Guys: at what age did you first have a gay sex experience?

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Anonymous Proxy

#320 Mar 12, 2013
I had gay sex wan I was 13 with my best friend

Chicago, IL

#321 Mar 13, 2013
Donnie wrote:
I was 12 and infatuated with the boy who lived with his family across the alley. We was 16, was a H.S. swimmer, and a life guard in the park pool.
During the summer I would go to the pool before lunch for an hour. One day the boy suggested coming later in the afternoon around 3. I could stay to closing at 5 and he would drive me home.
I didn't think that he knew that I was using the pool or that I even existed. I agreed and found that he had to clean the locker room and toilets before he went home. I soon was helping and he was able to finish earlier. He was so use to my being there that he began showering and walking around nude. One day he suggested that I shower before going home and get rid of all the smell from my body. I could not because I had a boner and didn't understand the implications. He said you see me naked everyday now and "I know what boners are, I get them too".
We not only started showering together, but started washing each other. I asked if my peter would get as big as his. He offered to show me some exercises which helped him.
He told me that he not only slept nude but was allowed to go naked from the time he entered his parents house. I had started sleeping nude, but only after mom came in to say good night. I would then slip out of my briefs and place them under the pillow. One day mom told me; "you kow you don't have to hide the fact that you sleep in the raw; your dad and I do it every night."
Did you ever do anything more than wash each other in the shower? Did you ever start going nude in yous house and see your parents that was?

Brooklyn, NY

#322 Mar 13, 2013
I was ten with a fifteen y.o. boy, he'd been trying to get in my pants for some time. I finally gave in to his persistence. I layed down on my stomach, in my underpants (I didn't want to be naked), with parted legs and my underpnts pulled to the side he told me to relax and push. I did... and he slowly penetrated. It didn't hurt, fully inside me he asked if liked it, I told him no even though it had started to tingle inside me as he slowly fucked me. When he came I thought he was peeing and told him I didn't want to ever do it again. It took him a while to convince me, but when we did I slowly began to enjoy it more each and every time. With a gentle penetration, poking my prostate and with a rush of hi cum, I had my first orgasm at twelve.

Chicago, IL

#323 Mar 18, 2013
I was 11 when I was sent to spend a summer with moms younger brother, who was a ranger in the North Woods. I guess mom and dad were having problems.
It was awesome, because I never had to get dressed. I went naked even when my uncle was present. He would often join me.
There were 4 ranger cabins along the shore of a small lake. We would all go skinny-dipping.
One of the rangers had 3 nephews who stayed 3 weeks, while another had 2 sons who stayed while on summer break from college. The third one had a nephew who was my age.
Everyone of us was nude and hard. We boys had sex from morning to night. One night my uncle asked how I liked gay sex, I was kind of surprised to find that he knew.
I honestly told him that I loved sucking and being sucked, but I told him that my hole was still virgin. I wanted someone special to take my cherry; who else but my uncle. He took me nice and gentle.
The following weekend we had a party for all the great guys; it was more of an orgy. My uncle's cabin stunk of stale cum and piss for over a week. Like I stated before, it was awesome.
I returned home the day before Labor Day, kissing mom and dad. mom wanted my dirty clothes; there were not any except what I was wearing. Dad almost chocked when mom said she would call my uncle and thank him for cleaning and pressing my clothes. I told mom not to bother because I was naked for the entire 8 weeks. To prove it, I undressed, I was no longer shy about being seen naked. This time mom nearly chocked when she saw me naked for the first time since I was 10. I was now 17.

New York, NY

#324 Mar 20, 2013
I was 14, and he was the 18 year old lifeguard at the community pool. Couldnt take my eyes off him, and his incredible tanned body up in that chair. I'd walk under the chair, and peek up his leg, and could somtimes see his jockstrap pouch. I'd go into the stall and jerkoff. One time, I'm midstroke and I hear "psst", I freeze lookup, and his head is looking over the stall. He whispers "let me in". I unlock the door, he enters locks it and pulls his trunks and jock down and out flopped his hard d!ck, and he moved closer to me. He put his hand on the back of my neck, and said "suck it" I took him in my mouth, and it was the best thing I ever tasted. I slurped and sucked and licked as fast as I could, feeling his hard abs with my hands. He was fast, less than 2 minutes, when he pulled out, and spurted on my chest. He quickly pulled up, and left. I took his spunk and jerked off with it to the best c#m of my life. I cleaned off in the basin, and went back out. He smirked at me from his chair, but I didnt care. Happened every day I was at the pool the rest of the summer, except he started c@mming in my mouth, and I drank every drop.

