first time nude in front of a friend?

Since: Oct 09

Marquette, MI

#45 Oct 18, 2009
ReedFish wrote:
Twice more. That afternoon was really out of character. Modest family. I saw her changing out of her bikini about a year later (a little bush thet time) and just after a shower some years later. She was in her room sitting on her bed with robe open. She as about 16 or 17 that time. She got pissed at me for not knocking.
Did you ever talk about it after that? I used to watch my sisters in the shower, but I never had the courage to talk to them about it. I always fantasized about getting in with them and having some fun....

Sydney, Australia

#46 Oct 18, 2009
i was 15 wen i saw my 18 sis naked we were home alone and we got drunk she showed me how to have sex. first time i saw a guy naked i was 17 we compared sizes which led to how far we cud take each other in our holes

Jefferson City, MO

#47 Oct 18, 2009
ReedFish wrote:
Sis and her friend gave us a naked show when they were both 12. So me and friend (8 and 9) did it next, both with full erections. The rules were to undress in the other room then walk around in the livingroom where they waited on the couch fully naked. Sis's friend had some fur small tits, sis was peachy fuzz with no boobs. Then Mom pulled up the driveway and we ran to the bathroom to dress. Fun Summer afternoon.
Me and my friend cathy did the same thing for the neighbor boys. We were all 11 and 12 back then.

Waterloo, Canada

#48 Oct 18, 2009
funny wrote:
i was 15 wen i saw my 18 sis naked we were home alone and we got drunk she showed me how to have sex. first time i saw a guy naked i was 17 we compared sizes which led to how far we cud take each other in our holes
that is hot

Since: Oct 09

Marquette, MI

#49 Oct 18, 2009
Katie wrote:
<quoted text>
Me and my friend cathy did the same thing for the neighbor boys. We were all 11 and 12 back then.
That is so hot!!! I wish I would have lived in your neighborhood!

Jefferson City, MO

#50 Oct 19, 2009
Katie wrote:
<quoted text>
Me and my friend cathy did the same thing for the neighbor boys. We were all 11 and 12 back then.
My friend stacy and myself were about almost 12 when one summer day at her house there were 2 boys the same age.Her dad has a hugh workshop in the back yard. Anyway we were in there and talking about sex type things.We all agreed we had not seen a girl or a boy nude. Nor had us girls ever seen a real hard c*ck.We all agreed to show each other. We were all a little slow but when we were all nude the boys were hard as could be. I also saw that stacy had bigger boobs and more pubic than I did. We had alot more that summer.

United States

#51 Oct 19, 2009
I was 12 and my friend liz and I were talked in to dropping our panties for two neighbor boys who would then show us theirs. It was going to be all of our first time seing the opposite sex naked. So liz and I pulled our panties down. She had hair. I did not. Then the boys said they would like to see our chest too. But we said not until we see their weiners. They agreed to let us look down their underwear and would drop them and get totally naked as soon as we got totally naked. Looking down their underwear dave was bigger than terry and had hair where terry didn't. So liz and I got naked and the boys started laughing. I was immediately embarrassed as I was as flat as a boy. liz was bigger but still small. Then the door burst open and 10 more boys ran in and started hooting and hollering and they all grabbed our clothes from us. We started to wrestle for them back without much success. They also blocked the door so we couldn't leave. We were butt ass naked in front of all those screaming boys trying our best to cover up and fight to get out. Eventually one boy felt bad I guess and let us out. We ran to the bathroom and locked the door and tried to figure a way home without our clothes. Then the nice boy came with our clothes. He apologized as we got dressed. We thanked him but said we were going to tattle on the rest of the boys. He said he'd show us his thing if we agreed not to tattle. He pulled it out and it was much bigger and harrier than the other two. The whole thing went from exciting to pissed to scary and then to exciting. All in all it was kind of exciting to be naked in front of that many naked boys. I was a little embarrassed about my body at first but soon realized they still liked seeing it so it was fine.

