Most Embarrassing Situation Caught Masturbating In Guys And Girls

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Leadville Johnny Brown

Elk Grove, CA

#2 May 3, 2012
I don't know which is worse...being caught by your little sister or your mother! I got caught by both when I was a horny teenager! It seems totally embarrassing then but now sort of funny even sort of erotic if you know what I mean. I gave my little sis some sex education and my mom saw that I was bigger than daddy who even though I never saw his penis when it was erect well he was hung like a goldfish. I guess I got my dick from my mom's male side of the family and thank God for that (sorry Daddy!)

Medford, NJ

#3 May 13, 2012
i was caught masturbating by my uncle at 13. he walked in just as i was beginning to orgasm into my cousin's panties. i was also wearing her bra and had a small brush handle inserted in me too. it was totally humiliating and degrading yet wonderful and i love it.

Melbourne, Australia

#4 Oct 18, 2012
When I was a 17yo student I was renting a room in a 2 bedroom house. The other room was shared by 2 girl students who were also 17. #They would often wear short skirts and I fcouldnt help getting aroused. Then one night when the girls were out and I was home alone I slipped into their room and went thru their laundry basket. I found a pair of skimpy lace panties that one of them had been wearing. Thinking that the girls would not be back for somr time yet I tok them into the lounge room. I dropped my pants and undies and layed back on the couch and started playing with mysely thru the panties. After a while I laid them on my belly and jerked off till I shot my load all over them. Only trouble was I then dozed off until I was awakened by a shreik.One of the girls had come home and walked in and found me naked fro waist down with a pair of cummy panties on my belly and my hand hand still on my privztes. I was so embarrassed I just bolted for my room as she screamed after me something about being a pervert. I couldnt face the girls ater that. I moved out the next moning leaving a note behind. I would see them around the campus after that but I never spoke to them again and they kept well away from me.

Windlesham, UK

#6 Oct 19, 2012
I was caught by my mum in the legs over the head with my mouth open, I had my eyes closed so that none of the c*m would go in my eyes. I actually got it all in my mouth but when I opened my eyes my mum was stood they staring, me in shock with a mouthful of c*m just stared back until she left about 5seconds later. I swallowed the c*m and when I got out my mum had 'the talk' luckily she didn't tell my dad!

Lincoln, NE

#8 Oct 19, 2012
My 12 yr old nephew was staying with me and after I was certain he was asleep I was watching some porn and just as I started shooting all over my stomach he walked in... no way to hide of stop the squirting. He just stared and rubbed the tent in his underwear and turned and walked out, we never spoke of it and he never told me why he had woke up and walked in on me.

New York, NY

#9 Oct 19, 2012
My bf discovered his grandfather's body after he passed away in the recliner in his family room. Apparently it happened in the middle of masturbating, as his pants were down around his knees. I laughed until I cried when I heard that. Not a bad way to exit at almost 90 either!

Hatfield, PA

#12 Oct 20, 2012
Was at the gym one time and went to shower. It was late and I didnt remember seeing anyone there. So instead of going to the private I went to the open one. I was feelin a little horny so I started to jack off. I was fully erect when Simeon walked up next to me. It was my friends dad and he was just looking at my hard on. All he said was "enjoying yourself". I was so embarrassed standing there with an erection, then I noticed my friends dad getting one and started stroking. I just watched as he was jacking off and looking at hard. Now I wish I shot my load with him.

Cincinnati, OH

#13 Oct 25, 2012
I got caught by my sister in law. She babysits for us on Mondays while my wife and I work. Sometimes, I cover vacations for the third shift supervisor so she'll come over and watch the kid while I'm sleeping. One morning, before the baby woke up, my sister-in-law saw a spider in the hallway of my house. She was terrified and ran up the steps to wake me up. Unfortunately, I was not asleep and she walked in on me jerking off on top of the bed. I could not hear her on the stairs because I run a fan to drown out noise so I can sleep. We were both tottaly embarrassed. She asked me to kill the spider and I did. It was really fucking big too. Anyway, she apologized for barging in on me and I asked if anything more embarrassing had ever happened to her before. Nope, this was top of the list. The next time I worked third shift, I came home after going to the gym and asked her if she wanted to watch. She said "sure." I talked her into taking her shirt off and she let me rub her tits through her bra. I told her I wanted to come on them and she told me I could, "next time." This last time on third shift, I sucked on her tits and rubbed her pussy. She jerked me for a while and I unloaded on her stomach and tits. After we cleaned up though, she said we would not be doing this anymore. Bummer.
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Roanoke, VA

