Syria is still not our fight

Syria is still not our fight

There are 43 comments on the The Times story from May 5, 2013, titled Syria is still not our fight. In it, The Times reports that:

President Obama is right to resist the mounting pressure for military intervention in Syria.

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#41 May 8, 2013
At Nutjobs here:
A letter from a fellow JEW to Karl Marx
In this new world order the Children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the TALHMUD be fulfilled...
U r unbelievably blind of the EVERYDAY HARDSHIPS the ISRAELS putting the Palestinians through BOTH Christians and Muslims the Jew owned media ONLY mostly COVERS and PUBLISH some ROCKET attack on Israel but doesnt TALK about AT ALL THE DAILY MURDER, KIDNAPPING, TORTURE OF INNOCENT PALESTINIAN CIVILIANS REGARDLESS u WANT NAME NO WORRIES JEW HEAD I will give u names for THIS WEEK:
Detainee Maisara Abu Hamdiyya, 64, from Hebron, died at an Israeli prison due to an advanced stage of cancer resulting from the lack of medical treatment in Israeli prisons.
the army kidnapped two Palestinian teenagers identified as Naji Al-Balbeesy, 19, and Amer Nassar, 17, after shooting and wounding them during a protest at the Ennab military roadblock, near the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem. Innocent boys ritual sacrifice?
There has been times when Jews have been wrongly persecuted by some corrupt Arab leaders but when true Islam was practiced Jews were given full right to practice their religion under a Islamic state because they werent harm when a christian army used to invade Muslim lands Jews wud rather stay with Muslims then christians who wud indefinitely kill them and ur saying we r cruel to u.
U want want EVIDENCE Israel is ILLEGAL dont have to go far u find this in Wikipedia " The international community considers the establishment of Israeli settlements in the Israeli-occupied territories illegal under international law..."
It doesnt matter wot PROOF is given to u wud always deny it since u know that u have forcefully taken Palestinian land systematically for decades and now building ur own settlements over it.
Every link I give u distorts reality and u say I have an agenda. The meaning of Zionism is clear and others believe it to be true a well and u tell me I have an agenda. U have ur own meaning of Zionism to suit urs but the meaning only Partially reflects to the current situation in Palestine.
NAME ONE TIME u piece of shit jews r soo ignorant not ONLY U HAVE BOMBED but USED WHITE PHOSPORUS FOR BOMBING INTENTIONALLY have a look shithead . Israeli Army to Halt Use of White Phosphorus they r EVEN CLAIMING TO USE IT and ur telling me there is no proof BS that comes out ur jewish mouth is unbearable.
Blowing oneself up is WRONG but this idea is propagated by zionist run media so much that it looks like thats THE ONLY THING happening. A 15 year old palestinian kid sees his family being slaughtered by JEWS what wud he do invite ur filthy selves over and throw a party? PROOF AVERAGE JEW IS POOR?
DONT BULLSHIT ME CNN CBS SKY R ALL BIASED and MOSTLY take israeli side except sometimes.
LEARN TO READ I never said that HITLER WAS JUSTIFIED I started off by CLEARLY saying I oppose wot Hitler did but no1 look at WHY HE DID IT?
I never said JUDAISM allowed blood sacrifices I referred to that when u said that IF ISRAEL PRACTICED JUDAISM they wud be destroyed well then WOT DO THEY PRACTICE? SATANIC ZIONISM which includes PROVEN ACCOUNTS in History about innocent child sacrifices by extremist jews. I am and always AM referring to Extremist Jews Zionists I dont HATE ALL JEWS YOUR THE ONE BLAMING ALL ARABS for wot u CLAIM they did. I have no problem with any individuals either except EXTREMISTS whether they r MUSLIM EXTREMISTS, CHRISTIAN EXTREMISTS or JEWISH EXTREMISTS.
Nutjobs here

Tel Aviv, Israel

#42 May 8, 2013
Hitty wrote:
At Nutjobs
So what Carl Marx said something Marxism is not exactly the best policy. Judaism doesnt want to conquer the world unlike Islam, it doesnt even want to convert someone unless they really want to.

I admit i am partially blind to the daily life of a Palestinian but i do know enough to again state.
IT WAS CLAIMED AS YOU DO THAT THE IDF DAILY MURDERS PALESTINIANS. THIS IS A STRAIGHT UP LIE, even in your examples you bring up something from nearly a month ago when there was a riot. People get hurt in riots. If they dont want to get hurt they shouldn't riot.
The person who died from Cancer, died from cancer you are obviously part of the conspiracy theory group of people who blame Israel even when a Palestinian dies of natural causes. Isn't this what the riots were about? Israel treats terrorists on a regular basis even if they were injured trying to kill Israeli civilians what you claim makes no sense.


I am not saying non of these things happen but they seem more often than not to be taken out of context.

So Muslims are less cruel than Christians. Should i thank you. Being a Dhimmi is not good treatment. Although it probably would be nowadays in most Muslim countries.

