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#423 Dec 17, 2009
Donna, we sound so much alike in the things that has transpired in our lives. Holdfast to your beliefs and don't let the devil take away your joyous feelings this holiday season. Just when we are feeling our best and happy then he will slip in and quickly destroy our happiness; that is what he is trying his best to do to you, don't let him!

I wanted to say that I lost my Dad when I was only 35 and my Mom when I was 45. I grew up almost as an only child because my sister is 19 years older than me and my brother is 15 years older. My parents had be very late in life; people use to think that my parents were my grandparents because they were up in years to be having a child. I was spoiled rotten and very close to both my parents and thought that I wanted to die when I lost them but God saw me thru. My husband had a major heart attack one year after my dad passed so you can see what I went thru, no wonder I had anxiety attacks! I was hit doubly hard with dad's death and then the major heart attack' my husband was lucky to be alive!

Just remeber you can always e-mail me and I will always answer just soon as I can. I conside you a very dear person and only wish I lived near you so we could buddy around together.

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#424 Dec 17, 2009
Joan, what a beautiful message you wrote. You're such a sweet and a wise person. I liked what you said: "You know, we create things for ourselves..." and "In reality, we are the ones that give the comfort..." So true. I'm going to remember this and play these words back again. This is good advice for anyone.

I'm so glad to hear that the press conference went well. That must have been so stressful and exhausting. The weekend will be here soon, and you can relax and have some fun. You may recall that I said I'm originally from New Jersey. I have a friend who lived in Somerset at one time a long time ago. It's a nice community. That's a long drive from Brooklyn. Have a safe trip.

JTV is doing a special Vault show tonight starting at 9PM EST. They are doing a special Webcast for it too. It's mostly all gemstones that are left in The Vault collection. Jay Boyle is hosting. They discounted and sold off their Vault jewelry earlier in the year, only a few pieces remaining, including that fabulous sapphire bracelet. I think they're phasing out The Vault.

Well, again thanks for giving us all that beautiful message, good words to remember and live by. Enjoy the holiday party!

-- Arlene
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#425 Dec 17, 2009
Hi, Terrie! How are you doing today? Gee, you suffered a lot of loss and went through so much in your life. Thank God that your husband survived his heart attack. It was not time for God to take him yet. But it must have been such an awful time for you, worrying about him, not knowing if he'd be alright.

And having your good friend betray your trust. How terrible. Sometimes we never really know someone. I guess that's what makes it hard to trust again. But you're such a lovely person, you should try to find some new friends, maybe some nice ladies at your Church to meet for lunch once in awhile.

I don't have any close friends here in California or in Las Vegas. I never made any close friends at work out here. People just focused on work. We were required to work a lot of hours, so there wasn't much time left for socializing. Work and career seemed to be the most important thing in many of their lives. Of course, some were married, but then they socialized with those who were also married and had children.

At my last job, the people all had worked there for many years and knew each other very well and it was hard to break into that group. They were all younger than me too (by almost 10 years) and were married with children, so they had a lot in common and would see each other socially around their children playing together.

One lady, who in an unfortunate turn of events a few years later became my boss, seemed to take an instant dislike to me when we first met, because at the time I was not married and because I did not have any children. I was divorced and had just started dating the man who would become my 2nd husband. With the lupus, I don't know if I ever would have been able to have children. I remember when she first met me she said, "Oh you're not married, you don't have children, What? You're not into that?" I thought that was a strange remark. She was fortunate enough to meet a good man and get married and was healthy enough to bear children. How bizarre that she couldn't understand that not every woman's life proceeds so easily as that.

She was horrid to me as a boss, and I eventually left. My previous bosses were wonderful. She was also completely unqualified for the position she ended up in, so I think she knew we didn't respect her. She'd say odd things too. One man I worked with kept saying "She's a nut!" And I think he was right. Anyway, we do the best we can in life with what we are given and with what happens.

I agree, Terrie, I so wish that we all lived near each other. I would so enjoy meeting you all for lunch and getting together to chat. It seems like we all have a lot in common.

-- Arlene
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#426 Dec 17, 2009
Donna, how are you feeling today? I hope you were able to get a little sleep and things seem better today. If you're reading, please post here and let us know how you're doing. I'm concerned about you. I wish I lived near you. I'd love to meet you for lunch, or you'd always be welcome to just drop by and we could talk.

