Homicide Charges Against Mother, Daug...

Homicide Charges Against Mother, Daughter Sent to Court

There are 1939 comments on the The Wayne Independent story from Apr 26, 2007, titled Homicide Charges Against Mother, Daughter Sent to Court. In it, The Wayne Independent reports that:

A preliminary hearing was held Wednesday for a mother and daughter on charges of criminal homicide and conspiracy to commit murder stemming from the April 14 killing of Ronald Luyster in Honesdale Borough.

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happy life

Inverness, FL

#1945 Dec 2, 2010
Ted wrote:
It was a mistake for you to come on here and not only attack your mother but attack me as well, but since you don't seem to have anything better to do then sit at work and play on the computer I will answer some of the allegations you made against me and then I will let loose with some facts about you that you don't want out so lets take it point by point you knob sucking whore.
As for anything you said about your mother in your lastpost to her, she is doingg just what she said she would do and is ignoring you, I won't.
First Dan was not left with zero resorces. He left here with plenty of money and drugs that he stole out of our bedrrom while your mother was sleeping problem was he got caught, just like when you helped him break into the house while we were on vacation and stole the safe with not only hundreds of dollors in it but every piece of jewlery I have gotten your mother since we met, hence you a thief.
The 200.00 you spoke of was to help buy clothes for Dan instead you skipped work and went to a concert then with what was left you got him a tattoo. Great example.
The hairdryer incident you spoke of, Yup I threw a hair dryer and I broke a cell phone too. I also yelled and screamed at your mother. Hit her not on your life but then that brings me to your statment about me nearly killing you in our kitchen but please lets tell it all. We were on a weekend break out of state. We came back to find that you had been driving the car all over town and it was gone when we got back. When you showed up with the car you were stoned. You were told to leave 3 times you said no then you were shoved and then you made the mistake of hitting me. Sorry but if you hit me it's not going to go well expecially after you have been driving my car around all weekend. You were put on the floor and then forced out of the house.
The other time you speak of was on our porch when YOU hit ME with a board and then were dragged to the street and told to leave. Trust me if I hit you you would know it. My kids live in Florida and unlike you Miss GED they went to college have degrees and are doing just fine. as far as cheating on your mother lets see my days are spent doing what I did today. I got up had coffee with your mother went to work left at 4:30 picked up her medicine and came home to find her crying again because of your ungreatful ass.
Porn? Talk to your brother and watch your cable bill thats all there is to say about that.
I was at you grandmothers house over the weekend got a very nice welcome and an invite to come back anytime. You can't say that.
Enough about me lets talk about you.
Does your boyfriend know about the 2 abortions you had to have because you got knocked up by a crackhead?
We raised your daughter for the better part of 3 years and you didn't seem to have a problem with it then. She was better off. She had a nice warm bed and enough to eat while you slept around and went to every bar in town. You call your mother a whore, your one to talk. Imagine how nice it was to walk out onto our porch to see you and your boyfriend having sex where everyone could watch. Discussting actually you reall should do something about the plumbers crack it's not attractive. Heres an idea. Why not call Scott. Right you tried that already and were told to go to hell. Can't call here. Can't call your aunts or uncles ( they all read this site too)Your friends don't seem to be real friends and your co workers well they just seem to put up with you. Your drinking buddies love you though they get a big laugh everytime you walk out the door. Go ahead and post all you like here Jessica. If you think the abortion thing or the boyfriend that killed himself are all I will talk about guess again. Two can play this game and I am very good at it.
See I told you Jessica,You hve alot of untold dirty stories out there...I KNEW IT....LOL
happy life

Inverness, FL

#1946 Dec 2, 2010
I meant to spell have,Sorry..........Your a dirty GIRL.........

Blaxland, Australia

#1947 Dec 6, 2010
happy life wrote:
I meant to spell have,Sorry..........Your a dirty GIRL.........
Give it up you idiot, move on.......
happylifewhatajo ke

Jersey Shore, PA

#1948 Dec 20, 2010
happy life wrote:
<quoted text>See I told you Jessica,You hve alot of untold dirty stories out there...I KNEW IT....LOL
Wow, i can't believe you have nothing better to do with your time, then to remenise to this website....grow up already!
happy life

Inverness, FL

#1949 Dec 20, 2010
happylifewhatajoke wrote:
<quoted text>
Wow, i can't believe you have nothing better to do with your time, then to remenise to this website....grow up already!
Oh,Shut-Up..........lol,ditto for you too!!!!!!
happy life

Inverness, FL

#1950 Dec 20, 2010
annoyed wrote:
<quoted text> Give it up you idiot, move on.......
Hi annoyed,I see your still in love with dirty girl,really....lol

Blaxland, Australia

#1951 Dec 21, 2010
happy life wrote:
<quoted text>Hi annoyed,I see your still in love with dirty girl,really....lol
You Have no life....
happylifewhatajo ke

