Russia accuses U.S. of double standar...

Russia accuses U.S. of double standards over Syria

There are 49 comments on the Reuters story from Feb 23, 2013, titled Russia accuses U.S. of double standards over Syria. In it, Reuters reports that:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the United States on Friday of having double standards on Syria, saying it had blocked a U.N. Security Council statement condemning a car bomb attack in Damascus.

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United States

#24 Feb 24, 2013
Only a fool would try and divide Jerusalem.
Does God making a covenant with Abraham not ring a bell? Has man Fallen that far from the truth it no longer acknowleges right from wrong.
I tell you now a Disease so Bad it has no cure is now in the begining stages of being knowen to man it is a threat to mankind no one is safe only the real Followers of Jesus Christ will be spared Plagues so bad it will Devestate countries The Lord is going to Seperate the believers from non believers.
Your answer to peace. If you had wisdom than you would understand real peace, Your Creator who can destroy both Flesh and Soul made a covenant with Abraham about Israel and to go against God almighty and break his covenant there will be no peace. The moment Israel makes peace with Palestine Jihadist and Extreme terror groups will use this as an advantage to Destroy Israel and Followers of Jesus Christ. look at the Pastor from Iran who is threatened physicaly to deny Christ. does Israel go to the extreme to make muslim prisoners deny allah?
So how can you say peace when there will be no peace. If you owned a House with a large bit of land and someone just came and decided to claim that piece would you not fight for it because it is Rightfully yours?
Well God said that Land belongs to His people and to this day they still inherit that land.

United States

#25 Feb 24, 2013
God has His people?

I thought we were all God's children.

Get lost, you pathetic philistine.

United States

#26 Feb 24, 2013
Syrian wrote:
<quoted text> Without these AlQaeda terrorist fighters, those Syrian rebels would have been defeated long ago.
Without these al Qaeda terrorist fighters, their enabling Western useful idiots and Sunni dictatorships in the Gulf, those Syrian rebels would have come to the table and negotiated a democracy long ago.

United States

#27 Feb 24, 2013
God promised Israel lebensraum.

United States

#28 Feb 24, 2013
al Qaeda is to a shuttle as Saudi Arabia and Qatar are to the mothership.

You may quote me.
Your American Master

United States

#29 Feb 24, 2013
Dont Care wrote:
<quoted text> Yep. Shows how USA is not scared of useless Russia too. USA is the POWER!
Then get down on your knees, Canuck and kiss my feet.

If I am your master, then I say...Hell, I'll sell your useless ass to the first shoeshine stand. LOL
Vacationing RCMP

United States

#30 Feb 24, 2013
Your American Master wrote:
<quoted text>
Then get down on your knees, Canuck and kiss my feet.
If I am your master, then I say...Hell, I'll sell your useless ass to the first shoeshine stand. LOL
Don't pay attention to that guy. We Canadians are a good lot. Just curious though, are you one of those Canadian Islamic fanatics that the Americans were catching crossing our mutual border on terrorist missions?
Vacationing RCMP

United States

#31 Feb 24, 2013
Well, I thought I was addressing that Don't Care fellow.

Never mind.

Cambridge, VT

#32 Feb 24, 2013
Dont Care wrote:
<quoted text>There was not any terrorist attack, idiot. A war has been going on. Are you this useless and dumb! Guess so!
Oh, OK then. I guess you can stop your bellyaching now.

PS: You're not part of an al Qaeda sleeper cell, are you? You kind of sound like one.

United States

#33 Feb 24, 2013
Don't you even think of slipping into the US at the VT border, al Qaeda buckaroo. I'll be waiting with a shotgun.

United States

#34 Feb 24, 2013
Of course God has his people dont you read The Old Testament? And we were never part of the chosen people until Jesus Christ came along and now we have the way to the Father and that is the Path everyone must walk to get to the Father, Through Jesus Christ.

United States

#36 Feb 24, 2013
Jews are Gods People Gentile are us if you read the New Testament Jews and Gentile are no longer different And all Must go through Jesus Christ. I dont go church or belong to any denomination. My Trust is dependent on Jesus Christ my Wisdom and Knowledge is From the Holy Spirit. I am a Temple the Lord's Spirit Dwells in. I dont have to pick up a zionist handbook i dont have to pick up any other book but The Bible. Go read Psalms 2 and understand what God say's about Jerusalem than you will know why a Fool would only try and divide Jerusalem it is what God calls his holy mountain where He has placed his Chosen King. If you understand the word than you dont have to read anyother book you already know whats coming and why this world is seeing all these History breaking events. Do you understand that Man has forgotten The covenant made with Abraham So it is a Sin to go against God Almighty. Tell me what is the First Commandment?
When you understand this commandment than you will understand it is a Sin to go against God when he has already made a Covenant with His Friend Abraham fullfilled in Jacob.
Now another covenant he made with Man was to do away with Sin forever if you believe. This covenant was made with His son Jesus Christ our Messiah and Saviour Romans 10:9 A covenant which will stand for Eternity. Just as God said to Abraham this is a Covenant an Everlasting Covenant read it for yourself Genesis 17:7
and there is another person using the same name as me. so when you see a comment which doesnt look like i would wrote it than you know i didnt write it.