Chicago, IL

#325 Mar 20, 2013
I was a freshman in HS age 13, when my brother asked if I was going to the Home Coming dance the following week. I was not because I was too shy to ask a girl. I sat on my brothers bed after my confession almost ready to cry. My brother for the first time gave me a hug and kissed my tears, saying he understood. How could he; he and his best pal dated the most beautiful girls in school. He would come home from a double date and tell me what they had done.
For instance,he had returned from his Friday night date. My brother told me that all 4 of them went to a small lake, stripped and skinny-dipped. He then explained that they had sex. I asked what it felt like to have your cock in a girl's pussy, after all he was the school's star quarterback and his friend the number one receiver.
My super stud brother, told me that they did not know. He and his friend were not into girls; they only dated to avoid problems. The girls knew but would not tell because they were lezzies.
My stud brother and his pal had been into each others naked bodies since they first went to church camp when they were 11.
I asked what it was like to have sex with a boy after promising never to say anything to anyone about what I was going to be told. Instead of telling me, he offered to show me if I got undressed.
He kissed me on the lips and worked his way down my body nipping as he went. At last he took my 5" peter in his mouth as I came. I said i was sorry, but he said swallowing cum was the best part. He sucked me a second time, while in his bed. We fell asleep that way. In the morning, his friend stopped by. Mom sent him up to our room, where he found us. He had a surprise for my brother.
Last night, his brother who is a school mate of mine ask about sex.
We showered dressed and went to pick up his little brother. We drove to the lake skinny-dipping and having sex all morning. We had more than enough cum for lunch.

New York, NY

#326 Mar 20, 2013
Got drafted and sent to boot camp. Fortunately, I was so tired, living in one room and showering with 40 buff young guys tempered any random boners, but late at night, Id quietly jerk into a sock thinking about the hottest ones. Kirk was the hottest. Tall blond, pure sinew, perfect abs and pecs, tight buns and a big floppy thick cut piece of meat. In the bunk next to me, but not once did I hear him rub one out. After boot camp we got the weekend off. When Kirk asked me if I wanted to go to town and get a room and try and get laid, I jumped at it. We ate, then went to the local bar, where GIs outnumbered women about 20 to one. We got drunk and went to the motel. My heart skipped a beat when the door opened, and it was a single full bed. Drunk we pulled off our clothes, and I plopped down in my briefs. I watched Jakes perfect ass as he bent over and pulled his pants off. Then he hooked his thumbs into his waistband, dropped his shorts, and flung them with his foot. He turned to me, his crotch only a foot away at eye level, gave it a tug, and slurred, Id been staring at it for weeks, now was my chance to have it. I devoured that huge snake, and he popped a load for the ages in me, as I jerked like crazy. He thanked me, went to sleep. I woke up on my side, feeling slimy fingers poking at my hole. I raised leg, gave him access, and shortly he was pushing into me. He wasnt gentle, in fact the hardest I had ever had, but it was amazing, and he filled my other hole, then rolled over and went back to sleep. In the morning, he did me doggy. We went t obreakfast, and he asked me if I was up to another round, and we went back and had a 3rd romp. By Sunday morning, he had drained 8 loads into me, and I staggered back to base, sore, but happy.

