My friend jerked me off in my sleep

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#98 May 3, 2009
flyboy wrote:
<quoted text>Exactly. Thats why this situation is definetely screwed up, its violating personal space and disrespectful. With that said, if he didnt want it to happen, he had the opportunity to stop it from happening.
very true
he could've stopped it
now he's denial he was ever curious!
all because of labels aka social conditioning

Richmond, VA

#99 May 6, 2009
k2k3m wrote:
<quoted text>
very true
he could've stopped it
now he's denial he was ever curious!
all because of labels aka social conditioning
For sure, I think he liked it, I think he knows he was into it. I know for sure I wouldnt have an issue, in fact I would take it as a compliment and appreciate it!
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#100 Jun 28, 2009
one night me and my best friend were drinking and we both got drunk and we ate some food before we went to sleep on the lounge floor,so i lay next to my best friend and lay my head over his arm as i put his fingers next to my mouth and proceeded to lik his fingers putting them in and out of my mouth one by one, then i turned around to him as he was asleep and kissed him on his lips then i carried on with the fingers again, after a few seconds i put my hand on where his crotch was and felt a very hard penis under his jeans which i knew straight away it was an erection... then i turned towards his crotch area and unzipped his jeans where i could see his erected penis pointed upwards towards his navel under his jocks, i moved my hands up and down his jocks to feel his erction at the same time i then moved his jocks down slowly in which his penis showed circumcision i then slowly ran my hands up and down his penis played with it a bit then i lent forward to proceed with oral but just before i got to the tip of his penis his fingers grabbed my chin and moved it away from his penis and then he turned around away from me not showing his penis but the back of his jeans to me,after a few seconds i reached out around the front of his jeans and continued to stroke his penis at that time he turned around and faced his penis towards me in which i lent forward and slowly wrapped my whole mouth around his circumcision penis and continued with oral up and down up and down in and out in and out ive never felt such pleasure of doing this to a good friend of mine this continued for a while as i felt him lifting his buttocks to insert his penis into my mouth in and out, i stopped after a while and he got up and went into the room as i followed behind him .........
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#101 Jun 28, 2009
and no we didnt carry on we just slept on the bunkbeds me on top and he on the bottom bed and in the morning i left to go to my brothers house cause i felt badddd very badddd at wut i had done but returned a couple hrs later to have my friend ask where have i been where did i go in the morning am i alright i told him i was ok and it was just like a normal day nothing had changed we treat eachother like how we always have, best friends and get angry at things we usually do fight over etc like friends do but we never talk about what had happened that night its just one of those things that are kept privately i suppose or just dont get thought of ... he now has a girlfriend stays with her and i have a girlfriend with my handsome little 3yr old boy i treasure very much dearly and hopeing on getting married soon.... i still think of that day and in a way am glad i had experienced that side of the hormones with my best friend i love my friend very much and still do to this day we still stay incontact and help eachother out the best we can when we have dramas with our girlfriends or work and everyday issues etc... its good to talk to someone you know that you can trust .....


#102 Jun 28, 2009
smudge wrote:
Could have been worse you could have woken up with a sore arse
No need for a sore arse with just a little care.

United States

#103 Jun 28, 2009
so, would you ever sleep over at his place again?
my friend did that same sorta thing to me one night after we got really drunk and i passed out on his couch, it was very embarrasing when it first happend and i wasnt sure how to react to waking up with a raging hard on and realizing my friends lubed up hand was stroking it inside my underwear...ok i confess i did get drunk and stay the night at his apartment several times after that....

Dallas, TX

#104 Jun 28, 2009
I have seen both males and females messing with passed out drunk guys at parties.i caught a girl younger than me who i know,messing with a passed out guy and she begged me not to tell her parents.A couple of months later at another party,i saw her lifting an older mans shorts and looking up inside.I know her older sister and i found out that the family had caught her several times touching her brother and dad when they were asleep.

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#105 Jun 28, 2009
when i was 11 or 12,my buddies and i jerked each other off almost everyday. i can't remember how it all started the 1st time, but we did it for 2 or 3 years i know. we jerked each other off before we went to sleep. it was just a regular thing after a couple times. sometimes there would only be 2 of us and sometimes, 4 or 5 of us jacked each other off. we didn't swap BJ'S. JUST jerking each other.
once i stayed with my cousin one night and i got woke up by his younger sister giving me a bj, i was 15 and she was 13, but thats another story. believe me i have a few stories i could tell.
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Dumont, NJ

#106 Jun 28, 2009
Tom wrote:
Yes, he was drunk, as was I, but come on. I remember having to sleep at his plac onthe floor, and he did too. I took off my pants like I would at home, but had on boxers. I woke up naked and I wont say he geve me blow job, but at first when I woke, it seemed to feel like it, and he looked to pull his head away. I just kind of pretended to ga back to sleep, but watched throgh one eye as he jerked me off being real careful and slow. He was completely naked too, was rubbing his woody on my legs while he did it. I couldn't help that I orgasmed, because I tried to fight it, hoping he would gve up, but he never stppoed until after I ejaculated because I couldn't hold it back. Then e rubbed his harder on my thigh as orgasmed right on me. It disgusted me then, after I ha already orgasmed especially.
Then he just got up and came back and wiped it al off with a towel. I managed to get back to sleep, but woke up naked next to him, and he was all dressed. He tried to say I got undressed myself like that, and I just didn't remember.
lol this story is bullSh!!t

