Transsexuals, Tgirls, Trannies, or Sh...

Transsexuals, Tgirls, Trannies, or Shemale

There are 26 comments on the story from Apr 7, 2008, titled Transsexuals, Tgirls, Trannies, or Shemale. In it, reports that:

I am a the one person that allot of people do not like. Very few people want to offer me jobs, opportunities, or bathroom use.

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Brandi P

Roanoke, VA

#1 Apr 7, 2008
this story is old put something new up.

“Educated black woman”

Since: Apr 08


#2 Apr 9, 2008
As old as this story may be, i love it. Any story from our t-girls hits home with me.

Wilmington, DE

#3 Apr 13, 2008
yea queen i agree

United States

#4 Apr 19, 2008
New to the "world". Unhappily married.
Looking for friends and information. Looking for shemales,trans,ect.
email me
and then come to my forum Godlikeproductions. You can post anonymously there.

Ozark, MO

#6 Apr 23, 2008
Q: What's the difference between a TV and a TS?

A: A TV can't wait to get home after work and put her high heels on,
a TS can't wait to take hers off.

I didn't get that one...

“dyssonance hotmail”

Since: Mar 07

Phoenix, AZ

#7 Jun 28, 2008
TV's don't live as women and know they are not a woman.

TS's live as a woman and know they are a woman,
Brandi P

Roanoke, VA

#8 Jul 2, 2008
dyssonance I completely agree with you. There's way to many shemales and transvestites calling themselves transexuals simple because they can't face the fact or deal with the truth. There is so much subverting of terms that it's no wonder the general public can't tell the differance between the true transexual women who has GID and someone who just wants to play dress up, it truely mkes one want to dive ! dive ! dive !......LOL and stay under not getting invloved.

Brandi Parker

“dyssonance hotmail”

Since: Mar 07

Phoenix, AZ

#9 Jul 2, 2008
Simply because that's the case doesn't make them "playing dress up". That's not only disrespectful, its downright rude and just as ignorant of what it means to be a TV as most folks are about us being TS
SO apparently you don't agree with me completely.


#10 Jul 19, 2008
TV is shy to tell to every body she is a woman
TS do realize the truth that all men like TS more than women but they r shy to tell
i guess this is the answer

United States

#11 Jul 19, 2008
Thats an ignorant point of view. To say that it's disrespectful to classify TV's as merely playing a game of 'dress up' is simply stated: the TRUTH. Now, what IS disrespectful is the fact of the general public not understanding a TS - mostly TV's AND CD's are to blame for that. And that is most certainly disrespectful to true TS's. How?. Its just that people in the mainstream society see you folks out and about - looking just like men in dresses, and acting like men in dresses. But, that's your right, isn't it? No, It isn't. Not when it messes up things for people who are really out there trying as best as they can to make a life for themselves - as a 100% woman. These same people make a connection between us, and you. They do not know any better. TBC...

United States

#12 Jul 19, 2008
Thus, they perceptions of TS's are not what they should be. See, you TV's get off on the games you play. The more daring, the better. It really just adds to that final orgasm of the evening, right? That grand slam when you lay back and j/o recounting the evenings events in your head, until finally.... Bang. An orgasm. Then, the guilt sets in, doesn't it? And you have your little schoolgirl outfits (or whatever) off of your body in minutes. Every bit of that piled on makeup that looked soooo tacky is next. And the transformation back to male has begun. Actually, it never left you. It was right there the whole time in the form of a hard pecker. The LAST thing a TS wants is that - a hard on. No way. Rather be dead than have that. A TV could NOT live without the ability to play with HIS dick - not 'her,'..HIS. Him. HE. MALE. And so you return to your home later that weekend and no one is any wiser. BUT, to a TS - you just fuc**d up a whole lot. Now, all those people who saw the 'freaks' out in the street trying to be woman are now associating ALL groups with one another. So, when someone meets, or sees a TS, and that person is read - they think to themselves "Wow, that's just like those guys I saw a few months ago dressed up looking all silly." TBC...

United States

#13 Jul 19, 2008
So, WHO is being 'disrespectful' here? Not a TS. This is no game for us. This is life, or death. For YOU people - it IS a game. And nothing more than a game. It's a game that you start and finish at will. But your ignorant acts in public tarnish the image of all concerned. Especially, and most importantly the public image of a TRUE TS...You do not care either. Why should you. It's just a game. A big secrret. Go home and hide the clothes....until next time. And the cyce repeats itself over, and over, and over. YOU people are the ones makingit so difficult for TS's to get along in life as we ought to be able to. So, next time you want to go out like a street whore in fishnet stockings, and an awful wig, think twice. Think about the innocent people - the TS's, that you are about to humiliate, and create a bad reputation for. That is sooooooo sad. Do us all a favor and stay inside - BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. That is where your game of dress up should both begin, and end...
BTW, if I "offended" you, or anyone else.... TOO BAD...DEAL WITH IT....

