Gay/bi first time with a guy? Let's h...

Gay/bi first time with a guy? Let's hear your story!!

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Fort Worth, TX

#1 Jun 1, 2011
Hey guy! I like hearing about other guys first time with a guy! So let's here it. Who it was? When and where? How old were you?

Tonawanda, NY

#2 Oct 9, 2011
I was 16 and with my friend's dad. I had always been mesmerized by guys' crotches but his was different. I had seen him naked before in the public showers and it was then that I knew I wanted him inside of me.
I was at his house when he was showering. I got into the shower with him and told him that I wanted him to do me. He was hesitant at first, but I convinced him with a bj. Best day ever

Rochester, MN

#4 Mar 21, 2012
I am 56 years old I have never had gay sex before I live alone in this big house so I rented a room out to a guy I walked in on him playing with himself he told me he didn't like girls and I jokingly said art you gay his answer was yes we sat there and talked for a while and he asked me to come set
after I sat next to him he started to rub his hands over my pants and got my penis hard I tried to push him away when he unbuttoned my pants and was trying to pull him down finally I stood up and I said if you want to see my Dick and he said yes after I took all my clothes off in front of him he kneeled in front of me and started to give me a blow to I come in his mouth just like I did any girl I ever did but this was more enjoyable after we were done having sex he had me get on all fours and he came up from behind me he took some Vaseline and lubed my butt hole up then he finally put his penis inside my hassle and he wrote me for a long time and then he filled my hassle full of cream it was so warm it felt real good I could barely walk when I got off the bed he helped me walk around a little while until I got to feeling better we been sharing the same house now for two years he has some gay friends that come over some weekends and we take turns doing each other I've got to where I like gay sex better than regular sex





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Bellevue, WA

#5 Mar 21, 2012
im 33 years olds last week i was at wall mart bathroom i saw this guy co*ck out it is big his is 9" long and 3" thick i toll him i want to sux it and for him to me right there it was my frist time he buy some lup and he when back into the bathroom his tast so good then when he side it in me it hurt for litte bit then when i got use to he pound me with it he got half me and i moan and lite out a big schream you want my number

Tonawanda, NY

#6 Mar 21, 2012
Moje wrote:
I was 16 and with my friend's dad. I had always been mesmerized by guys' crotches but his was different. I had seen him naked before in the public showers and it was then that I knew I wanted him inside of me.
I was at his house when he was showering. I got into the shower with him and told him that I wanted him to do me. He was hesitant at first, but I convinced him with a bj. Best day ever

i live close, wanna talk?

Lansdale, PA

#7 Mar 21, 2012
My first experience was when I was 15. I was over my friends and we started watching porn. He told me was really horny, so I offered to suck his cock. At first he denied me but he eventually let me. We ended up having sex and now we always have fun with each other when we r alone

Bellevue, WA

#9 Mar 21, 2012
i have had sex wit 10 guys they fill both hole up in me wit hot c*m it was good the bigges was 10"

Liverpool, UK

#10 Aug 18, 2013
Last night I was out with friends in town, we were very drunk and lost each other, I bumped in to a lad outside a club and we started chatting, I'm a straight lad that's a lil curious, he was gay. Conversation turned about sex and we spoke about my curiosity, he leaned in to kiss me but I backed away as it was busy with people, across the road was a alley way so we walked up there, I had my first gay kiss, his hands were all over me, he then went down on me in a door way, it was the best blow job I have had, beats any from a girl. I went down on him also his dick filled my entire mouth but I managed to get all of his cock in my mouth. He worked on me some more as a guy walked up the alley way and caught us, he didn't stop sucking on my cock and the Other guy just walked by, we seen him stop a little further up the road and he stopped and wanked himself off watching us, he shot his load and off he went, all the while I was getting the best blow job ever! It was the hottest situation I have ever had, I shot my load in his mouth and he took the lot, we have exchanged numbers so I'm sure we will do even more. Best night out ever! I can't tell any of my friends about my amazing encounter as none of them no my curiosity but I have to share this!
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Adelaide, Australia

#11 Sep 2, 2013
i was staying over my uncles in the school holidays at the time i am 30 now so a while ago his mate had a son called mathew my age to and we got along really well.
mathew decided to sleep over that night to so we slept in the loungeroom. my uncle went to bed and we tried to access the adult channel after a while we worked out the password and were in.
there was a girl receiving both ends after a while watching and having a horny cock mathew turned to me and said .."i think that's why some guys turn bi maybe because they like it there to"
my heart begin beating and i had butterflys in my tummy i knew that instant who i was i was bisexual and i should of known all along. i asked him if he wanted to try it no one will ever find out and with not much hesitance he replied OK.
I instantly went under his covers sliding down his undies my mouth drewling as i smelt the sweet cock of his i began sucking hard. i then lifted his legs up and rimmed him he tasted so amazing.
my cock begging to get inside i asked him if he wanted it in him yes was his reply as he went doggy position he slowly pushed back and moaned a little then started taking it deeper and deeper i kissed his neck and let explode. we then rolled over on our backs smiled at each other and made sure it was our deep secret. i looked forward to sleeping over my uncles more often in the holidays it happened on many occasions after.

