Dexter Johnson faces possible execution

Dexter Johnson faces possible execution

There are 658 comments on the KHOU-TV Houston story from Jun 28, 2007, titled Dexter Johnson faces possible execution. In it, KHOU-TV Houston reports that:

“He killed my sister. Why would he do such a thing? You know? Take the car. Take their money”

The statement from the jury foreman said it all. "We the jury find the defendant Dexter Darnell Johnson guilty of capital murder as charged in the indictment," he read in a Harris County courtroom Wednesday ... via KHOU-TV Houston

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New York, NY

#617 Sep 5, 2013
@cloud Let's leave the racism out of this okay?

Race has nothing to do with it! There are white, black, brown, yellow, red...psychopaths and sociopaths!

Dexter Johnson didn't target his victims because of race. There are many, many psychopathic killers who are of all the races. Skin color has absolutely NOTHING to do with it, okay?

When you start with racist comments and names you only show you are no better than he is! You are a better man than Dexter because you care about human matter what color their skin is!

That being said, I don't think a cowardly asshole like Dexter would have the courage to meet with you one-on-one. He gets his power by hiding behind a gun. Look where it got him.

I understand your outrage. We all do! But let's suppose you did get the chance to have Dexter in the ring...After physically destroying him, you would probably feel unsatisfied by how he wimped out and tapped out. Don't waste your time or soil your hands.

He is exactly where he belongs...waiting day by day for his calendar date to come up and face the needle. Let him have time to think about it.

As for his appeals, they haven't run out yet; but not to worry, Texas will deal wit him soon enough. It's a forgone conclusion he won't escape the needle. Not in Texas, anyway! They have no mercy there. Once you're on Death Row in Texas, it's next to impossible to get off of it.

And by the facts of this case and Dexter's own confession, I don't see him escaping his just punishment. So sit back and count the days. If you really want to get active, write him a letter and tell him what you think about him.

Vienna, Austria

#618 Sep 5, 2013
dear ghiggs, first of all u r right, im just really mad about this useless person.
how many appeals does he still have? when did he actually confess? the only thing i could find was his intorrigatin report, at the homocide office.
where this little lier said "nono i only robbed them, i didnt killed them" etc.
could u tell me more about this thug gangsta?
thx mate

Vienna, Austria

#619 Sep 6, 2013
by the way.... i wrote him an email last year... i read on th TCDJ page that any mail with any subject of a case or anything else then "normal" (like :" how could u", or "haha u r gonna die")will not be brought to his hole... so i wrote him a nice letter to open up... but thug life gangsta dexta never wrote me back... but i am sure he read it... i wonder if they deliver it, if i right a new one with :" JESUS TO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD WHoooOOooOO" u r no mewdewer, i feel it in my blooooooooOOOOD"

Since: Aug 13

New York, NY

#620 Sep 6, 2013
@cloud This is what happened;

Johnson was one of five people, the evidence showed, who carjacked Aparece and her boyfriend, Huy Ngo, on June 18, 2005, as the couple talked in her blue Toyota Matrix outside Ngo's home near midnight.

Johnson, his close friend Keithron Fields,18, and an uncharged juvenile threatened Aparece and Ngo with a shotgun and a pistol, threw the couple in the backseat and drove them around Houston demanding money, credit cards and ATM access numbers, Andrews said.

After failing to access ATM money, Dexter drove them to a secluded road out in the woods. He forced Huy Ngo out the car and beat him up demanding to know credit card information. Dexter then forced Sallee Aparece into the backseat of the car where he anally sodomized her while taunting and laughing at Huy Ngo and forcing him to look at him while he raped his fiance.

Dexter then marched a naked Sallee Aparece and shirtless Huy Ngo into the woods where he shot them both in the head. They took Sallee's car, purse, cellphone and belongings and left the area. Dexter's girlfriend had not heard from Dexter in 4 days and went to the police station to file a missing persons report.

Dexter had also killed a 62 Year old retired teacher at a car wash in a robbery and carjacked another man and killed him earlier and put him in the trunk of the car in another robbery. Dexter has killed 4 people!

