Whitney Heichel's family confront Gre...

Whitney Heichel's family confront Gresham woman's killer, sentenced to life in prison

There are 65 comments on the The Oregonian story from Jul 8, 2013, titled Whitney Heichel's family confront Gresham woman's killer, sentenced to life in prison. In it, The Oregonian reports that:

When it came time for Clinton Heichel to address the man who murdered his wife, he sat silently staring at the killer, Jonathan Daniel Holt, for a long minute.

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#41 Jul 16, 2013
Today is July 16.

The big sister of "INDY" was born on this date.

YES! July 16 "belongs" to "Sophisticated Lady"!

I just sincerely hope and pray that she takes the lead, and stops supporting Satan.

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#42 Jul 16, 2013
HEY "Sophisticated Lady"...


Your father would be SO ASHAMED.

Your mother would be SO ASHAMED.

But above all else...

Jehovah is SO VERY ASHAMED of you!

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#43 Jul 16, 2013
A quick "Whitney Terrace connection" story...

I was at a circuit convention, some years ago. During intermission, I'm in the lobby. Nothing special, just minding my business, as one who was an "outsider" did.

I was walking one direction, and coming around a corner was "Sophisticated Lady". I saw her before she saw me, and the look on her face told me that she wasn't having the greatest of days.

I don't know if she wasn't feeling well, or had some bad news or what, but having grew up next door to her, told me that she wasn't at the "top of her game".

She looked up, and when she saw me, her face LIT UP! It was "old times" revisited! In that split second of time, we were transported BACK to "Whitney Terrace". Her smile was as genuine as SOLID GOLD!

But in the split second that it took for her to realize that there could be no conversation, her smile faded away.

It broke my "herat" too!

Back then, I was trying to "go back" to the Watchtower. But Jehovah never let it happen, even though I get that same "LOOK OF LOVE" from everyone around here that know me, and remember the person that was UNBEATABLE, when it came to speaking about Jehovah.

I never understood why it wasn't meant for me to be back in there. But now, I see that Jehovah "needed" someone of this high quality, to fight for him, on the outside.

I say "of this quality", because most people, if they were going through what I've had to endure, and on top of it, be called names by the same people that knew they were wrong to call them, but did anyway, they would have crumbled long ago.

I've been to the point of quitting. I've been PAST that point also. But each time, Jehovah has picked me back up, dusted me off and asked me to continue on, FOR HIM. I always agreed, then went right back to getting my behind kicked, like I was Satan's chew toy.


Those were the days! The "Whitney Terrace" days.


And so, to "Sophisticated Lady", and the rest of the "Whitney Terrace" crew out there, just know this...

Jehovah has sent warnings that he intended to be heeded. The Watchtower has been turned over to Satan. And believing that the ALMIGHTY God of the UNIVERSE will co-exist with his SWORN ENEMY, under ANY circumstances, is an insult to his ALMIGHTY POWER.

Satan doesn't keep his promises. They are intended to deceive the "chosen ones".

Hope and pray to see all of you on the RIGHT side of this battle.

Soon, VERY Soon!

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#44 Jul 16, 2013
Ok, I'm starting to seriously believe you are a child predator and have done sexual acts with children and thus why you are seriously defending this douchebag and are having a OCD episode over this bought on by your own guilt.

Have anything you wish to confess to police? Like maybe raping young children??????
Serious Questioner

London, UK

#45 Jul 17, 2013
<quoted text>
By "goofy" comments, I was referring to the comments made by the "666" Krew, who are sent here, to try and keep me "busy". Like the "I'm only half evil" comment left by "333".
But tell me this...
You waited until now, to add your two cents worth, while I've been here for a while, working on other parts of this. I've added to the comments part of the newspaper story, commenting on what Whitney's mother and sister had to say to Jonathan Holt.
And all of a sudden, you show up!
WHAT?! Wasn't I posting here fast enough for y'all?
And please don't try and tell this forum that you "just happened" to see this, and "just happened" to feel the need to add something. There are some who might buy your "load", but I isn't one of them.
Now that you see that I'm here, I'm sure you'll slink away like a pole cat.
Or will you assigned to "fight"?
No,I just posted a comment designed to irritate you, Douglas. It looks like it worked. Again, have fun..

