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tonya harding

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#112 Mar 4, 2009
Scarlet wrote:
I need discipline. Badly. My boyfriend is very aroused by my submissive nature and my desire to spanked. However, he is lazy. Last week, he told me to turn around and put my hands at my sides. I obeyed and he started to talk about spanking me, getting more and more aroused. Next thing I know, we're in bed but I never got my spanking! This happens all the time!
Why don't you do it, I ask. He replies, I was already worked up just by the thought of it and didn't need to.
If I ask for a spanking, he will not do it. Me asking for punishment doesn't fit into his ideas about how the dynamic should be. If I ask, I am refused.
He is lazy in the bed, alright. I generally don't mind because the level of chemical attraction is enough for me right now. He can just lie there (and does) and I will still be enormously turned on by him.
But just thinking and talking about spanking me and never following through? Why? It's driving me mad.
confide ur thoughts to one or more of ur girlfriends....if one of them seems interested ask her to paddle u.....or offer to trade spankings with her.....women are much better at giving spankings than men are.....and once u get into a trade spankings with a girlfriend u can describe just how u want it done and really get off is a win win way of getting a good paddling
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#113 Mar 14, 2009
My husband has disciplined me our entire marriage. When we became engaged, he told me that in order for our marriage to work, he would be the head of the household and I would submit to him. At first I thought he was crazy but then he explained it to me. He would take care of all the worrying, bills, housing, etc. I could work if I wanted and I would have an allowance to use as I pleased and he would take care of the bills. But if my behavior warranted a spanking, I would submit to him such as drinking too much, swearing or laziness. I thought it wasn't such a bad idea. I was spanked the day after our wedding so I would know what to expect for the rest of our marriage. He had me in the dining room and had me pull down my pants and panties while I stood in front of him. He said that this would be the way for the rest of our lives and proceeded to pull me over his lap and spank me at least 25 times with his hand. I was then sent to the corner with pants still down to think about it and I stood there for 15 minutes when I was allowed to leave the corner. He rubbed my bottom, pulled up my pants and told me to go to bed naked. And that happens every time I am spanked. Since then I have been disciplined with his hand, a hairbrush and a paddle. I must count the strokes or we start over. It is never vicious and I have to say that I deserved every spanking. I am glad I submit to my husband and it frees me from decisions that I would rather not make.

Weatherford, TX

#114 Mar 27, 2009
I have always loved being spanked especially when i was bad. I would be bad on purpose. I also enjoyed other little punishments as well. Much like small children different punishment for different offenses. The man who introduced me to spanking would spank me til I begged and I came the first time! If I was really bad he spanked me while he reamed me in the ass. It was the greatest orgasm I ever had. I only wish I could find another man like him but it it really hard to ask a date " Hey I was really bad want to spank my ass." It never comes out right! Bend me over baby and make me beg. Every woman should get put in her place and have a few things put in her place!
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#115 Mar 30, 2009
My boyfriend spanks me, I brought it up, he agreed and that's how it is. He is also my best friend and my partner, but I'm willing to admit that I was raised as a spoiled brat. The only times he puts me over his knee are if I spend too much money (and I have to return stuff) or if I lose my temper and lash out. Both these occurrences have improved on my part since the spankings started. I make my own money and live my own life and it doesn't revolve around him, he is only a part of my life, a large part but not the whole. We plan to get married which is why were banging my little spend thrift problems out now before were sharing a bank account with more expenses. He's my best friend and knows that by all means I am his equal and that's how we work. I couldn't imagine revolving MY life around a man.
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#116 Mar 31, 2009
This site has actually really helped.
I just recently turned 18 and have had feelings about being spanked since i was 13. It always left me feeling like a freak and I am surprised to see that there are so many spankos out there.

But how do you bring it up to a guy you like without sounding like a huge freak?
malk 123

Sheffield, UK

#117 Apr 6, 2009
I would find it difficult to spank my girlfriend , though she spanks me regularly ! She uses a slipper . hair brush and just recently we obtained a school cane .......... they all really hurt.......... needless to say we have great sex afterwards !

Tampa, FL

#118 Apr 6, 2009
My husband spanks me when I ask him.I too would like for him to spank me for corrective reasons or whe I have done something wrong. Even though we have a good sex life after 18 years of marriage, It would certainly spice things up.
I love a strong and domeneering male.

Glen Allen, VA

#119 Apr 7, 2009
Damn, I could never do this to my wife. Im not aggressive or dominant enough, and I would worry too much about her being in pain or feeling bad. Whatever floats your boat I guess.
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Van Nuys, CA

#120 Apr 22, 2009
my husband and I have been married for 24yrs now and he is the head of our house. He is in control of all of our money and yes if I do wrong I will get spanked, I am grateful he is in control he has helped me control many things like quitting smoking, etc . he is not a mean man he is very fair, and I dont have to worry about making any decisions, because he does it all for me. I love the fact that the only thing I need to do is go to work and cook and clean for my husband, everything else including driving me to work, picking me up, going to get groceries he is there, he buys the food for the week and I just have to cook it. He buys my clothes he is just the most wonderful man.
He drives you? Do you ever get to drive? You don't get to choose what groceries or what to cook? Hmmm I'll have to think about that.

