'The War Is Not Over'

WASHINGTON - President Bush led the nation on Monday in marking the fifth anniversary of the Sept. Full Story

Lilburn, GA

#290230 Nov 15, 2013
MUQ wrote:
<quoted text>
I think that was why they did not investigated 9/11 incident enough. They knew that OBL and KSM do not lie. And that is how they fooled all of the US citizens.
Yes I know this is a simple technique of US and Jewish and Zionist companies. First destroy a nation and get money form US Govt. And then "show" to rebuild them and get the money from those poor countries.
Earning by any means fair or foul is the real expertise of these Jewish Zionist companies. Do you work for any of them?
Not directly but indirectly we ALL work for them in one way or another, comrade, even your emir...but you have the right to remain dumbed down...after all it is not your fault. Your parents started dumbing you down as a baby when they told you the story of the great miracle conspiracy muhammid alone witnessed while everyone else in the world did not notice on that full moon night many years ago as proof that Islam is the chosen path...when are we going to discuss that great conspiracy anyway? I am sure if we look deep enough evil Zionist mossad will be discovered lurking behind the moon rock...

Lilburn, GA

#290231 Nov 15, 2013
Out of disasters come knowledge...for henry...
When an earthquake and tsunami struck Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant in 2011, knocking out emergency power supplies, crews sprayed seawater on the reactors to cool them—to no avail.

One possible reason: Droplets can’t land on surfaces that hot. Instead, they instantly begin to evaporate, forming a thin layer of vapor and then bouncing along it—just as they would in a hot cooking pan.

Now, MIT researchers have come up with a way to cool hot surfaces more effectively by keeping droplets from bouncing. Their solution: Decorate the surface with tiny structures and then coat it with particles about 100 times smaller. Using that approach, they produced textured surfaces that could be heated to temperatures at least 100 C higher than smooth ones before droplets bounced. The findings are reported this week in the journal Applied Physics Letters.

“Our new understanding of the physics involved can help people design textured surfaces for enhanced cooling in many types of systems, improving both safety and performance,” says Kripa Varanasi, the Doherty Associate Professor of Ocean Utilization in MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and the lead author of the study.

The goal for Varanasi and his co-authors, recent MIT PhD recipient Hyuk-Min Kwon and former MIT postdoc J.C. Bird, was to find a way to increase the temperature at which water droplets start bouncing. Past research indicated that rough materials would add more surface area to hold onto the droplets, making it harder for them to bounce. But the research team discovered that not just any rough surface will do.

Through systematic studies using well-defined surfaces, they found that installing microscale silicon posts on a silicon surface raised the temperature at which droplets transitioned from landing to bouncing. But it worked best when the posts were relatively diffuse. As the posts got closer together, the transition temperature gradually dropped until it was no higher than that of a smooth surface.

“That result was surprising,” says Bird, who is now an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Boston Univ.“Common knowledge suggests that the closely spaced posts would provide greater surface area, so would hold onto the droplets to a higher temperature.”

By analyzing the physics involved, the researchers concluded that closely spaced posts do provide more surface area to anchor the droplets, but they also keep the vapor that forms from flowing. Trapped by adjacent posts, the accumulating vapor layer under a droplet builds up pressure, pushing the droplet off. When the force of the vapor exceeds the attractive force of the surface, the droplet starts to float.

“Bringing the posts closer together increases surface interactions, but it also increases resistance to the vapor leaving,” Varanasi says.

To decouple those two effects, the researchers coated the surface featuring spaced-out microscale posts with nanoscale particles. This “micro-nano” surface texture provides both the extensive surface area of the tiny particles and the wide spacing of the posts to let the vapor flow.

Now there's something you can't learn in a muslim madrassa can you muq? Effects of nano technology on radioactive suppression systems...

Lilburn, GA

#290232 Nov 15, 2013
Only a matter of tie when they incorporate thermite shape cutters into nano paint, hey muq? THough you should take a break from your hate the jews training and read something interesting, however I believe the company involved has a few jews on the board...dang the luck...

The new coating has improved resistance to environmental conditions such as UV and IR radiation, acid rain, fungi and bacteria, corrosion and oxidation, and cold and heat (providing fire and heat protection at temperatures of up to 1,500 degrees Celsius (2,732 Fahrenheit) for the case of solvent-based and up to 1,200 degrees Celsius (2,192 Fahrenheit) for water-borne versions).

Three significant advancements in the patent application include the areas of flame retardant and heat protection, improved rheology modifiers (for both solvent and water-based versions), and the coatings anti-bacterial properties.