Kensington, MD

#12 Sep 25, 2013
I got a blow-job from this guy, in his apt, which was too hot for clothes so I'd toook mine off, and he told me I looked great, and I posed for him, looking at myself in his big mirror near the TV set, which had gay porn on it. I had a hard-on anyway from the porn, tenting out my tighty-whiteys, so when he told me I should be wearing black speedos, and threw me a pair, I got the tighty-whiteys off, in front of him, and the speedos never made it up my legs, I jus leaned close, and he ran his hot hand over my chest - I've got big-titted breats, from being a jock - and he told me I looked gorgeous, so I let him go ahead, watching in the mirror while he ran his hands down my belly and around my hard-on. When he put his fingers in between my legs, I sprea for him, and he told me to bend over a bit, so I did, and he ran his finger between my legs to my asshole, He circled it a bit, then wet his middle finger in his mouth, and slipped it inside my asshole, an I near came right there. While he ass-fucked me with his fingers - two at a time - he also playeed with my hard-on, skinning the tip clear so he could show me the mushroom head, then he took it in his mouth, real deep, til his lips were in my cock-hair, and my dick tip was down his throat. I came in minutes, It was incrdible. Then I figured, turn-about, right? So I got his thick dick in my hand, then put in in my mouth, got turned around so he could keep fuckig my ass - he had lubed me up, it was all over my ass - and as I sucked, he got bigger an bigger, then he stood up, got behind me, and fucked e up the ass til we both came. Then we went to bed, leaving the TV on, and he fucked me twice more, my legs up around his shoulder,s my ass spread wide and confortable, and I came on my belly, so he wiped iy up and fed t to me, then he kissed me with his tongue licking up my come. Then we fell asleep, naked and all tangled up. He was ym frist time, but not my last. Did you come on this?

Temecula, CA

#13 Sep 28, 2013
I was 8 and alone with my older teenage cousin, "F" wrestling around guess got "F" horney, so touching on me on me more, in other places, I just let him, keep touching more, and more. Making him more horney. He ended up pinning me down, his hands were all over me. Picking me up, over his shoulder he carried me up to his mom bed, stripped off my clothes, I laid on my back looking up, with my head on the edge infront of "F" naked, watching him get naked too,

Tampa, FL

#14 Oct 21, 2013
So berry hot reminded me of my dirt time with a man.

Reading, UK

#15 Oct 21, 2013
i was 9/10 ish a old man played with me in the cinema
bi boy 16 m

Harlow, UK

#16 Oct 21, 2013
Anyone in essex england or even better harlow wanna meet?

New York, NY

#17 Oct 21, 2013
Was in college, and my roommate’s younger brother came to visit fro the weekend. Friday night we had all gone to a frat party, and my roommate went back to his gf’s room for the night. Got back to the room with Charlie, and stripped to my boxers and hopped into bed. Charlie, undressed slowly in front of me, and finally took his boxers off, and stood in front of me not saying anything. I asked him what he was doing, and he asked if I would sleep with him. Ended up tapping that tight little boy 3 times that night. Only guy I’ve ever done, but enjoyed the hell out of it.

New York, NY

#18 Oct 21, 2013
Was a senior in high school, and went canoeing one weekend down the Delaware with a friend from my track team. We set up camp after the first day, then skinny dipped in the river. Wasn’t a big deal, we’d seen each other naked hundreds of times in the showers. We walked back to the tent, and he commented my shoulders were sunburned. He got some aloe, and smeared it on my back. I glanced over and his big fat unit was at eye level, maybe a foot away. I joked for him to get his ugly d1ck outta my face, and he just reached down and slapped my cheek with it. We started wrestling in the tent, and before ya know it, we’re both hard, grinding into each other on the tent floor. It was the most intense thing I’d ever felt. His hard warm muscular body pressed into mine, both of us humping and grunting and trying to get off, arms locked around each other, his eyes staring into mine, his nostrils flared, when he threw his head back, clenched his face and I felt his batter between us. I kept rubbing into his abs as hard and fast as I could, smearing his goo all over us, and had the most intense orgasm ever. We stayed locked in each others arms, catching our breath. When he rolled off me, we were both a mess, and he started laughing. We cleaned up, had dinner, and ended up doing it again, and then sleeping in the same sleeping bag naked. During the middle of night, he was spooning me, and I felt him try and push into me, he didn’t have any lube, so wasn’t successful. He tried the aloe, but that didn’t work either. We ended up just giving each other head. He did end up popping my cherry a few days later in his basement.