“dyssonance hotmail”

Since: Mar 07

Phoenix, AZ

#14 Jul 20, 2008
Um, wow.

ow nice of you to toss peeps under the bus when, no matter what you or I might think, the heteronormative culture we live in will not see a difference twixt they and we.

TS and TV are two separate things grouped under a single umbrella --- TG. Both of them deal in expressions of internal gender when it comes to social interaction, both of them deal with issues in terms of gender identity in regards need.

Now, I sit here, Why, and I read, from you, the same sort of crap that I have been reading from the people that hate you and would love to throw you out of the country and think that you are a confused, lying man and will tell you so.

THe bigotry is the same -- the only difference is that you pick on TV's while they pick on all of them.

Nor is it "mostly TV's and CD's" responsible for such -- sweets, there are hella TS gals who couldn't pass for all the world. ANd they are just as responsible.

So are you. So am I.

We exist, in the world, and our presence runs counter to the most core of social mores and norms.

*That* is who is responsible.

ANd it is their right. Just as it is yours and mine to be the women we are (I'm not a TV, btw, in case you hadn't guessed, and I think the whole WBT and HBS fuckwittery needs to be erased).

oh, and the vast majority of TV's do not get off on anything. Which you'd know if you bothered to listen to them instead of judging them.

And you are wrong about the last thing a TS wanting is a hard on. FOr some of them, that's essential to their ability to get an income.

IT doesn't make them less ts than you.

So the one that's actually making it hard is you.

The one that is holding us back is you.

The one that is tossing others under the bus as we were tossed just this past november is you.

Now, you are entitled to your opinion, and I will defend your right to hold it.

But I will also speak out against the bigotry that you are spreading here.

Get a grip, girl.

Sheffield, UK

#15 Jul 25, 2008
OMG things are a bit heated here.

I have just seen this site is it trustworthy ?

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

#16 Oct 1, 2008

“Proud to be Mahu”

Since: Sep 07

Sacramento, CA

#17 Oct 1, 2008
This is a first. For ONCE I agree completely with Dys. I am sick of this "we are better then them because...". If you have ever been the victim of prejudice and discrimination and you turn around and do it to others, then you sin with your eyes wide open.

“dyssonance hotmail”

Since: Mar 07

Phoenix, AZ

#18 Oct 1, 2008
Scary part, Frankie, is that I get a LOT of crap for holding that viewpoint.

And, excepting the three twits, it informs all of my opinions.


Since: Feb 08


#19 Oct 1, 2008
FrankieM wrote:
This is a first. For ONCE I agree completely with Dys. I am sick of this "we are better then them because...". If you have ever been the victim of prejudice and discrimination and you turn around and do it to others, then you sin with your eyes wide open.
Hi Franki!
You know when I first came out years ago I knew nothing about transsexuals, I just knew how i had felt but had no understanding of why. Finally it came to the point where i looked in the phone book and fund the Atlanta gay and lesbian hotline. I called and was given the phone number of Dallas Denny. once talking to her a few times she recommended my wife and I attend a group meeting for heterosexual cross dressers. we both attended for over 2 years. During that time I remember the many conversations about what mental problems transsexuals must have and how strange they are. All the while i sat back and thought the ones they are talking abut are me!
during that 2 years i learned about the latest fashions adn now to apply several layers of different makeup and how so shadow areas,, nails and jewelry and how to walk like a proper lady. So many other things I had no clue about.
Though I am much different today for me I guess I could describe the experience as a learning process. In many ways it was like the teenage girl playing with her friends learning to style their hair, accessorize and all the many things I had missed out on. And i am not making fun of the experience as i truly did learn some of the basics I now use, I have just found it a bit better to tone it down and just be me!
The one thing I could never talk about was how I really felt, if I did I was immediately an outcast and would have to leave as TS were not allowed.
Dallas would often pop in on evenings for a few hours as we gathered at the hotel lounge. After 2 years she recommended a therapist I could go see. a few weeks later I was out of the Tri-Ess club and attending the meetings Dallas held for transsexuals.
here is part of a article i read a while back,, it is a bit old but makes a good point.
The following article originally appeared in The Monarch: Canada's Transgender Reader Winter 1997 Issue # 44. The Monarch is the quarterly publication for the southern-Ontario transgender group, Xpressions.
Last winter, I took a course on postmodernism and contemporary film theory. In the course, we discussed a number of social movements, from black liberation to feminism to Queer Nation. Something I noticed about each of these movements is that each one of them went through a type of schism, where the ranks were divided. Certain factions within the social groups would recognize significant differences between themselves and the rest of the movement. Mainstream feminism, for example, came to be seen as a predominantly white, middle-class endeavor. As a result, women of colour and working-class women each went off and started their own smaller groups. Similarly, differences were perceived between blacks of Caribbean heritage and the rest of the black liberation movement. Gay men and lesbians often fought the same battles as two separate groups.
In some cases, the segmented groups worked against one another. At the very least, the advantages of size were lost, and the social movements suffered as a result. Unfortunately, TGs have always been prepared to break up into smaller camps. Just look at the labels that we have: crossdressers, transsexuals, drag kings, non-ops, MTFs, FTMs, androgynes, fetishists, butches, sissie boys, passing, flamboyant... The list goes on. Many TGs spend a considerable amount of time trying to neatly define and label the various types of TGs; J.J. Allen, in her book, The Man In The Red Velvet Dress, defines eleven different type of transpeople without even touching on the MTF/FTM distinction.