By the way, is this as crazy as you get, or may we look forward to even more goofiness?


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#46 Jul 17, 2013
Matt9969 wrote:
Ok, I'm starting to seriously believe you are a child predator and have done sexual acts with children and thus why you are seriously defending this douchebag and are having a OCD episode over this bought on by your own guilt.
Have anything you wish to confess to police? Like maybe raping young children??????

And the thing with children is the territory of "666" and Kompany, which he has conveniently moved into his Satanic Watchtower.

Remember that it's "666" that wanted to "squeeze" the 6 year old boy "like a kitten". And was willing to say it, in front of the entire world.

I'm fighting to expose what REALLY happened to Whitney, because her COLD BLOODED MURDER was NOT committed by Jonathan Holt. And it was used to keep Satan's agenda on track for several more months.

I reply to your "douchebag" comment...

First off, it speaks volumes that you actually spelled it correctly. I tried to spell it, and got it wrong, leaving out the "e". I think that's a mistake any "male" would make.

So it seems that you, "Matt9969", are female, using a "male" ID as a cover, just like "Florida Native" tried to use being a "black, male" cover, until I exposed her as a female.

You're probably the same female. So you can go somewhere private and let go of some female frustration that "666" has you feeling, as you get to sit inside your cell, locked away forever, doing his bidding.

Comments like these ALWAYS happen, whenever I add some personal insights, aimed at letting people know that this is the same ol' Dougie, like I did yesterday, when I "spoke" to "Sophisticated Lady" in terms that she understood, and with an experience that would touch her "herat".


I could go to the authorities, with YOUR story, if you just tell us where you're locked away. Don't worry about "666" catching you, since, UH, you're already caught.

And second...

There's a lot of hypocrisy in the actions of the people I'm referring to in my comments. The phrase "Be careful what you wish for" is being seen in full effect. But as long as the right amount of "time" has passed and "tears" have fallen, folks can just wait for their next opportunity to "move on to a better life". Whitney deserved better.

Now, Ma'am, just who are YOU defending?

Besides "666" himself.


Did you notice how "666" showed up yesterday, just after I "spoke" to "Sophisticated Lady"? He hadn't been here for a couple of days, but now that we're down to the wire, he hopped in, just to show his face.

I hope y'all don't have a great retirement portfolio.

Because you'll NEVER get the chance to use it!

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#47 Jul 17, 2013
Serious Questioner wrote:
<quoted text>
No,I just posted a comment designed to irritate you, Douglas. It looks like it worked. Again, have fun..
By the way, is this as crazy as you get, or may we look forward to even more goofiness?
I wasn't irritated in the least.

What DOES irritate me, are these Pittsburgh area people who SAW Satan INSIDE the Watchtower, but STILL, as of this date, refuse to alert their fellow "Brothers and Sisters".

As far as what you'll see in the future, that's up to Jehovah. He broke the Satanic grip of the Watchtower, on June 3, 2013, when they made the announcement that the "WTS" and the "JW" are two "separate and distinct" groups.

But the "JW" folk still are fighting to remain with "THE ORGANIZATION".


There are plenty of names used to describe me, but "goofy" ain't one of them. Neither is "dumb", "stupid", "unintelligent", etc.

The phrase "You gotta get up early if you want to fool me" doesn't apply here. You may as well sleep in, because "getting over" on me...

That just AIN'T happenin'!

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#48 Jul 17, 2013
In their effort to keep folks away from discovering the APOSTASY that IS the Satanic Watchtower Society, the command to "STAY AWAY!" from sites like this one was screamed out, far and wide and real loud.

But to show the "SUBTLE" side of Satan's tactics, just look at how the JW folk are not allowed to even look at the online news article about Whitney, that is linked to, on this thread.

3 of the last 4 comments are from me. And the fourth one is from some FRAUDULENT Watchtower IMPOSTOR, calling himself "Jessica".

There is something very wrong when you can't even look at something as "innocent" as a news article, because there is a danger of seeing the truth. Yet, in the minds of those involved, as long as they can remain filled with hate towards someone, even the wrong someone, it's OK.

