'The War Is Not Over'

'The War Is Not Over'

There are 276627 comments on the Los Angeles Times story from Sep 12, 2006, titled 'The War Is Not Over'. In it, Los Angeles Times reports that:

WASHINGTON - President Bush led the nation on Monday in marking the fifth anniversary of the Sept.

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Aiken, SC

#286399 Jan 31, 2013
MUQ wrote:
It seems either this thread is dead ....
The War is over!!
Ask Syria and Egypt...just heating up...many more muslims to be killed by muslims in your future...
Fox News Propaganda Liars

Garden City, NY

#286400 Jan 31, 2013
John_Schuylkill County_Pa wrote:
<quoted text>Bush responsible? LOL
Bush was warned for 8 months about an al Qaeda attack inside the United States and DID NOTHING TO STOP IT.


Proof Bush Is Guilty For September 11, 2001

On July 10, 2001, Phoenix FBI agent Kenneth Williams sent a warning memo to FBI headquarters warning that middle eastern fundamentalist men were learning how to fly airplanes. Not learning how to take-off, and not learning how to land.

July 20, 2001 FBI warned Bush about planes being used as weapons in Genoa Italy G8 Summit.

On July 26, 2001, CBS News http://tinyurl.com/9s52o reported that John Ashcroft was warned by the FBI not to fly on commercial airlines.

On August 6, 2001, Ignorant "Iraqi Oil" Bush was warned by the CIA: Usama bin Laden determined to strike inside the United States.

On August 17, 2001, Minneapolis FBI agent Coleen Rowley sent a blistering 13 page letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller warning him the French Intelligence Service confirmed that Zacarias Moussaoui has affiliations with Usama bin Laden and connections with al Qaeda terrorists.

FBI agent Rowley also warned Director Mueller that Zacarias Moussaui took flying lessons in Oklahoma. Not learning how to take-off, and not learning how to land. Just learning how to fly. All Americans should impeach Bush for not protecting America on September 11, 2001.


F.A.A. Alerted on Qaeda in '98, 9/11 Panel Said
http://tinyurl.com/q5nzr September 14, 2005
American aviation officials were warned as early as 1998 that Al Qaeda could "seek to hijack a commercial jet and slam it into a U.S. landmark," according to previously secret portions of a report prepared last year by the Sept. 11 commission. The officials also realized months before the Sept. 11 attacks that two of the three airports used in the hijackings had suffered repeated security lapses.
Federal Aviation Administration officials were also warned in 2001 in a report prepared for the agency that airport screeners' ability to detect possible weapons had "declined significantly" in recent years, but little was done to remedy the problem, the Sept. 11 commission found.
The White House and many members of the commission, which has completed its official work, have been battling for more than a year over the release of the commission's report on aviation failures, which was completed in August 2004.
A heavily redacted version was released by the Bush administration in January, but commission members complained that the deleted material contained information critical to the public's understanding of what went wrong on Sept. 11. In response, the administration prepared a new public version of the report, which was posted Tuesday on the National Archives Web site.
While the new version still blacks out numerous references to particular shortcomings in aviation security, it restores dozens of other portions of the report that the administration had considered too sensitive for public release.
Fox News Propaganda Liars