Since: Feb 08


#20 Oct 1, 2008
In a sense, this is good, because we recognize and appreciate the diversity of attitudes in the TG community. But I've also noticed a strong tendency to be exclusionary. For example: on internet forums such as alt.transgendered, there are frequent debates about whether or not TGs who are "just" crossdressers can really understand "real" transsexuals. Similarly, the Transgender Canada mailing list (TGC-L) recently discussed the absence of FTMs in the major TG social events, such as Fantasia Fair. Organizations such as the Society For the Second Self (Tri-Ess) limit their full membership status to heterosexual cross-dressers. Even here, in Ontario, the Canadian Crossdressers Club (CCDC), supposedly an "open" organization, once had a policy that excluded "bearded ladies."
It was with great interest, therefore, that I read about Dallas Denny's challenge to Tri-Ess. Dallas,(popularly believed to be) a post-operative transsexual, has applied for full membership to the Atlanta-based chapter of the CD group, Sigma Epsilon. According to an electronic news release from AEGIS, "Denny [...] was also concerned by the number of Sigma Epsilon members who approached her privately to talk about their issues with homosexuality and transsexualism.'Cumulatively, over five years, it was more than half of the organization,' she said.'We re talking 30 or 40 people. Eventually, I said Wait a minute. Something is not adding up here.'"1
Tri-Ess' policy has been attacked many times before regarding its exclusionary policies, and the group has always defended itself by saying that the needs of heterosexual crossdressers are sufficiently different from other TGs to warrant a special organization. After all, the argument goes, a single club cannot be all things to all people. Virginia Prince, who founded the group that would later become Tri-Ess, feels (according to J.J. Allen) that "the wives of CDs might misconstrue what their husbands really wanted if there were gay drag queens and bisexual CDs soliciting other men at the meetings."2
Dallas argues that focused groups are a better alternative to closed groups: "Focused groups, unlike closed groups, have a mission, to serve a particular subset of people, but do not close their ranks against others, so long as they support the focus.
"Sometimes closed groups are needed as well, but many closed groups would be even more effective if they were to become focused groups. NOW, for example, is more powerful because it keeps its focus on women while allowing men to become members; the NAACP is more powerful because it allowed whites to join; its focus remains squarely on blacks."


Since: Feb 08


#21 Oct 1, 2008
last page!
Dallas doesn't rule out the occasional need for closed groups. In fact, Virginia Prince's concern about the reactions of wives and partners of CDs might be a rational basis for making the group closed. But as Dallas points out, the criteria for determining what makes a heterosexual CD is extremely fuzzy. If a crossdresser's wife or partner is going to get "the wrong impression" from seeing transsexual members in Tri-Ess, what impression will they get from TGs who live full-time as women? Or TGs on hormones? Dallas says, "When a group -- and especially a group in our community -- is closed, I think it's important that it be very careful in being fair in enforcing its policies. When the policy is enforced differentially, then it is very unfair on those who are excluded."4 This is an on-going problem in the TG community: our labels are fuzzy, and yet those labels are constantly at the heart of most of our internal squables.

If transpeople are currently trendy, I can't help but wonder if it's because now we have a nifty, new, all-encompasing label: transgender. According to most writers about the TG movement, "transgendered" includes everyone who is differently gendered -- the full spectrum from crossdressers to transsexuals. For the first time, we have a label that inclusive, rather than divisive. I mean, we still regularly fight over what the shape of TG politics and theory should be, but at least we have one big umbrella term that all of us can stand under ... and, my, aren't there a lot of us!

1 Dallas Denny. News release from AEGIS.

2 J.J. Allen. The Man In the Red Velvet Dress. p.184.

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