What is your best sexual experience?

What is your best sexual experience?

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Auckland, New Zealand

#1 Sep 2, 2012
What is your best sexual experience? I wanna hear some stories.

Auckland, New Zealand

#4 Sep 3, 2012
Has anyone else encounted sexual experiences who has a good story?

Richmond, IN

#5 Sep 3, 2012
I have to say the best Pu**y I ever hit was my lil sis. I was 16 she 11. Long story short, we had a bf/ gf relationship up until our 20's.


#7 Sep 3, 2012
Cutechucky wrote:
So Peter,was thatall of it or did you ever get to do Natlie?
No regretably i never have. Having her is top of my bucket list of things to do before i die. LOL. As long as the first thing i see every morning when i wake up, is Natalie fully naked, with her panties under my pillow, i am a happy man.

Lima, Peru

#8 Sep 3, 2012
abc wrote:
What is your best sexual experience? I wanna hear some stories.
It is YOU who needs experience!Lose your virginity and get laid! Typical virgin thread!
The Funzone

Fort Worth, TX

#10 Sep 4, 2012
When i was 13 i used to go to my dads on weekends. Once my sister(11) and my cousin(14) decided to stay the night over there with me. At around 10:00, after my dad had gone to bed, we were in my room watching TV, i didn't have my shirt on and my cousin had just her bra on. She suggested the idea of playing truth or dare, so we did. Nothing really sexual happened except for my cuz daring my sister to pull down her panties in my face, i got a little hard, but nothing came of it. Later that night as i was laying on the couch in the living room, i gave the girls the bed, my cousin walked in in just her panties and asked if she could sleep on the couch because my sister was taking up the whole bed, i said sure. She layed down in front of me facing the TV, with my arm over her stomach under the blanket. After watching for about an hour, i realized her hand had reached behind her and she started rubbing my dick which, of course, got me really hard. i moved my right hand under and around her to start rubbing her boobs and my left down to rub the front of her panties. By then, she had pushed my underwear down and my dick was pressed right in between her cheeks and i started thrusting, she spoke for the first time and said "Wait, not this." Then she stood up, took her panties off and layed back under the covers with her pussy in my face and my dick in hers, i started eating her out while she sucked my dick and when i came 5 minutes later she swallowed it all. Then she sat up on the couch and made me kneel on the floor, under the covers, and i ate her to orgasm while massaging her ass cheeks. It is still one of the most intense sexual experiences i have ever had.


#11 Sep 5, 2012
Cutechucky wrote:
<quoted text>So does that mean she is sleeping in your bed without panties or what?
Oh God, i wish.
No , unfortunately it just means that i have the photos of Natalie fully naked by my bed, & 2 pairs of her panties under my pillow to play with.

Milwaukee, WI

#12 Sep 5, 2012
I'm an old-fart. I came of sexual age during the sex revolution of the 1960s/70s. When the events related below occurred, I'd had a number of partners and I was no virgin.

I met Celia (not her real name) through a co-worker and we soon ended up in a relationship. These many years later I still think of her from time to time with affection.

The first time she gave me a blowjob I lay back on the bed and enjoyed sensations I'd never felt with any other woman. When I was about to cum, I looked up and asked if she wanted me to come in her mouth. She nodded her head vigorously, still with my dick deep her her mouth, and I shot my load.

When she was done swallowing she came up for a snuggle. I said, it felt like you had my whole dick in your mouth.'I did,' she said with a sly smirk.

But that wasn't my best experience with her.

One night some time later she gave a blowjob. As soon as she could get me hard again, she gave me another. And a third immediately after that. On the third one she stuck her finger up my butt and milked my prostate. My eyes literally rolled back in my head. It was the most intense orgasm I've had in my entire life.

She was wonderful.

It turns out that before meeting me she had previously worked for sometime in a massage parlor. I don't know that that's where she got her skills, but I'm sure she got a lot of practice there.

Lest you think this was all a one-way street, I try to make sure the woman I'm with is satisfied, and the best way to do that is cunnilingus. I don't know I'm the best in the world at it, but I've never had a complaint.

After I had eaten her to orgasm one occasion, she told me that my ministrations to her had opened up a whole new world for her. So our experiences were mutual.

I suppose the other men she had been with rarely spent any time pleasing her.

BTW, when I was fingering her, she liked her clit rubbed very hard and vigorously, more so than any other woman I've ever been with. But she said that's what she wanted and liked.

I haven't seen her contacted her in decades. I wonder how she is today.
Big Jen

Reading, UK

#16 Sep 6, 2012
Most of the time I like a slow long screw but every now and again I like it rough. I was dating a real muscular man who knew when and how to keep me in line. Late One hot night we were sitting watching tv and I was dressed in my white see through nightie. Underneath was nothing but a pair of white pantie briefs that he demanded I wore unless I wanted a spanking!
He suddenly got up and picked me aloft in his arms. He carried me into the bedroom where he just flung me on the bed and then proceeded to strip off.
I could see immediately I was in for a good stiff talking to as he then pushed my nightie up and then pulled my legs back over my head pinning them down with one arm. My a$$ and Pu$$y were defencelessly pointing upwards as he ripped my panties off with one strong yank and threw them across the room. With all exposed he went to work with his tongue while occasionally spanking my behind. He soon had me wanton and opened me up with his strong fingers his mouth alternating between teasing my Pu$$y and sensually biting my a$$. When he had me gasping and flooded he inserted two fingers before exchanging them with his tongue , his wet fingers lubricating my star and then spanking my bottom cheeks. As I started to writhe he inserted a thumb and sucked at my vag hole before tipping me over the edge by racing down on my hard throbbing cl!t!. I yelled with pleasure but still he held my legs down as he quickly positioned himself on the bed. My legs sprang back as he released me only for him to grab me and flip my shuddering body over face down. He got between my legs, forcing them apart and then lifting my a%% to hastily harpoon himself into my sodden gash. He hammered like a buzz saw from the off and soon had me c*mming again and again before expending with-in me, spanking my butt solidly with every ejaculating thrust!
I t was short hard and rough but brilliant and if I had to nominate the best screw of my life that would be number one. Having said that I doubt I could take that sort of animal urgency every night - phew! hot, hot, memories!

Franklinville, NJ

#17 Oct 10, 2012
my best experience was when I was 8. I had a 3 some with my sister and my neighbor. both of them were super sexy and had the tightest p****ies. I used to lay there naked as they messed with me. when they sat on my dingaling I went crazy
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