Dexter Johnson faces possible execution

Dexter Johnson faces possible execution

There are 658 comments on the KHOU-TV Houston story from Jun 28, 2007, titled Dexter Johnson faces possible execution. In it, KHOU-TV Houston reports that:

“He killed my sister. Why would he do such a thing? You know? Take the car. Take their money”

The statement from the jury foreman said it all. "We the jury find the defendant Dexter Darnell Johnson guilty of capital murder as charged in the indictment," he read in a Harris County courtroom Wednesday ... via KHOU-TV Houston

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thevictimsArenot white

Howell, MI

#701 Feb 20, 2014
whites killed Asians before.. And nobody cared..
thevictimsArenot white

Howell, MI

#702 Feb 20, 2014
And dexter looks like he's part white so I blame his white side..

And his black side..

thevictimsArenot white

Howell, MI

#703 Feb 20, 2014
only tibettan Asians ha
thevictimsArenot white

Howell, MI

#704 Feb 20, 2014
oh wait I"m Asian never mind..
thevictimsArenot white

Howell, MI

#705 Feb 20, 2014
I think dexter looks Asian it's Asian on Asian crime..
thevictimsArenot white

Howell, MI

#706 Feb 20, 2014
he did this 8 years Ago??

Lithonia, GA

#707 Feb 21, 2014
I use to write Dexter every month but lately I havent we talk for about 2 years off and on. I think God should be his only judge and in the end will be. What happen to those people was horrible one of the worst things that could happen. I pray for them all

Alexandria, VA

#708 Mar 3, 2014
Munch wrote:
@Michael Carter - What would you say to the thug? Let me guess.. "Don't worry Bro, God's got your back"???
Even better, what would Dexter think of a thug that did that to his daughter?? Would Dexter say that guy is so cool and gangsta?? Would Dexter hang with the thug and they could flash gang signs at each other and be real tough guys??
Nah, Dexter would want to "shoot his muthafuckin ass" but only because his daughter has HIS blood in her, but not necessarily because he loves and cares for her like a normal parent would. This kid clearly can commit a crime in the grisliest manner possible without any hesitance, yet can't face the much lighter consequences of lethal injection and cries like a pansy in court. If that tables were turned on his daughter as you stated, he would feel the exact same way as Ngo's and Aparece's parents did when they were informed, yet still can't get it through his head as to why a guy as "great" as him should be punished. Narcissistic little bitch. I'll be he'll be wailing like a woman as soon as he's strapped in that chamber, puking out all his delicious "last food" meals begging to have his execution stayed. When the syringe pumps through his arm, he'll be in a state of dissociation thinking to himself what he could've done to not end up where he is at this very moment. "Man, all the things I could be doing right now if I had just let those two kids live. Why did I have to kill them? We had everything we originally wanted out of them, why didn't I just drive off... I fucked myself.."

Alexandria, VA

#709 Mar 3, 2014
Crap, sorry about the double post. This site won't let me delete comments.

Alexandria, VA

#710 Mar 20, 2014
haha just found another pen-pal site featuring dexter

Dude must be sitting on his ass and eating all day. It's repulsive our death row system gives dead men walking these sort of opportunities.

Alexandria, VA

#711 Mar 20, 2014
On the day of his execution, i'm going to have such a glorious day at work.
Piggy Piglet


#712 Mar 24, 2014
I taught school in an era when corporal punishment was permissible - usually administered with a ruler or bamboo cane. When it was abolished in my country (Ireland) in the early 1980s, I was having a chat with a teacher friend. He said to me "What are you teaching, when you hit a kid, saying 'I'll teach you not to hit other kids!'"? I realised in my gut then that hitting kids is wrong, because clearly you're teaching them how to hit.
This principle is even more important when it comes to capital punishment. Although our base human instincts thirsts for revenge, with an "eye for an eye" and death for those who kill others, it is a mark of an evolved society when it rejects all killing as barbarous, and in particular killing by the state. Given the wealth of research in recent years which shows that the juvenile brain is changing and growing up to about the mid-20s, it is particularly barbaric when the death penalty is applied to young people, no matter how egregious their crimes.
Is it perhaps too much to hope that the US will soon leave behind this medieval, ignorant and bestial practice and join the ranks of the civilized nations of the world?

Howell, MI

#713 Apr 14, 2014
my uncle gave my cousin A spanking And my cousin was crying then he looked At me And said.. hey maybe I should give you one just because he's getting one And I was like uh.. no.. I didn't do Anything..

