Durand line serves as a line of hate:...

Durand line serves as a line of hate: Karzai

There are 3942 comments on the Afghan News Network Services story from Feb 19, 2006, titled Durand line serves as a line of hate: Karzai. In it, Afghan News Network Services reports that:

PESHAWAR - Dubbing Durand line as a line of hatred Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said he does not accept this line as it has raised a wall between the two brothers.

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#1 Feb 23, 2006
president Karzai live in fools paradise if think and have such views abt durand line, its international boarder between pakistan and Afghanistan. both countries must respect]


#2 Feb 23, 2006
President karzai lived in fools paradise if think so, its international boarder and both countries must repect

United States

#3 Mar 9, 2006
suhaib wrote:
President karzai lived in fools paradise if think so, its international boarder and both countries must repect
Dear Suhaib,
What are you talking about? Karzia respect the international border, but he does not respect the wall between two nations that lived peacefully along side for centuries. Also, the Durand Line is no longer valid because it was valid for 100 years and its already passed, so according to international border law it must become part of Afghanistan again. If you don't know the history of it, you don't have to comment like a blind person.
Noor Payam

Saudi Arabia

#4 Mar 9, 2006
I agree with Mr. Abdul regarding the fellow pakistani, Mr. Suhaib, impolite pharase directed to Mr. Karzai and this pakistani fellow ignorance about the history of the region. Our divided brothers on Pakistani side of the border have suffered a lot. Unfortunately, the Pashotoons have been exploited by Sindhi and Panjabi establishments that are very powerful due to their population advantage. These establishments have used the sacrifices of fiercely independant and autonomous Pashoons to gain economic and financial advantage. Since the Pashtoons are honest warriors not corrupt politicians, they have been suffering too much by the sindhi and panjabi politicians. It is time that our pashtoon brothers realize that their interests are in joining their historical land of Afghanistan. They shuold form their strong country and work for their progress and welfare. The events since 1947 have showed that they have been under assualt by every one. it is time that they should take their destiny in their own hand and join their original motherland. Let the sindhi and panjabi politicians handle their pakistani matters without exploiting your efforts for their personal gain. It is better for Sindhi and Panjabis to speak in more polite language. Even their leaders have been very generous in puffing dirty language towards the leaders of Afghanistan.

United States

#5 Mar 10, 2006
I disagree any border among Islamic/Muslim countries. They should be removed with immediate effect. After all, Muslims-Muslims are brothers. Let's make it a trade free zone and the biggest on the world. Oil, Drugs, Fundamentalism, Extremism, Nuclear technology, Money, Woman Trafficking, HiJack, Jihadi's, blow each other mosques...... can be moved easily. Work on it!!!!

United States

#6 Mar 10, 2006

I lived in Singapore for few years. We also need to work together on implementing Shariat Law in Singapore. What are the other plans for 10% of our Muslim brothers in Philipinnes and 5% Muslim brothers in Thailand? What about eliminating 30% of minorities in Indonesia? elimination 80% of Majorities in India? Finally, let's plan for 100% Hindus country Nepal..........

Calgary, Canada

#7 Apr 4, 2006
The Northern Frontier is Afghan Land and always has been....cant wait until Karzai is removed and a strong leader who will take back pashtunistan and relocate the pakistani nationals on their side. Muslims brotherhood does not exist between Afghans and Pakistanis because it is in the interests of Pakistan to have an unstable Afghanistan and so as long as Afghanistan is at unrest we Afghans will not be ready to take back our land from zionist servants like the Pakistani government.

Calgary, Canada

#8 Apr 4, 2006
suhaib wrote:
President karzai lived in fools paradise if think so, its international boarder and both countries must repect
Omg....read history buddy. Your one idiot sorry to say for admiring Pakistan. Pakistani Government is worse than Israels. India has the second largest muslim population and they know how to act more proper to its' muslim neighbors than the Pakis.

Fayetteville, WV

#9 May 5, 2006
That's only what people say [that the pact was only valid for 100 years]...the ORIGINAL pact which has been researched upon on May 4, 2006, has nothing written about that. But, who cares about things like this? We are all MUSLIMS and shouldn't say that only Afghanis are our brethren and Pakistanis are their own brethren. We are all brethren to eachother because of Islam. Just like the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prophecised, Muslims in later generations will be divided over non-important issues. We should all try to respect eachother and handle this situation in a clear, better way than just saying that Afghanistan is a better country and Pakistan isn't or Pakistan is a better country and Afghanitan isn't...