Garden City, NY

#286401 Jan 31, 2013
rider wrote:
Hoover Planned Mass Jailing in 1950
December 23, 2007 http://tinyurl.com/26s5jy
A newly declassified document shows that J. Edgar Hoover, the longtime director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, had a plan to suspend habeas corpus and imprison some 12,000 Americans he suspected of disloyalty.
Hoover sent his plan to the White House on July 7, 1950, 12 days after the Korean War began. It envisioned putting suspect Americans in military prisons.
Hoover wanted President Harry S. Truman to proclaim the mass arrests necessary to “protect the country against treason, espionage and sabotage.” The F.B.I would “apprehend all individuals potentially dangerous” to national security, Hoover’s proposal said. The arrests would be carried out under “a master warrant attached to a list of names” provided by the bureau.
The names were part of an index that Hoover had been compiling for years.“The index now contains approximately twelve thousand individuals, of which approximately ninety-seven per cent are citizens of the United States,” he wrote.
“In order to make effective these apprehensions, the proclamation suspends the Writ of Habeas Corpus,” it said.
Habeas corpus, the right to seek relief from illegal detention, has been a fundamental principle of law for seven centuries. The Bush administration’s decision to hold suspects for years at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, has made habeas corpus a contentious issue for Congress and the Supreme Court today.
The Constitution says habeas corpus shall not be suspended “unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion, the public safety may require it.” The plan proposed by Hoover, the head of the F.B.I. from 1924 to 1972, stretched that clause to include “threatened invasion” or “attack upon United States troops in legally occupied territory.”

Gwinn, MI

#286402 Jan 31, 2013
John_Schuylkill County_Pa wrote:
<quoted text>Bush responsible? LOL
Yes! His name Samuel P Bush! http://www.businessinsider.com/the-bushes--a-...

Gwinn, MI

#286403 Jan 31, 2013
G.H. Walker & Co. was an investment banking and brokerage firm founded in 1900 by George Herbert Walker, grandfather and great-grandfather of Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush, and located at 1 Wall Street.

The firm was originally based in St. Louis, Missouri.

In July 1973, the firm acquired the securities brokerage business of Laird, Inc.[1] The company, later known as G.H. Walker, Laird & Co., was sold to White Weld & Co. in October 1974.[2][3] White Weld, in turn, was sold to Merrill Lynch in 1978.

Other notable former employees include Bill Donaldson, later founder of Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette and chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.[4] Bert Walker, later served as chairman and CEO of Stifel Financial in the late 1970s and 1980s.[5]

Gwinn, MI

#286404 Jan 31, 2013
White, Weld & Co. was founded in Boston in the nineteenth century, originally to finance overseas trade. It developed into a small, well-connected New York investment bank by the twentieth century and a bastion of the WASP establishment. For example, George Herbert Walker, Jr., uncle of the first President Bush, became an executive of White, Weld when his firm G. H. Walker & Co. was bought by them in the early 1970s. Charles J. Fuhrmann II, Paul Hallingby, Steve Hammerman, Harold Janeway, Charles C. Lee, Nigel S. MacEwan and George G. Montgomery, Jr. were Senior Vice Presidents and Roberts W. Brokaw was Vice President when the company was sold to Merrill Lynch. As stock markets became more retail-oriented and investment banking became more capital intensive, the firm decided it could not compete and put itself up for sale. One of the firm's most prominent transactions in its final period was the IPO of Walmart in 1970 with Stephens Inc. The firm's employees were known for frequently wearing white bucks as their footwear. Note that they frequently allowed these shoes to become exceedingly dirty and these became a symbol of the firm's status within the WASP establishment.

[edit] Relationship with Credit SuisseOne of its most successful ventures was an international investment banking partnership founded in 1970 by Robert L. Genillard as a Managing Partner of White, Weld & Co, with Credit Suisse, called ‘’Société Anonyme du Credit Suisse et de White Weld’’– or Credit Suisse White Weld. Sir John Craven, later head of Morgan Grenfell, led Credit Suisse White Weld from 1975 to 1978. Furthermore, Oswald Gruebel, Credit Suisse chief from 2004 to 2007, began his career in 1970 at Credit Suisse White Weld. When White Weld was purchased by Merrill Lynch, it left the partnership with Credit Suisse and was replaced by First Boston thus creating the Credit Suisse First Boston business in London. The Swiss private banking division of White Weld, founded in 1954 as White Weld & Co. AG, lives on as Clariden Bank.

Aiken, SC

#286405 Jan 31, 2013
Spocko wrote:
<quoted text>
One Titanic passenger to another, "I really like these deck chairs." Will you remain ignorant in your anger and self-imposed blindness?
One gun control idiot to another gun control idiot...can't put the cat back in the bag...