Jersey Shore, PA

#1952 Dec 21, 2010
it seems like your in love with her.....you really should get a life already...I hear K-mart sells them cheap!
happy life

Inverness, FL

#1953 Dec 23, 2010
happylifewhatajoke wrote:
it seems like your in love with her.....you really should get a life already...I hear K-mart sells them cheap!
Yeah,Yeah whatever....You probably work there,you would know....Kiss,Kiss.
Carolyn Rodriguez

Erie, PA

#1954 Aug 5, 2012
I think that this whole situation is tragic,tragic for the daughter her boyfriend and Ron.Not Patricia she is the mastermind behind all of this,she deserves to spend the rest of her life behind bars! She manipulated her own child to kill her father.She could of left him.We all have choices and she is such a piece of crap and i truly hope that she serves her whole 34 years behind bars so she can never hurt anyone again as for her young daughter i truly hope that she can get out and rebuild her life and Cody too,they are victims as well and i am sure the Pa Parole Board will agree.
Last Laugh

Scranton, PA

#1955 Sep 10, 2012
Your a$$ wipe brother now sits in prison, Why? because he's a thief. He actually put a stolen gun to an 80 year olds head and forced him to lay on the sidewalk while him and his buddys robbed him. Yup I want him for a daddy.
The whole group are losers.
Jessica is a bar slut, Always will be
Danny boy got himself 7-14 years
And poor little Matthew runs around breaking into peoples homes lol
leave well enough alone

Clarks Summit, PA

#1958 Dec 24, 2012
Ted, no one cares about you, jessica or her brothers. drop it. It seems that your the only one who hasn't moved on. If all you say is true, then they live with that everyday. Your not punishing them. Leave well enough alone. Maybe God will have a spot for in heaven.
ted what a joke

Scranton, PA

#1964 Mar 23, 2013
Some mother you turned ou wrote:
<quoted text>just like your a c u n t
just like you and your inbred famly...what a joke!!

Camp Hill, PA

#1966 Oct 29, 2013
New Yorker 2 wrote:
This is a very very sad and tragic situation. If anyone has anything to say,
they should have gone to the police before this event, or go now. Obviously,
the family was in trouble.
However, please remember, there are now innocent people like Mr.& Mrs. Luysters parents, family and children. They may oneday read what you have written, and it will cause them additional pain.Don't you think they have enough to deal with?
Many of us DID report incidents to schools and police. Every time the family was approached by authorities, all actions of abuse were denied. I loved those children. Many of us did. We tried to help but could get nowhere.

Minneapolis, MN

#1968 Sep 24, 2016
Why did this suddenly end in 2013? Does anyone know what happened with the little boy, Ryan? I feel so sorry for that child. I hope he is well taken care of and is with a good family.

Houston, TX

#1969 Sep 30, 2016
Your mom is a big where who sold sex to Cody to murder your father! Big slut... she's a prostitute because if she gave sex to have your father murdered then I'm happy she's in prison for murder! I would never be proud of a mother that gives sex away like FREE candy!!!! Your sister is a huge slit as well. Cody is not the father of the baby. She wanted Cody to be her boyfriend but gets pregnant by another mal... Hmmmm.... there's a lot of SEX going on at that house!!!! Divorce your husband if you don't want to continue relationship. Why murder??????
FREE sex

Houston, TX

#1970 Sep 30, 2016
SEX SEX SEX SEX in that family... both mother & daughter gave sex away like FREE candy!!!! Everyone gets free turn.... Cody is not the father of the baby but he was her boyfriend??? Wow... that's a huge slut! Mom is having sex with Cody to murder her husband??? Both women are big sluts having sex with everyone. Trade sex for murder. Not the right thing to do honey! Divorce your husband NOT cold blooded murders. Mother & daughter manipulation with their vaginas to trade SEX for murder!!!

Longview, WA

#1971 Dec 27, 2016
john wrote:
i am unlisted.....do we have any mutual friends that are in the area where i met you?
Take your gay love somewhere else

Newark, NJ

#1973 Jul 26, 2017
Wow DISFUNKTIONAL, I thought my family was bad but, I wouldn't fuck my daughter's boyfriend so that he would murder a man I hate. Nor would my daughter allow some shit like that to happen.
Get a grip, THAT IS BEYOND SICK. BTW, the mother and daughter team should have got more time than the boy they manipulated to pull the damn trigger. Families arguing and fighting is bad enough but those sick bitches should never see the light of day. And the girl Clarrissa should leave Dan alone to raise is daughter RIGH. THAT BITCH OR THE SO CALLED GRANDMOTHER SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED AROUND THE BABY EVER AGAIN. As my mama always said, "Bad association spoils useful habits!"

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