Gov. Brown Declares State of Emergenc...

Gov. Brown Declares State of Emergency Due to Drought Conditions

There are 3 comments on the story from Jan 17, 2014, titled Gov. Brown Declares State of Emergency Due to Drought Conditions. In it, reports that:

Urged by lawmakers to declare a state of emergency due to drought conditions across California, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. did so Friday and directed state officials to "take all necessary actions to prepare for these drought conditions."

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UN ChemtrailGlobalW arming

Baldwin Park, CA

#1 Jan 17, 2014
Does anyone still believe governments/multinational corporations don't modify weather to achieve certains objectives -most having to do with generating more money for themselves?

All the chemtrail spaying over CA is related to the globalist powers that be wanting to charge more for water prices.

I should have noticed what was going on when CA (both Nor Cal and So Cal) had almost no rain all winter and temps in the 80's all winter in So Cal while the rest of the country froze it's nuts off with that chemtrail manifested "Arctic Vortex" BS.

Anyone in CA can notice all the chemical spraying all winter coupled with all the media hype focusing on a future prolonged drought due to the unusual high temps created by this obviously manufactured high pressure system affecting CA while the rest of the country freezes.

Now they are puting up signs at abruptly noticeable half emptied lakes saying "low water levels due to drought." You can tell they are about to jack up water prices to rob us.

This hyped up yet suddently growing wild fire in Glendora, CA is being used to scare people in LA and elsewhere into accepting that we are in a horrible drought due to global warming.

You can tell by the spin of the media coverage. They say it was started by bums creating a fire -but why would bums need a fire when it's so damn hot outside. Sounds like a cover story for an environmental false flag.

The feds which have taken control of the situating are now telling fire fighters to stand down in some instances and let the fire burn. They are not being permitted to throw everything at it -kind of like what happened with with the LA riots back in the 90's. They want crisis.

There is nothing the criminal power structure won't think of to rob us more.

At first I thought the heavy chemtrail spraying for the last few months might have more to do with blocking Fukashima radiation particulates coming in from the jet stream. I should have known our criminal globalist hijacked government would never do anything to help us out.

Now looking at all the drought stories and fear mongering I can tell this is just another money making global warming scheme.

We need to pay Al Gore more money obviously to stop global warming. Also the DWP needs more money to pay bonuses and higher salaries to it's filthy monopolized bureacrats.

CA is window and testing ground for America's future. What happens here will spread across the U.S.-it alwlays does. We need to not put up with paying more taxes while they loot the country.
UN ChemtrailGlobalW arming

Baldwin Park, CA

#2 Jan 17, 2014
I posted that stuff about the drought yesterday and today Jerry Brown declares a drought emergency.

It's funny. Even an average person like myself is starting to be able to predict the globalists next moves because they are so easy to understand in their transparent tyranny. No one needed to give me a heads up on this series of events.

Yes -there is man made global warming.

It's called chemtrail weather manipulation. Look outside on most days and behold.

You can thank UN world government corporate ellites for creating global warming events -like droughts- then bitching about it being small business' and the average taxpayer's fault. And then of course charging us carbon credits on their new carbon tax exchange run out of Chicago started by Al Gore.

This is a worldwide carbon tax scheme by globalists to in the end charge more for energy to further rob us.

Regarding the wildfire in Glendora, it's never a good idea to let bums live in your community. First they pee in front of your shop and beg for spare change. Then they start a camp fire that leads to this kind of stuff -that is if this really happened as the mainstream media is reporting.

---How about some alternative news operations check if the three gentlemen in their 20's that started this fire "they say to keep warm in 80 degree weather" have any ties to the CIA or our criminal federal government.---

That would be a real news story that most people would be interesed in; Govt. sanctioned environmental false flags to push the global warming hoax.

These UN globalist rat turds need to rounded up and sent to an island to live away from the rest of us. Jetison these pieces of trash into space where they don't have to worry about global warming anymore.

Let's have a spare the air day from these globalists.
UN WorldCorporateGo vt

Baldwin Park, CA

#3 Jan 17, 2014
"We Want Your Soul"

Warning -highly addictive (and creepy).

This is tyrany -high tech style.

So, you don't mind domestic spying yet? Wait till the government starts using your stollen private info to blackmail YOU into comitting crimes on their behalf. Welcome to modern day tyranny -high tech style.

Merger of state and corporation always = fascism/tyranny. Remember, we Americans will only recieve what we are willing put up with. They are testing us right now. Let's push back.

Mainstream media leaves you depressed, dumbed down, empty and hopeless. What kind of crap will they focus on next to distract us from what's really important?

Truth based media gives you a heads up and broadens your horizons. It protects your family, health, and life savings. It's your decision...

Once you have a taste of truthful reporting you never go back to mainstream contrived corporate media.

These hosts bash Republicans and Democrats equally because they know both sides are illuminati bought puppets out to screw us.

Give alternative news sources a chance before you knock them. Download these shows to your MP3 players and listen on your way to work or whatever. All you need from mainstream media is breaking news and traffic/weather. You can listen to all these shows on your smart phone as well.

Exposes US Gov Corruption and Global Wide Illuminati Plots (Skip around, you'll learn something useful)

Exposes Wallstreet and absolutely teaches you how to protect your money from the crooked banksters

Exposes Secret/Ancient Knowledge Suppressed In Modern History Books and suppressed medical cures/prevention for diseases like cancer, etc. This guy is a medical doctor.

Often Exposes NASA Disinformation and Possible Offworld Intelligence -Search "Coast to Coast 2012 Shows" on Youtube and listen or use downloader -This is one way /Or get a CC Witness radio and record AM from your local affiliate. There is CIA disinfo injected from some of the guests but you learn how to identify it after a while by researching the guests' backgrounds. The hosts are simply great.

Connects Bible Predictions/Prophecy to Modern Day Events -How Illuminati uses bible prophecy to plan false flag disasters eg. earthquakes, etc. There could also be some CIA brainwashing here as well from some of the guest lecturers but they give a heads up of what to look out for/predict down the road. The host does a good job of teaching about the bible and does not fear political correctness.

These radio hosts should do a show together or at least make guest appearences on each others shows. They all value truth and liberty in their own way.

Here's my take on it. Don't be afraid to speak out as we are all on some type of list by now:

You have to understand that free speech on the net is about to be clamped down on in America.

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