New Rochelle, NY

#327 Mar 20, 2013
horny boy 13 wrote:
<quoted text>
yes please whats your email
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Ballwin, MO

#328 Mar 20, 2013
I was 14, and a freshman in high school. My English teacher was really hot, and I dream about have sex with him. I could tell he was gay, but he hid it by saying he had a girlfriend to all of his students. Then one day he told me he wanted to see me after school. I went after about 3 hours and he was there in the classroom. He looked happy to see me and quickly got up. i was so nervous. i locked the door behind me and ran up and hugged him. he looked very confused and i quickly backed away thinking dang he is straight. but then he grabbed my shirt and threw me on his desk. he unzipped my jeans and quickly started sucking my cock. i couldnt believe it. it was amazing. he then got up and i started sucking him. his cock was so warm and hard ii loved it. then he turned me around and started putting his dick in me. it hurt but it felt good. he then laid me on my back on his desk and started fucking me more. then he came on my stomach it was warm and amazing. then i came and he licked it all clean... probably thee best day of my life!

New Rochelle, NY

#329 Mar 20, 2013
horny boy 13 wrote:
<quoted text>
yes please whats your email
I'm 11

New Rochelle, NY

#331 Mar 20, 2013
British kid wrote:
<quoted text>. ME PLEASE!!!

New Rochelle, NY

#332 Mar 20, 2013
horny boy 13 wrote:
<quoted text>
yes please whats your email
me I'm 11

Maribor, Slovenia

#333 Mar 22, 2013
I am 13 and i really wanna do it with someone (still havent and i am bi) and i live in europe so... Its kinda awkward here

Maribor, Slovenia

#334 Mar 22, 2013
I live on Slovenia and if anyone wants to do it (my age) please respond
Djm 99

Barrie, Canada

#336 Mar 26, 2013
Me any my friend have had anal at age 13

Chicago, IL

#337 Mar 27, 2013
I was 12 and walked in on my 16 year old brother and his friend naked having oral sex. Both boys were scared that I would tell. I assured them I would not. I only wanted to know if you could catch a disease from sucking a peter, since it was used to pee.
The other boy hurriedly got dressed and left. He left in such a hurry, he forgot his briefs. My brother was still near tears, worried about what I would say to mom. I had made a promise and I told him I would keep it. For the first time in my life my brother kissed me and said thanks. I still wanted to know if it was bad. My brother said if you liked a boy and he liked you, it could awesome.
I helped him undress me.
He sucked me like he sucked his friend. He was correct, it was awesome. I pushed him away, saying I had to pee. He just kept going and drank everything I had. That was how and his friend began almost 5 years before. I now knew what I wanted more than anything else, boy sex.
My brother rimmed my hole and turned around. I did not hesitate in rimming him, but he wanted more. He demanded that I plow his hole and take his cherry.
It was great. Here I was a 12 year old boy fucking his 16 year old brother like a pro.
Djm 99

Barrie, Canada

#338 Mar 27, 2013
I was 13

Lakewood, WA

#339 Mar 27, 2013
Im 17 it was this year, my little brothers friend, who is 14 and very hot for his age, has always seemed like he might be gay. He never talks about girls and he has never had a girlfriend but everytime hes staying over and im in the room he takes his shirt off which makes me think hes showing off. I flirt with him a lot all the time but i try to make it sound like a joke. Well one day i was about to go take a shower and as i walked by him i jokingly whispered to him that id leave the door unlocked. To my surprise, about 5 minutes into my shower i heard the door open and i saw him start to undress. He locked the door, and joined me in the shower. We didnt even say anything, we just started making out and stroking each others c0cks, then i got down on my knees and started sucking on his 6 incher. After he was close i stopped, then he got down and did the same. After that, i bent over for him and he started to plow my a$$, it was so hot and wet and felt amazing! He blew his load inside me and i came just a few seconds after that. We had a fun time cleaning up afterwards too ;)

Terry, MS

#341 Mar 31, 2013
I was about 12. It started with truth or dare. U touch mine ill touch urs. Well we moved to oral and eventually to anal. However I am the only one who recieves. I am 17 now, any guys 12 to 15 looking for a first time experience hit me up ill gladly suck u, let u f**k me and anything else u can think of. Kik me at whitetailslayer17

Pickerington, OH

#343 Mar 31, 2013
I was 13 & camping with my best friend. We were getting ready to sleep and got naked. I just started rubbing his ock and he got hard. I decided to suck him and I came all over the place with his hard dick in my mouth. Im married now, but still think about that all the time and get instantly hard.

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