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#5731 Feb 6, 2011
What a horrible work description! I think the economy allows companies to get away with murder! Your job WAS slave labor. There are labor laws...but then you have to be able to afford a lawyer, and all. I swear, law suits are for the rich....On a happier note, your diamond sounds beautiful. Lay it against white tissue paper to see it's color at it's best and true color. Then I would picture what color gold what set it off most beautifully. Is it heart shaped? I just love diamonds!!!

Kim is definitely a bad news show host. Horrible. She fast babbles. Maybe JTV got stuck with her as part of the GemsTV buyout. Lots of politics in life. I also think Lance is very mediocre and has a voice of a very old man, even though he is not old. He's not as bad a Kim, though. And then there's Wendy. Oh brother. Need I say more? Like I'm so perfect! Ha! It 's not nice to bad mouth people. Stop it, Lori!
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#5732 Feb 6, 2011
Oh ALC what horrible work conditions!! Things are pretty rough in the work world. Of course as a teacher or counselor you were asked to work extra hours all the time for nothing. Teachers all over the country work a week or two before school starts without compensation. They work at home reading, making lesson plans, and grading papers for no pay. Those summers and holidays off are unpaid. And if you buy supplies out of your own pocket, you are not reimbursed. The principals expect this of the best of their staff. It is noticed if you don't do it.

As for the hosts on JTV. Several of them talk so much and so constantly I just can't listen to them.

Pensacola, FL

#5733 Feb 6, 2011
ALC, I am sorry to hear you had to go through such a bad work experience.

Donna, You are so right about teachers working all those extra hours without pay and they don't make what they should to begin with. Teachers are vitally important and yet are not paid more than if they worked at a fast food restaurant.

Lori, who wrote the book you are reading. I worry about my son. He loves books but he loves the computer and video games and thinks everything needs batteries. I worry he is not going to have imagination or creativity.
Brenda G

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#5734 Feb 6, 2011
Hello Ladies~!~!~! Terrie what are you doing being sick?I hope you are feeling better and your husband is he better?If I lived close I would come be your nurse.That's the only disadvantage of having 4 legged kids-they can't physically help you.I was hoping for pre owns today because I'm sure they got a lot of jewelry back.I can not believe Sheree is gone.Wonder what is happening again?Hope they don't take the older host off. You can bet Wendy and Heidi will always be there-sisters with Heidi married to Bill.I totally agree, I can not stand when people talk without taking a breath.Scott and Casey are on now and they are pretty good together.A couple of days ago I was watching ShopNBC and there was Skip--from JTV back to ShopNBC.I think his ex-wife Karen is on PoshTV.Maybe they just flip flop.I haven't seen Cheryl Elys for a while.You know when you become obsessed with shopping channels which are MORE addicting than soap operas you feel like you really know these people.Telling how long I have been addicted-Does anyone remember Jeff Houston from QVC I think?

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#5735 Feb 6, 2011
The book is The Shallows, by Nicholas Carr. It's on the best sellers list, and is an intellectual, good read. My book club is reading it now.nI see the attention span of Junior High kids definitely changing, and the need for constant stimulation from computers becoming greater and greater. One day, our society won't know the difference.

I can't believe Skip is back on Shop NBC. I totally remember Jeff Houston. I think he was married to Judy Crowell for less than 6 months. He struck me as gay, actually. Cheryl Ells is on Facebook. She was quite talented. I miss her. Do you remember Bill Fahey from Shop NNC? He passed away suddenly...I felt sad as if I actually knew him. Oh, also, Sheree Henry is on Facebook.

Hi to all Ya Ya's....

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#5736 Feb 6, 2011
Heavy handed again....posted twice!!!
Brenda G

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#5737 Feb 6, 2011
MERC you will be surprised how much your body can take it's the mind you have to worry about.I have faith in your stamina -more BLING!! I just hope you are able to catch the pre owns.My cell doesn't have the internet feature but I am going to check into it. Lori -You most definitely have a under paid job.Then to take your money for school supplies that should be supplied by state/county.I tried to find Sheree yesterday with no luck.Let me know if you find her. I have been awhile trying to finish this post so I got to read about all you found.My aunt just loves Skip.He hadn't been put on as host yet but he was selling watches.I do believe these hosts are as good as a soap opera.You can tell that you like being a teacher and are not just there for the pay check.I worry about my "almost" daughter.She is having trouble in math and I feel it comes from too much texting/interneting because she is not dumb.What do you do--I think my cousin enrolled her in Sylvan Learning Center. Donna -I thought of you when Scott showed the "new" yellow topaz.He said there weren't many because company wants to know what WE think of it. Nia-I too will be on the pre own lookout in the morning but I have to leave by 10 and won't be back until about 4.I will probably miss them but PT and my tooth is more important. ALC -you did have some kind of work.I wish you success on your diet.I have given up and have always been fat. I am right now smaller than I was in high school I even had a stomach staple -30+ yrs ago- before they were perfected so not much help there.I keep getting interrupted so I am going to close for now.