The Chicago teen who was killed days after performing in President Obama's inauguration may have simply been in the "wrong place at the wrong time," Chicago's police superintendent says, calling the shooting a matter of "mistaken identity." The shooting, police believe, was part of a turf war among gangs, but Hadiya Pendleton herself had no gang links—nor, it appears, did any of those with her that day. The gunman, however, seemed to confuse the group with gang members. In other details from the case:

•Hadiya was a band majorette at the elite King College Prep; she hoped to go to Northwestern University, the Chicago Tribune reports.
•A friend of Hadiya rejects reports that the teen's friends abandoned her as they ran. "A man came up and shot at us about five times," the friend tells the Chicago Sun-Times. "We were running at about the same pace, and Hadiya said:‘I think I got shot,’ and slowed, then fell." A nurse who lived nearby arrived on the scene. "She told me to hold Hadiya’s hand, and I had her head in my lap," the friend said.
•There were no bullet casings on the scene, suggesting the shooter may have used a revolver. Officers are offering an $11,000 reward for information leading to the shooter's arrest, adds the Christian Science Monitor.
•"This guy, whoever he was, the gunman ... you took the light of my life," says dad Nathaniel Pendleton. "Just look at yourself and just know that you took a bright person, an innocent person, a non-violent person."
•The shooting prompted Telemundo to ask President Obama whether tight gun control laws like Chicago's really worked. "The problem is that a huge proportion of those guns come in from outside Chicago," he said, per the Tribune.

Gwinn, MI

#286406 Jan 31, 2013
Zapata Corporation is a holding company based in Rochester, New York, and originating from an oil company started by a group including the former United States president George H. W. Bush. Various writers have alleged links between the company and the United States Central Intelligence Agency. In 2009, it was renamed the Harbinger Group Inc.

In 1959, Zapata Corporation split into independent companies Zapata Petroleum, headed by the Liedtkes, and Zapata Off-Shore, headed by Bush funded with $800,000.[5] Bush moved his offices and family that year from Midland, Texas to Houston.

In the late-1950s and early-1960, Zapata Off-Shore concentrated its business in the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Central American coast.[6] The U.S. government began to auction off mineral rights to these areas in 1954. In 1958, drilling contracts with the seven large U.S. oil producers included wells 40 miles (64 km) north of Isabela, Cuba, near the island Cay Sal. In January 1959, the Cuban government of Fulgencio Batista was overthrown during the Cuban Revolution. Zapata also won a contract with Kuwait.

In 1960, Jorge Diaz Serrano of Mexico was put in touch with Bush by Dresser Industries. They created a new company, Perforaciones Marinas del Golfo, aka Permargo, in conjunction with Edwin Pauley of Pan American Petroleum, with whom Zapata had a previous offshore contract. The deal with Pemargo is not mentioned in Zapata's annual reports. In 1988, a Bush spokesman claimed that the deal lasted only from March to September 1960. Zapata sold Nola I to Pemargo in 1964.

In 1962, Bush was joined in Zapata Off-Shore by a fellow Yale Skull and Bones member, Robert Gow. By 1963, Zapata Off-Shore had four operational oil-drilling rigs—Scorpion (1956), Vinegaroon (1957), Sidewinder, and (in the Persian Gulf) Nola III.

In 1963, Zapata Petroleum merged with South Penn Oil and other companies, to become Pennzoil.

By 1964, Zapata Off-Shore had a number of subsidiaries, including: Seacat-Zapata Offshore Company (Persian Gulf), Zapata de Mexico, Zapata International Corporation, Zapata Mining Corporation, Zavala Oil Company, Zapata Overseas Corporation, and a 41% share of Amata Gas Corporation.

In 1964, Bush ran for the United States Senate, and lost; he continued as president of Zapata Off-Shore until 1966, when he sold his interest to his business partner, Robert Gow, and ran for the U.S. House of Representatives.