Sallee Apare's family filed a missing person's report and police began looking for all 3. Police tracked Sallee's car to an apartment parking lot where they tracked Sallee Aparece's cellphone to an apartment. When the police closed in, they found Dexter with her purse, cellphone, credit cards and car keys. They arrested Dexter. As he was being arrested, Dexter confessed he stole the car and Aparece's purse.

The other 3 witnesses realized they committed Murder, kidnapping, rape and robbery...all major counts that would bring the Death Penalty. They all confessed quickly that is was Dexter who raped, robbed, kidnapped and shot the two people.

The court upheld Dexter's confession and sentenced him to death

The five are suspected in a crime spree authorities said also claimed the lives of Brady Davis and Jose Lopez in separate shootings.

Prosecutors said Johnson raped Aparece in the backseat of her car after parking near a patch of thick woods. Ngo was forced to listen to the assault on his knees as the other four taunted him.

Screams, then shots Johnson and Fields then marched Aparece and Ngo 60 feet into the woods and shot both in the head.

Andrews said Johnson shot Ngo in the side of the head, execution-style. Aparece then screamed, "No!" and covered her face. Johnson then shot her in the top of the head, Andrews said.

So this is what happened. It's safe to say, Dexter is on a one-way trip to hell without any chance of reprieve. He's a psychopath/sociopath who delights in tormenting people. Now he will get a taste of justice as the calendar ticks down.

He killed two people before Sallee Aparece and Huy Ngo but he was 18 years old when he did it. Under Texas law, if you commit a capital offense when you are under 18 years of age, they cannot execute you. However Dexter committed these crimes against Sallee and Huy 11 days after he turned 19 years old so Texas stepped to him and went after the death penalty.

Imagine...19 years old on Death Row in Texas! That's really fucked up...but he did it to himself. I have absolutely no sympathy for him because of what he did to those people. He deserves to be sent out of this world!

He gets 3 appeals. I think one has already been denied so we're just waiting for the others to expire too. it will come soon enough.

Vienna, Austria

#621 Sep 6, 2013
hmm, i see, so i guess it wont be for years yet....
Dr T

Chichester, UK

#622 Sep 21, 2013
Mr Ghiggs - I've read your posts and I think that you are a vengeful, hateful moron. Yes, Dexter is a murderer who did an awful act, but capital punishment is just reducing someone to the level of the murderer. He should be detained indefinitely, but not executed. In England, where I live, we are a lot more civilized than you yanks, and we don't execute people for a variety of reasons, most notably because some could actually be innocent!! By executing Dexter you are supporting an act where an innocent person could loose their live, and for that reason alone, the risk is too great. Incidentally,I found your comments about Linda Carty truly out of order. There is no direct evidence that Linda was directly implicated in the crime she was convicted for - unfortunately for her, she was represented by an awful lawyer with horrible consequences. However, it doesn't surprise me that you said these comments, as you are probably nothing more than a sad little loser who thinks its fun to communicate your gross "old testament" values to the world as you have nothing better to do. I wonder what you would do if someone you knew was on death row- your sentiments would no doubt be different then. I'm just glad that I live in a country which is more civilized in virtually ever way to the USA, and I'm quite surprised that you appear to come from NYC as I thought New Yorkers were a little more higher on the evolutionary scale than other yanks - you must be a blib on the stats!


#623 Sep 21, 2013
Is it possible that many of those committing heinous crimes are off their faces? And a country which actively encourages people to resort to having such lethal weapons coupled with being addicted to some drug is surely complicit to a degree? What this man did was vile and cruel and he deserves to be punished but I fail to see how his living the rest of his life in prison is easier than being executed. My God, to be incarcerated for life would drive me insane. But the real question is why do people do such things - society has some responsibility by its prejudices, it's unfair treatment of the poor et al. I am sad we are not better humans.


#624 Sep 21, 2013
Human wrote:
To those of you talking about God: Don't you realize? God is dead, otherwise he would not allow such things to happen.
Everyone of you has more power than God, simply because You can decide to commit or not commit such or even a worse crime.
It is You, who is responsible for Your actions. Not some irrational beeing.
That was very well put.

