Lexington's Gangs: Signs of Trouble

Lexington's Gangs: Signs of Trouble

There are 37 comments on the Kentucky.com story from Jan 28, 2008, titled Lexington's Gangs: Signs of Trouble. In it, Kentucky.com reports that:

“People were getting into it because he wears red or he wears blue”

When it comes to gangs, Lexington looks a lot like Kansas City did before the shooting started.

That was the conclusion drawn by Ossco Bolton, a former Kansas City gang member who was flown in by the U.S. Attorney's office last fall to assess Lexington's growing gang problem.

After touring the city and visiting a handful of schools, Bolton, 35, said he determined that Lexington's gangs are 'not really as organized as the larger cities,' but they gave him pause and caused him to reflect on his own city. Read more

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Louisville, KY

#22 Aug 31, 2008
theTRUTH wrote:
<quoted text>
you think u have a gang problem in shelbyville! lmao, get real!
Tell me on what authority you speak.


#23 Sep 4, 2008
I would have to say as long as I've lived in Lexington, the gang issue had decreased tremendously since the 90's...before certain housing projects were torn down (I dont know if the media knew this), there were a lot of crips and blood gangs in Lexington and alot of those gangs had sects of other gangs from different streets and neighborhoods...it was easy to join a gang then...There are still quite a few gangs here in Lexington, but the media just doesn't know about it, or it could be that gangs havent really created "the problem" for Lexington...yet.
toilet i mean america


#24 Sep 4, 2008
"why do people feel the need to join gangs?
well, when you live in the hood, an your mother starts doin crack, an you dnt know where your father is, an the only thing you have is a roof over your head, and your alone in the streets an all you see is your peers joinin gangs an sellin drugs to live better, lets see wat u do! "

that's no excuse. i have/had my fair share of growing up rough, but i am still an educated, non-nuisance to my family/city/world. i am aware of what gang activity looks and feels like in a community and as i visited lexington i felt more terrified in lex. than where i live (even though our crime rate is much much MUCH higher). gang activity is growing without a doubt. see it for yourself, go hang out around 3rd street or north broadway.

“I am the silver”

Since: Apr 07


#25 Sep 5, 2008
It is absolutely idiotic to be in a gang. People say they don't have a choice, but that is just another scapegoat for their problems. No matter where you are born, live, or how you are/were raised, it's up to the individual to make their own decisions. Most don't care, and choose to be losers.
Gangs/gangmembers do not intimidate me, nor do I expect to intimidate them. let them come to my neighborhood, and they will be dealt with quickly, but probably not too quietly. Considering they don't make muzzles for shotguns.
thw real truth

United States

#26 Sep 20, 2008
The last comment is not a reason it is an excuse. No matter what happens you always have a choice. Do things that are a little tougher and take more time or the easy, lazy way. BUT IT IS STILL A CHOICE!!!!!!!
Michael Grigsby

Huntingburg, IN

#27 Oct 31, 2009
I live in Lexington and almost all of my friends are in gangs. Mostly bloods. I see gang signs being thrown up everyday. And my school has gang fights just about every week. It is pretty scary. Trust me I've seen it all my life.

Henderson, KY

#28 Nov 1, 2009
micheal please take a second and realize that if your friends and almost all of them are in gangs you are living in a world of deception and damn right danger.why because these so called gangs that you know are nothing but future prison inmates menaces to society or waiting in line for the next available coffin.and believe me when you die your so called friends could give a shit about who you are.means absolutely nothing on the other side.these people are walking time bombs.im not the least impressed or intimitated by the word gang or blood or crypt or whatever they learn to spell and call themselves.and schools becoming a part of this disaster only shows these little boys and girls are trying to manipulate and intimidate our system.i work in the medical field and have yet to see a 90 year old man or woman throwing gang signs to one another across the room.get a grip on reality before its too late for yourself.i dont know you but i feel almost a sense of pride coming from your comment.if you want to be noticed and respected by this world do something good for it.even if its one life saved from this ignorance and damn right nausheating mess its worth it.be proud to be a man and real men know how to act and be respected by the way.why would you ever want someone to walk past you and be afraid that you might snap or harm their children.is that what they call being proud of who or what theyve become.im ashamed for these losers.they have no right what so ever to invade in other people lives and walk around the respected part of our community.i personally say if thats what they want to create then go on and lock em all up to where they can destroy the brick on a cell wall if thats their intent.go visit a prison for a whole day and youll see just where the living gang members wind up.nothing comfortable or cozy in there.
Michael Corleone