Mountain View, CA

#714 May 2, 2014
This loser is on a prison dating site. So much for death row being hell. He's doing great, loves his daughter and looking for love, sadly, I bet he does ok. People are insane.

Manchester, UK

#715 Jun 25, 2014
Gosh some people are so childish lorie you need to chill and CHIGGS some of your posts are just as bad. Im british and personally i dont agree with the death penalty. States say it is used to deter crime but we all know this doesnt work. Now criminals should be locked away for life but there are good qualities in most people. Now while not familiar with dexter i guess there is no doubt about his guilt but revenge killing is wrong he should be kept in prison untill he dies but state sanctioned killing is bad.
There are innocents on death row in various states that is a facti belive florida leads the nation for wrongfull convictions. But on another case cameron todd willingham there is strong evidence that shows perry killed an innocent person. Another one is robert pruett who i write to now if he is guilty i must be the most stupid person in the world. He was screwed by inmates that the corrups D.A gave deals to the dna evidence does not match his nobody knows who the palm print belongs to.
I have no bad feelings towards americans but your justice system is corrupt with bad cops and even worse district attorneys

Since: Aug 13

New York, NY

#716 Jun 25, 2014
@ Casey-- I agree with you on several points. Yes, our criminal justice system has corruption in does EVERY SINGLE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM IN THE WORLD! However, they do need to modify our system to do more in preventing wrong convictions. That being said, Dexter does NOT fall into this category! What do you do with people who kidnap people, rob, rape and then kill them?

I mean, Dexter DID DO THESE THINGS and he ws going to keep doing them! What do you do with people like that? Feed them and house them for the rest of their lives? We know we cannot prevent such crimes from happening. However, unlike you, I do believe there is room in this world for revenge on certain things!

Dexter can still contribute to this society by being the sacrifice and letting the nation know, "Beyond this point, Go No Further! If you do...we will kill you!" Execution is NOT murder! Execution is this society's Self-Defense against those who would commit outrageous atrocities against innocent citizens in out society.

Revenge is appropriate for the rapists and murderers of children! Such people are irredeemable in society's eyes! You cannot rehabilitate such people! And why should you? Nobody told these criminals to do what they did Why do they do it? Because they have no regard for human life...including their own. So why shouldn't we execute them? Yes, Casey, there is room for a little revenge in this world!

Melbourne, Australia

#717 Jun 27, 2014
@ Casey - If you say the death penalty does not deter, then please tell us which executed criminals have gone on to re-offend as a result of not being deterred to do more crime?

There are plenty of convicted murderers out there that got Life Sentences and have killed Prison staff and "carers" in prison whilst incarcerated. Would that have happened if they were executed instead of getting life?

Or is it better to keep the killers alive putting the rest of society at risk in order to care for them?

Dexter would kill and rape you Casey without thinking twice if it meant he could escape or get some sexual satisfaction...

Alexandria, VA

#718 Jul 1, 2014
thevictimsArenotwhite wrote:
And dexter looks like he's part white so I blame his white side..
And his black side..
Why blame his white side though? Blacks are more capable of crime a million times compared to whites. So get your facts and statistics straight, my friend. I'm not basing race off of this crime, but let's be honest for a second, buddy.

Hull, IL

#719 Aug 25, 2014
zkotz wrote:
A question for the DP supporters out here. You all know that human judgement isn't 100% fool-proof, and quite a number of death row inmates have been exonerated in recent years. So, the inevitable conclusion is that every once in a while, someone will be executed for a crime he didn't commit.
Does the execution of Dexter Johnson weigh up against this knowledge? Is it worth to execute one innocent man for a hundred or a thousand guilty ones?
Personally I couldn't care less about this Johnson POS (I think spending the rest of your life in a prison with ADX-type security regime is far worse then being executed).
There is no doubt that Johnson did this. This is as close to an open and shut case as there can be. The death penalty should be considered on a case by case basis. Only taking away a perps freedom is not justice for a murder victim. Johnson was the gang leader responsible for four homicides. He is a bad seed. His victims deserve a reckoning that can only be fulfilled with Johnson losing his life.

Hull, IL

#720 Aug 25, 2014
Oh WAAAAAHHHH! Why don't you imagine what all four of this turd's victims went through. What went through that young lady's mind as she was carjacked by 5 thugs, taken to a remote place, robbed, raped while her boyfriend was forced to watch, then she and her boyfriend were shot in the head. My boot bleeds purple piss for this piece of filth. A bad seed is a bad seed. Evil exists!

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