Brunswick East, Australia

#625 Sep 27, 2013
Dr T wrote:
Mr Ghiggs - I've read your posts and I think that you are a vengeful, hateful moron....
Awww...poor little Dr T... Did you get hurt and upset reading things on the internet...? Awww...poor baby.. have your little cry and you will feel better again...

Since: Aug 13

New York, NY

#626 Sep 27, 2013
@ChrisV You stated "Living in prison for life would drive you insane." That's because you are human. A rational human being would do everything to avoid prison. You also asked "Why do people do such things (Commit such vile crimes)? There is a simple response to this question...Have you ever heard of "Psychopaths?"

Psychopaths are not humans as humans are defined. Psychopaths are "Humanoid" but NOT truly human. By humanoid I mean they look and move and talk like human beings but they are only human in appearance only. Their brains are different than human brains. Humans are empathic and feel for the other person. Psychopaths have no empathy or are severely empathy-suppressed.

They don't think or feel as you or I feel. The best way to think of them is as if they were a different emotional species than you or me. They go into relationships for different reasons...not for shared communion with another person; but instead they interact with others to see what they can get out of that person.

They don't care about others nor can they feel truly connected to other individuals. When they cry, it's for themselves. To a psychopath, other people are tools to be used or prey to be consumed....Just like what Dexter did.

In the YouTube video that showed his Courtroom Death Sentence, Dexter began to weep when he was sentenced to death. But his tears were NOT for the victims he raped and murdered!

No, Dexter's tears were for himself as he realized, he would never get to hurt or kill another person again and the only person that would be killed next would be himself!

In the mind of a psychopath, the psychopath only sees them self as the victim and the true victim got what they deserved. Psychopaths are notoriously narcissistic! They believe they are superior to everyone else. They feel entitled to do what they want and that they should have no consequences for their actions.

Psychopaths believe laws and rules do not and should not apply to them. This removes the "Brakes" in their behavior and allows them to think they can do anything they want...even commit terrible crimes. Psychopaths don't care about other people! All these things in combination makes them very dangerous to other people. And above all...they will NOT, CANNOT change! Psychopaths can't be rehabilitated.

If you let a psychopath like Dexter out of prison, it's like telling him "You can do what you want and you will eventually be set free again! You will get away with it"

When Dexter was raping and sodomizing Sallee Aparese in her car, Dexter was laughing and taunting her boyfriend while he was sexually assaulting his fiance right in front of him. He was saying things like, "Look! I'm fuckin' your girl in the ass!" and laughing at him.

Now Dexter gets to sit in his cell for 23 hours each day (24 on weekends) and stare at the walls while his execution date draws ever closer.

Then, that dreaded day will come when the prison guards come to his cell and say, "Are you ready? it's time to go to Huntsville!"

Dexter brought all of that on himself. Don't feel sorry for him. If he had the chance, he would do it your sister or girlfriend or your wife or your mother!

So that should answer your question about that.

Brunswick East, Australia

#627 Sep 27, 2013
Some great news, scumbag murderer rapist Dexter's Federal Habeas is in progress :)

Case document can be found here -

11 Points are raised in the petition, all but one are overruled which is a minor point not worthy of a retrial anyway. So they have till end of October more or less to sort it out and kill off this appeal..

The road to Death (rehabilitation) for Dexter and Justice for his victims so far --> Mandatory appeal at the CCA Denied. State Habeas Denied. Federal Habeas is a sure thing to be denied in the upcoming weeks :)

In other DP cases once these types of appeals are over with, the path is more or less clear for the Prosecution to request an execution date from a State District Judge.

I take great satisfaction knowing that Dexter is sitting in his cell at the moment freaking out and panicking as reality sinks into him that his appeals are getting denied left right and centre.

Dexter obviously wants to live! But so did his victims and he denied their right to live. So Dexter, you piece of s**t, your punishment is rigorously working it's way through the system coming for you and there is nothing you can do to stop it!!

Since: Aug 13

New York, NY

#628 Sep 28, 2013
@Munch Well Said! Thanks for the update! This bastard is climbing the walls in total terror as his time draws near. It's nice to know he has time to think about it! Let him sweat!

Milford, MA

#629 Sep 30, 2013
Thanks for the update, Munch. The Grim Reaper is closing on Dexter.