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#5738 Feb 6, 2011
HI, all! Watching the Super Bowl. Go Packers.

I didn't know Skip was on another channel. I liked him when he would come out and do some shows on gems side. He also did some coin jewelry and watch stuff on JTV. I don't know why these hosts move around so much.

I liked Cheryl Els when she worked alone. Sometimes she got crazy when working with someone else. Giggly. I agree with Lori about Lance, too. He seems to stop mid-sentence to try and gather a thought and kind of stammers his words.

Lori, I know teachers have it bad all the time for all the reasons you mentioned. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to hold kids' attention these days with cell phones and computers. What subject do you teach? I thought about going back to teach adults at a community college setting. I did some corporate training in my old job. The adults had to pay attention and learn as part of their jobs. Teaching teenagers....whoa. Not for me!

Brenda, thanks for the weight loss encouragement. That's out the window for today. Super Bowl pizza! Yum! I will have to get back on the horse tomorrow.

Terrie, Hope you are feeling better.

Mercury, hope you get to have some fun.

Donna, hope the weather isn't too bad down there. It's been a rough week, and more seems to be coming!

Gale, Hi!

Marlinton, WV

#5739 Feb 6, 2011
Ladies, thanks for all the well wishes! Still under the weather but I did start on a round of antibiotics today so maybe that will help me. Usually I try to ward it off myself but this time it seems to be worse. My nose is burning like I had carbonated soda go up it and my head feels like it is in a set of vice grips!!Not to mention the constant sneezing and eyes aching! The doctor told us that some people have this for a couple of months, I cannot imagine that! enough complaining for the time being :(((

Maybe whenever my bracelet is mailed to me that will cheer me up, I sure hope so!

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#5740 Feb 6, 2011
Terrie, you have to take the drugs if it's that bad. I know most of January, I had that crud in my chest. Just recently feeling better. It seems like every winter I get something that lasts a long time. Hope your bracelet ships tomorrow.

Yeah, Packers Won! Take that PITTSBURG...

Jonesboro, GA

#5741 Feb 7, 2011
Hello all you beautiful and blingy Ya Ya's, hope everyone is felling better today. Well it's Monday again and if I remember correctly JTV put out a lot of preowns last week we'll see what they do today.

So... Skip is back on ShopNBC, I wonder if they move their families every time or just rent a place for themselves and fly home every so often to see family, doesn't sound like a job I would want.

Terrie, have you heard anything new on your bracelet?

Mercury, our weather people are the same way, the forecast is all over the plce on this system that is suppose to be moving in, just have to get grocries (need them anyway) and wait.

Nia, have you gotten your necklace yet?

Marlinton, WV

#5742 Feb 7, 2011
Gale, still NO news on the bracelet. Hope I hear something positive today!
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#5743 Feb 7, 2011
JTV mailed my yellow diamond ring on Feb. 1 and FINALLY the USPS says it has come through the Tulsa post office. If I am very lucky, we will get it today, along with all of the mail for a week. We had two ice dams on our roof caused water to flow down our walls. I called ServPro and they started drying it with 5 big fans. They went outside and on the roof and released the ice dams. We will have to have new carpet, new walls and so on! Sickening! They are coming back today. At least my husband is home now. And we have a big snow coming again on Weds. It is one thing after another but I have faith it will be OK.

Sparrows Point, MD

#5744 Feb 7, 2011
the mail has not come yet maybe in another hour or so...if i don't hear anything im going to call and check the shipped date...

Hope we get those preowns today...eyeing the 4ctw, or another 3ctw

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#5745 Feb 7, 2011
Donna, how awful. Those ice dams can be dangerous overhead, too. Does home insurance cover that kind of stuff? I bet our's doesn't. If it snows a lot, we'll have to get out there with brooms on ladders and sweep it off. Hope the damage isn't too bad and expensive to fix.

