Dexter Johnson faces possible execution

Jun 28, 2007 Full story: KHOU-TV Houston 641

“He killed my sister. Why would he do such a thing? You know? Take the car. Take their money”

The statement from the jury foreman said it all. "We the jury find the defendant Dexter Darnell Johnson guilty of capital murder as charged in the indictment," he read in a Harris County courtroom Wednesday ... via KHOU-TV Houston

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Voorhees, NJ

#596 Jun 19, 2013
so someone please ask him why he decided killed them and tell me so i can tell kids how not to think.. in life..

Voorhees, NJ

#597 Jun 19, 2013
that guy need to Avoid some negativity..

Milford, MA

#598 Jun 25, 2013
Any word on an execution date yet?

New York, NY

#599 Jun 25, 2013
Nothing so far...but the clock is ticking!
Judge Dredd

Phoenix, AZ

#600 Jul 16, 2013
GHIGGS wrote:
Imagine that! Dexter does! Everyday!
Good. I hope they schedule a bunch of fake executions ahead of time and then go "Psych!" and watch that piece of trash cry like the souls of the people who lost their family members.

Burn in hell Dexter.
north carolina guy

Greensboro, NC

#601 Jul 24, 2013
what are you trying to do, get sympathy for Dexter? Hey, why don't you tell us step by step of the horror his victims went though?

New York, NY

#602 Jul 26, 2013
north carolina guy wrote:
what are you trying to do, get sympathy for Dexter? Hey, why don't you tell us step by step of the horror his victims went though?
The last thing in the world I want is sympathy for Dexter! He's a murdering Sexually sadistic psychopath who's gonna get what's coming to him!

Let's see if he blubbers and weeps like he did when he was sentenced to death when the keys jingle and unlock the door and the corrections officers say, "Come on Dexter, it's time to go!" or if he goes like a man.

I suspect he'll fill his diaper when the Reverend walks next to him and says; "Walk with me and pray my son...repeat after me..."O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee...!"

And when he's on the gurney listening to the seat-belt straps click closed; a really stern German-looking nurse walks in the room wearing really white, stiff hospital whites, nurses cap and horn-rimmed glasses and a 1940's hairstyle with blue eye-shadow and cracking red lipstick starts roughly wiping his inner elbow with an alcohol cotton ball and a Q-Tip of Betadine solution...

That's when he's gonna know it's for real!

Voorhees, NJ

#603 Jul 31, 2013
lol screw him i don't know that guy. lol

Voorhees, NJ

#604 Jul 31, 2013
I don't even know who he is you say he's bad i take your word for it..

New York, NY

#605 Jul 31, 2013
Appoceay wrote:
I don't even know who he is you say he's bad i take your word for it..
Watch this video of Dexter being sentenced to death and his panicked desperate outburst! See him weeping and jittering as the judge pronounces his death sentence!


London, UK

#606 Aug 7, 2013
What this young man did was cruel and appalling but so is the death sentence which has no doubt taken the lives of innocent people in the past. I am so glad we do not consider carrying guns to be our right here in the UK because we would produce equally violent and dispossessed people. No country can honestly be held up as the 'best' because we all have histories of which we should be ashamed. Bad mouthing each other on sites such as this does nothing to provide rational thought and argument but instead promotes an aggression which is not so distant from physical violence and its very anonymity allows people to vent their opinions in some truly nasty ways.

New York, NY

#607 Aug 7, 2013
Yes, but there is a place for this catharsis! In "Civilization" we have lost something primal and uncomplicated which the Homo Sapiens Sapiens species cries out for! We need to revel in our savage natures sometimes. We need to hurt and kill one another to satisfy that primal blood-lust within us all!
Dexter had his it's our turn as we watch Dexter go to his death! We revel in the spectacle and celebrate the primal urge of killing (Albeit vicariously through the state and executioners...) What we really want to do is watch!
Dexter knows his time is coming! He also knows there are many people who are watching and waiting for that time to come! There are over 7 Billion people on this planet! We can spare the likes of Dexter! He was a detractor from society as a whole!
Now, Dexter gets the opportunity to be make a contribution to society! He gets to be a prime example of vengeance and punishment as we dispatch him with all due expedience! Sure the appeals take awhile to wind their way through the courts...but we all get to see the end results!
Don't go feeling sorry for Dexter! He CHOSE to do what he did in a state that is unforgiving and ruthless with such criminals! Now he will pay the price for his actions as he goes sniveling and quivering to the Death-House at Huntsville, Texas!
None of the bravado and sadistic carryings-on he engaged in when he was raping and murdering the two people he killed! What a lot of people don't know is Dexter killed 4 people! He shot and killed a 60 year old man at a car-wash washing a BBQ grill, and another man he carjacked and stuffed into the trunk of his own car!
No, Dexter is where he belongs and he's gonna gt what's coming to him! Save your sanctimonious speeches for the rabble at Trafalgar Square, you pouf!
This is America where we step to you if you get outta line! So if you're ever here in our country for a better watch your ass or we'll step to you too! Got That? GOOD!
Now, SHUT THE FUCK UP! While we foot Dexter's Dead in His Ass with a great big Ol' EXECUTION!

Milford, MA

#608 Aug 9, 2013
@GHIGGS, co-sign. Excellent stuff as always on here.

Runnemede, NJ

#609 Aug 24, 2013
i can't get laid and i have a small penis...and i should kill myself.. and i'm not gay..

Runnemede, NJ

#610 Aug 24, 2013
i keep getting horny and it won't go away...

Runnemede, NJ

#611 Aug 24, 2013
i wasted 100 dollars on a dating website..

my mom is too ugly to do it with..

Runnemede, NJ

#612 Aug 24, 2013
I don't want any kids yet...

Runnemede, NJ

#613 Aug 24, 2013
this woman who was gonna do me.. got in a car Accident..

and my friend who was gonna help me get women got killed.. while he was trying to hit on one woman some other guy was dating..

New York, NY

#614 Aug 24, 2013
@namaro...This is the United States of America...The land of capitalism! There are plenty of good looking women who will sleep with you for money! That $100.00 you spent on dating websites could have been spent on a woman who would have fucked and sucked your brains out for even less! Take that $100 and go to your newspaper and look for massage parlors. They understand what you want and are willing to provide what you need. Good Luck!

Vienna, Austria

#615 Sep 5, 2013
guys,... pls give me news, i follow this kocksucker for a few years now,... didtn he loose all his appeals already ? i want to see him die,.. this useless fakin chimp,.. i fight mma, and my biggest dream would be a fight against him,.. that would make me the happiest person.. a court order that he has to make weight and fight me an pay per view, if he wins he is free, if not they kill him straight after the main event ...

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