And the Watchtower has the most adoring compassion headed it's way, by people that used to hate the Watchtower with a passion. True, it's a thin line between love and hate, especially when Satan is the director. Before he took possession of the Watchtower, the hate was real and aggressive. Now that he OWNS the place, you can't even say one thing, much less point out some truth about the Watchtower, without being labeled as an "APOSTATE".

But in my case, they need a more "specialized" plan, since I had the "APOSTATE" label removed from me, when there was a world endangering event, and the folks inside needed somewhere to turn.

I was that "somewhere". Since then, Satan's people, especially "666" himself, have embarked on a new strategy. A full blown, all out, aggressive "love our god!...OR ELSE!" message that includes telling folks that, if they "cross the line", they're "GOING TO DIE!". Not be disfellowshipped.

There isn't any chance of anyone being put out of the Watchtower, unless it's because they find out the truth, and try to sound the alert.

THEN it all breaks loose on them.

If the Pittsburgh area folk had done Jehovah's will, instead of enjoying the "temporary enjoyment of sin", by accepting Satan's bribes, gifts and "sweet goodies", to keep quiet, the Watchtower's population would be around 666.



Here in Pittsburgh, when, and IF, the subject of "What Douglas Clark is saying on the Internet" comes up, it's always met with the same response...

"Well, he MIGHT NOT be an APOSTATE. But no matter what he says, I'm not about to leave "THE ORGANIZATION!"


But I'm either an APOSTATE, and will be dealt with by Jehovah, or somebody is leading THEM to their DOOM. It can't be both ways.

One would think that these Pittsburgh area "leaders", who are guilty of mishandling the "flock", would jump on the opportunity to make a quick phone call out to Gresham, and ask, JUST ASK, if those elders had conversations with Clinton Heichel, where his bedroom "actions" were discussed. They don't even have to get into the deeper details. If there WAS some sort of conversations, as I said there was, then those conversations were relayed back to the same place that the "INDY" reports were relayed back to.


It's all the same Satan. Even though his grip was broken, on June 3, 2013, he will keep those captives inside by whatever means necessary. If he has to blow them down with his Satanic "air", as is always discussed at the conventions, he will rev up that wind machine, AND AWAY WE GO!(Or STAY!)

Are there ANY Pittsburgh area "mishandlers", who, if only to save their own necks, are willing to get involved with this mountain of evidence about the Satanic organization that just unceremoniously KICKED OUT the JW folk?

Or is sticking your heads back in the sand, the "safest" way to avoid making "THE ORGANIZATION" look bad, and not be seen as "helping" Douglas Clark bring down "OUR Watchtower".



It isn't YOUR Watchtower. It BELONGS to Satan.

And he's doing everything he can, to keep YOU from finding that out.

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

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#49 Jul 17, 2013
It's been quite a while since Satan could count on this level of LOYAL cooperation.

You'd expect it from HIS servants. Their life has already been sold to him, and he's collecting every last drop of energy they have left. Yes, they can rest when they're DEAD.

But to have people that claim to represent Jehovah, acting in LOYAL, coordinated concert with Satan's agenda, is something that hasn't been seen in ages. At least, not like THIS.

This forum's population, which was regularly in the range of 140 to 150, just a short while ago, now struggles to see the 100 mark. Right now, as I type, it's at 90. Before I post, I'll refresh the page to see where it is, and post it here...

82 "Users".

But I did some "research" today, on the other forums, to see how many people they had. As always, the "Human Sexuality" forum was tops, with over 7,500. And between the other forums I looked at, there were over 10,000 total.

That's why this message has to be taken AWAY from these folks, and the job of sounding the message turned over to people that will appreciate the "feast" that's offered. Just like Jesus said that the invitation that was sent out, but ignored, would be sent to the "others", who would feast with him, the people that are supposed to represent Jehovah, but are ignoring the warning about staying inside Satan's Watchtower, will have their invitation withdrawn.

They think they are standing, but in fact, they are flat on the ground. AND LOVING IT!

How else can you explain why you have people that are OK with seeing their fellow "Brothers and Sisters" suffer needlessly, as long as they are comfortable, like is happening now.

