Springfield Police identify man kille...

Springfield Police identify man killed in officer-involved shooting

There are 264 comments on the The Tennessean story from Apr 5, 2012, titled Springfield Police identify man killed in officer-involved shooting. In it, The Tennessean reports that:

The man killed in an officer-involved shooting Thursday in Springfield has been identified as Jason Strange, 38, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

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Springfield, TN

#1 Apr 6, 2012
did you really have to shot to kill,in the bible it says thou should not kill!!!!!!!!!!

Clarksville, TN

#2 Apr 7, 2012
I was not there and I am assuming you were not either, so I am making my comments based on the news reports. The statements made by witnesses were that the man lunged at him with a knife AFTER he had be told more than once to put it down. This is after a 911 call was made over a domestic complaint with another resident at Skyview Apartments. I have know Officer Berry for several years both personally and professionally. I believe he is an excellent Officer and I am sure he is extremely distraught by the incident. I have never shot a gun, or been in an altercation of violence, but I think if someone were coming at me with a knife and I had a gun, I would shoot. My thoughts and prayers are with all of them at this time. There certainly is a lot of heartache for all involved.

Knoxville, TN

#3 Apr 7, 2012
I imagine that there are plenty of people out there who have never been in that situation let alone have to take someone's life. What I do know is that Officer Berry is one of the most caring individuals that you will ever come across whether he is in uniform or not. When in a situation like this one and you are faced with the reality that either your going home to your family tonight or the suspect is then you would shoot as well. Officers are trained to shoot in situations like this and although it is unfortunate that Mr. Strange passed away Officer Berry did the right thing to protect himself. For those of us that know Officer Berry we know that this is a very difficult time for him because nobody wants to take the life of another. So please understand that you can have an opinion about what has occurred, but keep it to yourself because all you are doing is upsetting everyone involved. My prayers are with the family of Mr. Strange and I hope they can come to terms with what has happened. But my prayers are also with Officer Berry and his family for dealing with the aftermath of what has happened. Please be respectful of both parties and just keep your mouth shut!

Knoxville, TN

#4 Apr 7, 2012
I have know Officer Berry for many years and he is one of the best officers and men that I know in and out of uniform! It is very easy to Monday morning quarter back anyone but with this paticular incident, not only was officer Berry at risk of seriouse bodly injury but the apartment manager, who was pregnant and standing next to him, was also at risk for being stabbed or slashed. If there were ever an incident where deadly force was justified, this was it! The suspect was told many times to put the knife down so that no one else got hurt, he did NOT heed the warning and left this officer no chose! No officer wants is to have to use deadly force but he/she doesn't act it could cost his/hers or someone else's life...ie, the pregnant apartment manager. The city of Springfield, its residence and the apartment manager owes officer Berry a great deal of gratitude, thank you officer Berry for your selfless sacrifice and my thoughts and prayers are most definantly with you! As for the family of the suspect, my prayers are with you as well!
As for meme, you really need to know more about the Bilble before you post remark like this, it goes a little further than tho shalt not kill, there's also many other passages and words of God that apply to our protectors, and just in case you did not catch this part, he was protecting innocent lives that day as he does every other day! He did not shoot to kill, he shot to stop the threat that was imminent that day at that time. If you were there and the threat was comming after you, I think you would hope and pray that he would stop it and save your life! This day, officer Berry did his job very well and without hesitation which saved at least two lives, again very well done officer Berry! You are a truly a wonderfully caring person, never stop being or believing that!
Daughter of Jason Strange