Christchurch, New Zealand

#52 Oct 19, 2009
borntolose wrote:
<quoted text>
Size is not irrelevant and large flaccid is important too. Women get excited by looking at a large "man". Look at all of the comments on this site about women lusting after large c0cks and men finding them for their wives and everything else.
Who knows if women really wrote those posts??

30 years ago, on a fine summer evening in Chicago, a Jewish girl I knew led me by the hand into a sex shop. We lingered a bit over the books with erect c**ks on the cover. I clearly recall her telling me "men aren't like that in real life. But bigger is nice because it's better to look at." But in our long conversations about sex (which included me asking what she, as a Jewish woman, thought about uncircumcised men), she NEVER said that size was important in bed. Nor has any other woman.

Pasadena, MD

#53 Oct 19, 2009
Dalton, my life was the same. Loads of fun! No hang ups at all, same for the wife, which is why we are so perfectly matched.
want to chat about it? [email protected]

Berkeley, CA

#54 Oct 19, 2009
I was about 9. I eat about 2 get in the bath and saw a spider and ran out naked. My sister laughed at my tiny mosquito bites. I told her that I had a little chest unlike her who was 12 and flatchested. After that she never talked about my size again


#55 Oct 20, 2009
I sat naked with my legs hanging out my bedroom window one evening wen I was really warm
I was (n stil am) 13
I don't think anyone saw me but a car did drive past!!

United States

#56 Oct 20, 2009
my best friend and i changed into our bathing suits in front of each other when we were 12

Hayward, CA

#57 Oct 27, 2009
Wayne wrote:
<quoted text>
Now I'm really depressed! I'm 22 and 3 inches smaller than a 12 year old. Damn. I don't think I was even 3 inches at 12. 13 and i have a 7 in c*ck..

Dumont, NJ

#58 Oct 27, 2009
The first time that I was naked with someone was in grammar school, I was in 7th grade. I was getting ready for a soccer game and took off my white briefs to put on my jock strap. I already had a pretty thick batch of pubes and 8 incher. My friends were surprised to see how much more I was developed than they were.

Makati, Philippines

#60 Dec 27, 2011
I'm 16 (girl) after my cheerleading practice at school i got home and i saw my parents were going somewhere they said they won't be back for 3 days and told me i was incharge of the house when it was about 7 pm i called my friends to come over and i took a shower after i took a shower i forgot to put some curtains in the window and when i took my towel of infront of the window i don't think anybody saw me. And when my friends arrived i only wear my boxer shirt no bra no pants and no undies when i came down my 3 friend boys was there i was really embarrased but they said it's ok we see it everytime so it was ok for me now

Reading, PA

#61 Dec 3, 2012
My cousin and I were 12 or 13 and were spending the day together while our parents were out shopping. We started talking about a girl in the local junior high who had been caught blowing a couple of classmates in the school's boiler-room.

That got us started talking about bl*wjobs. We started rubbing our c*cks and one of us suggested that we j*rk off together. Then we agreed to stroke each others c*cks and the first one to blow his load would have to suck the others c*ck until he got his tonsils 'whitewashed'. That's what we called it in those days.

So we started stroking each other and I was so excited that I c*me first and shot all over my belly. He insisted that I keep my end of the deal so he stood up and pulled his pants down. I was still too excited to refuse so I got on my knees and let him put his c*ck in my mouth. I don't remember the feel or the taste or how long it lasted, but he eventually shot off into my mouth and I remember gagging and then swallowing because he had his hands on the back of my head and was keeping me from backing off his c*ck.

I wish that I could clearly remember more of the details of that day's events, but I do remember his hand stroking my c*ck until I came, and I remember kneeling in front of him with his c*ck going in and out of my mouth, and I remember gagging on his load of c*m.

That summer we had several more mutual j*rk sessions, and every one of them ended with me sucking his c*ck. He sucked mine several times also, but not as often as I sucked his. Eventually we stopped doing this, and we both grew up to live normal straight lives, and I don't know about him, but every once in a while I get the urge to suck a c*ck again.