Where are all of the people that defied their being told to "STAY AWAY!", when there was danger around that might affect them, but now are more than willing to stay away, as long as they can keep their current level of "spirituality", which doesn't affect, or "cramp", their current lifestyle. In other words, Satan has them serving "god" on "their" terms, letting them make their own "rules" as they go along, as long as they go along with his agenda of ignoring the reality of their dire situation.

This forum is at half of it's "regular" numbers, and at 1/3 of it's peak, which happened when Whitney was MURDERED.


So where is everyone "hiding"? And who do they think they're hiding from? If fighting FOR Jehovah makes you feel UNCOMFORTABLE, try LOSING for Satan. Now THAT'S a feeling that can't be equaled. But as long as you keep thinking that you're safe, comfy in Satan's embrace, in his Watchtower, sitting along side him at his Kingdom Hall, AND AVOID THIS FORUM, he definitely will keep on embracing you, rocking you back to sleep with a belly full of his food, prepared in his kitchen, by his master chef, "666".

Even though Satan's minion made the GRAND ANNOUNCEMENT, that the JW folks were KICKED OUT of the WTS, you see that they've gone on as if nothing has changed. They've smiled, put an arm around the shoulders of people and told them that things were going great..."So just sit back, enjoy another helping of food, prepared and delivered at the proper time, and know that OUR god appreciates YOUR continued LOYALTY".

And he does. And until he can't use your loyalty, or the loyalty of anyone else, he will continue to appreciate it, by offering you plenty of chance to further blaspheme his SWORN ENEMY. For those who seem to have forgotten, your god's SWORN ENEMY is Jehovah.

Get used to being asked about what these Pittsburgh area people "witnessed", because NO other religion will blaspheme Jehovah by saying that he has to accept some co-existence with Satan, the way the WTS does. A rational, sane person would FEAR to say anything close to that. And that FEAR od God is "the beginning of understanding".

So now, we let the rest of the world handle this.

See how "THE ORGANIZATION" looks, when they discredit "THE YOU" that you used to be.

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

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#50 Jul 18, 2013
By now, if there was any chance of "Sophisticated Lady" seeing what I wrote on Tuesday, she's become the most sympathy getting person on the face of the earth.


And last but definitely not least...


But they don't know the person I KNOW!

Just like they told her little sister to "STAY AWAY!", and found her following HER "Doug" (Those who know me...just say Doug) around the city, by tracking her car's movements, they just don't know that the little sister LEARNED from the big sister!

SO! If my message got out to "MY" homegirl, "Sophisticated Lady", they can say all they want...



Hey "Sophisticated Lady"...

Come see me! Jehovah needs you!


Now, on to a quick matter of my superior intelligence. Earlier today, I figured out why all of the "goofy" posters add some measure of "CONTACT THE AUTHORITIES! IMMEDIATELY!" to their comments.


I think about the American that was being held prisoner in Vietnam, and he got a message through by blinking a coded "S O S" with his eyes, during an interview.

"666" has been torturing these people, just because he owns them, after they sold their souls to him.


So as a public service, I'm setting up this computer's webcam, so that the next time one of them send out a coded message, I can interpret their "blinks".

I can't guarantee the success of my heartfelt endeavor, but I will try.

The resulting results might send this forum into fits of hysterical laughter!


Sometimes...I just can't stand myself for having this much "fun".

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

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#51 Jul 22, 2013
In the YEARS that I've been doing this assigned work, there have been several "stages".

When I first found this forum, I thought that the "captives" would be "freed" by driving them out of the Watchtower, thereby cleaning out the trash. I even have threads titled "Countdown to Cleanup", from back in March 2010.

I just KNEW that the Watchtower would "recover" and get back to their former state of being.

When I found out about the Satanic "takeover" of that organization, it still took me a while to realize that Jehovah doesn't "walk backwards", and if he had allowed the Watchtower to fall into Satan's possession, he wasn't coming back to rescue them, and that the "inhabitants" needed to "GET OUT! IMMEDIATELY!".

But getting those "inhabitants" to ABANDON the place, as Jehovah had, was, and still is, the challenge of a lifetime, in MY lifetime. I do understand the thought process. Even I couldn't believe that the end of the Watchtower could EVER happen, and that it was just a matter of time before this would all be over.