This Christmas will be hard for your entire family. But your wonderful Mother would not want to see her beloved family depressed and unhappy. She'd want her two wonderful daughters to still be enjoying life.

Also, how is your Dad feeling today? Hope he's OK and eating lots of good food to make up for the past few days.

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#427 Dec 17, 2009
Arlene, I am doing fine. I received my diamond pendant today which is YTT002 and the diamond earrings ONS002E and I like both of them very much. There was a little carbon on a couple of the baguettes on the pendant but tha tdoes not matter. I now have a set of diamond earrings and pendant in white gold and a set in yellow gold. I have to use the earring converters to make them work for me.

What items did you order Arlene? Please post; I Love to look at the lovely jewelry you ladies buy.

It is calling for cold again tonight, around 15 degrees and snow this weekend.
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#428 Dec 17, 2009
I soooo much appreciate all of your comments! I needed to get back on here to talk with you and have been busy today and unable to do so! I like your comments so much I have printed them to reread and review. Joan, I love your comment that we create our own happiness. That is so true!! Lincoln once said, "A man is about as happy as he makes up his mind to be."

Terrie, How very sad to lose your parents so young! I thought about having children when I married my 2nd husband but he was 50 and his son was 25 at that time. He didn't want to start over. I probably couldn't have had children anyway. But if you have them at age 40, you will leave them too soon. I'm glad you are doing well.

And Arlene! You are so sweet, too. I KNOW what you mean about snide comments when you don't have children and others are lucky to have them. I would have loved to have had children. One time, when I was going through the Hell of 7 years of infertility, a parent said, "Shame on you!" when I told her I didn't have any children. I think I told her some people can't. Of course, then you are ordered to adopt, like that is easy as falling off a log and is just as good.

Today I told my husband how down I was. He has lost his mother too. But all he says when I grieve the loss of my friends is "they've been horrible to you for a long time." I don't believe that is entirely true. But he's right. I deserve better!
I have three new friends but I'm hesitating to get involved. All three are very nice. One si a docent with the zoo and has invited me to docent training in January.

Today I got out and went shopping. My Dad and sister didn't want to bother with Christmas stockings. Well, I am going to stuff our Christmas stockings with fruit, nuts and ribbon and stick candy. I went over the Crackerbarrel for it-keeping an eye out for Garth. Ha! Guess he is in Vegas though. Then I stopped at a local pet shop and bought thistle, dog food, and toys for the dogs for Christmas. Finally I bought groceries to make Christmas dishes and cookies.

I didn't let myself take a nap so I hope I sleep tonight. My sister reminded me I'm the matriarch of the family. It helped to go and do and count my blessings! I went my the Salvation Army bucket and gave more. At least I'm able to go to a grocery, walk, and buy groceries and gifts. Many aren't.

So tonight I wrote Christmas cards while Larry and my stepson went to shoot their air guns. So I've enjoyed the peace and quiet. I'd watch Nikki and all the tapes of jewelry shows.

Also, Angela Morgan is on my Facebook page. She's been missing in the host line up for JTV for a while so I wrote her a note saying I've missed her on air. She is a sweet, Christian woman. She's had some health issues and should be back the last week of December.

Thank you all again for your notes!
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#429 Dec 17, 2009
Donna, I'm so glad to see your post here, glad that you went out and did some Christmas errands today. That's a wonderful idea, to put candies and other goodies in the Christmas stockings! And your dogs will be so happy on Christmas morning with their treats! Writing out Christmas cards is a nice way to feel connected with loved ones and friends, especially those who live a distance away. I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight. I think everyone's prayers will help you through this Christmas season. Take care, my dear Donna.
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#430 Dec 18, 2009
Thank you Arlene! I enjoyed the day and my spirits were lifted. BUT my next door neighbor called at 1:30 a.m. and woke me. She had to take her husband to the hospital and she's leaving her 8 year old son home alone while they are gone. Her husband has a nose bleed that won't stop. I asked her if she wanted me to come over but no, she wanted me to keep an eye on the house. I suspect Kale has gone back to sleep so I'll go to bed myself.
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#431 Dec 18, 2009
Hi, again, Donna! Hope this note finds you sound asleep having pleasant dreams!

