Why should Australians fear from Musl...

Why should Australians fear from Muslims?

There are 46762 comments on the Scoop story from Dec 23, 2007, titled Why should Australians fear from Muslims?. In it, Scoop reports that:

About 800 people gathered in Camden, NSW and raised their voice against the plan for an Islamic School to be built in the area.

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J I Extreme

Sydney, Australia

#23512 May 23, 2012
&fe ature=related

Twin Fertilizer air bags. LOL LOL Lol lol
Freedom fighter

Taren Point, Australia

#23513 May 23, 2012
MUQ wrote:
<quoted text>
I do not understand what you are trying to say:
200 years back you were as Barbaric as the rest of world and there were very less crimes in your land and every one was peaceful.
Now you have "evolved" in 200 years and your country is a playground and every one is laughing and dancing , but there are crimes and you are unable to control it, and it is increasing day by day. But you do not want to control it by becoming Barbaric again.
And some people from Barbaric areas come to your land and seeing the freedom here engage in criminal activities and you do not want to use barbaric methods on them , so they commit more and more crimes?
What is the solution?
The solution which I mentioned in very clear and straightforward, punish those barbaric people with barbaric laws and they would become straight.
If you want to remove crimes from your lands, use those barbaric laws.
Otherwise continue to live with crimes and increase in crime rates.
What was your objection then?
MUQ let me have a wild guess you are either blind or stupid, I would vote on the latter.
I till type very slow and explain it to you a second time, maybe some one is home by than and you will be able to understand my post.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

MUQ Way back in the days when Australia had just been discovered by Captain Cook, the people who came here to make a life for themselves approximate 200 years ago were as barbaric as what the Muslims are to-day, if not more barbaric.

Over the 200 we have learned being barbaric did not help much, people still kept on committing crimes in Australia, same way as Muslims do in the Middle East in 2012.
No matter how many hands or feet you chop off, people and the word people includes Muslims will always steal. You Muslims think by chopping hands and feet off the stealing stops how wrong can you be.
By chopping off hands and feet, the only thing you Muslims are doing is to create an entertaining arena for a few handful of people who like to see other humans suffer. Same as the Romans had with the gladiators in the arenas, Pain and blood always bring out the animal instinct many Muslims, that is why you still have those draconian laws
In the 1400 years of Islam with all you barbaric corporal punishments, Muslims in countries where Islam and Sharia laws rules, Muslims still commit crimes as in Stealing, rape, drinking alcohol and murder.
As is proven to us by looking at YouTube links and computers than people have posted in google.
Being barbaric did not help Islam reduce the crimes committed in their own countries, what make you MUQ think that if we copied your barbaric ways our criminals will stop doing the crimes.
World wide per 100,000 inhabitants Muslims countries have the largest amount of murderers, thieves, and rapist.
Where has it help Muslims in reducing crime. The answer is None.
Crime in many Islamic countries are higher than in countries that are not controlled by Islam, the difference you do not report your crimes as much as we do.
Most of your crimes are swept under te carpet.
As in rapes and honour killings.
MUQ All you do is create an avenue for those who like to see cruel acts been carried out on others to be there as spectators as the acts of cruelty was carried out.

In the Western countries we have learned that you do not fight crime with crime.
Which God has given a Muslim Judge the authority to chop off an other person's hand or foot.
Which god has given a Muslim Judge the right to hang a homosexual.
Which God has given a Muslim Judge the rights to stone a woman to death because she committed adultery.

In many Western countries we have come to the conclusion than no God has given any one the right to maim or take an other person's life.
The Americans are like you Muslims and in many States in the USA they still have draconian laws of killing an other human being.

