Teen recounts horror of sex slavery

Teen recounts horror of sex slavery

There are 25 comments on the MSNBC story from Oct 9, 2008, titled Teen recounts horror of sex slavery. In it, MSNBC reports that:

For someone who's only 18, Shauna Newell is remarkably composed as she describes being kidnapped, drugged, gang-raped and savagely beaten.

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Grand Rapids, MI

#1 Oct 10, 2008
I think the entire story is fabricated.

Spartanburg, SC

#2 Oct 12, 2008
I just watched the segment on NBC and was shocked! I pray for the family of this little girl and I know she will recover and heal. Her mother just "knew" something was not right and she was correct, a Mother intuition. Teens must be careful there is so much evil out there. My kids are grown and gone but I am just happy they were not victims at one point. I hope these pimps and abductors rot in jail, hurting children is the worst.

Carmel, IN

#3 Oct 13, 2008
MyTwoCents wrote:
I think the entire story is fabricated.
I'm afraid that's exactly the thought that went through my head. I googled this story to search for an original case file - a missing person's report, a crime reporter's coverage of this sensational story when it first broke - but all I found was a post on a MySpace page from 2006, which tells a slightly different version of events:

"My name is Shauna Newell. I am 17 years old. I was recently held against my will, drugged, and reapeatly raped, by 5 men. The Pensacola Police Dept. are finding it hard to help with my case, because of my past as a run away. Im not asking for a million dollars, or to be known across the united states. I am simply asking for justice, so i can begin MY healing process, and move on with my life. So i decided to write to you all, and share my story. On April 29th 2006, i was with a friend, and her boss. Her boss took my friend and i to a house, and left us there, saying that he would be back in 10 minutes, he had to run an erron. He never came back. I was very uncomfortable in the location, and i wanted to leave, but when i tried to, the people i was around, wouldnt let me. I was then heavily drugged; Ecstacy, Meth, Cocaine, and Acid. Then i was repeatly raped by 5 men, for 2 days. Finally on May 2nd, i was dumped, still heavily drugged, at Tom Thumb in Flora-Bama. Where my family was searching, putting up fliers, and praying i was safe. My little brother, Austin, saw the men dump me out of the car, and took off."

The elements of this story that concern me are

1) the fact that the current story claims she believed her abductor to be her friend's "dad;" in the 2006 version it's her friend's "boss."

2) in the news report she was discovered and rescued, and in the original version she was dumped from a car

3) in the news story she was on a sleepover, and on the myspace page she's a runway

4) the fact that the only witnesses to her abduction are family members, and specifically the little brother who, coincidentally, was in the right place at the right time to see her in the presence of her abductors.

I have the utmost sympathy for victims of sexual assault, but I also want journalists to do their jobs and vet stories before putting them into circulation. It concerns me that this news article - which is currently circulating all over the world - doesn't corroborate this girl's story with quotations from the police or school officials. If this story is revealed to be false, it would be a blow for victims' rights in America.

The Myspace page I'm quoting from can be found at http://forum.myspace.com/index.cfm... .

Pensacola, FL

#4 Oct 13, 2008
Boca Broad

United States

#5 Oct 13, 2008
I watched this segment too. I do believe it happened or some form of it, young girls are easy prey for predators unfortunatly and the girl was actually in her school, evil always comes with a smiling face, she just wanted to have a friend, and her injuries and bloody bruises and internal damage support rapes occured over and over, some of the details might be foggy but I believe it happened, you could feel her grief thru the TV.

I live in boca raton and I have a story for you that is shocking! This did NOT happen but three men are behind bars because of it. In boynton beach florida at a strip joint in the worst crime ghetto in the city platinum showgirls bar, a woman claimed she was raped and the cops believed her! Her story is so far-fetched a two year old would not belive it, a bad blow to victims rights.