In 1966, William Stamps Farish III, age 28, joined the board of Zapata

Gwinn, MI

#286407 Jan 31, 2013
Samual Bush-1863-1948
Bush 1's grandfather Became well-off running Buckey Steel 1908-1927. Took over for Frank Rockefeller 21 Did not profit from military spending after the war.
Prescott Bush 1895-1972
Bush 1's father First job was in St. Louis for fellow Yale Skull and Bones alumnus Wallace Simmons. Returned to Ohio, married Dorothy Walker, G.H. Walkers daughter, and managed a small rubber company. He eventually ended up in New York working for U.S. Rubber, a Harriman company. Two years later, at 31, he was made Vice President of W.A. Harriman Company.
George Herbert Walker,
Prescott's father-in - law Became wealthy owning G.H..Walker and Co, an investment company, did work for E.H. Harriman, owner of Union Pacific and did work
for J.P. Morgan 21-22 Ran recently formed W.A. Harriman Company set up by Rockefeller-headed National City Bank and Morgan connected Guaranty Trust 23
George Herbert Walker Jr.
1906- George 1's favorite uncle. 202 Walker Jr. was director of Cuban-Dominican sugar companies which merged with West Indies Sugar in 1942. 203
Personal Kennebunkport home built by Walkers in 1904 23 Both Walker SR and P. Bush develop a father son relationship though some feel the Walkers financially dominated Bushs. 24-25
Oil 1898 Germans clandestine oil exploration operation discovered in what is now Iraq. 249
S. Bush SR worked closely with Rockefeller's Ohio based Standard Oil. 151
Berlin to Baghdad railroad completed. 249
From Wikipedia3 Begun in 1903, completion was delayed for years by diplomatic obstructions from Russia, France, and Britain.
Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916 gave postwar sphere of influence to Russia over the Bosporus and part of Anatolia, France got Lebanon, Syria, and oil rich Mosul, and Britain got Arabia, Palestine, the Baghdad area. 250
US has 2/3 of the worlds oil production, much going for the war. 250
End of Hapsburg Empire caused European nations to seek control of Mid-East Oil. Russia lost her share of the Middle East pie because of revolution. 250-251
Walker SR served as director of Petroleum Bond and Share, was involved in with Harriman's 1922 Russian oil investment company, the major developer on Baku oil field. Baku was close to modern-day Iraq so this is the time the
Bush family pursuit of the region's oil began. 251
Harriman purchased Dresser Manufacturing, an oil service company which later became Dresser Industries. Harriman's managing partner Prescott Bush rigorously supervised Yale classmate Neil Mallon, installed as Dresser's president. 152
Walker SR owned and sold Missouri based Laclede Gas Company. 151
Book entitled Merchants of Death published in 1934 blame munitions makers for WWI. A senate special committee went after FDR's political enemies like the du Ponts munitions empire. FDR chilled when the committee began looking to embarrass government officials. 260 W.A. Harriman and Co. merged and became Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH). 24
Wall Streeters A. Harriman, G. Walker, Clarence Dillon and John FosterDullas, and Alan Dulles were very involved with $2 billion controversial investments made to German and Russia industries. They held these investments well into WW2. 37, 186, 192
Politics Alas for Berlin, the Turco-German "holy war" to stir a 1914-15 Muslim revolution in the Russian Caucasus against British authority in Persia and India accomplished little. Averell Harriman, keeping his financial stake in BBH and became FDR's emissary to Churchill and Lend-Lease administrator.
Hitler became chancellor, insures an oil supply from Romania, and began a hugely successful synthetic fuels program
Military Samual Bush, an Ohio Democrat, served in and became director of the War Industrial Board(WIB) in Washington. 182 While S. Bush and G.H. Walker profited from WWI, neither was mentioned in the popular literature in the so-called Merchant of Death hearings begun in 1934. 179

Gwinn, MI

#286408 Jan 31, 2013
Academy, Yale, joined Skull and Bones, graduated in 1948, worked in Ohio as treasurer for subsidiaries of Dresser Industries where his father was a long time board member. 41-43

Unsuccessful U.S. Senate run, 1970 45
Undistinguished UN ambassador, 1971-72 30
Undistinguished Republican Party chairman, 1973-74 31
Chief of US China mission 1974-75 31
Director of CIA December 1975-76 31
Executive chairman of Dallas's First Bancshares and its London merchant banking Subsidiary 1977-78. 279 George 1 was Vice President.

