Ever wear diapers for sexual pleasure?
Nz g baby

New Zealand

#237 Jan 2, 2012
I live in auckland nz and wear nappies to bed every nite if u dont like this chat room then dont even leave a massaga

Garland, TX

#238 Jan 7, 2012
hiighroller29 wrote:
I wear diapers too, so nobody start trippin. You guys are just fine. We all love wearing them. What we do in them is just a bonus. And we can never get enough of it.
i love diapers an i live in dallas texas lookin for a friend around this area who does also

Johannesburg, South Africa

#239 Jan 17, 2012
hey billy I absoluty love hummping my diaper to give me shuch an orgasm .I also love cumming in my diapers and nappy rupa and nappies turn me on too lol .

Johannesburg, South Africa

#240 Jan 17, 2012
well said Nz baby you can say that again if any one has a problem with this group then they must lieave this group now lol.

Sheboygan, WI

#241 Jan 18, 2012
Why do people always have to judge. Wtf does it matter if someone loves diapers. They aint killing anyone or harming u. Who cares, abd are awesome and always will be.

Sheboygan, WI

#242 Jan 18, 2012
Wisconsin, sheboygan. Love diapers. Woman only

Encino, CA

#243 Jan 20, 2012
I'm obsessed with diapers. Before and after work, every night, weekends. I wear diapers as much as possible. I'm straight and have a girlfriend that participates big time, but doesn't really get off on it. I wanna try and she wants to watch me get fucked in my ass. Never actually had real anal sex. Fooled around with toys but that's it...preferably by a girl with a dick. A hot girl with a Dick
Anonymousabdlgir l2003


#244 Feb 6, 2012
I have always been curious wha it's like to wear diapers for comfort but I'm not into soiling them... just to wear them. I always have been an ABDL girl at heart but none of my friends or family know. Not even my bf knows I have this fetish. I hate "growing up" too. I also own my own bottle which I sometimes put warm milk in which really helps me sleep just like a baby. I have a stuffed toy collection, enjoy colouring with crayons and everything. Sometimes when I am upset and crying all it takes is my dummy/binkie to settle me down and I've fell asleep sucking on it many times. Seeing people online with the same fetishes makes me feel less of an outkast. I like to imagine I have two older people role playing as my new mum and dad, being spoon fed etc and actually wish that could really happen but I am too shy. I sometimes find myself speaking gibberish baby langauge when things don't go my way too. I will stick up for the ABDL network all the way. We are mot hurting anyone,just a bunch of people who like to be dressed up as and treated as babies but NEVER involve real babies or children.(I'm against that... just I want to be dressed up as a baby and treated like one by people much older than me) We are not harming or hurting anyone. We are just having fun so all you haters just fuck off cause it is our lives not yours. We choose to be ABDL's so what! Get your own damn lives to judge cause if we don't want to be depressed friggin' grown ups it does not affect you so stick your opposing opinions up your arse where they are actually wanted. P.S I'm an ABDL girl forever whether anyone likes it or not. It is my life! <3

Nottingham, UK

#246 Feb 19, 2012
I love my plastic pants

Pinckney, MI

#247 Feb 20, 2012
How long have you been wearing them leeeleee. Me 6mths an now im a lifer

United States

#248 Feb 23, 2012
I wear diapers 24\7for needs...anyone here also wear for need....

Pinckney, MI

#250 Feb 24, 2012
Diaper-Goth wrote:
I wear diapers 24\7for needs...anyone here also wear for need....
I do .Its hard to find sum one who will talk bout it
pee pee girl

Vermilion, OH

#251 Feb 28, 2012
I just started peeing in diapers. I'm not incontinent, just like that warm feeling when I pee in my diaper.

Pinckney, MI

#252 Feb 29, 2012
pee pee girl wrote:
I just started peeing in diapers. I'm not incontinent, just like that warm feeling when I pee in my diaper.
Its fun. Wen I 1st started it was 1 a day now its bout 6 a day. I try not to ever use a bathroom any more

Gloucester, UK

#253 Mar 3, 2012
I wear disposible nappies for a medical reason I love wearing nappies and it is the best thing I have ever done is wear nappies. I love them

Bozeman, MT

#255 Mar 8, 2012
I have always loved wearing diapers and plastic pants. I can clearly renenber go out in the backyard with my mom when I was 3 and picking which color diaper cover she would put on me after my bath. I was full-time in diapers until I was almost 5 and I really enjoyed those times.

When I was 8 my baby brother was born and I would sneak some of his diapers and diaper covers ooff to my room to play with. My mom caught me a couple of times with the diapers and diaper covers and so a few days later she brought home some large diapers and diapers covers. It was fun to run around in the house and in the yard in my diapers and diaper covers, and I used them for their intended use and wetting felt wonderful
As an adult the urge came back and so I begin looking for baby items. I now have quite a collection of baby items, most importantly diapers and diaper cover. I introduced my wife to diapers and when I diapered her for the first time she nearly had an orgasm while I was diapering her.

Falkirk, UK

#256 Mar 9, 2012
partly for sexual pleasure, but partly just cosiness, security.

Troy, MI

#257 Mar 12, 2012
i need diapers ideas to use to do stuff


#258 Mar 14, 2012
I love wearing diapers been wearing since I was 11 I'm gay love to chat with other gay boys who like diapers kik aligaga69

Marquette, MI

#259 Mar 15, 2012
sunmoonstar9 wrote:
<quoted text>I was just thinking the same thing. I thought wow, I have to read this to see, then I started reading and going...oh wow, should have just walked away.........
I don't get how anyone can get off sitting in their own shit and piss. I think I'll stick to my panties and using the toilet....thanks.
this post from someone who has a "be what you want to be under their picture,really ?? What you don't see and what you don't have to deal with is really not worth worrying about.I too love to wear diapers but I DO have a life other than this ,but yeah it IS a an awesome feeling! Ever wonder why babies rub themselves in their cribs? We all were born needing sexual pleasure and love and if we can't get it from some stuffy old woman ,we can sure get it just like they can ,except not with a cucumber!
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