Nia, meee toooo. Still looking for that 3 carat DAG004 to show up on preowned. I'll keep a look out.

Terrie, keep an eye on JTV. If you don't hear from them, email customer service and get them to tell you the status in QC.

Omer, MI

#5746 Feb 7, 2011
Hi, Ladies!

Wow, it took me awhile to catch up on all the postings. I've been doing next to nothing but sitting in the recliner popping sinus pills and vitamin C. Feel a little better today. It's been snowing off and on since last night. Probably got another two inches.

Terrie - How are you feeling today? Any good news on that bracelet? I sure hope so.

Mercury - Your blue diamond ring and pendant that your ordered are beautiful. That pendant looks like it would really be a good size too.

Nia - Did your neckalce come today? Which one did you order?

Donna - Oh my gosh, so sorry to hear about your house. Glad your husband is home with you now. They said on the weather last night that there is another snow storm coming out of Washington state headed for Oklahoma again. We are running out of room here to pile it.

ALC - Yes, I sure do remember Jeff Hewson. I liked watching him, but he always seemed a little twinky. I do remember when he married Judy. I've seen Cheryl on some channel selling loose gemstones. She looks like she put on some weight. I should talk!
Yes, I did get the pendant that looks like a puzzle and those semi hoop diamond earrings. I also got some really fancy appraisals for each of them from a gem lab in New York. According to the appraisals, the earrings are worth $1,910.00 and the pendant $1,875.00. Both were appraised over a year ago. The pendant is big and heavy and you can feel it when you have it on. The earrings are snow white and both pieces shine like crazy. Also, both have SI diamonds. I like these pieces so much, that I ordered another pendant yesterday that they marked down 40%- JM1310. Ruby is my birthstone. I have ruby rings and earrings but no pendant. The stones in these GemsTV items are just beautiful as is the gold weight and the workmanship. I wish I could afford more of them.
Didn't that pink diamond come with some sort of a certification card? I think your best bet would be to send it back to get appraised or have someone where you live look at it. The price will be determined by the color or lack there of. It probably would look really beautiful set in rose gold.

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#5747 Feb 7, 2011
Glad to hear you got some meds. That crud is nasty and can go into walking pneumonia. I hope your bracelet ships soon. My ring arrived today. My daughter signed for it. JTV shipped my pendant this morning via UPS.

Sorry to hear about all your ice dam problems. I hope your insurance pays for any repairs.

They predict snow tonight... but not a clue on how much..or if what we exoect to get on Wed night. Good Grief!

What puzzle pendant and earring did you get? They soind gorgeeous.:-)

I am at least lucky they pay me for all my OT even though I am on Sr. Staff Position. I feel better this week. I am getting used to getting up two hours earlier and my Hubby is taking very good care of me.:-)

Marlinton, WV

#5748 Feb 7, 2011
Mercury, you are kidding me about your pendant shipping UPS, right??? I bet the ring is beautiful but what amazes me is that they shipped the pendant UPS?

I started taking the antibiotics Sunday evening about 4 p.m. when I just could not stand it anymore! I usually try to fight everything on my own but this was really geting me down!I am an asthmatic to begin with so it its my chest and breathing very hard!

I am pretty sure Donna's insurance will cover everything. I know my niece had a slow leak in her house and was not aware of it until much later and they covered her repairs.

They are calling for snow here tonight also. I take my mother-in-law to the doctor tomorrow to have her protime checked around 9 a.m.

Mercury could thing hubby is taking good care of you as trying to do it all on your own will get you down with working such long hours.


Marlinton, WV

#5749 Feb 7, 2011
Barb, Paula Sawyer sent me an e-mail this morning saying that she asked a customer service manager Robin Smith to look into it and as soon as she hears something she will get back to me. I sure hope it is soon as this makes me anxious not knowing.

Love the ruby pendant that you bought, it is a unique shaped pendant and I am all for anything that is different. I bet it has the same quality as your other two itmes did.

I managed to vacuum, dust and mop and just finished about 2:00. Hubby DOES NOT do housework! He never has and never will. I just took my time and will finish th rest of the house on Wednesday.

ALC, why not go out of town to another appraiser who does not know you and have the pink diamond appraised. Just tell him/her that it was a gift and you wanted toknow its value, worth a try!

Marlinton, WV

#5750 Feb 7, 2011
Mercury, Again you did say UPS? Wonder why JTV did that? Wish they would send all the items UPS and we know then we would get it, you can count on brown to deliver!!

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