But, bad became worse. And worse. And worse.

And with every turn for the worse, Satan flaunted the loyalty of his "kitchen helpers", who he depended on, and appreciated, with all his heart.

His latest "need" is for his Watchtower sanctioned, COLD BLOODED MURDER of Whitney to stay a well kept secret, even though it could be used to expose the entire Satanic operation, if ONLY that heart broken Clinton Heichel was to admit that he was approached, and questioned about his "level" of heart ache, by brothers who then reported his answers back to headquarters.

But now, just as when folks POUNCED on "INDY", and were scared to admit that they had indeed been part of a REAL, LIVE, Satanic program, Clinton Heichel is afraid to admit that his show of anxiety was just that, A BIG SHOW, and that his acting job was being timed to come to a well coordinated conclusion, with him picking the next Mrs. Heichel, from the dozens of available "entrants" in the "Clinton" sweepstakes, including the ones who he thought about at night, during his "Watchtower approved" healing regime.

There's a BIG DIFFERENCE between the Satanic Watchtower and being a servant of Jehovah. In the news article, Clinton Heichel was described as being a "devout" member. But evidently that "devout" stops at looking at the mother-in-law and admitting that you've been thinking (scheming) of replacing her daughter, and that the thought process has gotten to the point of forcing her out of his mind, while the "next" ones prance through, until he finishes thinking about them, and sleeps happily, in his Watchtower approved "bliss".

Satan doesn't care about any of the "JW" folk.

He's just glad to have you around for another day. Another day that could have been avoided, if the folks who claim to be the "leaders" of the flock, weren't worried about hurting Satan's feelings.

And if Clinton Heichel thinks that whatever he told those who were sent to question him won't be revealed, and what he was "allowed" to do won't be revealed, or who his heart was really focused on during those moments before he fell asleep in that TEMPORARY Watchtower approved bliss...

He should get to know the REAL Satan! The one that orchestrated the COLD BLOODED MURDER of Whitney. And the one that is keeping him protected, for now, in his loving embrace, surrounded by as many of his Watchtower "kitchen helpers" as it takes, to make someone else be the "bad person" who caused all of these problems.

Satan uses human frailty like a champ. And as long as he can use the human with the frailty, he will.


Figure out who "HIS" is, in this sentence...

Right now, Satan has the "heart broken" husband of a murder victim keeping HIS secrets hidden.

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

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#52 Jul 22, 2013
A direct quote, taken from the news article...

"I wanted him to look me in the eye before I said anything. A man should be owning up to the things that he's done. You should be able to look a man in the eye. It's about as simple as that," Heichel said outside the courthouse.


Under Satan's guidance, it seems to be easier said than done.

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#53 Jul 22, 2013
In the week that it's been, since I first brought up the matter of Clinton Heichel being questioned, at Watchtower behest, about how he's "dealing" with his grief, there has been NO attempt to diffuse any of what I said.

And in a world where they ALWAYS examine my words with the utmost care, the fact that they can't do anything except shield Clinton Heichel with soft words of "Don't worry about anything that guy says. WE know what you're going through", aimed at making him look at everyone else as the "bad guy", but NEVER the "man in the mirror", who is the one who has been laying in bed, with thoughts of his next "Miss" leading to his "bliss".

After that, he can just hate what he has been forced to become, all because of what that no good lowlife Jonathan Holt did.

How easy and convenient...for him

But it wasn't Jonathan Holt that did ANYTHING to Whitney. And it's not Jonathan Holt that has pushed another female INTO the "mental game" that the Watchtower has sanctioned and approved. Whatever happened to Whitney being the ONLY one on Clinton's mind, as he looked at how attractive those "OTHER" females were looking, as long as he played it right, and didn't make it TOO OBVIOUS to everyone, especially Whitney's mother, in for the "man in the mirror" to explain. When he gets Watchtower permission.

I've been watching this, ever since it first happened. I'm surprised that there isn't a new female in his bed already.

But in a way, there are.


But the fact that he is allowed, with Watchtower approval, to bring any, and as many, as he wants, until he's satisfied, and sleepy, allows him to take his "good ol' time", make the mom-in-law and other family his best "letters of recommendations" and just at the right time...