The nano thermal insulation coating outlined in the provisional patent may be directly applied to virtually any surface, from wood to metal, often without the need to remove existing coatings. The nano thermal coating is also resistant to corrosion, rust, water, and oxidization — making it particularly durable, as does its capability of reflecting up to 82% of ultraviolet rays that, over time, can contribute to deterioration involving structural materials such as plastics and PVC. The coating protects against acid rain, does not emit or retain odors, is particularly effective as a barrier against toxic materials such as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and displays auto-wash properties in the rain while maintaining a shimmering clear or white color.

"Our nanotech coatings are suitable for applications on a wide variety of materials including metal, cement, bricks and wood, and may be used in anything from buildings, car parks and roads, to refineries and pipelines. Our coatings are commercially and economically viable for use across all industry applications, " states Mr. Bernardo Camacho, President of Nano Labs. "In fact, we are installing one of our first commercial applications in the first quarter of next year with Pemex at their Francisco I. Madero Refinery, Mexico. As our flagship commercial product entering the market, we believe it is commercially strong and diverse. There is immense potential for this coating's application in industrial and residential settings worldwide and we are continuing to test with a variety of industry partners, distributors and government bodies. I am very bullish on the future outlook of our nano coatings in the global marketplace."

Lilburn, GA

#290233 Nov 15, 2013
MUQ wrote:
<quoted text>
USA takes MUCH more from world than it gives back, that is WHY it is growing.
What are the nations of islam giving to those in need in the phillipines, comrade? Korans to eat?

Lilburn, GA

#290234 Nov 15, 2013
MUQ wrote:
Why WTC Collapsed on 9/11? Part-19
...October 13. Christopher Bollyn claims to have received a death threat, but there is no evidence to support the claim.
Normally I glance at your anti jewish propaganda and consider the source but this one really caught my eye...WTC collapsed because there is no evidence that Bollyn got a death threat??? LOL...now that one is indeed interesting comrade, do explain...

Conyers, GA

#290235 Nov 15, 2013
spOko wrote:
Thank you Gdub, you have truly made a difference!
Thank you second coming of the messiah Obumble the one...unity between lefties and righties...

More bad news for President Obama on ObamaCare today: The House passed legislation widely seen as undermining the health-care law, and 39 Democrats joined Republicans in favor, reports the Washington Post. The bill from Michigan Republican Fed Upton would guarantee that people whose policies got canceled under ObamaCare would be able to keep them. President Obama addressed the problem yesterday with an administrative fix, but Upton's bill goes further. While the president's fix says the plans can remain available for only another year, Upton's measure seeks to keep them around permanently, reports the Hill.(The White House has promised a veto if the bill gets through the Senate, where its prospects are uncertain.)

Some dueling quotes, as noted by the New York Times:
•Upton: "Cancellation notices are now arriving in millions of mailboxes across the country. It’s cancellation today, sticker shock tomorrow.”
•Democrat Mike Doyle:“Don’t pretend you care about the American people’s health care here. You just want to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Democrats are not going to let you do that.”
Most of the Democrats who voted with Republicans face tough re-election fights in which ObamaCare is expected to play a big role. Politico sees their votes as a "major show of disloyalty," though it says the number of defections surely would have been higher had Obama not acted yesterday.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#290236 Nov 15, 2013
ABs wrote:
<quoted text>
Normally I glance at your anti jewish propaganda and consider the source but this one really caught my eye...WTC collapsed because there is no evidence that Bollyn got a death threat??? LOL...now that one is indeed interesting comrade, do explain...
Connect the dots my dear little child. No dot is complete picture, but connecting those dots together you get a complete picture.

Little children would chaff at "what is the ridiculous purpose of these dots, none is any picture".

So is your case.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#290237 Nov 15, 2013
Why WTC Collapsed on 9/11? Part-20

2007: January 2. As part of a lawsuit involving the American Civil Liberties Union, the FBI releases its July/August 2004 documents detailing the mistreatment and torture of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

February. Video footage is published demonstrating that the BBC reported WTC 7 had collapsed, some 20 minutes before it actually did so at 5:20 EDT. The BBC's Jane Standley, on location in New York, said that the building had collapsed when it was clearly visible through the window behind her head. Times are confirmed by a timestamp, and the footage is subsequently confirmed as genuine by the BBC's Director of Collections at its Internet Archive.

February 7. Melbourne scientist Dr Gideon Polya calculates post-invasion excess deaths in occupied Iraq at one million. This compares with an October 2006 estimate of 655,000 from a survey overseen by epidemiologists at Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health. Both of these figures exclude up to 1.7 million pre-invasion deaths, including half a million children under 5 by 2000, killed as a result of depleted uranium and 1990 - 2003 sanctions.

