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Long Beach, CA

#23 Jan 7, 2013
Just a note, based upon some misinformation I've seen posted elsewhere.

The National Guard is not the 'Militia' mentioned in the 2nd Amendment - this has been settled by the U.S. Supreme Court, and later codified:

The American forces during the colonial period that fought the British BY FAR used their own personal weapons. There were only a few instances of state arsenals supplying arms to local militias.

The argument that it makes no sense for Americans to have a private right to arms as it would be impossible to fight our own military should the need arise, is nonsense.

Without personal weapons the Continental Army would never have had a chance to arise (plus a good portion of it's weapons were personal).
The Afghanis managed to hold off the Soviets back in the day. And, I might add, the Soviets were not restricted in their actions by political correctness and New Age sensitivity.
Note the relative success of the Syrians against their own tyrannical government...

Now no one is saying these weapons alone would do the job; you use these weapons to get the others (a pistol is only good for getting a shotgun which is only good for getting a rifle, etc.)
needed to effectively accomplish your objective.

The current 'assault weapons' that are the issue now are not even military level personal weapons. As we all know they are simply semi-automatic weapons (one pull of the trigger, one bullet down range) as any semi-automatic rifle as, as opposed to automatic (or god awful 3-round burst limited) military rifles.

Now we did have military level rifles against the British (of the time), the Afghanis and Syrians also have military level personal arms; our Founders intended us to have personal firearms equivalent to the personal firearms of the military (personal - I'm not talking cannon or crew served), as they knew with this level we would have the ability to defend ourselves to the extent we would have time to organize and become effective against a tyrannical government.

As we don't even have this level you'd think those determined to take away our rights would leave well enough alone...

Also, when talking about conflict with our own military, an advantage few seem to mention is that out military is us. Some of the most patriotic, freedom loving, rational human-beings are in the military. And in potential friction between the military following the orders of politicians, and Americans in the right...well, let's just say I have faith it wouldn't entirely be us against 'them', in time.

As the old Quaker said,'Trust in the Lord, but keep your powder dry."

Luke 22:36
"...he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one."


“.May the odds be ever with you”

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United States

#25 Jan 8, 2013
Did you see the article that one of the women congress person said. " All guns should be put in one controled place." Another poster truthfully said that was what Hitler did. Leave the guns alone. If someone is going to kill someone they will do it.

United States

#26 Feb 5, 2013
African_shadows wrote:
<quoted text> But the current laws are too much relaxed. Anybody can purchase and own guns even AK 47s and other automatic assault weapons. There has to be some level of control.
It is.apparent that your knowledge and understanding of existing gun laws in the US is limited to the Pierce Morgan show. It is illegal to buy guns if you're a felon or to buy one for a felon. Yet our government will not enforce the law against them. They feel they should burden law abiding citizens with laws which have no effect on criminals. The best example was the Clinton assault weapon ban. It should have called the Oppressed Citizens No Effect on Violent Crime ban. Do you know that the states and cities with most gun laws have the worst crime rate. According to the FBIs latest stats Chicago had twice the homicide rate of Houston. The difference is that the law abiding citizens in Houston are allowed to possess and carry versus Chicago subjects who are allowed to grin and bear being raped, robbed, and murdered. Did you know guns prevent or avert 2 million crimes a year? Did you know criminals are being released with minimal time served? I've not fired my weapon in years, but completely disagree with you. Just because you don't want one doesn't give you the right to steal mine.

United States

#27 Feb 5, 2013
African_shadows wrote:
<quoted text> But the current laws are too much relaxed. Anybody can purchase and own guns even AK 47s and other automatic assault weapons. There has to be some level of control.
You cannot legally buy an automatic weapon in the US without passing multiple background checks, filling out a massive amount of paperwork and subject yourself to random inspections. If you even touch another persons legally owned automatic weapons, you will go to jail. Semi automatic means one pull of the trigger-one shot fired. It is a 100 year old technology not current military hardware standard. Guns prevent or avert 2 MILLION crimes a year (Newsweek)
I'm sure I'll never choose to give away a device that would protect my wife from rape from one or multiple men. Especially not to the Party of Confiscation. Perhaps you should go live in a gun free country. Hasta la vista!!

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