Women are treacherous, and the fact that one is "out of the picture" is their chance to get "INTO the picture". The facts behind how she got "out of the picture" aren't all that important. The scripture says "THEY WANT to marry" for a reason.

And not just young females. I remember a situation when a local Pittsburgh area elder's wife died. In a matter of a few days, there was one woman that glommed onto him, marked HER territory, and just DARED any other females to even "try their luck".


But in this case, the same person that had the childish "STAREDOWN" with Jonathan Holt, actually stopping the court room proceedings until HE was ready to proceed, can live by his own words, and, not so much tell any of the details of his actions, but that he was questioned about them.

Nobody really gives a care about "what" he did, or "who" he was thinking about, or how "often" or anything else. And actually, it's none of their business.

I'm only bringing it up, because that look on Clinton Heichel's face told me how far down he has been taken, by using his Watchtower approved "RESPONSE" regime, as long as it keeps him tied up in guilt, shame and possible embarrassment, which will definitely come, as soon as he DARES to defy them.

Clinton Heichel can expose to the entire "brotherhood", that Satan has indeed been actively involved in this matter, from BEFORE day one. Before it was committed, Satan's krew planned this one out, in great detail, down to the minute, scapegoat and all.

Will Clinton Heichel come forward? The answer to that question matches the answer to the question...

Was Whitney REALLY the "love of his life"?

It's as easy as that.

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#54 Jul 22, 2013

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

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#55 Jul 23, 2013
Matt9969 wrote:

How can you be so cruel as to say those most unkind words?!

Especially after the night you just spent with HIM and his "firstborn son".


Y'all women can be SO mean!

Maybe THAT'S why it's been almost 14 YEARS since I've "INjoyed" a "VEXPLOSION".

Can you imagine?! It will be 14 YEARS on August 17th.

I know, I know, folks are thinking "HMMM...I remember where he lives. All I need to do is go UP THE HILL and turn right, or down the hill and turn left, and HE'S ALL MINE!".

WELL! DON'T GET IT TWISTED! I ain't THAT easy!(Anymore)


I'll need a sandwich! And cookies!

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

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Pittsburgh, PA

#56 Jul 23, 2013
I just got finished posting another "WHERE IS Clinton Heichel" message, over on the news article website.

And guess what?!

They took EVERYTHING I posted down!

Way to go everyone! Satan sure is proud of you!


It's a shame that people that claim to be "BOLD and DETERMINED" are so willing to "faint" out of fear of the truth.

By now, Clinton Heichel is being "propped" up by so much phony "AW! POOR YOU!" sentiment, that even HE believes he's the "victim.

But you can't hide the truth.

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

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Pittsburgh, PA

#57 Jul 23, 2013
By now, enough of you saw my previous comments, over on the news article's website, but here is the EXACT copy of what I said today, which got EVERYTHING removed, by order of the Watchtower.


Hello again!

It's still Douglas Clark, still using my daughter's Facebook account. But I fully intend to go back to my sixwhitney e-mail and reset my account, so that I can post under my own name.

But it really is a shame that the same folks who were so eager to read this news article, and heap false praise on Clinton Heichel, are now doing their utmost, to keep him from getting involved with finding out the truth about Whitney's MURDER.

I speaks volumes about Clinton Heichel's real character!

This news article referred to Clinton Heichel as "a devout" Jehovah's Witness". But if that was the case, there would be nothing that could keep him from pursuing the facts, the REAL facts, of this case, as it would be something that brought honor to Jehovah, instead of the smudge on his name that has occurred.

Ever notice how anything "good" gets attributed to "the Watchtower", but anything "bad", and it's always "member of the Jehovah Witnesses"? That's for a reason.

They always try to paint me as someone who is "ANTI-Watchtower. Because they can't say that I'm "ANTI-Jehovah.

But Whitney was MURDERED because of the same kind of "INACTION" that they have Clinton Heichel thinking is the "way to go" in this. For quite a while, I was SCREAMING for a Pittsburgh area female to come forward and speak up about the Satanic activity that was happening INSIDE the Watchtower, until finally, as they always do, they got a dead body to "parade" around as proof that their way was the "way to go". I had no problem telling them, that Whitney's blood was on their hands.