MUQ I hope I typed slow enough for you.
Freedom fighter

Taren Point, Australia

#23514 May 23, 2012
MUQ wrote:
<quoted text>
I think you do not understand what Islamic law is.
Find it and apply it on any Muslim who does any thing illegal in your country.
Very soon you will find very less crimes committed by Muslims in your country.
Islamic laws for common crimes are very simple and straightforward.
If any one is convicted of theft , chop off the thieves hand.
If any one commits highway robbery (looting a bank etc) the punishment is death penality.
If a married man or women commits adultery the punishment is death.
If a party is unmarried the punishment is 100 lashes for each of them.
The punishment for imbibing Alcohol is 80 lashes.
Apply these simple laws and see the downward crime graph in your country by Muslims.
If you only ban Alcohol, the crimes would come down more than 90
MUQ it is an outright lie that crime is low in Islamic countries.
And MUQ you are aware that it is a lie.
Crime is hidden in Islamic countries that is why it appears low.
Rape and molestation is increasing by a very high Percentage in many Islamic countries.
The drinking of alcoholic beverages in Islamic countries.
Alcohol & Drugs has increased by 25%

Alcohol consumption in Muslim regions of the world (Middle East and North Africa) increased by 25% in 5 years.

Alcohol use in predominantly Muslim regions of the world increased by 25 percent between 2005 and 2010.
Statistics provided by research group Euromonitor International reported a constant increase in the use of alcohol in several countries where the Muslim religion, which prohibits the use of any product capable of affecting behaviour, is dominant. Quoting the survey, Le Monde reported that between 2005 and 2010 the average consumption by the French dropped from 104.2 litres of alcohol per year to 96.7, while in the same period in the Middle East and Africa area it increased by 25%, from 11.7 billion litres to 15.2 billion.

“The Gulf is an important market for us to continue growing,” said Jane Ewing, Diageo’s general manager for the Middle East and North Africa region. The London-based maker of Johnnie Walker whisky and Smirnoff vodka posted a 16 per cent rise in regional net sales last year [2010] and expects sales to double in the next five years in the MENA region. The Gulf Arab region alone accounted for 44 per cent of Diageo’s total sales in MENA, with the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon being its two largest markets.
March, 2011

In Algeria, where alcohol is not prohibited except during Ramadan (6.8 litres per year per person in 2010), consumption increase [between 2005 and 2010] by 7% in terms of value and 3% in volume.
February, 2011
Nearly 2,000 pubs and other alcoholic drink outlets have been closed in Algeria in the past three years, particularly in the Algiers area, according to a source from the alcoholic beverage producers' association. In Tizi Ouzou, ten orders to shut down pubs were enforced by the police in September alone. In the capital, the authorities unleashed a real war on bars and pubs.

World Health Organisation (WHO) has named Malaysia as the world's tenth largest consumer of alcohol.

A new [2011] WHO report has said Malaysia spent over 500 million dollars on alcohol with a per capita consumption of seven litres, while its beer consumption is 11 litres per capita, The Star reports.
Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Heng Seai Kie expressed concern that this problem is getting serious.

During the 5-year [Euromonitor International] survey period [2005 - 2010] the Turks [alcohol consumption] increased from 18.3 to 20.5 litres per person

United Arab Emirates
During the 5-year [Euromonitor International] survey period [2005 - 2010]... UAE citizens [alcohol consumption increased] from 30.4 to 36.8 litres.

In 2007, Afghanistan produced an extraordinary 8,200 tonnes of opium (93% of the global opiates market).

In 2010 Malaysia was the world's tenth largest consumer of alcohol.
Freedom fighter

Taren Point, Australia

#23516 May 23, 2012
Primula wrote:
<quoted text>
wait a bit... but isn't the Christian god like
Kill everyone in Abraham's time because they don't believe in him.
kill Egyptians cause they don't believe in him.
"I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent." (1 Timothy 2:12)
"This is what the Lord Almighty says...'Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.'" (1 Samuel 15:3)
Atheist talking here.
Compare apples wit apples
Compare the year 600 when Mohammad was around and the teaching of Jesus in the year 30 when Jesus was around.
Every Christian is willing to admit that the God of the Muslims and the God of Hebrews and the God of the Christians was a very cruel God.
Freedom fighter