#14 Oct 25, 2012
I got caught by my sister in law. But it was my wife jacking me off in bed one night. Her sister was staying with us because my wife was 9 months pregnant. So she was helping get the house finalized for the baby. Back to the story, sister in law was 14 at the time. Wife and I were in bed, I was horny so talked her into jerking me off. She was jerking with everything she had. We were making out, I was playing with her ass and pretty close to exploding. So I eventually blow a huge load but right as I'm shooting we hear a voice say "sissy". My wife says "what do you need?" All while she has my cock exploding in her hand. There is enough light in there that she can clearly see whats going on. She then says the dog is growling at the back door. So I had to get my shorts on and walk out and see what was outside. I felt really bad that she seen us, but she shouldn't just walk in. I've noticed since then she has talked to me differently. I don't know if I'm reading her wrong but it seems like she flirts a little bit. She even bends over in front of me with her butt up and shows her leg and even rubs her thigh to move her shorts up. Even leans over to let her shirt hang down when she hands me things. She has also talked to me about her boyfriends.
ela p

Chatham, UK

#15 Nov 10, 2012
I was staying at my mums house one night.My husband had gone across the landing to the loo.While I was waiting for him I grabbed my dildo from my overnight bag.It was my largest one,and I knew it would turn him on,seeing my impaled on it.I hear the door creak and am now riding this thing like hell,tits bouncing everywhere.There was one problem.It was my mum!

San Antonio, TX

#17 Nov 10, 2012
My sister and mom walked in on me a few years back.. The worst part was that it was right when I was cumming, and I couldn't do anything to control it!
Spanky McBeatoff

Wellsboro, PA

#18 Nov 10, 2012
I would steal Avon Skin So Soft samples from my friend's mom and whack off in discrete locales. Anyway one time I was taking a test I missed. The teacher put me behind some filing cabinets. I finished the test and decided to use the rest of the class time to beatoff. Nobody could see me and take about 15 to 20 minutes to cuum. just as I busted nuts the school gossip caught me. I couln't lie and say I was scratching myself because she saw me ejaculate onto a piece of scrap paper.

This was so humiliating, because kids denied that they mastubated. They all made fun of me. The teacher held me after class. She explained that mastubation was normal and actually showed me her pocket rocket. I felt like an adult.

Later on I took Human Sexuality 101 at the area Community College which she was teaching. We hooked up and have been sex buddies since. We role played her catching me like five times, now.

Johannesburg, South Africa

#20 Jul 13, 2013
I once pooped on my dad when he was sleeping 😊
Amy J


#21 Jul 13, 2013
I once came home from work went in the back door into the kitchen my lovely dog was giving me some attention so I undid my piny sat on the edge of the kitchen table and started to finger myself the dog jumping around
So I pulled my panties down and laid on the table spread some chocolate ice cream on my puss and started fingering myself with the dog having a good lick at me also
Then there was a noise and the double doors to my living room flung open and there was all my family and friends saying happy birthday
Well you can imagine I nearly died my mother and dad went ape shlt and all my friends gasped in disgust
My family have disowned me and I had to move out if the area.
Bad day that was

United States

#22 Jul 15, 2013
Wow haha @amy j. 😂😂 😂

Gilmanton, NH

#23 Jul 16, 2013
I was humping my pillow fantasizing about my dad. Thought the door was closed. I was whispering things. Apparently my dad was right behind me, watching my butt move on my pillow and listening. My eyes were closed, and I didnt know until I finished and opened them

Since: May 13

Portsmouth, NH

#24 Jul 16, 2013
Sandy wrote:
I was humping my pillow fantasizing about my dad. Thought the door was closed. I was whispering things. Apparently my dad was right behind me, watching my butt move on my pillow and listening. My eyes were closed, and I didnt know until I finished and opened them
I'm from NH too, any chance you want to hang out sometime?

Glasgow, UK

#25 Jul 16, 2013
Caught my son sucking my toy and dirty knickers, I enjoyed watching I gotta admittedly went for it,

London, UK

#26 Jul 16, 2013
Sandy wrote:
I was humping my pillow fantasizing about my dad. Thought the door was closed. I was whispering things. Apparently my dad was right behind me, watching my butt move on my pillow and listening. My eyes were closed, and I didnt know until I finished and opened them
Sounds cool age r u Sandy. I got caught by my daughter I. Law

Hamilton, Canada

#27 Jul 17, 2013
My mom walked in on me once, but the worst part was I was cumming all over her thong and bra! I was so embarrassed I didn't talk to her for the rest of the day!

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