And those same Pittsburgh area people who saw the Satanic activity INSIDE the Watchtower, WITH THEIR OWN EYES, still go around, calling themselves "devout". They're devout all right! But they're "devouted" to Satan, because it's loyalty to him, that has them PROTECTING his Watchtower OWNERSHIP from the rest of the "brotherhood".

So let me ask Clinton Heichel this...

Are you going to just sit there, as Satan plans out another "Whitney" situation, the way that the Pittsburgh area "leaders sat there and allowed the plan against Whitney to be formed, played out and covered up?!

You can be a credit to Jehovah...

Or Satan.

And as always, the choice is up to you. I have been working on this story ever since I first saw it last October. I hurt almost as bad as the family did, until I realized that Jehovah wasn't going to "sleep" on this. Whatever he needed to do, to make sure that Whitney was "taken care of", he would do. It seems as if Jehovah is opening doors that give looks at the REAL side of people that "spoke volumes", but little else.

Love is an action word that NEVER fails!

Everything else, like false words, fake tears, "scripted" acts of bravado and phony sentiments, will ALL be ferretted out, by the God that "witnessed" that COLD BLOODED MURDER of Whitney, who didn't deserve, and still doesn't deserve to be ABANDONED by her so called "loved ones", like this.

It seems as if too many people got what they were secretly "wishing" for, and all they had to do, once it happened, was to play the game for a while. Well, it's Satan's game. He was the one that ordered the MURDER of Whitney, to give him more time to plot further MURDERS. And he got that time. AND he got the silence that Whitney didn't, and still doesn't deserve.

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

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#58 Jul 23, 2013
I'm probably one of the most hated people, in the minds of people that claim NOT to have hatred in their hearts. There are people that are hoping, not praying, but still hoping, that I somehow fail, so that they won't have to face their upcoming reality. In their Satanic Watchtower trained minds and hearts, it's OK if Satan wins "just this one", because they decided to help him achieve this victory. They somehow think that they're portion of the victory will bring them everlasting "sweet goodies", like it did last year, when their loyalty was rewarded with HUGE amounts of Satanic chances to BLASPHEME Jehovah. And they accepted each and every last one of those chances, greedily devouring them like mad dogs. But they hate me for bringing the truth to light, and are UNITED in their efforts to keep anyone from finding out what happened.

So where is Clinton Heichel?! Why hasn't HE come here, or to the topix "Jehovah's Witness" forum, to speak up for "the love of his life"?

His silence speaks volumes, because just a FEW words from him, could lead a path to Watchtower headquarters, via the local elders who were told exactly what questions to ask him, where Satan would be IMMEDIATELY EXPOSED!

But all we get is silence. While Satan plots.


And THAT was all I wrote. I'm not surprised. And like I said, Satan is Proud, VERY Proud, of the loyalty shown by HIS faithful "kitchen helpers".

The fact that they removed EVERYTHING proves that Clinton Heichel was aware of what I was saying.

There AND here!

So the next move is up to Jehovah and him.

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

Pittsburgh, PA

#60 Jul 23, 2013
SOS wrote:
Now I finally KNOW, without a shred of doubt, that you really are crazy!

What a shock!


I'm the ONLY ONE they care about on THIS forum. Even "666" himself comes out, and posts some nonsensical drivel, as soon as he is alerted to my being here. In fact, after he went and took a well deserved nap, or took care of some "pressing" (BKA: kitten squeezing) business, he came back here about an hour ago, to make his presence known. Not like anyone cares anymore about him, but he still hasn't gotten the memo.

Nobody cares about YOU, and that has to sting a little bit. But don't fret about it, because Soon, VERY Soon, it will all be completed, and your days of leaving, without anyone caring, or even noticing, will be replaced with you being gone. Just GONE!



It's the FACT that they read EVERY LAST WORD of my "LONG RANTS" that got Satan's "firstborn son" so upset, that he had it removed from the news article's website. And as an added bonus, he sent a hearty "CONGRATULATIONS!" to Clinton Heichel, telling him to ignore whatever is said here.

