Why should Australians fear from Musl...

Why should Australians fear from Muslims?

There are 46759 comments on the Scoop story from Dec 23, 2007, titled Why should Australians fear from Muslims?. In it, Scoop reports that:

About 800 people gathered in Camden, NSW and raised their voice against the plan for an Islamic School to be built in the area.

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Small Town America

United States

#29 Dec 24, 2007
Ocker trash wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeah ignorant dumbass, the Mooselems will shut down all the porno stores in Fyshwk and then Queenbyean.LOL. YOu silly ignorant ockers fall for the AmeriKKKan propaganda so easily it is pathetic. FOX and Murdick has got you racist ockers..eh..The simple fact is that Islam is the world's fastest and most youthful religion and nothing can alter demographic facts or OIL power of the rising Islamic world. BTW, The first thing Rudd did was to go to Indonesia and kiss arse there. So on a collective level, pucker-up and do a en-masse arse kiss.LOL.
BTW, have a merry paranoid trailer trash x-mas,boooo the Mooselems are coming...LOL
And what is your feelings regarding the new Prime Minister of the Ukraine?

Since: Jun 07

skokie, IL

#32 Dec 24, 2007
Dee wrote:
<quoted text>
I asked the pro-multicultural posters here whether the UK, America, Australia or any European nation have become stonger and more united countries due to 'diversity'.
Strangely, nobody has responded with a list of countries that have been improved and made stronger and more united because of multiculturalism and diversity.
How odd, one would have thought they would come up with dozens of countries ...
I guess that seems true, superficially. But name one other country, but an Islamic one, that bars some religions other than Islam. They bar the people by laws and prevention of another religion having human rights.


#33 Dec 24, 2007
yWHY wrote:
If you fear them, you've already lost. Only a minority of muslims are extremists, and they're the dangerous ones.

Do you think evangalistic and preaching christians are any different? Unless you give yourself over spiritually and financially to them and froth at the mouth at Sunday service in the name of god and jesus they call you a heathen and are unworthy to enter heaven.

Fundamentalism is not exclusively muslim. Chritianity murdered millions...perhaps it's karma!

For the record, I am white, and atheist.

Irvington, NJ

#34 Dec 24, 2007
I believe if they want to build their own schools for their own children, MOVE BACK to where they came from and open the schools there. I'm sure there is more than enough land and no one will bother them except their government looking for money.

Irvington, NJ

#37 Dec 24, 2007
And ignorants such as yourself should leave Canada because you are giving it a bad name. If all the aboriginals should reclaim their lands, then people like you should return to being the nomadic derelics you once were.

Bedford, TX

#38 Dec 24, 2007
this religion of islam is spreading globally to over take the world..soon,your kids will have a choice to bow to allah ot be beheaded...you gotta stop islam now..

Auburn Hills, MI

#42 Dec 24, 2007
Australians need only look at England and especially France to see what is in store for Australia unless firm (but humane) action is taken immediately.

Brooklyn, NY

#44 Dec 24, 2007
Another hatefilled impotent gasp from the trailer park. Have a tralier trash Chritmas ya'll.LOL.
I agree ...
Muslims Hate Women

Leeds, UK

#45 Dec 24, 2007
Trailer Trash wrote:
Many human rights organizations have documented this recent increase in Islamophobic events and hate crimes against Muslims [2]
Most human rights organisations are more concerned with the diabolical treatment of muslim women by muslim men. For example, when a mob of howling, rabid muslim men gather around a woman burried up to her waist and stone her to death. What do you think about stonings trailer trash ? Straight answer please - or are they just an invention of islamophobics ?
Muslims Hate Women

Leeds, UK

#46 Dec 24, 2007
Ocker trash wrote:
<quoted text>
They will try to get into the EU and then the whole population will move into UK and Germany, just like the Poles.
Muslims or Ukraininans in the UK ? Ukrainians please.

Everybody in the world is united in hatred of Muslims - from Thailand to Russia to the USA.

