All residents of San Diego County were badly served by the County Water District Directors who ignored common sense to approve desalination. It makes about as much sense as buying a Cadillac for commuting a mile daily.

The good news for San Diegans is that Carlsbad residents will have to help pay off the cost of this white elemphant, costing them between three and four thousand bucks per home, because their officials refuse to guide their stormwater runoff to reservoirs instead of the ocean.

The bad news is that the project was totally unnecessary, inappropriate, a massive scam engineered by clever Professional Engineers who fooled the people we elect into perceiving a "water crisis" where none exists.

US Geological Survey records show we have enormous water storage capacity underground and ten times more rainwater than we need to keep it full. But more bad news: While Palm Springs voters were smart enough to elect politicians wise and honest enough to guide rainwater off mountains around them into their underground reservoirs, San Diego County voters were not. The hundreds of billions of gallons that run off our mountains either evaporate away or flood their way to the ocean because our public works maanagers refuse to divert a portion of stormwater flows to offstream reservoirs for storage until it is percolated into the soil to fill our wells.

Here's a comparison of the Desert Water Agency's rates with ours: The significant difference between these water rates has been explained by journalists as a product of "different conditions", due to "superior water rights" or just "because of politics".

- San Diego water costs:
Base charge .......... 19.33
usage - 3,740 gal (5 HCF)@$3.61.....$ 18.05
total monthly charge .......... 37.38

- Desert Water Agency water costs:
Base charge .......... 8.75
Usage 3,740 gal (5 HCF)@$1.29 ...$ 5.35
Backflow charge .......... 2.50
total monthly charge ..........19.70

We at CRWM perceive the higher rates in San Diego and Encinitas to be a result of spending tens of billions of dollars over the past century on stormwater drainage systems and the flood control facilities that drainage makes necessary. We note that this planning "disposes of" much more pure, free water than we use and the cost of finding a replacement has become extreme because of a chain of cunning profiteers and public servants.

But most folks educated in California schools have been taught to believe that water importation and desalination are necessary and proper.