Canadian arrested for Nazi salute

Canadian arrested for Nazi salute

There are 94 comments on the Ottawa Sun story from Feb 28, 2011, titled Canadian arrested for Nazi salute. In it, Ottawa Sun reports that:

A 30-year-old Canadian tourist was arrested Saturday in Berlin for doing a Nazi salute in front of Germany's parliament.

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mohammed is homo

Moneta, VA

#85 Apr 9, 2012
Heil Hitler....he was right. Just cause the bad guys won the war doesn't mean people should shun Hitler.

Since: Sep 09


#86 Apr 10, 2012
The Advocate wrote:
<quoted text>
While I appreciate the fact that your post is well written and researched, I can't help but notice that you are from Turkey...and your posts have a decidedly negative tone towards Armenians.
You being Turkish doesn't have relevance in this (a very close friend of mine is Turkish), but it's your anti-Armenian tone that gets to me.
It is not nice to see it..but you are wrong.I am anti LIAR-menians not Armenians...

They have been spreading lies and labellings with slanders about the TURKS ..

Now we are responding with the facts..

After internet they are in panic because the truths about the past can not be hidden behind the lies...

The Liar-menian liars are in panic because they are not in a position to answer these questions infront of the world society and prefer to go to the Parliements to form useless bills and resolutions against Turkey..

The questions

1)Why was every single Ottoman official, incarcerated for war crimes during the nearly two-and-a-half years of the Malta Tribunals, finally acquitted?


2) The “Sick Man of Europe” was on her knees, financially broke and depleted of manpower (thanks to German-directed military mobilization) and needed resources. Why would the empire choose this most inopportune time to target the Armenians, who made the financial wheels turn and were clearly a vital resource to the country?

3) The “Sick Man of Europe” was on her knees, financially broke. Why would she spend a fortune on resettling the Armenians?

If the idea was to wipe them out, why didn’t they massacre them on the spot, as the Armenians did with the Turks?

4) Could the Ottoman Turks have the TECHNOLOGICAL capacity to carry out a government-sponsored genocide on such a grand scale?

5) If the idea of the resettlement program was to subject the Armenians to a slow, genocidal death, why did so many Armenians survive?

If there was a true government sponsored policy of extermination, why leave the barely-living starved alive? In short, it all boils down to: how could the great million out of less than one and a half million... have survived?

6) Why then, would the Turks fool around by going through the musical chairs of separating the men (remember, the Armenians claim the men were largely unarmed)?

Also, why were there supposedly so many orphans?

If a government has in mind to wipe out a race, why leave so many children alive?

The Armenians didn’t intend to leave the Turkish children alive.

Since: Sep 09


#87 Apr 10, 2012
7) Hitler began by targeting the Jews in Berlin. Why were the Armenians in Istanbul and other cities of the West such as Izmir, left alone for the most part?

The Armenians say this was because these cities were under too much foreign observation. However, the Ottomans were aware, after generations of being subjected to capitulations, that foreign posts were set up even in the distant corners of the empire... as readily under foreign observation.(American consuls of these out-of-the-way distant provinces, such as Leslie Davis [the genocide-proving “big gun” highlighted in the PBS pro-Armenian programs covered at this site], were among them. In addition, the missionaries were everywhere.)

8) As a related point, "Talat Pasa allowed the American missionaries to do relief work among the Armenians, in spite of the fact that Turkey and the United States were on the opposing camps during the war.

How many examples are there in history of a combatant country permitting the citizens of another country fighting in the other camp to stay, feed, cloth and educate the people it is accused of exterminating?

9) The Armenian perspective never fails to offer the convictions Turkish courts laid out to their own officials immediately after the war, and the Sevres Treaty, which partly proclaimed a large chunk of Eastern Turkey to be part of Armenia.

For a better proof of judging whether a genocide occurred, one must look at the Treaty of Leninakan (Gümrü) signed (December 3, 1920) by the Armenians and Turks, which closed the book on past ills, foregoing the issue of reparations.

If the Armenians were truly outraged over the Turks’ Nazi-like evil campaign to exterminate them, how could they have agreed to such terms?

"If the Ottoman Empire really did commit the crime of genocide from 1915-1919, as Armenians allege, then why would the newly established Armenia turn to the Ottoman Empire for help in 1918, 1919, or 1920?

10) As yet another follow-up, why didn't Armenian delegate to the Paris Peace Conference, Boghos Nubar Pasha, mention the "genocide" in his January 30, 1919 letter to The Times of London?

Since: Sep 09


#88 Apr 10, 2012
mohammed is homo wrote:
Heil Hitler....he was right. Just cause the bad guys won the war doesn't mean people should shun Hitler.
hey Christianity Terrorist,

Look who is talking...?

At least Mohammed the Prophed lived..

Nor like Fictious Jesus....


Who was the father of fictious Jesus?
Fictious God?

Fictious Peter,Paul?

or Roman neighbour ?

Donald Duck?

Fictious Gabriel?

In his religion there was only one book..