Dedham, MA

#62 Dec 3, 2012
Seventh grade, my sister and her bestfriend (and my future wife actually) were trying to get us to show ourselves. I had the biggest crush in the world on my sister's friend, I was in love. So they both flashed us by lifting their shirts and we took off our shirts, then they flashed us lifting off their bras, and we took off our pants. They took off their tops and peeked down the front of our underwear. Then my sister's friend whispered in my ear how she thought I was so sexy and had always wanted me and her breasts were pressed to my chest and I felt her wiggle out of her shorts and she put my hands on her hips and I could feel she was just in her underwear and she said please can I take off your underwear? She slid them down and took a step back holding them, she was standing in front of me in just these tiny little panties and I was throbbing. My sister stood next to her top less still with her shorts on holding my friend's underwear. I looked over at him. I had a good amount of hair down there but he didn't have any yet, but he was as hard as I was and much larger then me. I got embarrassed realizing they were both looking at his dick and smiling so I asked for my underwear back. My sister's friend smiled at me and said not yet, look it's dancing (throbbing) how cute and she reached behind her with my underwear and for my dick with her other hand. The word cute was too much, as she squeezed my dick in her hand it felt good but I tried to reach around her for my underwear, that's when my sister yelled we've got them. Eight of her friends burst into the room and rushed us, pulled us down and held us down as they played with our naked bodies. They compared us, he was bigger I had hair and I was harder and I had a cuter bum although laying on my back they couldn't see that.

It was humiliating 15 minutes until this older boy walked in and told them to leave us alone. He then called my sister's friend to him and twirled her around so she was behind him with her arms wrapped around him and he said go ahead show the girls what kind of man you like. She hesitated and he asked if she wanted him again and she said yes then he said show them and moved her hands down to his waist. She undid his pants and slid them down to expose the huge bulge in his underwear, he pulled her around to his side and down to her knees and said go ahead show them and she pulled down his underwear to expose a huge dick with lots of hair. He called my sister over and her friend started to suck him, and then my sister joined her. He stood there smiling and told me and my friend to take our clothes and run along he'd take care of these girls. I ran to the kitchen, my friend was slow to follow. We got dressed in the kitchen and one of my sister's other friends came out and asked my friend if he'd like to try that and nodded toward the room we came out of. He said yes and I ran to the front stairs and started to cry as I could hear around the corner the older boy commenting on how well my sister and her friend were doing. I got to my feet when I heard him ask my sister's friend if all her friends knew what a slut she was, but I froze when admitted she was a slut as she begged him to fuck her. My heart broke as I peered around the corner to see her on her hands and knees moaning as he entered her from behind.

South Shields, UK

#63 Dec 31, 2012
I was 16, stopping at my cousin house. We went to his local pool that was part of a hotel. When we walked into the changing rooms I was horrified that is was just one big open room. I quickly changed into my short, probably hiding beneath a towel. After swimming we went back into the changing room, my cousin just off with his shorts and standing their complacently naked whilst ringing them out. there were lots of other guys walking about naked without a care in the world, a couple of them even sitting around having a conversation naked. My cousin then threw down his shorts and walked to the showers in the middle of the room, no were to leave a towel anywhere beside the showers. I nervously removed my shorts and also took a shower in full view of everyone in there. It was then I realized it was no big deal been with other guys in the same situation.

Lacey, WA

#65 Jan 9, 2013
I was 11 years old at my gfs house she said she's always herd of a girl stipper and she would do anything to see a guy stripper I said anything so I did and when I was done I said alright you said anything so let's have sex and we did if you want details leve a comment here il get it later ppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeec cccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeee oooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttt ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. O-O

Maidstone, UK

#66 Apr 1, 2013
I was 12 and was doing a dare with a friend she said get naked so I did and fell asleep and woke up with her sucking my c**k it was awsome then she got naked we touched eachother I got hard she tossed me off.
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