Taren Point, Australia

#23517 May 23, 2012
OyOyOy up your ass wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh forgot to mention, no need to rape little miss white piggy’s, they open their legs more than willingly, the fact is after once or twice we Muslim boys have to make a run for it. they will open their legs for anybody but white pigs, LLOL,LLOL,LLOL, Go out on the street you blind dikhead and see for yourself, they are willing to go out and screw the dirtiest looking wobble-heads, it must be the ultimate insult for you shameless pigs, LLOL,LLOL,LLOL,
Who do you think all these foreign soldiers in the Islam countries have sex with, of course Muslim girls and married Muslim women, I have read reports for a bar of chocolate they will do any thing.

What I have read that most of the soldiers have to get drunk first before they can even consider to fcuck a Muslim female, for they stink and are butt ugly.
J I Extreme

Alice Springs, Australia

#23518 May 23, 2012
Primula wrote:
<quoted text>
wait a bit... but isn't the Christian god like
Kill everyone in Abraham's time because they don't believe in him.
kill Egyptians cause they don't believe in him.
"I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent." (1 Timothy 2:12)
"This is what the Lord Almighty says...'Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.'" (1 Samuel 15:3)
Atheist talking here.
Yeah thousands of years ago, if you believe all that. Don't make the mistake of applying today values, to values of century's ago.

We don't burn witches and churches( well a least in the christian world ) anymore nor do make virgin sacrifices to the Sun God. Civilized society see this as wrong and have laws and police.


Alice Springs, Australia

#23519 May 23, 2012
J I Extreme wrote:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =TaBphiBzxtcXX&feature=rel ated
Twin Fertilizer air bags. LOL LOL Lol lol
72 Virgin Button. WTF

Kellyville, Australia

#23520 May 23, 2012
OyOyOy Aussie wrote:
<quoted text>
MUQ. Can you please tell you drunken brethen that the penalty for having sex with someone he is not married to? Was it stoning or lashing?
&fe ature=related

Whipped then stoned, these laws don't see to stop he Muslim crime at all MUQ.
Jake Bradock

Robina, Australia

#23521 May 23, 2012
MUQ, whilst you think we should adopt islamic ways does that also include the ack of thighing little girls as is practised by the likes of you.?

Brisbane, Australia

#23522 May 23, 2012
Jake Bradock wrote:
Thanks for the information on the Q society Jake. I have been in touch with them and have permission to use their downloads.
Stage 1: The Religion of Islam spreads
As a missionary religion, Islam has a strong doctrinal mandate to spread worldwide and impose its
Sharia laws. And freedom of religion in free, democratic countries enables Islam to fulfil this
mission. It must be noted however that freedom of religion, exercised in free countries, is not
actually a feature of Islam itself, which has no separation of religion and state, and calls for the
execution of Muslims who choose to leave Islam. Changing ones religion is not just considered a
sin, but a crime against the state, which is why it is akin to treason and punishable by death. It is
this unity of religion and state in Islam that runs contrary to the spirit of the Australian Constitution
and why Islamic missionary activity threatens the foundations of Australia.
Not only is the religious veil cast over Islam's system of law and governance, it is also cast over
historical figures like Abraham, Moses and Jesus; who are presented as Muslims. Yet despite
serious core differences, the appropriation of such figures emboldens Islam to present itself in
Australia as an Abrahamic faith. A somewhat upgraded version in the same theological suite as
Judaism and Christianity; when actually it undermines and even ridicules both. As it gains
legitimacy by making such claims and the Muslim population rises quickly through unrelenting
migration and high birth rates, parts of Sharia law and Islamic courts are demanded by self-imposed
Islamic community leaders, so that Muslims can observe their religion. But this is where Islam
reveals that it is actually more than a religion and begins challenging Australian law and the core
value of 'one law for all'. Now the temperature starts to rise.
To be continued