March 6. I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby is convicted on four felony counts including obstruction of justice, giving false statements to the FBI, and perjury in relation to the Bush administration's leaking of the name of a CIA agent to the press. The agent, Valerie Plame, is married to Joseph Wilson, a diplomat who served in Iraq and Africa. Wilson correctly reported in March 2002 that an Italian intelligence report that Iraq was trying to buy yellowcake uranium was based on bogus documents, yet George Bush repeated the yellowcake claim in January 2003 when making the case for war. The leaking of Plame's name was in retaliation for Wilson's honesty, and part of an attempt to deter any further critics - part of the vast body of proof that the administration's invasion of Iraq was not simply a mistake based on "faulty intelligence".

March 10. The U.S. military conducts a tribunal at Guantanamo Bay ostensibly to determine if one of their prisoners, alleged to be Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, is an "enemy combatant". KSM was reportedly killed in a Pakistan Rangers paramilitary raid on his apartment in September 2002 and his identity confirmed by his wife and children.

However, the "KSM" prisoner makes a statement at the tribunal admitting to being responsible for the "9/11 Operation, from A to Z", the "1993 World Trade Center Operation", the "Shoe Bomber Operation", the "bombing of a nightclub in Bali" (October 2002, which killed 202 but none of them were Israelis, q.v. above), "planning, training, surveying and financing the New (or Second) Wave attacks" against skyscrapers including the "Plaza Bank, Washington state" and the "Sears Tower, Chicago", being in charge of the "Cell for the Production of Biological Weapons, such as anthrax and others", and responsible for many other plots and operations. Whoever fabricated this 'confession' overlooked the fact that "KSM" was supposedly captured on March 1, 2003 but the Plaza Bank wasn't founded until early 2006.


Bad Langensalza, Germany

#290238 Nov 17, 2013
MUQ wrote:
<quoted text>
Do you mean to say these countries are not democracies?
Vow, Vow, I did not know that.
And what Democracy did to Iraq and Egypt?
Why you were not happy with democracies in those countries?
I did not know that bias removes even your basic understanding.
Rethink, why ONLY Isreal got benefited of ALL nations in the world because of 9/11 and ongoing 12 years of war?
Was it because of so called democracy? And why you think there is democracy in Isreal?
Capitalist countries are not democraties but kleptomanies!

Bad Langensalza, Germany

#290239 Nov 17, 2013
butterfly effect wrote:
see, war will never end, not until treasonousfascistbastards are brought to justice
Capitalism and war are twins.

Bad Langensalza, Germany

#290240 Nov 17, 2013
Angelo wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey didn't you know the there is an malaysian international court who prosecuted George W. Bush and Tony Blair for their war crimes in Iraq 2003, because they violated international humanitarian law and UN convention by applying DU uranium ammunition which was and still is forbidden by the UN convention at that time , and this convention was signed by US government, though the violated this law. Malaysian international court asked for extradition of G.W. Bush, but the US government and administration refused!
Very strange why the western median keep silent about that fact.
I hope that George W. Bush will get extradited to guantanamo to get tortured to death! G. W. Bush = most sadistic war addicted idiot on earth!
American presidents fulfil only the legacy of billionairs otherwise they may risk their lifes

Bad Langensalza, Germany

#290241 Nov 17, 2013
<quoted text>not 35 s/h/b 3%
I believe in the nuclear Age mankind has no choice any more for a survival. Fukushima is not the last chance for an atomic Inferno. Why should capitalism overcome its suicide?

Bad Langensalza, Germany

#290242 Nov 17, 2013
Web wrote:
December 1970, the World Trade Center was rife with asbestos…
Asbestos that 31 years later covered all of Lower Manhattan.
Exactly How Much Asbestos Did the WTC Contain?
Estimates vary from 400 tons all the way up to 2000 tons. wow
Because of the asbestos health risks, and their size, the Twin Towers couldn’t be demolished. And because of the asbestos, they couldn’t be upgraded.
And disassembling them floor by floor would have run into the double-digit billions of dollars.
To date, Silverstein has received almost $5 billion from nine different insurance companies.
Meanwhile, mesothelioma, a rare lung cancer, has already begun to kill some of the hundreds of thousands of Manhattan residents and 9/11 first responders.
Doctors and scientists agree that an increasing number of cases will appear due to the tons of WTC asbestos that rained down on Manhattan.
Radiation by accidents of nuke fallout will do the rest

Bad Tennstedt, Germany

#290243 Nov 17, 2013
Cash4urthings wrote:
The war started on 11th September 2001 and was started by its own people (from high places)
9/11 was an inside job
What else?

