R.I.P. Skipper

Philadelphia, PA

#303 Jun 26, 2013
You're my homey. May you come back as a humpback whale.

“Cool huh?”

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#304 Jun 26, 2013
Fisherman 808 wrote:
<quoted text>
You are such a high class lady. I'm impressed.
In honor of Skipper, I wasn't going to respond to CC's post, even though she did mention me and it was a pretty good one that got my attention.
Many people go through stages after someone passes away. Denial is a big one. I try my best not to judge others, and like you, I'm not judging CC now.
Let's all keep this a respectful thread for the Skipper.
You're very kind Fish...I responded in my mind to a cry for help
and would be distraught if I thought I had sullied a memorial
Your words are very much appreciated, and I leave the thread with
all the respect in the world for a well respected and loved chap.

Douglasville, GA

#305 Jun 26, 2013
Who is Skipper? Post his pic. RIP.


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#308 Jun 26, 2013
reported , did I hear reported????

I'm in

Laura Beth

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#309 Jun 26, 2013
tallyho wrote:
reported , did I hear reported????

I'm in
Here Here ! Me too !

“Hey Moe ! ! !”

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Alapaha , Georgia

#310 Jun 26, 2013
Talked with him very little but liked him,didn't know he was ill.Sorry to see a s.Ga neighbor go,RIP Skipper

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and totally harmless

#311 Jun 26, 2013
UNDER the wide and starry sky
Dig the grave and let me lie:
Glad did I live and gladly die,
And I laid me down with a will.

This be the verse you 'grave for me: 5
Here he lies where he long'd to be;
Home is the sailor, home from the sea,
And the hunter home from the hill.

--Robert Louis Stevenson

Laura Beth

Since: Aug 09

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#312 Jun 26, 2013
Well that loon got removed ! Thank you Topix !

Beth writes: I found it hard for me to post after hearing Skipper Die. Mostly because the pain of loosing a great person here, and the weirdo's (loon's) that plat weird games of hurting others (Skippers friends, family). I find it deplorable and sick . I have seen these weirdos posts all along , but now I see just how deranged they are . I personally feel these ppl that right so many derogatory things should be held accountable for such deplorable words towards some really great posters. Take notice of these freaks . They will stop at nothing to ruin harmony , and a good report or connection .

My thing is Skipper was an awesome Guy with integrity and has clearly passed away . My sincere and an awesome solute to a wonderful person here with a hell of a heart ! Rip Skip .... We LOVE YOU !

“you're not the boss of me!”

Since: Jan 08

the road less traveled.....

#313 Jun 26, 2013
When I used to post with him on the music a-z thread, invariably i would get the letter 'x'....which I knew none. Being the southern gentleman, he would automatically take the 'x' ones (and he never ran out of x music and/or artists!!)

sweet guy. awesome peanut farmer...and respectful to all.

“Mess with me.”

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I like it.

#315 Jun 26, 2013
Sweetie-Pie wrote:
<quoted text>
"Someone died here,"
Miss Grace..
It's a simple enough question..
Who died here?
Not Miss Grace, but a modicum of respect for a nice man who had a good sense of humor would be nice. If you would kindly read the thread title, you wouldn't have to ask. It's sad to think that if you had died instead, no one would notice, except for the lack of negativity about the place. Not all of it, mind you, but a large amount.

AIias - Trish
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#317 Jun 26, 2013
We all have hearts
We all bleed red

We have the capability
and there are mean things we do

Seems we don't always consider
anyone outside ourselves when
we are feeling blue

I thought of you and remembered
the kindness you showed me and how nice it felt

On a blistery Hot day it had a breeze as cool November
Black and Blue and yellow and purple, soon there will be healing in this here welt

I'm not really a poet, just wanted to share and try to make it ryhmm

Wouldn't it be nice if we were all a bit kinder

I know what didn't happen in the ArtGal mess a couple months back. I wish peace to those that may have their hearts aching a bit thinking we lost this wonderful man. You didn't think he was wonderful ... oh well, maybe someone didn't think you are either.

We All Bleed Red - What's your blood type?

Good Night Offbeat

AIias - Trish
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#320 Jun 26, 2013
Sweetie-Pie wrote:
<quoted text>
Who the F#%K died here?
Hey Pie, ever notice occasionally I come off reasonably intelligent?
I've noticed you do. Please don't bother posting me with your bullshit that resembles nothing but dumb.

Please, you resemble another poster who is always saying dumb.

You're better than that and I don't need this sort of attention. Regardless of what you believe ... if you are in here to infect ... it's just rude and not necessary. Let's just say .. he didn't really die ... bet we don't see his profile out here again and we may not guess if it's him when or if he returns. Know what I mean?
Good Night

AIias - Trish
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#321 Jun 26, 2013
Sweetie-Pie wrote:
<quoted text>
You are dramatically eulogizing a sock.
Does every thread need to be one that others can't resist trolling in?
You resemble her on occasion too. I hope she is woman enough not to play some more just to entertain this BS!


5777 **wonder who all knows how to play LIARS poker**

AIias - Trish
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#322 Jun 26, 2013
One more note to those that are respecting this mans memory ...

Someone posted in Favorite Oldies yesterday and linked us to many of Skippers favorites. I thought it was brilliant. Hope you will take a peek and enjoy it as I did. I never saw a post come out of the man that wasn't decent. Not ONCE in the year I've been out here!

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HAIRTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!

#323 Jun 26, 2013
When will people realize that ignoring the jerks here is the only way to drive them away.

Keep responding and they will continue living in your head, and posts, rent free.

AIias - Trish
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#326 Jun 27, 2013

Thanks onsunday, it's nice to see you out and about again.:)

AIias - Trish
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#327 Jun 27, 2013
Just Ola, I think it was a beautiful jesture that you started this thread after we had the chance to read the words of another at Last Post.

Peace to you and yours.

Peace to All of You ... regardless

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#328 Jun 27, 2013
RIP Skip....... you were a really lovely man... and this is very sad news.....

“Denny Crain”

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#329 Jun 27, 2013
stacked and proud wrote:
RIP Skip....... you were a really lovely man... and this is very sad news.....
We need to have a wake

“Towards Spring”

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#332 Jun 27, 2013
Denny CranesPlace wrote:
<quoted text>We need to have a wake
I honestly think that would be a wonderful
idea.. the Irish are known for their wakes,
part of our history, and they serve a very good
purpose psychologically .. a wake gives closure..

and I cannot think of a anything more suitable
than a cyber wake here, where many folks who knew
the late SKIPPER, and hung out with him
every day, could come..
kinda like placing a bouquet of flowers..
where someone died;

naturally, when friendship ends, and that
person is no longer among us, it creates
a void, and that [IMO] is where a wake has great
value, folks can pay tribute, reminisce
on tales he told, add links, poems,
anecdotes etc... and if it is kept nicely
and free
[hopefully] of negatives it could, in time, be
presented to SKIPPERS folks.

Someone ought to start it..
I wouldn't, as there are folks who knew
him FAR better than I did,
and I feel one of 'those' should do the honours..

Someone like ie > Jeffrey.. or others
from his thread.

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