Oil George 1 left Dresser in 1951 and starts Zapatu with $50,000 from dad and $850,000 from friends of George Herbert Walker Jr. He was principally involved with the investment side of the business. 43,125
Zapata Offshore is formed, operates close to Cuba, and some feel it was CIA supported.
Zapatu became Pennzoil and is later tied to Watergate money. 205, 207
After the 1973 Arab-Israel War , the Arabs quadruple the price of oil and cut off deliveries to the US
Another Oil crisis hits in 1970
Ken Lay of Enron fame became involved with George 1 politically and in the oil business. 155
By 1980 US produced under 20% of the worlds oil and imports 30% of its needs. 254 OPIC gave Enron a $56 million loan.
George 1 named Lay to organize G-7 Economic Summit in Huston and later to the President's Economic Council. 157
Military U.S. foreign Military arms sale cross the billion dollar mark in 1968 and really jumped after the the 1970 OPEC crisis when Washington decided arms sales would be a good way to get some of the dollars back that the Middle East oil producers. 263
Zapatu, which provided commercial supplies for the Bay of Pigs invasion, was a CIA part-time purchasing front. 204
Dresser formed Permargo, a Mexican company with CIA ties. 204
As VP, George 1 played a key role in U.S. supplying arms to Iraq. 264 Secretary of Defense Cheney hired Dallas-based Hilliburton's Brown and Roots Services to study how private companies can provide logistics for U.S. military forces around the word. That same year, said company, now Kellogg, Brown and Root, received the first big five-year logistics government support contract. 171
Since 1994, Kellogg, Brown and Root and Virginia-based management and technology consulting Booz, Allen and Hamilton receivd 75% of the 3,000 government support contracts worth $300 billion. 172
CIA Arthur Burr Darling, a known intelligence community agent and George 1's history teacher at Andover, compiled a history of the CIA. 200
Democratically elected Iranian fell because of a 1953 CIA- British intelligence orchestrated coup d’etat necessitated by the nationalization of Iranian oil and closed the very profitable British owned Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. 3 1976 George 1 is director of CIA. 31
Bush promoted many covert operations practitioners, protected agents from indictment by the President Ford Justice Department, and protected former CIA Director Richard Helms who was let off with a fine and suspended sentence for lying to Congress. 280
President Carter abruptly fires 800 of 4,000 CIA covert operations, many had been recently vulnerable to indictment. Bill Casey, with strong ties to the CIA, joined Reagan as his campaign campaign manager and brings along dozens of fired covert operatives. 282
Failed attempts to rescue Iran Hostages was run by CIA operatives who in the mid 1980's became prominent Bush operative. 285

Gwinn, MI

#286409 Jan 31, 2013
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_Brothers_H... .

Gwinn, MI

#286410 Jan 31, 2013

After serving as Secretary of Defense for President Bush, Cheney reaped the financial rewards of the revolving money door between the military and industry. Cheney became a member of the board of directors of Morgan Stanley. the Union Pacific Corp., Procter & Gamble Co. and Electronic Data Systems Corp.(Ross Perot company) But, most important, in 1995 Cheney became the CEO of Halliburton (owner of Brown and Root)( Cheney, the chairman of the board, holds a $45.5 million stake as Halliburton's biggest individual stockholder. Brown and Root reaped multi-millions from the Bosnia war.