Washington, DC

#5 Apr 7, 2012
I could get on here &tell all of you to burn in hell like my mind tells me to but instead i'm going to tell you some things about my father. He was sick, sick with depression &crying out for help. My father was more of a risk to himself than to anyone else. What about tasers or the sticks they beat people with??? Why not his thigh or knee instead of his chest &stomach??? I dont know the officer but I pray to god he cant sleep or eat &if his father or mother is still alive I pray that someone takes their life and I truly dont care what ANYONE feels about that. You approach a man that is obviously not in his right state of mind and take his life. A 38 year old man who had never seen his grandchildren, who wont be able to walk me down the aisle or see his 11 year old son who was also his bestfriend grow up. I wish pain on Steve Berry &whoever he cares for. You'll never know the horrible impact you've put upon my Daddy's family. My father was a grear man who had issues just like everyone else &was dealt with my an egotistical cop who wouldnt be shit without a gun.
Son of Jason Strange

Washington, DC

#6 Apr 7, 2012
My daddy was a great man and none of you know what your talking about. You seen the news but I was there. My daddy wasnt himself that day but no one should have took his life away

United States

#7 Apr 7, 2012
I am sorry to hear that about your father. I know what it is like to be sick with depression. It is not something that you can just "shake off" or "get over it." My prayers are with you and your family. My prayers go out to everyone.

“Uzi Does It”

Since: Nov 08


#8 Apr 7, 2012
That's ok, the cop shot by the drunk in the walmart in Austin Texas wasn't putting up much of a fight, so it's probably an even trade...LOL.

United States

#9 Apr 7, 2012
I pray for the police officer and yeah why not the kneecap or taser!!!!!""" Police will do whatever they want it was a knife some one could of tackled him!!!Springfield. Is just a bad town!!!!!! My thoughts and prayers to the strange family
Yamo Ron

Hoffman Forest, NC

#10 Apr 7, 2012
Springfield cops don't have tazers yet, the new chief is in the process of getting them purchased. I shouldn't have to tell anyone this, its been in the paper. I could say that someone with a knife coming for you is a deadly force situation where the officer is correct in the use of deadly force (gun) to defend himself and citizens. Cops are trained at the academy that a subject can close on you rapidly from a longer distance than imagined and deliver a deadly cut to an artery, or a stab to a vital organ and they can be even more dangerous than a suspect with a gun. That's why a nite stick or baton would not be used, because that would allow a knife wielding suspect to get too close. I also could advise you that cops are never trained to wound in shooting a suspect. Cops, if placed in a deadly force situation, are authorized and trained to shoot center mass at their target (the largest target and easiest to hit area) which is the chest/torso area. Police officers are trained to neutralize the deadly force target by shooting center mass until the suspect stops. Ever try to shoot an area the size of a knee cap on a running suspect, especially when that suspect is running at you with a knife in their hand and murder in their eyes? Cops are not trained to shoot knives and guns from peoples hands, they are trained to shoot the biggest and easiest to hit part of the body that will stop the suspect the fastest. This wasn't a standoff where a sniper could be brought in or less lethal force (such as bean bag rounds) could be brought out. Truth is, there was no time for the officer to do anything but pull his gun, order the charging suspect to drop the knife and then fire when that order was not followed. Furthermore, I could tell you that this officer followed every policy, procedure and every bit of training that he and all other officers receive across this country. In other words, this officer did his job perfectly.
So, what about the suspect? Can we put all the blame for this death on Mr Strange himself? That ones easy and the answer is no! This man, by all accounts had issues in mental health, issues beyond his control. And in this day in time, many of those among us with mental health issues can and do fall through the cracks too often. Many times the money and resources of the state government are not available. We are our brothers keeper, but resources can only go so far and some sufferers of mental illness are less than ideal patients. What good are medications of you, for whatever reason, don't take them? So if this man could not take care of, or look after himself, then why wasn't he in an institution?
So that brings me to what I have wanted to say all along. Where was Mr. Strange's family? If he was sick, mentally ill, or in need in general, then where were his people? He had family, this I know for sire. Where were family members before his last hour of life, when he was running wild and out of control with a knife, assaulting neighbors. Where were family members all the days, weeks and years leading up to his last hour and why wasn't there an intervention? And where were family members when his last hour came? Where were this man's people when he was out of control and holding a knife to a neighbors throat? Where was the family of Mr. Strange when he headed, knife in hand, in the direction of a police officer? I've seen it over and over and asked these same questions a thousand times. After the fact, why does the family of the person the police are FORCED to deal with, come forward and interject themselves when IT IS TOO LATE?

