#1554 Feb 22, 2013
Thanks j d . Wow you were right indeed we have this compulsion issue not something I had every heard of before thanks for that at least now I know why I do this ! Have a good weekend bud


#1555 Feb 22, 2013
Sorry posted twice!

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Melbourne, Australia

#1556 Feb 23, 2013
alot of working girls prefer you to fall 'in love' with them,
As you are more likely to shower them with gifts and big tips.

I used to be a receptionist at a brothel, the girls can get quite a handfull and most are have mental illness. Just be careful.

This is something I recommend to most males never to do, as most working girls refuse to give up their job as a working girl and the men tend to always use the fact tgat they were a working girl agaisnt them in arguments which caused things to go worse for them.

I guess it also depends on the girl herself...

You can have clean girls who work there, either sibgle mothers and uni students because they feel like they dont have a choice.

However... most are heavily into drugs, alcohol, sex addicts, dont wear protection. Get fake docter certificates and have sti's and so on

Be careful ok.

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United States

#1557 Feb 23, 2013
A receptionist at a brothel, I would have interviewed all an written a book, love to hear how the women who who worked there got to that point. The thing that gets me about these post is why would a person be mad at some one you paid for to have ssex??? You know going into it that is what it is. You have basically taken advantage of a women, no matter how u try to reason it,, the man is tfhe one abusing a women. 99.99999% have been victim of sex abuse, or other abuse. That is why they choose to sell them selves. Can u get it thru your thick skulls??? Ask any therapist who has any experiance.
John Doe


#1558 Feb 23, 2013
24Faust: Thanks for your insight...indeed these girls do have the problems you mentioned.

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Flushing, NY

#1559 Feb 24, 2013
ironman28, post your reply here if you read my private email to you. You may also want to reply directly to my email and give me your private email address so that we can continue to communicate offline. Regards!

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Haverfordwest, UK

#1560 Feb 24, 2013
It's not all bad, I've been with my wife for ten years and married 5 and she is a full time escort and we have a very happy maraige, big house, nice holidays and no marital problems what so ever

London, UK

#1561 Feb 24, 2013
Thanks Tim from Chester nice to hear that. It gives one hope Docreflex I don't agree one bit with your facts or figures you try to fit every situation into your way of thinking. Men can be victims here too like the old man for example who falls for the young beauty and she takes everything he has. I've seen it men ruined she laughs and moves on your argument is too simplistic
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United States

#1562 Feb 24, 2013
Not trying to be simplistic. You entered an agreement when u pay for sex. U can not go back and change that. If a person truely loves another. He would let that girl go when she asks for money. Since it is a money thing for her let's say the man would realize she does not love him, or is even incapable of love. At that point a person whp truely loved , desired that person would haves to let he go as his realization that she can not reciprocate his love. I think ijf any women on here, they should also realize when u take money from a man any love that might have been is gone.

Since: Nov 11

United States

#1563 Feb 24, 2013
Tim from Chester wrote:
It's not all bad, I've been with my wife for ten years and married 5 and she is a full time escort and we have a very happy maraige, big house, nice holidays and no marital problems what so ever
no marital problems what so ever,,,, I rest my case

Peakhurst, Australia

#1564 Mar 1, 2013
Man! I fell in love with a Prostitute very badly. Actually I saw her and sex with her first time. But later I started emotional feelings about her. Her smile, talking, sympathy. Moreover, she gave me her lips which others don't do normally. I am dying to see her again.
I still miss her badly, my job suffers, my family suffers, my bank accounts is shrinking and i am totally fucked up.
I have developed a very strong willpower not to see her again. I remember her in my feelings and she will be always in my heart, but I will never see her again. This is better for both of us.

London, UK

#1565 Mar 3, 2013
Well done jonie I wish I had your strength ah to be free of all this madness!

