Obama failed to deal wit Karzai and US troops will come home soon. The Mozlem Brother terrorists sympathizer Obama who invites the Taliban and al Qaida terrorists from all over the world to come as refugees and get his free food stamps, Obamacare and Obama phone is preparing the American people to their biggest defeat in history to thousands of al Qaida and Taliban terrorists sponsored by the Pakistani regime while Afghan president Karzai distrust Obama and seeks the ousting of US troops fro Afghanistan. Obviously, Obama and Hagel are pushing for the diminishing of US military power while billions of dollars of American military high tech equipment would fall in the hands of Pakistan, Iran and their sponsored terrorists because Obama did not make any effort to bring the high tech fighter aircrafts, artillery, helicopter, drones, tanks, armored vehicles, missiles and other state of the art US equipment back to America. Obama seek major defeat of US troops to the Taliban terrorists that will restore their rule of Afghanistan and will erase all the achievements of US troops during more than a decade of bloody war that ends with major defeat thanks to Obama and his love of the Taliban terrorists.