Brisbane, Australia

#23523 May 23, 2012
Stage 2: Sharia Law is established

At first, Islamic courts operate to handle seemingly innocuous matters such as family disputes
where Islamic doctrine applies to Muslims only. However, as Sharia law is discriminatory by nature
and upholds behaviour which secular Australian courts would criminalise, this clearly leaves some
Muslim Australians vulnerable to injustice. In Britain today, there are examples of non-Muslim men
taking a family dispute to a Sharia court because of the better deal they are likely to receive. In
Australia there are already calls to legalise the practises of polygamy and FGM, although already
practised, because Sharia allows this. Veiling the face is another issue always close to the surface,
as is segregation in prayer rooms, toilets, swimming pools and other public buildings.
There is a huge social cost to imposing Sharia standards quite apart from segregated communities.
Europe is experiencing a rape epidemic for starters due to the perception that under Sharia law a
Muslim man is immune from punishment for raping a non-Muslim woman. This is not unfair
speculation, the former Australian Mufti, Sheikh Hilaly, confirmed this when he called uncovered
women "cat's meat". And the calls for more and more aspects of Sharia law will continue, all under
the guise of “freedom of religion”.
The temperature is rising faster now.

to be continued

Brisbane, Australia

#23524 May 23, 2012
Stage 3: Political Islam is established
Muslims will not submit to man-made laws such as those made in a democracy if they feel they can
change the system of government including through civil unrest and armed struggle. And there is
more bad news - Sharia law is not just for Muslims but must be imposed on everyone throughout
the entire country as the world belongs to 'Allah' and his laws must prevail.
So the ultimate aim is domination through Sharia law. As Dr Mark Durie says, "domination is hard
wired into Islamic texts". We have the example in Iran in 1979 when the Shah was deposed with
violent uprisings. Today we already have no-go Sharia zones in Europe. In the southern provinces
of Buddhist Thailand and the Catholic Philippines rages a hardly reported brutal fight of Islamic
fundamentalists against the indigenous population. In 1,400 years Islam has spread from Arabia
halfway around the world and subdued many tolerant cultures. It is important for all Australians to
understand that history has shown the Islamisation process will lead to violence and civil disorder.
At this time, our democracy, our freedoms, our law and our way of life will have gone.
The frog has been boiled!
Islamists know that free and open western societies like Australia, which embrace multiculturalism
and political correctness, are ripe for exploitation. Through excessive tolerance, our own civilised
traditions, norms and values are being questioned, mocked and then eroded whilst being replaced
with backward cultures and foreign
behavioural norms which are not
critically examined or questioned,
but by default feted, embraced and
celebrated. As a consequence our
society has now become almost
defenceless against those who
utilise the religious and cultural
elements of their alien ideology as
camouflage and carrier cells for
their socio-political agenda.
To be continued

Brisbane, Australia

#23525 May 23, 2012
The philosopher and scientist Karl
Popper foresaw this tendency in
1945:“…Less well known is the
paradox of tolerance: Unlimited
tolerance must lead to the
disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we
are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the
tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.— In this formulation, I do not imply, for
instance, that we should always suppress the utterance of intolerant philosophies; as long as we
can counter them by rational argument and keep them in check by public opinion, suppression
would certainly be unwise. But we should claim the right to suppress them if necessary even by
force; for it may easily turn out that they are not prepared to meet us on the level of rational
argument, but begin by denouncing all argument; they may forbid their followers to listen to rational
argument, because it is deceptive, and teach them to answer arguments by the use of their fists or
pistols. We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant.”
The only way to prevent Islamisation is to prevent the introduction of Islamic Sharia law in
any form.

Brisbane, Australia

#23526 May 23, 2012
Q Society of Australia Inc.
- Upholding Australian Values -

What is the Q Society?

Pro-Egalitarianism + Pro-Freedom + Pro-Democracy + Pro-Western + Pro-Multi-Ethnic +Pro-Israel + Anti-Islam + Anti-Fascist + Anti-Totalitarian + Anti-Moral Relativity + Anti PC

The Q Society of Australia is both vessel and umbrella for a group of dedicated individuals,either formal members or supporters. The Society is incorporated as not-for-profit association in
Victoria, but members and supporters hail from all over the Australian Nation.

