you Bull Connor , we need you .
he was in the truck with wilson that sob]
Gentle Giant

Charlestown, IN

#389 Aug 25, 2014
your a turd wrote:
<quoted text> the cop pulled up so close and tried to open the door on mike his name is mike.mike shut the door back on the cop.cop pulled mike in the truck mike punched him who wouldnt. Cop shot mike 6 times deserves to ho to hell]
Ridiculous story. But nice try.
Yonis Mazin

Fairfax, VA

#391 Aug 25, 2014
Lol, none of the people responding are Somalis. Let alone does it have anything to do with them.
None the less, most of the facts have yet to be presented yet. So how can on really side? As of now it's cop killed an unarmed man form 30 feet away with his gun. He later lied about what happened. There were also video tapes released by the police "showing" the man that was killed robbing the store. This was later used as a justification by the police and the man that killed him as a justification of his actions. BUT, it turns out was not the man. In fact, the police officer never knew about the robber until after the shooting.
As you can see all the evidence is slowly coming out. Soon we will have the full picture in a matter of time.

San Jose, CA

#392 Aug 25, 2014
If the guy fought with the cop ,he got what he asked for. If the guy had his hands up and was then shot, the cop needs to be prosecuted and at the very least booted off the force. The guy who died was headed towards prison at best and the graveyard at worst. The guy who lost his life was a criminal, of that there is no doubt. This is America and we do not practice SHARIA LAW, so just being a criminal is not a death penalty offense, on it's own.

Del Rio, TX

#393 Aug 25, 2014
topix wrote:
This is a Topix site-wide discussion about the shooting and racial tension in Ferguson, MO. Have your say by leaving a comment below.
You're only throwing wood into the fire. Let's not choose sides and wait for the verdict. You're the big bully.

United States

#396 Aug 25, 2014
TheRealZeke wrote:
<quoted text>
Ignoring your pejorative use of the word "animal" , it is hardly the case that those with the disorders mentioned are always aware that they need help. Given the following statement, those people would have to be taught that they need help.
If in fact people cannot behave appropriately unless they have been taught to do so, then their behavior cannot be considered a matter of choice.
Are you smokin crack? Your making absolutely no sense whatsoever. I can feel my IQ dropping responding to you. Since I choose not to stoop to your level, I say good day sir!!(

Umatilla, FL

#399 Aug 25, 2014
EyezLikesChinken wrote:
If the South had won the war none of this would be an issue now...would it?
Actually, that is possible!

In the "did you know "category...

On Aug. 14 1862, Abraham Lincoln hosted a "Deputation of Free Negroes" at the White House, led by the Rev. Joseph Mitchell, commissioner of emigration for the Interior Department. It was the first time African Americans had been invited to the White House on a policy matter. The five men were there to discuss a scheme that even a contemporary described as a "simply absurd" piece of "charlatanism": resettling emancipated slaves on a 10,000-acre parcel of land in present-day Panama.

Lincoln immediately began filibustering his guests with arguments so audacious that they retain the ability to shock a reader 150 years later. "You and we are different races," he began, and "have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races."

The African-American race suffered greatly, he continued, "by living among us, while ours suffers from your presence."

Lincoln went on to suggest, "But for your race among us, there could not be war," and "without the institution of Slavery and the colored race as a basis, the war could not have an existence." The only solution, he concluded, was "for us both ... to be separated."


Who saved the blacks, Lincoln or John Wilkes Booth?
Klan destine

Sparta, MO

#401 Aug 25, 2014
One less young male black thug that the taxpayers have to support in prison.

Remember, he had just robbed a convenient store, that much we do know....good riddance.

United States

#402 Aug 25, 2014
Officer Wilson!!!! I support all police


That thug had it coming no sympathy from me whatsoever. The officer had every right to protect himself!
your a turd

Columbus, OH

#403 Aug 25, 2014
jesus wrote:
<quoted text>
Any non criminal wouldn't! I'm glad mike is dead! Just a matter of time he would have stolen my radio out of my car
thuggerize thats all you whites do.whos the biggest thug of all?]

United States

#405 Aug 25, 2014
answer wrote:
<quoted text>
Absolutely agree with you. I too am black and try to express the same values as you mentioned. A Latino friend of mine told me a few years ago that serveral of hia family believed the black community segregated itself and they didn't understand it.
"I fought the law and the law won"

A reason this song was wrote.....white,black,or red.....dont play with the law. alot of races are killed everyday for fighting law enforcement.....try being a cop....no body wants to kill someone but they damn sure aren't going to chance death.
steve 316

Raywick, KY

#406 Aug 25, 2014
when one race sees another race as being the reason for all their trouble's then they are already doomed to be what they are a sad race of people. all the racism is just a sad excuse to be nothing.

Paris, TN

#407 Aug 25, 2014
EyezLikesChicken wrote:
<quoted text>They should have all been returned to Africa. But once there, they would have just massacred each other like they're doing in Chicago. Tribal instincts die hard I guess. Slavery gave them a purpose, a direction in life.
And you should be returned to whereever the hell you came from. This continent was stolen by the europeans.

Savannah, GA

#408 Aug 25, 2014
karma killer wrote:
The cop should have shot him in the leg. The thug shouldn't have been a thriving thug.
All Cops are Trained to aim for the center of the body, Not the legs or arms.....and they are trained to keep on shooting until the body of the perpetrator hits the ground.... You may not like it, but, that is the way it is...

Houston, TX

#410 Aug 25, 2014
Hans Sprunfeld wrote:
<quoted text>
Completly agree! But we all know the real story wont come out. I do however think the amount of bulletts pumped into the kid was overkill, no matter which way you slice the pie..
In law enforcement, the bigger and stronger the assailant is , as many rounds it takes to stop the threat

Umatilla, FL

#414 Aug 25, 2014
EyezLikesChicken wrote:
Did I mention that the South would indeed rise again?
The only thing rising in the south is taxes.

The red states were unanimous losers in the last election, enter Gov. Rick Perry and company, did I mention his infamous ranch name?

Racism has no place in society.

Underneath the skin color lies a identical body complete with interchangeable parts.

Irony - if the grand Pooh Bah of the Ku Klux Klan, or whatever they call themselves, needs a heart transplant, and a blood transfusion and The only donors are blacks and Latinos.

Is this pathetic hypocrite willing to die?
You know what the answer is

Since: Aug 14

Location hidden

#415 Aug 25, 2014
That ferguson boy was drunker than Cooter Brown and crazier than a sh--house rat, he waz cruizin for a bruisin and Now that boy has learnt if you can't Run with the big dogs then you best stay on the porch .

Covington, VA

#416 Aug 25, 2014
who cares?? we have mexicans and ISIS invading our borders ppl
Shame on all of you

Clare, MI

#418 Aug 25, 2014
It was an execution....it's purpose was to start race riots.....those who support the killing of unarmed Americans are blood thirsty despots....own it, yes it's you

Dallas, TX

#421 Aug 25, 2014
steve 316 wrote:
when one race sees another race as being the reason for all their trouble's then they are already doomed to be what they are a sad race of people. all the racism is just a sad excuse to be nothing.
I agree! The whites that blame blacks for everything? SHAME ON YOU! lol

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