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#290244 Nov 19, 2013
And it isn't a skyscraper. If they meant the Columbia Center, that isn't referred to as "Plaza"; Bank of America Fifth Avenue Plaza is only the 9th tallest building in Seattle, and 1001 Fourth Avenue Plaza was down to 5th tallest by 1990. And the anthrax strain was traced to the US military (q.v. end of 2001 above),

and it was Israeli "movers" who were caught with a video camera and detailed video footage of the Sears Tower (q.v. October 11, 2001 above). It was reported back in November 2005 that KSM's interrogators said he'd held out for more than two minutes against the waterboarding, and use of waterboarding was subsequently confirmed by Dick Cheney.

June. Tom Leppert is elected Mayor of Dallas, and his Alva Court home is barely more than a mile north of the Dallas home that George W. Bush is to move into after leaving office.

June 25. Christopher Bollyn fails to show up in court for sentencing. It transpires that he has fled the country.

August 21. Bollyn severs ties with Eric Hufschmid, accusing him of "spreading false news" and making "baseless allegations against others" - which, of course, is exactly what Hufschmid has been doing. The pair were collaborating for a full five years, sometimes meeting in person and even participating in the Jimmy Walter 9/11 tour throughout Europe in May - June of 2005. Yet, well into 2007, long after it had become patently clear that Hufschmid and Bollyn are plants to discredit the 9/11 truth movement, they supposedly believed each other to be legitimate.

November 8. Bernard Kerik - who announced Sunday September 16, 2001, that a hijacker's passport had been "discovered" - is indicted on 16 counts including lying, conspiracy, fraud, and taking and failing to report a $250,000 loan that originated with Israeli billionaire industrialist Eitan Wertheimer, with Brooklyn marble and stone merchant Shimon Cohen serving as intermediary in the transaction. Kerik and Wertheimer

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#290245 Nov 19, 2013
Why WTC Collapsed on 9/11? Part-21

2008: April. The Pentagon's accounting process is said to be "so obsolete and error prone that it's virtually impossible to tell where much of this money ends up".

May 20. Warren Buffett and Eitan Wertheimer spend a full day together in Switzerland.

July 29. FBI "suspect" for the 2001 anthrax attacks, Bruce E. Ivins, is found dead. Officially, it is alleged that he committed suicide after learning that the FBI were going to charge him and prosecutors would be seeking the death penalty. Ivins became the new scapegoat, after the FBI gave up attempting to pin the blame on Steven Hatfill because there was not a scintilla of evidence against him. However, Ivins had no reason to target media and opposition politicians in order to deter them from questioning the official 9/11 story. Embarrassingly for the FBI, they were forced to play the role of "idiots" who were "baffled" as to Ivins' motive.

August 19. Barry Jennings, an eyewitness whose explicit testimony of early explosions in WTC7 prior to collapse of either Tower contradicts the official version of events, mysteriously dies.

August 21. NIST publishes the findings of its three-year 'study' into the collapse of WTC7. Not surprisingly, the conclusion that "fires" and "thermal expansion" of some fireproofed steel beams caused the total collapse of this 47-story building is based on political considerations rather than the empirical evidence - evidence that was studiously ignored when it did not support the desired conclusion. Also ignored was the testimony of eyewitness Barry Jennings, who died two days previously. NIST, whose top scientists and engineers have extensive knowledge of nano-thermites, say they have found "no evidence" of explosives at the WTC, but later admit that they did not bother to look for any.

September 11, 11:00. As subsequently revealed by Rep. Paul Kanjorski, the Federal Reserve notices a $550 billion electronic run on the banks. There are no prizes for guessing the prime suspect.

December. The bill for Bush's "war on terror" is estimated to be approaching $1 trillion, excluding long-term health care for veterans and interest on federal borrowing.


Bad Langensalza, Germany

#290247 Nov 20, 2013
John_Schuylkill County_Pa wrote:
<quoted text>there may have been many Jesus'es. But there was only one Virgin Mary
How do you know??

Bad Langensalza, Germany

#290248 Nov 20, 2013
spOko wrote:
<quoted text>
Boy genius Gdub is scheduled to keynote a fundraiser in Irving, Texas, for the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute, a group that trains people in the United States, Israel, and around the world to convince Jews to accept Jesus as the Messiah. The organization's goal: to "restore" Israel and the Jews and bring about the second coming of Christ.
Christ died Long ago!

Oakland, CA

#290249 Nov 20, 2013
henry wrote:
<quoted text>
Christ died Long ago!
If he ever lived he only died in a physical sense but he certainly lives on and on in the believers mind!

Bad Langensalza, Germany

#290250 Nov 20, 2013
Neocon Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute,
Great Unraveling, Paul Krugman, p6
... "we are a warlike people and we love war."
No, capitalism and war are twins. But now we have the nuclear age and that means very soon the end of mankind.

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