Since: Aug 13

New York, NY

#630 Sep 30, 2013
@DrT Let’s… get something straight right now “DrT”. Yes, I’m from New York. New York City to be exact! UPTOWN! We Walk It Like we Talk It here! So Don’t give me your pansy-assed, Flower-Child, Tree-Hugger Bullshit, alright! We let the California Fruits do that shit!

As for not executing people, Let’s understand, it’s something we don’t like to do. However, what about the psychopaths who “Execute” innocent people like Dexter? Dexter sodomized Sallee Aparece in front of her boyfriend and taunted him while he did it!“Look at me! I’m fucking your girl in the ass! It feels really good and tight! I’m gonna bust a load in your girls ass! Look! Look!” Then He marched Sallee totally naked and her boyfriend in the woods and executed them with two shots to the head!

Now let me ask you “Mr. Civilized”…what should we do with someone like that? Should we lock him up and give him 3 square meals a day (With dessert, because prisoners do get dessert, here) let him lounge around and take naps when he feels like it, and watch cable television and read books all day, occasionally tossing-off to the memory of your mothers anus gripping his hard cock when he raped her? Sounds like a nice retirement if you ask me!

Would you still be saying that if Dexter did that to your mother? Or your wife? Or your daughter? Would you say to them,“I’m sorry, Mom. But it’s okay now…he’s in prison!” While your mother/daughter has stitches in her rectum with Dexter’s sperm dripping out of her!

What would you say as you identified your daughter’s body in the hospital morgue and listened to the detectives tell you your daughter’s rectum was ripped and shredded from Dexter’s anal savaging before he shot her in the head?

How would you feel as your friends and neighbors walked by and looked at you on the street with pity in their eyes whispering to each other “His mother/daughter/wife/sister got fucked in the ass…and he didn’t do anything about it!”…What would you think about that DrT?

Would you still say,“It’s alright…he’s in prison…I’m satisfied with that…because I’m Civilized!” If that’s what you would call “justice”, then I want no parts of it!

See contrary to “Civilized” poufs like you; Real MEN like @Munch,@Cloud,@North Carolina Guy, and Me believe there is a place in this world for some vengeance! Some people in this world Need to be executed!

“WE’RE NOT LIKE YOU DrT!” If someone did that to my Daughter, Mother, Wife or someone I cared about…I’d have to see blood flow to feel satisfied about Justice!

Knowing I would be able to sit and watch as they put the needles in Dexter's arms and look into his eyes and see him take his last breath would be the ONLY thing I would be interested in seeing! None of that life in prison bullshit!

And after that I would wait until late that night and sneak into the cemetery drinking a 6 pack of beer and a quart of prune juice so I could take a niiice looong piss and a steaming, wet, colon-cleansing shit on Dexter’s grave! That’s what he deserves!

So don’t go whispering sweet-nothing foreplay words to me about “being civilized” and putting some guy up for the next 50 – 60 years in some kennel-house! Dexter deserves to die for what he did! He should pay for it with his life!

Hey, I got an idea? Why don’t you write a nice letter to Dexter and tell him how you think he should be allowed to live and how uncivilized it is to kill him? I’m sure he will agree with you and write you back and moan and cry how he is a victim of “Injustice”! What about what he did? Contrary to what you don’t know…Dexter killed 4 people! He is being executed for the rape and killing of these 2 though!

Dexter is where he belongs! He put himself there! He didn't have to rape and kill those people! And now he wants sympathy! He had none for the people he violated!

Let him sweat and hyperventilate in his cell knowing there’s no escape! Every day brings him closer to the Death-House in Huntsville Prison, Texas! Let him see how mortal terror feels!

Concord, NH

#632 Oct 3, 2013
GHIGGS! Wow, finally somebody who truly feels and believes the same as I do. I'm completely disgusted with people who want to "hug the criminal." All animals like Dexter should have no right to live on our earth. They are pure evil, and yes, pure evil exists.
But here is a question and something I ponder so often: Why do some individuals have this certain sympathy for the criminal, but not for the
victim(s)? It's something I can't seem to understand. And I could go on and on, but I won't because I know you understand what I'm trying to convey.

