This will be WINTER'S LAST !@#$%&()? HURRAH!!!! Jersey City is expected to see NO snow as the storm is expected to stay south from Ocean County NJ to Delaware to D.C. I can't wait until the weather warms up for real and NOT just one-day teasers where it's 55 one day and 30 the next. I WISH I WAS IN FLORIDA FOR SPRING TRAINING (SIGH) but like millions of others here in the Northeast we just have to grin it and bear it. You know what's sad? There are people that actually like SNOW & WINTER and actually can't stand WARM SUNNY WEATHER. How sad and pathetic is that!!!! The USA Today weather dude is lying: NYC is getting NADA, NOTHING maybe just flurries. The dude needs to lay off the Doritos that he's having with AL (BIG FAT LIAR) GORE and his buddy Justin Bieber in a hippie's basement in San Jose while listening to The Flying Burrito Brothers. Keep the faith because spring is 3 days away and Memorial Day weekend is 2 months away and to all of you COLD WEATHER loving morons out there here's my advice MOVE TO THE YUKON or when summer arrives enjoy the beach, the backyard pool, a wonderful BBQ or be like me go see the METS at Citi Field with a hot dog, peanuts (unless you're allergic) and a nice Pepsi or an adult beverage if you choose so. BYE BYE WINTER and HELLO WARM SUNNY WEATHER!!!!!