Mt Laguna is the premier snow play destination in San Diego County!

been comin here to snowplay since I was a youngun -- brought my kids -- soon'l be bringin my grandkids :)

when Mother Nature bestows a white blanket on the mountain, seems like a good portion of the population of San Diego and surroundin areas head up from the flatlands to enjoy a winter wonderland --

every year, I see folks in shorts & flipflops arrivin w-OUT snowchains to try to climb the windin 2 lane highway to git to the snowplay areas --

folks -- be aware -- this is NOT the flatlands!-- weather conditions can change suddenly in winter from a nice sunny day to a violent snowstorm -- roads turn icy & slick in moments -- easy to git hurt up here if yer not carefull and prepared -- volunteer fire dept gits overworked many snow days doin rescues -- and I myself, have pulled many unwary travellers outta the ditches & sideroads -- even on NICE days.

if yer up here in the winter BRING yer snowchains -- and kNOW how to install em properly on yer tires -- or suffer ;)

best place to GIT snowchains -- and SNOWCHAINS101 withem so's ya know how to do it easily is

EVERY snowchains set sold fitted exactly to yer tires while ya watch AND participate by the San Diego Highwayman

oh, and what ya bring up -- please take back down withya --
[ trash, cardboard, plastic, ect ]

Take nothin from the mountain but photographs!

Leave nothin but footprints

Don't fergit to GIT yer "Adventure Pass" BEFORE ya head up!

Or you'll lose ye place goin to git it after ya git a ticket fer not havin it -- NOT fun

GOOD onya

the San Siego Highwaynman

my search girl Shotgun Shela loves the snow!