Munch, thanks for the update.

Howell, MI

#633 Oct 3, 2013
i'm black too someone kill me i lost All my white girlfriends to other black guys and got called a white guy..

Howell, MI

#634 Oct 3, 2013
someone murder me so i can reincarnate..

if i commit it myself i'll burn in hell.. but if you do it maybe i'll come back..

that's my twisted belief system..

Brooklyn, NY

#635 Oct 3, 2013
basalisk wrote:
someone murder me so i can reincarnate..
if i commit it myself i'll burn in hell.. but if you do it maybe i'll come back..
that's my twisted belief system..
But what if you come back as a rat in the New York Subway system? or a roach? or a fly that lands on and eats shit all day? or in the wrong body and you need a sex change operation? or a gerbil that gets forced up some homo's ass?...

Brooklyn, NY

#636 Oct 3, 2013
@ Dee...The reason why people do this is because they have empathy. Empathy is the thing that connects us to other human beings. It's also something psychopaths DON'T have which is what allows them to be able to do the things they do to others.

The Death Penalty is NOT murder! The Death Penalty is Self Defence against the psychopaths who murder and commit atrocities against other people.

Think of it this way; If you are in a fight with somebody and they're punching you in the face and kicking you in the ribs, are you going to allow them to continue to do that? Of course not! Most likely you are going to swing a punch and kick back to stop them from doing you harm.

Now some people say "Well, just lock them up so they can't hurt anybody else anymore!"

The problem with that is they always hurt somebody other prisoners and guards...and if they get out of prison, they usually hurt somebody else.

Also, psychopaths have no conscience! They cannot be rehabilitated! Any lessons you try to teach a psychopath to reform themselves would be a wasted effort!

Now some of you will say "But if he shows he has found Jesus and God and has really changed his life...?"

The problem with that is psychopaths are pathological liars! Every word out their mouths is a lie and an attempt to manipulate you!

It hurts the normal person to have to execute somebody. we don't like to do it! We don't want to do it! But we must send a message to the other psychopaths..."Beyond this point go no further!" We are forced to grit our teeth and steel our hearts as we send the condemned to death because it is the most clear message that society will NOT tolerate such behavior against society!

However, execution is NOT the answer in every terrible situation! For instance, if someone commits such atrocities and they are under the influence of Mind-Alterating drugs, I don't think the person should be executed because their brain is in fact different at that time. Musrderers who commit such crimes rarely even remember what happened.

However, if a guy like Dexter who kidnaps, robs, rapes and sodomizes and then kills a defenseless woman and her boyfriend...for kicks (and in full control of his faculties...) deserves the ultimate sanction against him...because he knew what he was doing was a horrible crime and he CHOSE to do it anyway!

Race has NOTHING to do with it. Psychopaths come in all colors, ethnicities, cultures, genders and social classes. Psychopaths crave power over others. It's the only thing that makes them feel alive!

What Dexter did was the ultimate "Fuck You" to society! That means ANYONE and EVERYONE is in mortal danger from someone like him!

The ONLY way to conclusively know we will have nothing to fear from him is to end his life and put him in the ground. We don't like to do it...but we have to do it to be absolutely sure he won't hurt anyone else again and as a message to other psychopaths that society will strike back against them and the atrocities they commit!

That's the best way I could put it. Now some would say to use the most painful way to execute someone...I don't agree. If we could literally put a murderer in a room and flick a switch and turn his life off...that would be perfect! We don't need to sink to their level.

What could be better? "'re dead!" It's deliberate, purposeful and expedient! Lethal injection isabout as close as we've come to this process. I suspect sometime in the future, someone will find a way to make the light-switch scenario possible. When that happens, it's "Lights Out for Psychopaths!"

Howell, MI

#637 Oct 9, 2013
was dexter in poverty or Something??

I mean yea he sould probably still die because two wrongs totally make a right but..

he was probably in poverty so..

if he's not in poverty And he does it then itreally is a fuck you to society which I can just find just plain Amazing..

because If I had a lot of money I would just bang hookers All day without killing people or bang your mom or something.. but I wouldn't murder you..

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