Van Nuys, CA

#121 Apr 22, 2009
George wrote:
Seems there are many women who enjoy being spanked, although I don't have one of those women. My wife thinks its awful that I want to bend her over and redden her bottom.
try reading a really, really, erotic M/F spanking short story to her... Make sure it is a good one... it just might get her thinking about it.

Van Nuys, CA

#122 Apr 22, 2009
Lisa wrote:
Hi, I'm new to all this spanking stuff but I've been reading stories and looking at video clips wherever I can get them. I've even started "paying" for stories about romantic spankings and bf's or husbands spanking their significant others for pleasure and correction. I must say I'm fascinated by it all and would like to get my husband to really spank me but I don't know how to go about it...I'm afraid he'll just think I'm weird! I'm thinking about just printing one of my stories and putting it somewhere where he will just see it and read it...then he'll know! Do you think this will help me? Or just get me in trouble..hehe.
That is exactly what I done... and it worked for me. I wrote a (seemingly) fictional character that was really naughty and really needed a spanking. The character was suspiciously just like me!


#123 Apr 22, 2009
I have been married for 27 years and my wife disciplines me nearly every day. We have moved on to belts and if I do my jobs, washing, ironing, floors etc I am rewarded with 50 lovely lashes. We started spanking and have progressed. It stimulates me naturally and we have a very clean and tidy house. I tried it on her but she didn't like it but I do. I find it as my reward and love the cracking sound it makes. Each hit is different in some way and variety is the spice of life. Hence my name "slaveboy". It is a win win situation I get something I love and she gets to do less and less housework. Start out easy until trust is built

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#124 Apr 24, 2009
George wrote:
Seems there are many women who enjoy being spanked, although I don't have one of those women. My wife thinks its awful that I want to bend her over and redden her bottom.
George, I am a woman who would love a spanking for disipline and for fun/sex. I have been married for 29 years and just got interested in it the last year. My husband will spank me but it's only a form of foreplay with him. I really want a SPANKING! for real>


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#125 Apr 24, 2009
Resources for those interested:

Encyclopaedic topic, with links, on Domestic discipline:

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Loving Domestic discipline:

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#126 Apr 24, 2009
My husband is the head of our home, and I am so very grateful. From the beginning he told me what his expectations were, very clearly, and if not met, I have been disciplined. This has made my life very easy, as I take care of our beautiful home, keep my body in perfect shape through yoga and running, cook, and live to please my man. For this I am rewarded with amazing sex, a beautiful home,and a worry free life.I am only disciplined when I disappoint my husband, which I work very hard not to do. His form of discipline is using a wooden spoon on my bare bottom. The only time he spanked me so hard that the spoon broke was when I masturbated.(Every day when he gets home from work I tell him what did for the entire day) He told me that I should never ever do this as it takes away from him, that my sexuality was made his when he married me, and that masterbating wasted my body juices. Believe me, i have never done that again...and why should I, we have sex every day at least once,and often more times.I love my husband as he wants our marriage to be perfect, and so do I.

Mesa, AZ

#127 Apr 24, 2009
I am 18 yrs old and I'm about ready to go to college. I have been fascinated by the idea of being spanked by a "lover", but I don't know how to find out if the guys that I see in college are into that kinda thing. I have been seeing this one guy for a year and a half now but I still don't know if he would spank me. I try to hint at the idea to see if maybe he will catch on and finally spank me but he never gets it. How do I get him to spank me without coming right out and saying it. It would be too embarrassing for me to straight out ask him.


#128 Apr 24, 2009
Butterfly when you are mucking around just fall lean over his knees and say that you have been a bad girl that he should do something take the upper hand so to speak. Make sure you are wearing a skirt and nice panties/i

Arlington, TN

#129 Apr 25, 2009
mark wrote:
I have been looking for years to find a woman to give a spanking to who would really enjoy it.Alas,no such luck,maybe some day.Im in my late forties,but still in very good shape.But I feel my time is running short.Have a great day everybody.
Mark, are you in the States and do you have an e-mail?

Scottsdale, AZ

#130 Apr 28, 2009
My wife agreed to domestic discipline before we married 15 years ago. It makes her feel secure and wanted.

Tucson, AZ

#131 Apr 28, 2009
My SO and me are in a DD relationship for 4 years now. I am the HoH and I spank him for maintenance as well as punishments. I typically use a schoolmistress cane for punishment spankings which has a very desireable effect in terms of attitude adjustment. My maintenance spankings typically involve a belt, tawse or a crop.
Our relationship is better than ever and it has only gotten better over the years and my SO is very attentive and heeding of me. We are one happy DD couple.

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