This 22 year old woman was dropped off at this platinum showgirl strip bar at 2:00 in the morning by a "friend" {her pimp} and just left! She then proceded to go car to car in a dark mostly deserted scummy strip bar and ask customers leaving for a "ride home" and remember this is at 2 in the morning in the crack infested ghetto, in a dark dangerous parking lot. She claimed three men offered her a ride then raped her! And the cops believed it. The only reason a woman gets dropped off at a strip bar in the middle of night alone and then accosts strangers is for PROSTITUTION!! and we all know it, she is a convicted prostitute, nude dancer {she did not work at that bar through} and drug addict and the cops jailed three innocent men because of it, she never even called the police or went to the hosptital right away, the next day a cop pulled her and her pimp over and then and only then did she cry rape, hell of a dramatic way to get out of a speeding ticket isnt it??. This is sick.

She was prostituting and cryed false rape more than likely because she spent the prostitution money on drugs and did not want to get beat by her pimp, the three guys should of never picked her up either I do agree, they were foolish and dumb and could of gotten AIDS but they are not rapists and now are behind bars and she continues to dance nude for desperate perverts, prostitute, and take drugs, this is a real blow for victims rights, rape is a terrible horrific crime and this hooker has made it worse for real rape victims, and is getting away with it.

This platinum showgirls bar in boynton beach has had trouble before, shootings, drugs, prostitution, attacks, diseases, raids, etc....but the owner is a former deputy sherrif and I guess the cops look the other way which is wrong, they are trying to close it down and I hope they do its the scumpond of palm beach co.

My point is I think shauna newell suffered terribly and her captors are free, and the story I told above, a true story, innocent men are behind bars because a dirty filty stripper/hooker lied to protect her pimp! Where is the justice? the victims suffer and the gulity go free??!!
Disgusted by Idiots

Beverly Hills, CA

#6 Oct 17, 2008
If you belive MYSPACE over an actual interview with the family and victim, you should stop posting- anywhere. ever.
#1 MYSPACE pages can be posted by anyone, about anything, and you are actually questioning the validity of direct statements from the vicitm and her family.

2# if she had a history of a runaway, her family would NOT be out combing the streets for her.
lisa brant shaunas mom

Brighton, MI

#7 Oct 20, 2008
thanks for your support i will say this for the 100th time this is not a story but our life for you that have children learn from our misstakes and god bless you that think my baby would make this up the brants
just wondering

Panama City, FL

#8 Oct 24, 2008
Not saying her story is not true but the one thing I don't understand is when she says she saw the guy that raped her at the beach and she didn't call the police or her family to get him. If this happened to my daughter I would go mid evil on their azz.

Laurel, MD

#9 Dec 9, 2008
I also noticed that the "facts" keep changing; perhaps the reason why law enforcement has taken no steps. My guess is that she willingly prostituted herself; ended up in a situation that she didnt bargain for (ie. drugged and repeatedly raped) and had to come up with a cover story for her parents.....

The other thing that somewhat bothers me: after she has this traumatic experience, what does she do: she runs out and gets her tongue pierced, gets a boyfriend, has a child with him (all this at the ripe old age of 18). Sounds like the parents failed in their jobs somewhere along the line as well.....

Pensacola, FL

#10 Dec 22, 2008
jackson where do you get off questioning the parents job of raising their child, at the as you put it "ripe old age of 18" that child can do what she wants when she wants, I know alot of people that did a hell of a lot worse things when they turned 18. what is wrong with her acting like a normal teenager in these days and times? I am dreading the day my niece turns 18 just for these reasons but I know I cant stop her... it is her decision and you can no longer blame the parents for something the person did at 18 years old, maybe the parents were better than yours, but guess what if she has it in her head this is what she wants to do, she will do it... simple as that, you can not ALWAYS blame the parents, they sometimes are at fault but I dont believe so in this case... back off the family here, if you dont believe the girl thats fine, I for one do... but there is no need in bashing them publicly, that is just childish

