Can somebody tell me the reason why ND graduates from IBADAN POLY who wishes to continues their HND programme in FEDERALPOLY EDE are highly DiScRiMiNaTeD & ReJeCtEd by d management of dat institution(FEDERAL POLY EDE) Whereas, applicants from other schools whom score below the average cut-off marks are neatly given admission & admitted into the institution. Cos, i'm not just talking nor writing for writing sake. But, i'm speaking from. Cos, this is d nosense going on inside that institution(FEDERAL POLY EDE) right now. So Whyyyyyyyy????????? And if could still recall vividly, there is a particular part in the Nigerian National Anthem which says that *"to serve with heart and might, ONE NATION BOUND in FREEDOM,PEACE and UNITY"* Now where is d nation bound wit peace & unity? Now where is d peace & unity among us?? Now where does d peace & unity lyes in such act of SeGrEgAtIoN??? Can sombody tell me????