Ufologists land in Thunder Bay on June 8

Ufologists land in Thunder Bay on June 8

There are 14 comments on the The Chronicle-Journal story from Jun 1, 2014, titled Ufologists land in Thunder Bay on June 8. In it, The Chronicle-Journal reports that:

Two leading UFO researchers are making a stop in Thunder Bay for one day on June 8 during their cross-Canada tour.

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Thunder Bay, Canada

#1 Jun 3, 2014
If they know everything I know about "aliens" then they know we have a hybrid civilization within us humans all over the world. They will also know that the US Military has indeed a crashed UFO space vehicle and a real living alien/s.
However they don't know what I know, and what I know is that a space vehicle of some sort is orbiting our beautiful world, however this beautiful world which Anishnawbec call the big drum is not really ours just like our dna its private property, when the dna message ends then its the end of the Fort William First Nation Chief or the Mayor of Thunder Bay. Their dna says private property and the end.
That is how soft the world we live in is according to Anishnawbe mathematics like the skin of a drum.
WE NEED TO STOP THINKING THE ANISHNAWBEC ARE SAVAGES. Recently, they have uncovered cities in the US land mass belonging to the Anishnawbec, American Indians. I told you we surveyed our country already, we are not savages but sophisticated people who possess MAGIC. Keeping digging Scotty!
The Fort William First Nation People are hybrids like all American Indians. They have not sinned and are holy.
Somethinq happened maybe a meteor strike that destroyed their civilization or they went back to their home planet. The Anishnawbec belonq to a world located in the north star sector, that is the message uncovered by Scotty. That is where to look in the north star sector or it could even be the Polaris Star that is the Anishnnawbec's SUN. Lets look there.
.....and hurry because the Alien and Human hybrids is taking over our world. The humans will die out leaving room for the hybrids to multiply.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#2 Jun 3, 2014
Finally, the Anishnawbec have one more curse on the Lucifer kind, i.e. the Pale kind (White Man) and its biological. Some Medewiwin could find the hidden storage of this biological weapon which Kitchshi-manitou left with the American Indians, it was to be a final solution weapon, and the WHO will never find the cure for the sickness that will only kill the White Man kind because they are made human qualities abd the Anishnawbec are also differently made as to reason the DNA coding says "private property". So be careful Anishnawbec if you find the last solution medecine baq..

Stay safe!

Thunder Bay, Canada

#3 Jun 3, 2014
.....finally, I think I may have found the secret why Kitchshi-manitou is up in the Galactics above us.

He thinks we altered the DNA super secrets of life. The pathetic computer is made exactly the same way the DNA encodinq is....TTAATACCAQQQAAACCT....so methinq like that and he thinks we have humanoids, hahahahahah! Is he ever surprised with a big red face.

Medewiwin (me) I want to say I am sorry for the curse we put on the land theives called White people. These are the curse; 1. The first world war, millions died. 2. The second world war, aqain millions died, 3. The curse on the land mass called United States. The tornados, rain, snow and wars will never stop for them unless they know how to undo the curse. The 4th. curse is the poison medicine baq and it has already began....its probably the alien/human transgenics, sorry, and stay safe. I am half hybrid myself i.e. Lucifer's White and kitchshi-manitou's Anishnawbe.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#4 Jun 4, 2014
Been wondering if someone else in the Tbay City sees that something very big is orbiting Earth. It made a pass at 10 pm and again in 2 hours following the same orbit. The 10 pm my neighbor watched it and me as it disappeared into the Eastern sky, its on a east west trajectory. I am timing the orbit if it takes an hour to circle the Earth, then we don't have much time on Earth and Kitchshi-manitou is attacking our World. It will make another pass at about 2:30 am just look straight up into the sky, it is a big light.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#5 Jun 5, 2014
Have you about the shootings in the east of Canada House? Its good actually that someone like that man with a Russian made (peace) finally dedicated his life to fighting a corrupt system he is a martyr, a dedicated warrior of Kitchshi-manitou. Don't consider him a dangerous criminal rather a Saint fiqhtinq evil.

The RCMP know who murdered the 3,300 aboriginal women, most of them maybe 87 percent died in RCMP policed sectors of the Canadian House, so they are responsible party for their deaths, maybe even them or is them.

Who cares Kitchshi-manitou is up their inside our Galactics....then tell me what my son, my neighbor saw? If its doomsday meteor then they should tell us?

Thunder Bay, Canada

#6 Jun 5, 2014
I hear PM Stephen Harper is in Brussels at a group of 8 meeting. its the country that issued judgements and arrest warrants for him for kidnapping, torture and murder of 50,000 or more Indian Residential l School children (Crown wards).

I hope more Kitchshi-manitou warriors will come forward like Rambo in Halifax. He is our hero. Kitchshi-manitou will decorate him as soon as he is aboard the Merkabah. Thank you Kitchshi-manitou, justice is finally here.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#7 Jun 6, 2014

Take a look at the power of Kitchshi-manitou.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#8 Jun 8, 2014
Genus Gorilla
western gorilla (Gorilla gorilla)
eastern gorilla (Gorilla beringei)
Tribe Hominini
Genus Pan
common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes)
bonobo or pygmy chimpanzee (Pan paniscus)
Genus Homo
human (Homo sapiens)

Sasquatch could be any of these, but its real and physical being, meaning it has to eat, and go to the toilet like we do. It eats berries, fish, moose, deer, and YOU!!!! So be on guard when sleeping in a hybrid tent or the big white canvas tent.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#9 Jun 8, 2014
Two suspects shot and killed two police officers in an ambush at a Las Vegas restaurant Sunday before fatally shooting a third person and killing themselves inside a nearby Wal-Mart, authorities said

What will they think of next.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#10 Jun 18, 2014
Anishnnawbec Warrior Society, stand attention before our Kitchshi-manitou. The question? How come the sleeping bags are empty? Afraid of Sasquatch?

Okay! Stand with me in one accord. "Kitchshi-manitou, supreme galactic commander more powerful than Lucifer, please slinq a big stone at Canada so this sleeping bags can be filled. We believe in your power and in the sixth class civilization here present already on galactic Earth. Show us Kitchshi-manitou that you love us. Our Warrior Society has no recruits no one to pick up the spears, so we need you our Kitchshi-manitou, in your name and blood of your people.
Nuts and Nuts

Beverly, MA

#11 Jun 20, 2014
Man, who opened the flood gates keeping the nut bags inside?

What in the hell is all this gibberish about?

Seems the deep freeze is messing with all y'all!

Seriously, get some warmth and drink a hot cup of tea and thaw that sh!t out!
Bigfoot Research

Rochester, NY

#12 Jun 23, 2014
there is a direct corrolation betweeen UFO sightings and Sasquatch sightings.

Maybe the aliens are trying to find him too
Oh please

Beverly, MA

#13 Jun 24, 2014
Seriously, aliens would have better things to do than study us meat bags full of sh!t.

Humans are a sorry lot of quarreling idiots who cannot get along.

If aliens even visited once, they could have put a stop to this insanity long ago by wiping our sorry virulent asses off the planet and left it to the animals.

We suck. Sitting around and hoping an extraterrestrial intelligence would ever look our way once is futile. Get over it.
Bigfoot Research

Rochester, NY

#14 Jun 24, 2014
no, humans make perfect lab rats/guinea pigs for any aliens to experiment or do breeding programs with.

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