Auckland, New Zealand

#1566 Mar 8, 2013
I am a 58 year old fool who has fallen in love with a 34 year old hooker with all the right moves as she puts it. She has returned to nursing but has worked me over for 10s of thousands of dollars. Once I lost my business my attractiveness was zero even though I still have money. It is not her fault but if you fall in love with a hooker you have to realise to survive she is a hard and merciless bitch. Men have to be fools in their eyes. This particular young woman has come back to me with sob stories of boyfriends moving in new girlfriends while she was still there. All I can say after being emotionally destroyed by her is that the boyfriends obviously have much better intuition than me. Don't get involved emotionally with prostitutes. YOU WILL BECOME MIUCH POORER AND VERY VERY SORRY. She will waltz off with your cash saying she was wrong about you and you have changed..your family and friends are much more important. Thanks for the lesson Felicity!

London, UK

#1567 Mar 8, 2013
So sorry madman that you became a victim. Sex and love are hard to separate in a mans mind yet cruel women seem capable of lie after lie. At least you have seen her for what she is despite the pain you must now endure. Good luck pal.

Auckland, New Zealand

#1568 Mar 8, 2013
Peter wrote:
So sorry madman that you became a victim. Sex and love are hard to separate in a mans mind yet cruel women seem capable of lie after lie. At least you have seen her for what she is despite the pain you must now endure. Good luck pal.
I don't think I will ever get over it Peter. But it mskes me realise a lot of sayings sre true. There's no fool like sn old fool !
John Doe


#1569 Mar 8, 2013
madman: it'll take time, but you will get better eventually. Just take it one day at a time. All the best.

Auckland, New Zealand

#1571 Mar 8, 2013
George wrote:
im shocked to see all the hate that prostitutes get on this its disgraceful, my daughter became a prostitute 3 years ago and still is, however she isnt a tramp and doesnt use drugs, also she uses protection because shes not stupid, she had a good upbringing and was a clever kid, i dont approve in her career choice and i think its disgraceful, however she is my daughter and i still love her, plus she said it was always a dream of hers, so im happy that she's doing a job she loves rather than her being miserable, no matter what she does i'll always love and support her because she's still my daughter and that'll never change.
How did you find out?

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#1572 Mar 8, 2013
Hey everyone sorry I've been away. Long story short: decided to try to reconcile with the wife, she found out about me with hookers, I came clean about everything, she moved out with the kids, and she's letting me earn her trust back. Funny thing is we're having sex more now than when we did before she found out. Took the TV and Xbox from T's house while she was in jail, she got out yesterday and hasn't contacted me. The only way she can reach me is by email and since my wife knows about her, there's nothing she can do to hurt me.

No more hookers for me. Every single one I have encountered is a shattered shell of a person in desperate need of psychotherapy or psychiatric care. I had the (dis)pleasure of getting to know many on a personal level, and every single one lived a train wreck of a life.

I realize now that I was NOT in love with T. I mistook my "need" to rescue and her "need" to be rescued as love. For those few of you who are able to make a relationship with a hooker work, you are defying significant odds. Out of the almost 1,500 posts I can count on one hand how many have reported a successful relationship.

So if you're a john in love with a hooker or vice versa, run in the other direction as fast as you can and try to forget about that other person. You can't save people who don't really want to be saved, and you can't be saved by someone who doesn't really want to save you.

If you're in love with a hooker but didn't meet her as a john, be prepared for a lot of turmoil and drama and for your relationship to end in disaster. If you're a sex worker in love with a civilian, prepare for the breakup as they'll likely never see past your profession. Very few people want to imagine the person they love having sex with others, and if they look the other way like I did with T, they're in denial.

If you honestly think you can make it work, do yourself a favor and read through all of these posts. Count all the folks who have endured pain and heartache, and then count the folks who report "happily ever after." You will see that 99 out of 100 report nothing but pain and heartache. So that means you have 1% or less chance of living "happily ever after."

If you still think you can make your situation work in the face of almost impossible odds, all I can say is good luck to you. You'll need it.

Auckland, New Zealand

#1573 Mar 8, 2013
I have been driven mad from relationship with a prostitute. I sm going to commit suicide to end the pain.
John Doe


#1574 Mar 9, 2013

Nice to hear from u. Reconciling with the Mrs - I didn't see that coming. Coming clean was not a good idea. The wife can use that against you in divorce. But, I am glad things are working out for u.

It's also good that you are able to cut off your T completely, bringing a closure to that part of your life.

All the best

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