While we comefrom many ethnic backgrounds, and may follow different religions, we are first and foremost unhyphenated Australians.

Australians, who believe in the equality of men and women, a fair go for everyone and a civil and democratic society based on classical European foundations.
We strive for moral clarity to distinguish between the absolutes of good and evil. We support theseparation of state and religion, the rule of law and the separation of powers based on the Westminster System. We are aware of our duty to future generations to defend our rights and freedoms against all enemies, foreign or domestic, who seek to usurp our national norms.

Our members insist the bedrock of this society must remain Judaeo-Christian in ethics and values on which our mainly Anglo-Saxon and European forefathers have built the Australian Nation.

We acknowledge the indigenous people of this continent and surrounding islands and appreciate their long relationship with this land, which we now all share as Australians under one law and one flag. And we equally appreciate the valuable contribution from those who came from non-European countries to embrace and share Australian values.

Q emphasises all Australians must be free and equal before the law. Therefore we object not only to discrimination, but also to favouritism based on ethnicity, gender or cultural/religious identification.
Everyone is entitled to peacefully and lawfully practice any religion or spiritual belief, chosen offree will.

However, we draw a line when a religious and/or socio-political dogma seeks to discriminate and impose rituals and customs upon others; when followers of an ideology perceive their own laws and customs to be superior to the Constitution of Australia and above the laws of the land; and when such followers demand apartheid and special dispensation
incompatible with our democratic, free and egalitarian Australian Nation.
Jake Bradock

Robina, Australia

#23527 May 23, 2012
Good work Shelia

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

#23528 May 23, 2012

The History Of The House Of Rothschild, By Andrew Hitchcock Part-15

1907: Rothschild, Jacob Schiff, the head of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., in a speech to the New York Chamber of Commerce, warns that,
“Unless we have a Central Bank with adequate control of credit resources, this country is going to undergo the most severe and far reaching money panic in its history.” Suddenly America finds itself in the middle of another typical run of the mill Rothschild engineered financial crisis, which ruins as usual ruins the lives of millions of innocent people throughout America and makes billions for the Rothschilds.

1909: Jacob Schiff founds the National Advancement for the Association of the Coloured People (NAACP). This was done to incite black people into roiting, looting and other forms of disorder, in order to cause a rift between the black and white communities. Jewish historian, Howard Sachar, states the following in his book,“A History of the Jews in America,”

“In 1914, Professor Emeritus Joel Spingarn of Columbia University became chairman of the NAACP and recruited for its board such Jewish leaders as Jacob Schiff, Jacob Billikopf, and Rabbi Stephen Wise.” Other Ashkenazi Jew co-founders included Julius Rosenthal, Lillian Wald and Rabbi Emil G. Hirsch. It was not until 1920 that the NAACP appointed its first black president, James Weldon Johnson. Maurice de Rothschild marries Ashkenazi Jew, Noémie Halphen

1911: Werner Sombart, in his book,“The Jews and Modern Capitalism,” stated that from 1820 on, it was the,

“Age of the Rothschild,” and concluded that there was,“Only one power in Europe, and that is Rothschild.” 1912: In the December issue of,“Truth,” magazine, George R. Conroy states of banker Jacob Schiff,“Mr Schiff is head of the great private banking house of Kuhn, Loeb, and co, which represents the Rothschilds interests on this side of the Atlantic. He has been described as financial strategist and has been for years the financial minister of the great impersonal power known as Standard Oil.

He was hand in glove with the Harrimans, the Goulds, and the Rockefellers in all their railroad enterprises and has become the dominant power in the railroad and financial power of America.”

1913: On March 4, Woodrow Wilson is elected the 28th President of the United States. Shortly after he is inaugurated, he is visited in the White House by Ashkenazi Jew, Samuel Untermyer, of law firm, Guggenheim, Untermyer, and Marshall, who tries to blackmail him for the sum of $40,000 in relation to an affair Wilson had whilst he was a professor at Princeton University, with a fellow professor’s wife.