I was sort of reviewing the advice I gave you last night, suggesting that you contact one of the 3 former friends to resolve how things ended and possibly to renew one of the friendships. I don't know if that's the best thing to do, especially right now when you're feeling depressed with Christmas coming and your Mother not being here for the holiday. I think it would be nice if one of THEM called YOU at Christmastime, to see how you're doing and to offer an apology.

But if you do call, you have to place the phone call from a position of strength and for the purpose of finding resolution to the friendship, not from a position of trying to reclaim the friendship. I think you of course do not have to apologize for your religious beliefs or for your conservatism, both of which are very admirable qualities. Therefore, I would not contact the one who wrote that mean email. Nor do you owe these 3 friends any accountability for any purchases you make. Do they clear their purchases with you? Of course not.

You may be able to tell from the initial reception you get, if within the first couple of minutes she says she's happy to hear from you and asks how you are and says she misses talking with you and she's sorry for what happened. Then maybe there is a chance at rebuilding the friendship. But if she's cool, you can just say that you wanted to wish her and her family a blessed Christmas and end the call. There would not be anything to gain if she's unwilling to talk. And you are the good person for calling to send them good holiday wishes.

If you're on the phone with this friend and she starts to become insulting or demeaning, then you need to wrap up the call with some pretense and immediately get off the phone. Have something planned out in your mind ahead of time, such as "Oh my wonderful hubby just walked in the door, I've got to go fix lunch now, have a Merry Christmas, bye!" Again, there's nothing to be gained, and then you know for certain that this is not someone you need as a friend.

I think there are probably several very nice ladies in Tulsa who would value your friendship. Now that you no longer have these 3 to spend time with, it gives you more time to spend with some acquaintances who can become good friends in the future. Training to become a docent at the Zoo sounds interesting. Even if it's not what you'd like to do, you can maybe meet this lady for lunch at the zoo on some of the days she's there and enjoy a pleasant afternoon talking together.

My sister-in-law moved back to the Midwest to live with and care for their mother after their father passed away. She knew no one except for one sister who lives nearby. She met some people through her sister, who is widowed and who lived there her whole life and is very outgoing and knows so many people. But this sister-in-law is quiet and not outgoing. She's very religious and made some new friends through her involvement with the Church. She also found a nice group of ladies who play bridge together once a week and they take turns hosting the bridge game at their homes. So she eventually over a few years time made a new set of friends. If these 3 former friends of yours don't wish to bother with you, then there is a new set of friends waiting out there for you. You just haven't met them yet. For instance, if you were really busy talking wth those 3 friends, maybe you would not have had the time or the inclination to post here at JAA and talk to us and never would have met us! And there's lots more nice people out there.

I hope this is helpful. As I say, I don't know if this is good advice or poor advice. But it's free!!!
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#432 Dec 18, 2009
Donna, we just posted at almost the same time! We always just miss each other! Gosh I hope your neighbor will be alright. I'm sure the doctors at the hospital can treat the problem. Must be a nice community you live in, to be able to get to know and rely on your neighbors. Well I hope you get back to dreamland!

I was up until 4:30 in the morning last night! I was watching some really old TV shows: Sea Hunt, Mr. Ed, and The Patty Duke Show. I love those old shows! So I slept until after 2:00 in the afternoon! Now I have to get back on a normal schedule.

I'm sorry to hear that Angela Morgan of JTV is ill. I miss seeing her. I like her as a show host a lot. She does a very good presentation. I always enjoy watching her on the overnight shows. Hope she's feeling better and glad to hear that she'll be back on the air soon.
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#433 Dec 18, 2009
What I posted earlier, about the special Vault show, well I didn't understand the email. Apparently it was only a Webcast. I tried to tune in after we had dinner, but I guess it was over, as it didn't display on my computer. Did anyone here watch it? "My" Rainbow of Sapphires bracelet was sold. Some lucky lady is getting a great Christmas present!
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#434 Dec 18, 2009

JTV has just put a bunch of pre-owned items out for sale. Search for "preowned" or go to the Online Exclusives category. They just listed them at 4:30AM Eastern time and do not even have prices posted yet. So find what you want and get ready to buy once prices are posted.

There's no time for sleep! You've got to get up and shop! Wake up! Wake up!(OK, I get a little overly excited!) But I hope you find some good deals.
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Anaheim, CA

#435 Dec 18, 2009
I love the 4.00ct Paraiba tourmaline and diamond ring, but I think it's going to be priced at the same price as the clearance price for the new ring. A pre-owned item should be much less than a new item. It's probably the same ring that was returned. They often have only one of the higher-end pieces. I was hoping it would be 50% off the clearance price. Then I'd use Terrie's 25% off coupon code and buy it. But I think it's going to be priced at $4500. Way too high for me.