Not 35 Bibles...hahahahahahahaha

No Nicea(Iznik Council throwed the names of the Bible up and decided about the 3 last stands on the table""hahahahaahaha haahahahaah



Who was Barnabas?

Was he real Jesus?

Was Jesus a fake character like Shroud Of Turin ?
Was he fabricated by Petros..
Does this Petros have any relations with the Mikonos Miss Petros the raped Pelican ?


Muhammed the Prophed advised ""not to warship against any sculptures or paintings"""

How many crying Madonna Paintings did you have in last 2000 years?


Oh no.. Does Vatican have a Blood Crying Madonna or Jesus factory?

hy do you keep eating Jesus's meat flesh and drinking his blood?
Are Vampires?


A religion of love,Christianity ?

But if your religion is a love religion;
Tell me morons;

-Why did you kill, south american INCA AZTEC MAYa nations for gold.Were pizarro Cortez and Other Spanish and Porteqese conquistador

-Why did you kill protestants in 30 years religion wars in europe

-Why did you kill Protestants in 100years war,

-Why did you kill protestants in t.Bartholemy night in 1500s

-Why did you kill 6 millions of Jews in death camps in 2WW

-Why did you kill Middle eastren 1.250.000 moslems in 11 Crusades

-Why did you kill 50 Millions of people in Europe and Asia during the 1. and 2. World wars,
-Why did you kill 22.000Polish soldiers in Katyn Forest in 1944,

-Why did you kill 350.000 Bosnians in 1990s infront of the ""Civilized Europens for 3 years with snypers

-Why did you kill Algerians by France army after the 2WW,

-Why did you kill 40 millions of north american indians in USA 200 years one by one,

-Why did you kill 250.000 Japanese people with the Nuke bombs after a finished war just for the revenge of pearl Harbour,

-Why did you kill 12.500.000 Vietnam people in 1960s amd 70s
Australian Aborgines.

-Why did you kill Anatolian Muslims during the your""Asia Minor disaster period""

-Why did you kill Makedonians in Greece after the 2WW..
mohammed is homo

Moneta, VA

#89 Apr 10, 2012
Because we are the gods....and we eradicate whom we choose and have mercy on whom we choose .I'm no fuck the Koran, the Bible, and the rest of your so- called prophets. I piss on the book of your prophet. Behead the prophet no lord shall live. You scum of Abraham will feel the iron hand of the reborn Roman Empire. The rebirth is near completion as we slowly awaken from slumber.

Croydon, UK

#90 Apr 10, 2012
Turks are sex offenders.
Knock off purse seller

Denver, CO

#91 Apr 10, 2012
Pittiful-to get arrested for that. They don't have free speech like America does. What a pitty.


Level 9

Since: Jan 08


#92 Apr 10, 2012
The salute was mandatory for civilians, but optional for military personnel, where the traditional military salute was retained until shortly after the failed assassination attempt on Hitler in 1944.

Currently, use of this form of greeting constitutes a criminal offense in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic

Darmstadt, Germany

#94 Apr 11, 2012
Rambeaux wrote:
The Germans are quite averse to reminders of the Nazi era. Displaying a swastika has long been illegal. The Nazi salute probably falls into that category.
Actually it has nothing to do with a reminder.
It was forbidden after the war at the same time as Nazi symbols and the Nazi party. To make it harder for leftover Nazis to reorganize. In fact the victorious nations, namely the USA had a hand in the making of this law.
It's just still in place. No Nazi salute, no Swasticas (nowadays there is an exception for purely religious use in the original meaning). Both can still be used in education and histrorical research.
adolf hitler

Moneta, VA

#95 Apr 17, 2012
Hello my broken spirited children. Awaken from your Jewish induced spell. I am the way the truth and the life. You will only reclaim your land in my name
Tm CLmns


#98 May 12, 2012
<quoted text>
the saluting fool was from Quebec. one of them French-Canadians.
some quebecers in WW2 stood on the sidewalks of Outremont,Quebec and mocked and gave nazi salutes to Canadian soldiers marching, the same soldiers who would later fight in Europe. one of those mocking and nazi saluting was a future liberal Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau....which many canadians don't even know he did this even to this day.
i reads alot of things and learned this liberal PM of Canada, who is now dead thank God.
Trudeau's politics would never have let him to do that. Must be some bs.

He was the best prime minister Canada ever had.
Tm CLmns


#99 May 12, 2012
adolf hitler wrote:
Hello my broken spirited children. Awaken from your Jewish induced spell. I am the way the truth and the life. You will only reclaim your land in my name
Hilter was such a dummy. He planned a 1000 year Reich and then killed his smartest people.

The Germans weren't smart enough to manage a 1000 year empire.

The US got a lot of these smart jews and they made America greater...

Buena Park, CA

#101 Aug 4, 2014
They still trying to cover their azz for what they did during WWII.
Manny Toba

Huntington, NY

#102 Aug 5, 2014
Did they release Marley yet or is she still under arrest?

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