New York, NY

#19 Oct 21, 2013
My first time was at 17. Lived in New Orleans, and went to a “mixer” at the GLBT club on a college campus near where we lived. Ended up talking to this really nice guy, who turned out to also be “new to the scene”. We left and sat on a bench on the quad and talked for hours. It was like we knew each other forever. Know it sounds corny, but when he put his hand on mine, I felt sparks. Nothing else happened, other than getting each others numbers. A week later we went to a movie together, and held hands the whole movie. He kissed me goodnight, and I got hard. Another week went by, and I met him at his dorm to go to another movie. He asked me if I liked his shirt, and I said I did, but he decided to change. When he took off his shirt, I about melted. Perfect abs and pecs, that little wisp of hair from his belly button into his jeans. We never made it out of the dorm. We kissed and rubbed on his bed, and then 69’d. we both blew fast, and laying naked in his arms, his spunk on my chest, was the greatest feeling in the world. We had oral again, and then fell asleep together for a while. Woke up, kissed and cuddled, and ended up grinding each other to a 3rd orgasm. The next time, he fvcked me for the first time, and that blew my mind as well. I’ll never forget Tim!

Auckland, New Zealand

#20 Nov 15, 2013
I was 23 at the time and away from my home town for work reasons. I knew this trip was coming up for a while and had been chatting to this guy in an msn chatroom for sometime on the lead up to the trip. We'd exchanged numbers, sent texts and talked about catching up while I was in his home town. At this point neither of us had been with a guy previous and were both very curious for an experience. My second night in his town I got the courage to call him, we talked for a while and he told me he had his first experience with one of his mates the night previous... I thought that was going to be a deal breaker if he hadnt enjoyed it. Turned out he did and wanted to experiment more!!

I said I would pick him up and and we could go back to my hotel room which had it own full size spa pool and to bring his swimming shorts. The idea being we would take our shorts off under water, we started feeling each other and both got hard quickly. After a few minutes of feeling I wanted more and asked him to sit on the edge of the pool. I can still remember how good his cock looked and that I couldnt resist the urge to have it in my mouth. It felt a bit awkward and clumsy to start with but we soon worked up a rythem and I had my hand pumping him while my mouth and tounge were doing the rest of the work. The feeling of his cum shooting into my mouth was exactly as I hoped it would be. We swapped positions, he sucked me off and then we headed to the bathroom to dry off. While he was drying his hair I couldn't keep my eyes off his cock and surprised him with another blowjob while he was standing there with his eyes shut.

Beacuase we lived so far away we never did hook up again, but I will never forget it.

Pinellas Park, FL

#21 Nov 15, 2013
Not my first time--I had done oral from 14 until 22 or so.

I was about 25 or so, and had gotten a job with a small firm on the east coast (US); that did a lot of business with the west coast (3 hour time difference).

There were 4 people (counting me) to handle this- 2 and 2; this fellow Barry lived near me, and the other 2 lived near each other, so it became Barry & I.

Barry and I were both 6'4"; slim; that ends most similarities. Barry had long blond hair, and was " a hunk". I am just scrawny.

Women of all ages flocked to Barry--from little girls to those past 70.

The first night we were to work together, we went out for an early dinner, and walking to the restaurant, he shocked me by saying that he was gay.

I asked, " you mean that you would rather suck c**k then eat pu**y" , and, stopping for breath, "and take a c**k up your butt then stick it into some girls p***y?" He said yes.

i had not had sex for several weeks, so I asked if, once we were alone, if he would blow me. He asked f I would f**k him, as he had lube and condoms in the office-he loved cum, and felt that after being f**ked, he would drink the cum, and would I give him hand jobs? I agreed.

This went on the entire time I worked there--with some changes after a few months.

New York, NY

#22 Nov 15, 2013
My first time was with this kid in my freshman dorm. He was fairly quiet and shy, and looked like he was about 15. Don’t think he even shaved yet. I noticed he would stare at me in the open showers, then turn away when I caught him. One afternoon, I came back from a run, and he saw me in the hall. I grabbed a towel and headed for the showers, and surprise surprise, a couple minutes later there he is using the shower across from mine. I start soaping up my junk, and playing with myself and he just stares, I start getting hard, and I see he’s growing too. I turned off my shower, walked over to his and asked him if he wanted “this”. He just nodded. We wrapped towels around ourselves and walked back to my room. I locked the door, pushed him down to his knees, and fed him my c@ck. Kid really knew what he was doing, and I gushed down his throat. I started to get dressed while he jerked off feverishly. Suddenly I had this wave of lust, and told him I was going to fvck him. He just laid on his back, pulled his legs up, and exposed his hairless little pink puckerhole. I found some Vaseline, smeared him and myself, and dove into that hot little hole. Pumped him for quite a while, maybe 15 minutes, when I felt that familiar tingle, and then seeded him. Did him off and on for 4 years.

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