United States

#37 Feb 25, 2013
I'm sorry, I have to go now. The orderly has caught me after lights out. Our insane asylums are very restrictive.
NabiYahyaakaStJo hn

Chennai, India

#38 Feb 25, 2013
And friend, people of the 'book' have together made for quite a few wars ! Let's get to the most basic stuff, so we can pick the pieces correctly :
Commendment1: Love thy Lord with all thy heart, mind & soul.
Let's cut out the reference to symbols & what constitutes a God invocation from this, ok?
Commandments 2 & down : Respect & honour your parents all your lives, do not commit theft, murder, adultery, false witness (aka spreading lies about people), Keep the Holy Shabbat.
GnA wrote:
And did you know that all the countries u named secretly are enemies of Israel. Look Israel is the most safest middle east country Christians can walk freely aswell as muslims and other religions how can one say that a country who gives rights for other minority religions to be accepted in their land is a terrorist nation? They only want whats best and safest for them and their people. Syria on the other hand Support terrorist groups like hezbolla and other shiite terror groups.
And donr worry No matter what people say or do you cant stop what God says will happen like he said to Abraham "I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you"
Look at the muslim nations everyone of them they live unhappy they start civil war among eachother while Israel lives safely.
Arrogance to the Truth gets you nowhere. Accepting Truth in Jesus Christ you will find life.

United States

#39 Feb 25, 2013
Listen i understand what you are Saying. But research and read the Bible very carefully and tell me Did not God save Moses and the Israleis from The Egyptians? Did not God Almighty show his Power when he parted the sea's and killed those who oppressed his people?
Did not God who give strength to King David a sheppard boy chosen by God Almighty to show that Faith in True Living God The God of Israe you can conquer even those who are much more superior in flesh King David went out with no armour to the Philistine Goliath and brang him down with just a rock and sling.
so you tell me is not our God Almighty a God of Protection, of Love, for those who Trust in God. Did he not deliver the enemies of King David to him?
So i say this has God changed? Has God turned away from Abraham' Decendants? Has he broken his covenant? No because they still live in the land given to Abraham.
Now this is where the First Commandment comes in. No other god gave his word to abraham it was The True Living God the God of Israel and if the Nations keep putting Jerusalem on the table to divide it. than we break the first commandment. If we support the dividing of Jerusalem than we dont Honor him we dont Love our Lord above all we dont believe him at all.
understanding is developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit he will guide you to all Truths. The world doesn't know him because they dont seek him. Its written in his word.

United States

#40 Feb 25, 2013
and what lies have i spoken? The Egyptian Leader morsis calls Jews decendants of pigs and apes?
Do real friends see you in that way?
Iran Leader vows to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Assad tells hezbollah to prepare missiles to attack Israel
Do friends act this way?
And we expect God to just sit and watch the enemy break his Promise made to Abraham? Its God's name thats at steak not our's I am a defender of His Kingdom and I speak in the Name of Jesus Christ knowledge and wisdom made knowen to me Through the Holy Spirit.
pulp fiction

United States

#41 Feb 25, 2013
Are you still spouting your gobbledegook on here?

Time you moved to Guyana or built an outhouse in Waco and used it as your waco wacko pulpit.
pulp fiction

United States

#42 Feb 25, 2013
GnA wrote:
Its God's name thats at steak
God's name is a steak? Are you sure you're not a Hindu?
truth always beats lIes23

Covington, VA

#43 Feb 25, 2013
GnA wrote:
Stay united? can a land divided by civil war survive? Syria is coming to ruins and u say aslong as the people stay united? You need more than words to make the people united and how can the people of syria be united when the international community cant unite themselves to stop this terrorism. When the Jews suffered at the hands of the Romans did Syria or muslims care? when The Jews suffered at the hands of Germany did Syria stand up for them? You claim Israel as terrorist so why arnt Muslims and Christians being killed in Israel? You lack knowledge in Truth. No one can Stop God. When he says it will be a Heap of Ruins than it will be. Muslim nations have terrorist and they create terror cells in different countries Just like their Pagan god allah they have a split personality they claim they want peace but any country whos religion is to teach others to strap bombs to themselves and die for their beliefs is an Antichrist religion.
Same post of lies and disinformation coming from a hasbarat hiding behind 100 names I see.

New London, CT

#44 Feb 26, 2013
GnA wrote:
I'm sorry, I have to go now. The orderly has caught me after lights out. Our insane asylums are very restrictive.
LOL!!! Tell Ayreshire we all said hello!!

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