President Wilson does not have the money, so Untermyer volunteers to pay the $40,000 out of his own pocket to the woman Wilson had had the affair with, on the condition that Wilson promise to appoint to the first vacancy on the United States Supreme Court a nominee to be recommended to President Wilson by Untermyer. Wilson agrees to this.


Brisbane, Australia

#23529 May 23, 2012
Consequently, we believe the further Islamisation of our Nation must first be stopped, and then reversed. Aggressive or stealth proselyting and brazen imposition by Islamic organisations and Islamic religious fanatics were our ‘call to arms’. In upholding and defending Australian values,we use reasoned words and ideas, as well as political and democratic processes.

We will never resort to violence, the threat of violence, or the use of lies, profanity and insults. We offer our hand to anyone who peacefully and lawfully follows a religion as a matter of free choice, without imposing on his fellow Australians, or demanding special favours or seeking an elevated position in our community. As we likewise respect and welcome those who prefer to not adhere to religious belief at all.

In opposing the Islamisation of Australia; we stand against the creeping infiltration of this sociopolitical dogma and its medieval concept of religious absolutism and a society controlled by despotic clergy; against a tainted world-view that embraces segregated communities,
discrimination and apartheid based on gender and belief; against the model of a parallel judiciary based on barbaric Islamic ‘justice’ and Sharia ‘law’, against inhumane slaughtering and animal-cruelty to comply with Islamic Halal rituals.
Let us be very clear: Islam is not an ethnicity and Muslims are not members of ‘the Islamic race’.
Muslims come from all races and ethnicities. Identifying as Muslim in Australia and other free countries is a personal, arbitrary choice.

Opposing Islam is no more racist, bigoted and xenophobic than it would be racist, bigoted and xenophobic to oppose radical Communism, violent Fascism, or medieval Catholicism burning unbelievers and witches on stakes. In opposing the impositions of Islam, we equally oppose those who have been groomed to enable the spread of Islam in Australia by means of nihilistic multiculturalism, moral relativism and suffocating political correctness.

Geoff Dickson Vickie Janson Peter Callaghan
(President)(Deputy President)(VP Community Relations and Media)

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

#23530 May 23, 2012
John wrote:
<quoted text>
"Apply these simple laws and see the downward crime graph in your country by Muslims."
You really don't get do you ? That's a stupid statement.
So to say if we Australians move to a muslim country, which we won't , it's to repressive.... We can start demanding different laws to stop Australian crimes in a that country.
You are either a fool or a very stupid person.
let me guess which you are .
I am giving a solution to your problem, but you people are so stubborn to not apply it.

Then why should you complain at all about your problem on this thread and elsewhere?

It does not make any sense, does it?

Since: May 12

Location hidden

#23531 May 23, 2012
Deport all the whinging muslims to Saudi Arabia if they want Shariah law. We can even send the traitor David Hicks gift wrapped with a bow to them. Won't be long before they start saying they convert to Christianity just to stay in our country.

The ones who shut up and want to enjoy our freedoms - they can stay in Australia as long as they do not openly preach or criticise our nation
Jake Bradock

Robina, Australia

#23532 May 23, 2012
am giving a solution to your problem, but you people are so stubborn to not apply it.

Then why should you complain at all about your problem on this thread and elsewhere?

It does not make any sense, does it?
from MUQ

Your not giving us a soloution MUQ, you want muslims punished under sharia for things like leaving islam, enjoying a few drinks with friends or you`d even punish them for marrying a non-muslim man.

Well guess what knuckle head ? those things are not against the law, it might be in your sh*twhole but not here.

You claim because you cut off heads, fingers or hands and by brutalising your citizens that you reduce crime yet crime in arab nations are higher and more discusting than any country on the planet.

So obviously sharia dosent work.

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