Fayetteville, WV

#10 May 5, 2006
yeah...even the Afghan government NOW agrees with that that the pact was NOT intended for 100 yrs.
Aaryan Khan


#11 May 6, 2006
To be honest it is now the time for evil of Asia (pak) to accept the truth and live there ambition of a big Pakistan by including Kashmir and pashtoonistan.If there good Muslims they know it very well that the true and permanent border of Afghanistan is the one from 18 century. The call it Pakistan but it a true GAHNDASTAAN.the best solution of this parasite is to divided in to 2 one half of it was from is Afghanistan and it would become Afghanistan not matter what and the other pat of it must go back to India, because there was not country so called Pakistan at the first place.

May God bless Hamid karzai and Manmohansing

Houston, TX

#12 May 9, 2006

Islamabad, Pakistan

#13 May 12, 2006
Can those who say that Pakistan did not exist in the fisrt place also have the guts to say the same about Israel? I don't think so. Its a shame that some people are just too blind in their ethnic and racist hatred to speak really honestly.
Mohammad Nasir

Rome, Italy

#14 May 17, 2006
You know Pakistan.... the country which is established only for asia similar to Israil, their policies are the same to creat instablity in the regions and keep their existence. both Pakistan and Israil was founded in the same year with the same policy, the only difference is the Jewish and islam which they are using for their malacious policies

Täby, Sweden

#15 May 17, 2006
It is correct that we are all muslims and Pakistanis are our brothers from the Islamic point of view, but this doesn't mean that Afghanistan should keep silent and forget about Durand Line. It is out total right to claim the land that belongs to us, belongs to every Afghan and we will Inshallah, no matter what happens...
And as for Pakistanis, I would advice them to stop training people and sending them over to Afghanistan for violence and crime... and then claim that it is like a brother to Afghanistan.

Longlive Afghanistan and Proud Afghanis

United States

#16 May 19, 2006
suhaib wrote:
president Karzai live in fools paradise if think and have such views abt durand line, its international boarder between pakistan and Afghanistan. both countries must respect]
president Hamed Karazi is not fools ont day he will kick Pakistan's ass by his army.

United States

#17 May 19, 2006
the day we afghani people are waiting will com soon to weap pakistan's ass .

Kitchener, Canada

#18 May 21, 2006
A muslim respects the property of another muslim. Pakistan knows the durand line has expired and therfore should return all the afghan lands back to afghanistan if they want to live in peace.

Delft, Netherlands

#19 May 28, 2006
afghan nationalists should shut their mouth. why sould pakistan give that land back to you morons when pushtoon on our side have never shown any desire to join afghanistan,if they want to opt for recist term called pushtoonistan nobody will be able to stop them from doing that.giving land back to afghan when people never showed any intrest in joining afghnistan is like shooting in your own feet.pakistan had never had any militry presence till few years back so you can see from that how intgrated and supportief pushtoon are concept of pakistan.you people dream on, you will never get it without a fight and raining nuclear missiles on kabul and there are more pushtoon in pakistan then in afghanistan so you should be happy that we even allowed you to have land which you already have.
Shah Ali Khan

Montréal, Canada

#20 Jun 6, 2006
I belive Paktuns should be united with their Afghan Brothers. There should be a new map for Afghanistan with her new provinces and there should be a new Pakistan with its closed Borders, that why both countries are in peace. Its a simple cass to solve, I mean Paktuns are brother loving people they can't live without their Afghan brothers, and Afghans won't have their full identity/ culture etc, It won't make any since if 5 people from Maxico call themselves "American" Or 50 million Indians calling themselves Pakistani, Same applies with Afghanistan, they can't leave their 12 million Pashtuns and 3 million Balochis under occupation the above example wasn't a good Example, Afghans share the same Blood, culture, Language, history, ethnic, wars, and they have their same old Awghan law or call it the 6000 years old "Aryan law". So how can they be seperated, No-one did until now when 2004 for the first time in history of Pakistan the Musharraf send 70,000 troops. Before Paktuns thought that Durand line was done in 1996 and they were getting support from their fellow Muslims, but now they noticed that 70,000 troops are present to keep the border forever. The war has just started slowly Balochis and Paktuns will be united with their fellow Afghans, but they would also break Pakistan into four. So before its too late Pakistan should react and sacrifice the Balochi Gaz and rich NWFP. To save Sindh, Punjab, and Kashmir.

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