Seattle, WA

#47 Dec 24, 2007

Santa Clara, CA

#48 Dec 24, 2007
Jose wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, sparky, The AmeriKKKans need to look at Mexico and Hispanification of AmeriKKKa to see how you will be peddling tortilla and Chamy Changas to the Muslims soon.LOL.
Hey, its the mangy Leb mussie again !! Give us Hispanics any day over the terrorist mussies
Small Town America

United States

#49 Dec 24, 2007
Big Chief wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, the racist trash that came from England should move back to where these incesteous hatefilled retards came from so that the Aborigines and native Americans can reclaim their land..eh.. Also the AmeriKKKan trash can return "New Jersey" back to the The Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Indians of "New Jersey" who are massacred and raped by the sick "pilgrims"..eh.
The Lenni-Lenape were never massacred or raped, like you state, ignorant one. They were quite peaceful to the White man. They were tricked by the six nations, but the tribe is quite active now. Alohenay!!

Wallingford, CT

#51 Dec 24, 2007
They must fear the Muslims because they will cry inequality and invade. Taht is the muslim way, wake up people. If I ran any country I would surely ban any muslim from entering, sorry but historically speaking and constantly repeating itselfm you guys are killers. Would you let a killer sleep next to your child, I THINK NOT.

“Freelance New Media Artist”

Since: May 07

Cleveland, OH

#54 Dec 24, 2007
but... its the religion of peace, right?


“Freelance New Media Artist”

Since: May 07

Cleveland, OH

#55 Dec 24, 2007
hey, aussies, does this sound familiar?

Islam spreads like a virus. It radiates from Muslim countries that are too diseased to support it and into healthy systems that are that way because they have had the luxury of developing apart from Islam. Once in the host system, the Islam virus uses the existing machinery to make replicas of itself. Over time, the host makes unilateral concessions to the religion, feeding and appeasing it in the vain hope that it can be pacified.

Vital organs are co-opted and eventually shut down as Islam advances. In a matter of time, the entire system groans to an agonizing death and assumes the condition of the diseased nations from which Muslims originally fled. The virus then looks for new hosts to cannibalize.

Some Westerners, particularly those with children (and an investment in the future), are far-sighted enough to see where current trends eventually lead. Though many Muslims are decent people, the religion itself always has a way of bringing the radicals along with it. The radicals then infest and influence the mainstream, and the rest of society pays the cost.

if it doesnt yet, it soon will, g'day

Wallingford, CT

#56 Dec 24, 2007
Moshe wrote:
<quoted text>
Go to the pub and rant you imbecile.LOL. Why no soccer hooligans meeting on X-mas eve, so lonely angry impotent rants eh? yobbo.LOL
Waiting for santa claus!

Since: Mar 07


#58 Dec 24, 2007
Small Town America wrote:
<quoted text>
Man! you are every where tonight, even on the Russian forums, spewing your hateful, muzzie crap and anti-democracy camel dung..
Put on a suicide belt and blow your Fuc$king moslem A%ss up. You are truly a weirdo. May you step on a poisonous snake!!!!
That’s rich coming from the least democratic democracy in the world.

Since: Mar 07


#59 Dec 24, 2007
Pessimist Troll Hunter wrote:
<quoted text>
No one cares about you, muzzie fool. If you don't like our talking about the threats that you idiot muzzies present, go to bed early. As to being fearless, now we know that is bull crap. You are a fearful 3' tall 25 lb. weakling that is smaller in mind then that of a Salty Egg.
You are a sad, afraid and pathetic little person.

Seacliff, Australia

#60 Dec 25, 2007
Pessimist wrote:
<quoted text>
That’s rich coming from the least democratic democracy in the world.
nar they are not the worst federally constitutional republic
they rate 17th..on the democract index

but suprisingly given the freedom hype..they do have the worst freedom score of the developed world..8.53

refer to reference pdf link, bottom of page

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