Louisville, KY

#29 Nov 2, 2009
The problem is with gangs in lexington, that unlike the bigger cities gang population, the "gangs" here carry no morals or self respect, much less respect for others. They are so caught up in an image and not what a gang is actually about. its buisness, about money, territory, loyalty, and respect. and there is none of that here. the streets are so poluted by mainstream society and to further the problem, the negative image that todays modern rap/hiphop artists put out there preach about the glory of the gang life and the glory of being a drug dealer and all types of bullshit. I am a rap artist myself and i bring my knowledge from when i did dirt on the streets of louisville to my everyday life. Not many people make it out of the life alive, i was just fortunate, but trust me when i say even if laws tighten up it wont get better, they break the law, they dont care how tight they are...they are ignorant, and i agree with the ViceLord conservative, people in this city need to wake the fu*k up and realize what is happening and why. these "gangs" have a hold of terror on people that they shouldnt have and that only makes it worse and gives them more power to control and terroize the city and all the people in it. something needs to be done, but not through the law. It needs to be done through community awareness and people letting go of thier perfect little lives and opening up to the real world so they can see and do something about the pain these streets cause
Michael Corleone

Louisville, KY

#30 Nov 4, 2009
i cant believe there isnt more discussion on this topic...this is something serious that needs to be recognized...

Don Corleone

Roosevelt, UT

#31 Jun 29, 2010
idiots all idiots. tc is growing on average of 5 members every month and a half. how do i know? oh idk...just been in tc for about 4 years now...but i don't know wat i'm talking about right?
TCHS senior

Fairborn, OH

#32 Aug 19, 2010
mhk wrote:
idiots all idiots. tc is growing on average of 5 members every month and a half. how do i know? oh idk...just been in tc for about 4 years now...but i don't know wat i'm talking about right?
if u talkin bout tc as in tates creek high..theres more gang members den dat....ALOOOOT more
anti gang

Harrison, AR

#33 Aug 30, 2010
the thing with gangs is.. you have a bunch of cowards that dont want to conform to society, so you get a bunch of ppl togather who cant fight unless there are ten or more. then they become bullies, stop showing the gang show on th history channel.. turn off the internet and read a book or go o work or something..

Casey, IL

#34 May 17, 2011
So what kinda stuff do people have to get in these gangs?And is it hard to get into them?

Casey, IL

#35 May 17, 2011
Wheres the gang areas at in lexington?

Andover, MA

#36 Jan 31, 2013
There is a great series on youtube about South African Gangs- Men of the Number. It is very educational and a highly skilled psychologists goes in to work with them in prison using various techniques. We do not put enough into mental health issues here in the US. Schools barricade young people from getting help because they are so afraid of lawsuits or not enough funding. Racial problems are also at heart. Nobody has the answer but black/latino kids that have been abused emotionally or physically abuse others and themselves by using and selling drugs... Change has to start at home- people making healthier living environments and providing them to their kids, etc... Society cuts-off the poor and pretends that they do not exist which more than often are minorities... welfare here does not supply enough but our big old politicians have no problem putting our tax dollars into their pockets.... who has the answer I do not know but it takes a community to make change and an educational system to provide support to these kids and teach them that meth has serious consequences... paranoia, schizophrenia, AIDS/HIV, tooth decay, the list goes on...

London, KY

#37 Feb 2, 2013
I'm so glad that I moved away from Lexington a long time ago.
Former Druggie

London, KY

#38 Feb 4, 2013
I've heard that the gang problem is worse in Louisville and Ashland than it is in Lexington.

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