United States

#11 Apr 8, 2012
Cops are never to blame!!!!!!lmao
Yamo Ron

Seattle, WA

#12 Apr 8, 2012
sugar wrote:
Cops are never to blame!!!!!!lmao
Wrong! Springfield PD has fired cops for abuses before and cops are prosecuted all the time (ever watch the news, take New Orleans for example).

Carthage, TN

#13 Apr 8, 2012
To Daughter of Jason Strange:

Your words show your age and immaturity. Believe me, Officer Berry would never have wished death upon another person, however, he did precisely what he had to do. I am also sorry for your loss, but if you continue to feel this way toward others and publicly announce them, you will be heading down a similar path. Coming from what most people would call a decent human being, I would never wish that on anyone. Thank you for your selfless acts and caring for others, Officer Berry. We could use more men like you.
Yamo Ron

Novato, CA

#14 Apr 8, 2012
Anonymous wrote:
To Daughter of Jason Strange:
Your words show your age and immaturity. Believe me, Officer Berry would never have wished death upon another person, however, he did precisely what he had to do. I am also sorry for your loss, but if you continue to feel this way toward others and publicly announce them, you will be heading down a similar path. Coming from what most people would call a decent human being, I would never wish that on anyone. Thank you for your selfless acts and caring for others, Officer Berry. We could use more men like you.
Thank you!!!

United States

#15 Apr 9, 2012
As a family member of office personal of the apartments, Officer Berry was doing his job to save the lives of others specially my cousin and her unborn child. I also know what it is like to loose your parents, however to the daughter and son, if you knew your father was sick and could hurt someone why didnt you step up to the plate and get him help before something like this happened. You want to blame someone for his death then you should look in the mirror because you knew he was dangerous to himself and others. Sorry for your loss but lets face it, more was at risk.
Concerned Citizen

Springfield, TN

#16 Apr 9, 2012
I understand that the police were called previously about Mr. Strange on another occasion.
love for all

United States

#17 Apr 9, 2012
to Jason's children, Your daddy was a great man! I am not sure what was going on Thrusday afternoon but your dad was not a bad man at all! For those that know very little about this family please stop blaming these childrens dad or his family! love and peace

United States

#18 Apr 9, 2012
Ymao ron were u there? Are you speaking for police because you seem to know a lot! Typical!
Daughter of Jason Strange

Stafford, TX

#19 Apr 9, 2012
This is what I know, I buried my father today &though I owe none of you people ANY explanation.. I didnt have a very strong relationship with him for tha simple fact we dealt with certain situatioms similar &that caused turmoil. I never got to apologize for not reaching out sooner. My age is irrelevant but if you must know I'm 20 years old &far more mature. Your simply ignorant for thinking you can form a single opinion of me or my dad. My father was a different person that day as my ELEVEN yr old brother stated previously. He has dealt with depression all his life &had been without his medicine for two weeks before tha day his life was taken. I loved my daddy tha best way I could, how dare you speak on my brother &i. You say that dumbass did a good job, yet if it were ANYONE you loved.. Parents, even spouse you'd feel tha same way. idc that you know tha police officer, or whoever else.. You dont know me, or my brother &its very clear you didnt know my father. So for tha "mature" people out there who claim to have respect just stop talking about him. What happened to my dad goes to show how inhumane tha world is becoming. &honestly everyone needs to start praying. I know I am.
Yamo Ron

United States

#20 Apr 9, 2012
kelly wrote:
Ymao ron were u there? Are you speaking for police because you seem to know a lot! Typical!

I was there and I do know. I am one of many who were there and I am anything but typical.

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