So are y'all awake yet?!!! There's shopping to be done!!!
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#436 Dec 18, 2009
And again topix can't post my comment! ARGH! This site is carp! One more try.

OK, I just called JTV to ask the price of the Paraiba tourmaline ring. It's $4350, 50% off the original price, not the clearance price. So that's too much for me. I wonder why they have a pre-owned item priced the same as the clearance price for the item. Maybe it's just another way to do clearance of the older items in inventory. Or maybe there is something wrong with the ring and it was returned. Oh well, it's a beautiful ring. I love Paraiba tourmaline, but it's such an expensive gemstone.

JTV also put a lot of nice jewelry out at auction yesterday and the day before, with starting bids of $5. There may be some good deals in the auctions.

Hope you all have a good day!

And I'm still getting warnings that McAfee is blocking harmful downloads, it says spyware. I think it's coming from the pop-up of the screensavers. And now it won't take my letters as I type into the comments box, it's SO slow that it loses letters. I have to type into Notepad and then copy and paste into here. If this continues, I can not stay posting here. I can't risk getting a virus or spyware on my computer. I wish this topix site didn't have such problems.
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#437 Dec 18, 2009
You know what I think is causing the problems here on topix? It's not the screensavers pop-up. I think it's the new ad in the upper-right corner for videos.

I think when that ad runs, McAfee anti-virus puts up warnings that it's blocking downloads of spyware. And that ad takes up so much processing power, or possibly is downloading software, that the topix comments box doesn't keep up with my typing. My wireless Airlink device kept blinking, like something was being downloaded. It's OK right now, because that ad is not running.

I think topix needs to screen their advertisers. I've reported the problems here to McAfee. I hope McAfee successfully blocked everything harmful and I didn't get any spyware on my computer.

My hubby got a virus on his computer several months ago, just by going to a news site. Then we saw a story on the local TV news about the exact virus he got. It was so bad that the data on the computers' disks could not be salvaged. Many people were affected by this. My hubby ended up having to switch to another computer, the virus so thoroughly trashed his computer disk. And it got through our firewall and got by the McAfee anti-virus. Shortly after this happened, I was looking up a story on a newspaper web site, when a weird pop-up came up, and my hubby saw it and screamed "Get out of there! That's what I saw right before I got the virus!" So I backed out of the site, and my computer luckily was OK. There's a lot of malicious software out there. You have to be careful.

I saved your email addresses and will email you all my email address sometime soon. I don't feel comfortable posting my email address here where bots can grab it. I get enough spam. So if this topix site carps out, we can still keep in touch. I don't want to lose touch with any of you wonderful ladies. I feel so fortunate to have met you all.

Well, I'm finally going to head to bed. Geeees, it's 4:30 in the AM again! Hope you have a good day!

Since: Dec 09

Marlinton, WV

#438 Dec 18, 2009
Arlene, the paraiba tourmaline is a beautiful stone but I do not have any. Do you own any of the paraiba?

I had a virus get on my computer back in the spring and it was caused by a program that kept popping up and telling me that I needed to download antivirus 2008 because my computer was infected and everytime I tried to go out of it it kept popping back up and I could not access any other websites. At that ime I jusst had a free antivirus program and I thought maybe I had better download the antivirus 2008. I believe it cost me around $60.00 for the program. Not only did it cost me for the program but it proceeded to lock up my entire computer and I could not even get on windows. I called Dell and talked to a guy in India who helped me get this program off my computer but to the tune of around $300.00. He said it was a spyware program and it tricked me into believing it was an antivirus program to protect my computer. It took us about two hours to finally get my computer back to windows. I now have the Norton Antivirus like you have on your computer.

I have notived in the last two weeks everytime I go to click on a website an ad will pop up with an advertisement for other products. Have you experienced this, it it frustrating! I have my pop up blocker on but somehow it is getting around it.

I do not have any problems as of yet with posting on this website like you have been having. It is so frustrating I know to you to try and post but don't stop, I love hearing from you! You are such a compassionate, caring individual and really uplift my spirits!