In 1998 Richard Cheney got the idea that Halliburton should purchase Dresser Industries, for $8.1 billion (creating the world's largest oil-drilling services company) while on a quail hunt with Dresser chair Bill Bradford. Dresser and Halliburton merged. Dresser Industries was owned and operated by Brown Brothers Harriman. Prescott Bush (George H.W.'s father) was a partner of Brown Brothers and on the board of Dresser for decades until he became a U.S. Senator.


Gwinn, MI

#286411 Jan 31, 2013
Dr. John Mercer Walker, Sr. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_M._Walker

Oakland, CA

#286412 Jan 31, 2013
The first victim in Newtown was heavily armed and now she's dead because of it – clearly the argument for more guns is hardly the answer to the problem. An argument can be made that the 2nd amendment is hopelessly outdated and obsolete – every gun needs to be registered on a yearly bases and require liability insurance. The wingnuz clinging to their guns like a baby clinging to its woobie is reminiscent to the creationist nonsense! We know more about nature and its evolutionary continuum than ever before and we know it clearly and without a doubt, yet here are the wingnuz, knowing it better by regression like a bunch of degenerates! Next time you see a member of Congress pushing a pro-gun agenda, ask them why they feel the U.S. government needs to be overthrown. Ask them why they support terrorism. The Second Amendment has been voided by history and was never in place for any of the reasons the NRA, any senator or congressman has given as a reason for opposing sensible gun regulation since Reconstruction. Besides, the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with gun-control in a modern society!

Gwinn, MI

#286413 Jan 31, 2013

Gwinn, MI

#286414 Jan 31, 2013
Something curious is taking place. The nomination of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense came under fire from the friends of Israel even before it was certain that President Barack Obama would name him to the post. Hagel demonstrably has no particular animus towards Israel but he, while senator, refused to kowtow to the Israel Lobby, failing to sign on to letters and position statements, saying that he was first and foremost a United States Senator, not a representative of a foreign power. He also favors negotiations with Iran to end the nuclear standoff, which critics immediately latched onto as a sign of weakness and a further indication that he did not have Israel’s back. Bill Kristol, head of the Emergency Committee for Israel, quickly piled on to the Hagel nomination, followed by the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin and Charles Krauthammer, convicted Iran contra felon Elliot Abrams, reliably liberal Rachel Maddow, Harvard’s own Israel firster Alan Dershowitz, Mitt Romney adviser Dan Senor, and Johns Hopkins’ Professor Eliot Cohen. Several critics, including the American Enterprise Institute’s Danielle Pletka, accused Hagel of being anti-Semitic and Islamophobe Pamela Geller described him as a “Jew hater.” Transplanted American now-living-in-Israel Caroline Glick somewhat more confusingly wrote that he “hates Jews that think that Jews have rights.” Major Jewish organizations including the Anti-Defamation League and The American Jewish Committee, quickly followed suit, with ADL’s Abe Foxman saying “the sentiments he’s [Hagel’s] expressed about the Jewish lobby border on anti-Semitism in the genre of professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt and former president Jimmy Carter” while the AJC’s David Harris added “We’re not in the opposition camp, we’re in the concerned camp. We’re going to count on the Senate to examine, as it must, key issues of concern.”