Indio, CA

#11 Mar 11, 2009
First of all Jackson, You're an idiot. Let me ask you a question. If you just went through a traumatic experience, like a bad car accident or something, what are the chances that you're going to remember every single detail that happens? when you're in hysteria or something traumatic happens, you say things you remember hearing and seeing. It could be true, it could be false, but you end up recalling things later on that you couldn't think to report then. Second of all, how can you say that a 16yr old girl would WILLINGLY prostitute herself? Do you think that other girls who were stuck in a human trafficking ring were "willingly" prostituting themselves? THIRD of all, this happened when she was SIXTEEN! of course she's going to act out like that when she's 18. that's what happens when you have issues you can't work through. After she saw the guy, she COULD'VE said something, but if cops didn't believe her from the start, what makes you think they would believe her two years later? think about all of that before you run your mouth about things you don't know again.

Pensacola, FL

#12 Mar 12, 2009
she should have kicked them in the balls.

Taylorsville, UT

#13 Mar 27, 2009
what happened to the friend? Did she get arrested???? did ANYTHING happen to her?

Williamston, MI

#14 Mar 26, 2010
I do not understand the claim that Shauna's mother reports her missing and the police officer that takes the call has the phone number of the people that have Shauna, gives it to her mother and just drives away!

United States

#15 Mar 13, 2012
I know this girl used to be friends about a year prior to her ordeal. Not saying she wasn't assulted but I personally know the girl likes to party and do a lot of drugs . So Id be willing to bet that mostly false atleast the drug part!
j g a

Brooklyn, NY

#16 Oct 24, 2012
all you i cant even call you people/save your propaganda/you gotta have your say/you wanna be heard/its a small small world and you just keep being the way you are and youll bring a curse like biblical on you and yours/its obvious the cops derailed her case because important members of the community were involved/their only willing to help now because its national news and the statutes of limitations have probably run out/thats a 16 year old kid they did that to and you got people convincingly saying she had it coming/and their still trying to intimidate this girl/those perpitraters are the biggest punks there are and couldnt put in real work if their lives depended on it/they were definetly gonna wind up killing her/accidentally because like i said not one of them could put in real work but eventually she woulda died/im not gonna waste anymore time trying to talk sence but just have to say these southerns got a unique kinda filthy total evil about them/whats with that/to whom it may concern all the worst life can possibly be to you and all those who you love/you got shit in your blood sincerely
j g a

Brooklyn, NY

#17 Oct 24, 2012
absolutly outragous.the derailment of the investigation her treatment at the hospital.all designed to isolate her.discusting.i wouldnt feel one bit bad to here the police station got swartzenegered or better yet the hospital staff that had the audacity to give this kid a hard time,any county hospital in that jurisdiction would do and the more innocent bystanders the better so that the pillars of the community would really get some measure of real pain for the consequences of this discustingly obvious coverup .i hope this girl and her family are getting through this.my god foul

Brooklyn, NY

#18 Oct 24, 2012
tranquillo jg that rant is only gonna keep it goin and make it worse you wanna be heard you need a voice at the table my man f you brother you got time to rant on the net go through gas on some other fire you sound like a sinister o a cause you crazy f everybody worth anything gets it a terrible wrong was done here but let it be done nice and scary for holloween all do respect but f u get a life

Brooklyn, NY

#19 Oct 24, 2012
Confused wrote:
I do not understand the claim that Shauna's mother reports her missing and the police officer that takes the call has the phone number of the people that have Shauna, gives it to her mother and just drives away!
very simple his coworkers kids and maybe even te cops themselves more than like were joining the party/word was out and frustrated and being an actual human being he did what he could do to try and burn em out/actually the only reason the kid got out alive/all the info and readbetween the lines and you got all the information you need/not trying to be dramatic but im not afraid of men but that they got away with this thing just gives me a real bad feeling/dont even have a word for it/havent got a clue what word to call it

Brooklyn, NY

#20 Oct 24, 2012

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