I still have about $1,000 on my credit card I need to pay off before I get anything else; this is a terrible addiction, isn't it; this jewelry addiction! The 25% off coupon that I posted ahwile back ends on Dec. 31 so hope you find something pretty and afforable to use it on.

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#439 Dec 18, 2009
Good morning ladies. Arlene, you made me laugh so hard I'm in tears from your comment about all those items JTV posted! I went on JTV earlier and was blown away by all the preowned items but could not get the ones that I wanted because they were all sold out!! I am still kicking myself for oversleeping! I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee right now. Here is a coupon they sent me 0%* through Wed 12/23 code DISCK14762. Thank you Arlene for your kind words, I really appreciate it.You know a lot of people are rather envious and hateful of others mainly because we are who we are. There are no reasons for being hateful, sometimes it is caused by our lifestyles, or significant others, our personality or traits. We have been bred in Gods eyes, an image of him why would we want to change that? If there are things WE are not satisfied with and YOU/ME want to change that, then we try ... sometimes it is very hard but no one should force a change on us. People who are associating with others who acts and pretends, does not need to be my friend. I don't like pretenders or people who put on an act for me. I am down to earth and I really do like the simple things in life, a walk in the park, hanging out doing nothing, reading or just being with me. We grow to love others after we can appreciate and love ourselves. My point is, not because you guys are not mothers physically - it does not mean that your are not mothers! You take care of your family, home, hubby, mothers,'s just like being mothers. It is the same thing! People are just hateful without knowing what circumstances others have been through.
I have an aunt who has everything.she is not able to have kids. She is drop dead gorgeous, wealthy, good job everything. But she cannot have kids. How tough is that??? She has done everything in the books without success. You are not alone, God made you for a purpose in life and it might not be to be physical bearers of kids but something greater and more fulfilling. Your purpose is destined and nothing anyone says or do will change that.
Donna, I feel for you and what you are going through. It's really a tough time right now, especially during this season of Christ birth. Remember the good things you have done (for everyone-family, friends) draw comfort from that. Why would you of all people, a great person, kind, generous being, subject yourself to abuse and friends who are just 'company?" Give the others in your life a chance, if God wants it to happen, there is nothing that will prevent it. Enjoy yourself to the fullest, try to hide those negative thoughts in a dark closet of your mind but keep your mom close to your heart. She is there with you, watching and loving you even more. She will always be there with you in spirit and honey, she would not like it if you get so saddened and depressed. Think of the good times you shared with her and treasure all of it. Keep it fresh in your memory so that you will get over the hard times. I wish I was nearby where I could just laugh with you and help you out.
You all are beautiful people, created in Gods image, a part of this wide expanse we live in. God is watching us and steering us the way he wants to go, follow your heart. I believe that if something is bothering you and you take it to God in prayers, he will heal, he will lead you down the right path. Make things happen for you, go for it, allow others in your life and give that other person/s chances! You make your life what you want it to be, right? Absolutely. Enough Sermon!
I was presented with some money yesterday (gift cards) for the tremenduous amount of work I did, in addition to great job done. What do I buy? JTV does not accept gift cards right? Anyway guys,sorry for the long post. I really didn't mean to bore you all but here's hoping you have a lovely start to your day.I don't have the time to re-read my post, so sorry for any mistakes.

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#440 Dec 18, 2009
Joan, glad to hear from you, guess yoiu are getting ready to go to New Jersey, enjoy yourself this weekend!

Donna, glad you were able to get some rest last night other than the incidence with the neighbor. Something that helps me sleep is Tylenol PM, I take two about two hours before bedtime along with two melatonin and it helps me sleep. But sometimes even that will not help if I am keyed up,lol!

Hope Nancy, Nan and Michelle are o.k., they haven't posted in a few days and I miss them; maybe they are out shopping and getting ready for the big day!

Since: Dec 09

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#441 Dec 18, 2009
Girls, please tell me if you have ever done this?? I was going to order a wine turtleneck to go with a pretty cardigan that has birds on it and is beige with wine trim. I thought I would just wait and order it after Chritmas and lo and behold I saw one in my walk-in closet! I did not realize that I had already bought one last year but had never worn it so I forgot about having it,lol!

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#442 Dec 18, 2009
It just started snowing here about 2 p.m. and is calling for upwards of 30 inches. I may not even be able to get off my property if we get that much snow. My husband would have to get the john deere tractor out and clear our road over to the main road, I pray we don;t get that much snow.

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