I didnt ask what the international community consider, I asked for a legally binding international document which gives the Palestinians are right as a people to the land.

Noone here has even given me a document asked for in the question above so how can i deny it?

Never said every link you give just specific ones. especially when there are no sources attached and it something i could write in ten minutes instead of posting here.

You bring up White Phosphorus which is legal to use accept in certain situations. It was meant to be used for marking and such.
I dont believe i said it was never used. Didnt the IDF admit to using it a few times?

This video has an explanation. I can not vouch for it yet as i cannot remember my conclusions on the subject you may have a point but intentionally targeting civilians no way.
Goldstone report stated that white phosphorus was not illegal.
HRW instead of white phosphorus IDF has a non-lethal version.

various rockets and shells were fired by Palestinians at Israeli civilian with White Phosphorus.

You were opposed to how Hitler did it but believe that he had a right as the Jews control the world muhahaha.

The large majority of Jews in the world are not religious. So they dont practice Judaism as its written.

I blame the Arab nations where whole societies incite hatred against my people. Its not as though they haven't tried multiple times to wipe out Israel. They are very open about this.
You can find people of all walks of life in history who carried out blood sacrifices but this is against Judaism in every way.
According to Judaism an eye for an eye, protect Israel etc. Means stopping the Palestinian terrorism not containing it.

A Palestinian leader just said this week that if they had a nuke they would have used it against Israel. This leader is part of the Fatah and PLO main leaders.

Zionism: The national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel.

Give proof that the average Jew is rich?? you said it first.

are you always referring to extremist Jews or extremist Jews Zionists??

It is not claims they did do these things its clearly documented.

But you are an extremist if you see no problem with Palestinians killing Israeli civilians.

Since: Apr 13

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#43 May 9, 2013
Nutjobs here wrote:
<quoted text>
So what Carl Marx said something Marxism is not exactly the best

U r not just partially blind u know what is going on and u tend to accept it as long as there is a state of Israel.

Obviously whatever sources I bring against the IDF u wud deny bcos u view them as being saviours of sort ur love for the IDF has blinded u of the atrocities.

UR OBVIOUSLY AGAIN blind of the fact the he HAD cancer he was STILL in prison and the LACK of treatment he got resulted in him dying of his illness IN PRISON. Even the most brutal people wud let some1 with cancer go but uz r so brutal that u will keep him there just for the FUN of it. Conspiracy theory? wow bud I h8 dealing with conspiracy theory and I never will because if I was to start posting conspiracy theories there wont be enuf room.


Out of context wow. Let me move in to your neighborhood and systematically take over ur house and ur property and when u RIOT ill phosphorus BOMB u. Lets c then if its out of context dont riot WTF? U have taken their homes uz r killing them on a daily and u telling they cant Riot u r SO cruel hence ur a jew this EXACTLY WHY EXACTLY why u guys have been turned away and ask to leave places because past and present ur CRUELTIES know no boundary but ya go ahead deny that 2.

Yes u shud thank me we have only been cruel and retaliated when uz have done something really cruel to us to start with. DO u even know the meaning of the word DHIMMI it is name given to non-muslims so in a State they can be distinguished and since u guys r allowed ur religious practices a name has to be given to DISTINGUISH. U guys have given names to like Gentiles and what was that again what do u call a christian girl shiksa MEANING An insulting term used by Jews to signify ANY non Jewish woman. GO READ the MEANING OF DHIMMI and then come back and tell me like I SAID UR CRUELTIES KNOW NO BOUNDS. Automatically every christian girl becomes a DHIMMI for u.

U wudnt care if A LEGALLY BIDING document was produced u have forged ur holy book to BELIEVE IT IS A GOD GIVEN RITE so it doesnt matter what documented is produced.

Yes keep going ahead and TRY AND SHOW HOW INNOCENT THE IDF IS USED only for MARKING pfft
. And u have to REPOST ur youtube video.

A WHOLE DOCUMENTARY . JEWISH children r writting MESSAGES for palestenian children on the HULL of a bomb nice way to raise hatred.

Jews will control more of the world till the Anit-christ comes out u will follow him and when Christ ends him u will be hiding behind every rock and tree the ROCK and TREE will itself speak out that there is jew behind me.

Yes very open to wipe OUT an ILLEGAL state that is existing and committing cruelty over the people that were settled there before them.

All sorts of people carry out blood sacrifices but CARRIED OUT BY JEWISH RABBIS AS PART OF THEIR PRACTICES it is UNIQUE to JEWS.

Yep Palestinian terrorism which u have no proof of so u jut tend to call it terrorism. Even if there were terrorist acts committed against uz the RATIO of ur TERRORISTS acts everyday is UNBELIEVABLE so that expression EYE FOR AN EYE dont apply here.

Nuking is a soltuion for the demolishing of illegal state.

I may have said it first but dont disprove my legitimacy until u have proved me wrong or believe what I say.

I refer to EXTREMIST JEWS all EXTREMIST JEWS r zionists.


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