Gwinn, MI

#286416 Jan 31, 2013
Neocon Nightmare: The Truth Behind the Attacks on Chuck Hagel
If President Obama's second term includes decision making as bold and intelligent as his nomination of Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense, his presidency might finally fulfill the promise of audacity and change that rallied so many to his campaign five years ago. In fact, the more ridiculous the claims being made by Hagel's critics become, the more the real reasons they don't want him -- and the wisdom of the choice -- come into stark relief.
The latest canard is about Hagel's supposed "temperament." The charge was made this past Sunday by Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, appearing on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos. "I think another thing, George, that's going to come up is just his overall temperament," said Corker, "and is he suited to run a department or a big agency or a big entity like the Pentagon?" Given that this was a new one, Stephanopoulos asked, slightly incredulously, "Do you have questions about his temperament?" Corker replied, "I think there are numbers of staffers who are coming forth now just talking about the way he has dealt with them."
Ah yes, his temperament. It's a modern-day male version of the old dig that used to be directed at women, that they might be "PMSing" and therefore shouldn't be put too close to big boy military equipment. It's also worth pointing out that this line of attack is coming from a party that thoroughly approved of that shrinking violet of a Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld. It's further worth noting that the opposition to Hagel is being led partly by Senator John McCain, the same guy who thought it prudent to potentially put Sarah Palin second in line to the presidency -- and whose own "temperament" has often been called into question.
But if Hagel's temperament is somehow relevant, it puts me in mind of the quote by Lincoln who, when approached by some of Grant's critics about the general's drinking, is supposed to have said: "Let me know what brand of whiskey Grant uses. For if it makes fighting generals like Grant, I should like to get some of it for distribution."
Now, I'm not saying Chuck Hagel is perfect or that I agree with every position he's ever taken, but leadership isn't about conforming to a checklist. Hagel is being nominated for a particular job, and for that job, he has a strong record. And this is exactly why his critics are grasping for straws -- because they don't want to discuss that record, nor what this debate is really about: the Iraq War.
Yes, then-Senator Hagel voted for the resolution to authorize the war. But even before the vote, he expressed more reservations than most of his colleagues. "You can take the country into a war pretty fast," he said in 2002, "but you can't get us out as quickly, and the public needs to know what the risks are." In his 2008 book America: "Chuck has the wherewithal and the ability to speak truth to power. He's demonstrated that throughout his entire career. That is a value that is extraordinarily important to the president." And to the country

Gwinn, MI

#286417 Jan 31, 2013
2012 NEW Loose Change 3rd Edition! MUST SEE! 9/11 Truth .

Atlanta, GA

#286418 Jan 31, 2013
Spocko wrote:
The first victim in Newtown was heavily armed and now she's dead because of it – clearly the argument for more guns is hardly the answer to the problem. An argument can be made that the 2nd amendment is hopelessly outdated and obsolete – every gun needs to be registered on a yearly bases and require liability insurance. The wingnuz clinging to their guns like a baby clinging to its woobie is reminiscent to the creationist nonsense! We know more about nature and its evolutionary continuum than ever before and we know it clearly and without a doubt, yet here are the wingnuz, knowing it better by regression like a bunch of degenerates! Next time you see a member of Congress pushing a pro-gun agenda, ask them why they feel the U.S. government needs to be overthrown. Ask them why they support terrorism. The Second Amendment has been voided by history and was never in place for any of the reasons the NRA, any senator or congressman has given as a reason for opposing sensible gun regulation since Reconstruction. Besides, the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with gun-control in a modern society!
Yes...I can see the long lines in Watts now...re-registering their illegally obtained guns annually....lol...and the gangs of new york...on a cold february day...waiting patiently to annualy register their saturday night specials before heading out to the hood and offing some stupid punk arrrse rival gang muddder fudder...
Francis my friend, you are proof positive you cannot fix stupid...

Atlanta, GA

#286419 Jan 31, 2013
MUQ wrote:
It seems either this thread is dead ....
The War is over!!
Just taking a break...

beware another 6 day beatdown coming...

Syria today threatened to retaliate for an Israeli airstrike, and its ally Iran chimed in, too, saying there will be repercussions for the Jewish state over the attack. Syria's ambassador to Lebanon said Damascus "has the option and the capacity to surprise in retaliation." He said he could not predict when Damascus would retaliate, noting it was up to the relevant authorities to prepare the retaliation and choose the time and place. In Iran, the semi-official Fars news agency quoted the deputy foreign minister as saying the raid on Syria will have significant implications for Israel.

Syrian ally Russia also expressed concern, saying it appeared to be an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation. "Whatever the motives, this is not justified," declared its Foreign Ministry. In Israel, a lawmaker close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stopped short of confirming involvement in the strike, which reportedly targeted a convoy believed to be carrying anti-aircraft weapons bound for Hezbollah. But he hinted that Israel could carry out similar missions in the future.

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