Gainesboro, TN

#107 Jun 28, 2009
that stories fking funny, ahahahah, i woulda jumped up and went all, wtf??? but its more the violation then the fact that hes gay, i don't like getting molested, lolz, by a guy or girl...and idk, if your str8 idk if a guy could get you hard, i've never had that experience but, i mean, if im not into it, even a girl can't get me hard ya'kno? i have 2 be into it, idk, tom, i think if you where 100% straight you should of jumped up, th fact you let him do it and came is a little gay, lol, but hey man, its ok, don't fight who you are inside, i don't have a problem with gay guys, only the flamers make me a lil queezy because they are just wow, rediculous, idk how being a gay MAN makes you a woman, lol, i also hate how gay men sometimes have this rediculous sexist hate for women, i think thats wrong, though 2 each his or her own
livesforthemomen t

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#108 Jul 12, 2009
Same thing has happened to me.
My best guy friend stayed over one night. i woke up in the middle of the night to his hand down my pants. He went on to grab my hand and put my hand in his pants and then he slowly and discreetly jacked me off. Idk if he knew i was awake. i'm straight and have had many girlfriends. and he has a girlfriend. But i mean, a hand job is a hand job.

I returned the favor one night by blowing him reall good while he "was asleep".
we are only 15 and just messing around. some friends do that right?

Kemp, TX

#109 Sep 22, 2009
i had somthin like that happen 2 me when i was younger. My cousin stayed da nite wit me n he sucked me off n my sleep. It confuessed me cause it felt so good. He did it a few more times b4 i let him know i knew what he was doin. He then asked if he could do r if i ever wanted it 2 let him know n he would do it 4 me. It soon got 2 da point that we would do eachother. This started when i was 5 n continued on n 2 our mid 20s. Im married now wit a kid on da way n still 2 this day i think bout that. Theres more 2 this story but thats if u wanna hear it!!!!!

Centreville, Canada

#110 Sep 24, 2009
does anyone else notice that this kind of thing feels totally awesome when you are horny and in the moment,, but after its over you feel ashamed that it happened???

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#111 Sep 25, 2009
I think this all comes down to the fact that most people are more concerned with sexual gratification than self respect, morals and decency. Unfortunately, the majority of guys nowadays would accept a bj from anyone or anything (yes that includes farm animals) and will likely whore themselves out freely in pursuit of pleasure at any cost.

Just remember, doing what is right and decent often takes a lot more control, self respect and strength than it takes to do what is wrong.

This is how the devil works.

Regarding the OP, what occured,(assuming it actually did occur) is nothing short of sexual abuse and you let it happen because of many of the points I mentioned earlier.

Best regards :)

Kemp, TX

#114 Sep 28, 2009
I know i said that there was more 2 my story. The more is, it lead me n2 a life of hell. Not just was i confuessed bout my sexuality, but i had commitment issues. I didnt want 2 get close 2 people cause i thought they would know bout this then not like me.("How could u let ur male cousin do somthin like that 2 u? Then like enough 2 allow it 2 continue! U must b GAY!!!") I couldnt face those questions comin @ me. So i didnt let people n. But now its different. I dont mind talkin bout it cause i dont want it to happen 2 others. Its a hard life 2 live, n a lonly 1 @ that. Now that my family knows n things r out my life is better. Like i said da last time. Im married now n have a son on da way! But da biggest change of all is i allow GOD 2 come n2 my life. I still have battles but its a lot easier wit God n family on my side!!!
heavy sleeper lol

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#115 Oct 27, 2009
wow, i finally found a post that i can relate too. I have this friend that i am very close too. I would stay over his house every once in a while with other friends as well. Our nights often consisted of our group of friends drinking or smoking. One night i woke up to the strange feeling of a hand quickly being pulled out of my pants. I thought nothing of it and went back to sleep. Later that night, it happened again, this time i curiously stayed awake. My friend proceeded to touch my "junk" as he masturbated under his sleeping back (i could hear him). He has done this 3 or 4 times now and i cant help but enjoy it. Im not gay, and i would never have a "relationship" with another man. i have a girlfriend and i absolutely love pussy, but something about that turns me on. The risk of being caught is too much. Anyway, my friend (also has a girlfriend...who also wants to have sex with me, i know very strange) jokingly make gay comments involving us all the time. i cant help but laugh. wow that was a long story, thank you for reading this lol. i needed someone to hear it.

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#116 Oct 27, 2009
Guys are all horny. When a friend asks, I just give it to them. Why not? They're friends. That's what friends are for.
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#117 Oct 28, 2009
yep you are a queer.

Montclair, CA

#118 Oct 29, 2009
This turns me on

United States

#119 Oct 29, 2009
You like that don't you Robert? lol

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