I wonder how "good" Clinton Heichel will feel TONIGHT, as he lays in bed, contemplating whether his Watchtower approved "regime" is really being used by Satan, under the guise of being the "angel of light", to keep other "JW" folk in the dark.

He knows what he was "allowed" to do.

He knows who "approved" it.

And now he knows how far Satan is willing to go, in protecting his "POOR WIDDLE Clinton" from that "MEAN ol' Douglas Clark", who's trying to tell him the (YUK!) truth.



I'll have you know, that I use an internationally known Internet café. Whatever ELSE it's called is up to y'all, but around here, we type with out pinky fingers extended. So there!


I'll also have you know, that just like I tell everyone else, I work FULL TIME, fighting to "FREE THE [CAPTIVES]...FIRST!", and that those who fight FOR Satan, by their loyalty, their silence or their idiotic RANTS, of various lengths, are Soon, VERY Soon, to be dealt their last losing hand.


Then, I'm getting me some "PIZZA!".

“God 1st...ALWAYS!”

Since: Mar 10

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#61 Jul 24, 2013
ATTENTION "Violent Crimes" and "Clackamas County, OR" and "Religion" forums...

I'm finished with this latest round of "PLEASE...WAKE UP!", trying to get members who "CLAIM" to represent Jehovah, to realize their TRUE "devout" nature.

In this case, we have a "perfect" example of someone, Clinton Heichel, who was full of tears, sobs and postured, angry looks, when it was convenient for his purposes, hiding behind his Watchtower trained conscience, when the REAL deal went down.

Clinton Heichel laid in bed all these months, thinking about "doing" every Watchtower female he wanted. But when that matter was discussed, it was Satan that told him to "HIDE THE EVIDENCE", because, "WE DON'T NEED ANYTHING LIKE THAT BEING EXPOSED". So, what the Watchtower had everyone else feeling like criminals, if THEY were to lay in bed and slip THEIR hand under the covers for a moment of "RESPONSE!", the overlooked, sanctioned and even approved, in the sad case of Clinton Heichel.

The same Satanic Watchtower hypocrites that made such a disgusting video about the subject, told the locals in Gresham, OR, to "Let him slide!". And instead of looking like a hypocrite in his own rite, Clinton Heichel accepted the Satanic offer of protection, as long as he didn't listen to what REALLY happened to Whitney.



So now, even IF he wanted to, Clinton Heichel has disqualified himself from representing Jehovah in this matter. Jehovah is the God who ABHORS a "double set of scales", one for Clinton Heichel and the other one for those who cringed when they saw that twisted face in the video.

The same fear game that they played on "INDY", that got Whitney murdered, they played on Clinton, to keep that murder story told THEIR way.


But even though his "RESPONSE!" regime has been approved by the Satanic Watchtower, it will NEVER "feel the same", for lack of a better phrase. Now it will feel just like it has become, something far greater than human "failing", if what you do behind closed doors is meant to be known by, or sanctioned by, anyone other than you.

Even when Clinton Heichel does "accept" the chance to lay there, and make his Watchtower "handlers" happy, once it's over, and that rush of euphoria is gone, the realization that he didn't step up and show his "love" for the "love of his life" will echo off those walls. And only Satan will appreciate him for that decision. Even his "IT'S ALL Jonathan Holt's FAULT!" trained mentality won't get him through that, because it ISN'T Jonathan Holt's fault. It's Clinton Heichel's selfish, self centered, Satan accepting, fault.

With each and every ESCAPE ROUTE provided, Satan has his people, HIS Watchtower people, who are supposed to be representing Jehovah, ready to do anything for him. Here we had them boxed in, but due to the fact that Clinton had a grip on "something other than reality", we're left to chase the wind. And that big sigh of relief, well, that's coming from Satan, who will pat his people on the back, and tell them, "WE DID IT! AGAIN!".

Whitney isn't going anywhere. And Jehovah isn't about to let her murder go unpunished. It just won't be with Clinton Heichel's help.

Jonathan Holt isn't going anywhere. Whatever punishment he has to face for being in with the crowd that used him, that's in Jehovah's hands.


Douglas Clark is back on vacation, YES, VACATION!

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