Driving naked
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Since: Jan 11

Denver, CO

#1 Jan 16, 2011
Who else out there enjoys driving naked? Any interesting stories?

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Since: Dec 09

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#2 Jan 16, 2011
Godd night for a long drive tonight, I love my music cranked with the windows down, It's a great release. Except tonight I will be wearing longJohns for the ride, as its under 20 degrees here. In the summer I'll think about driving naked.

Lebanon, PA

#3 Jan 16, 2011
I've done it many times on the interstate. Truckers love it.

Since: Jan 11

Denver, CO

#4 Jan 17, 2011
Suezanne wrote:
Godd night for a long drive tonight, I love my music cranked with the windows down, It's a great release. Except tonight I will be wearing longJohns for the ride, as its under 20 degrees here. In the summer I'll think about driving naked.
Ya right now it is abit cold. In the summer it's fun to drive around naked. I like how I could be caught at anymoment. Have u ever been caught driving naked? And how old are u?

Hamilton, OH

#5 Jan 17, 2011
Driving naked? I always drive naked, especially when I get up behind her doggy style and drive it in, up to the hilt!

Since: May 09

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#6 Jan 17, 2011
Actually there have been many more cases of people driving nude recently. I don't know, but it seems the nudist lifestyle is growing in popularity. I've never driven naked, but I have driven with my pants and shirt wide open because I used to drive truck over the road and clothing is too binding, especially jeans.

“Here for fun”

Since: Dec 09

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#8 Jan 17, 2011
anonymous wrote:
Driving naked? I always drive naked, especially when I get up behind her doggy style and drive it in, up to the hilt!

Ellenville, NY

#9 Jan 17, 2011
I drove cross country years ago. I have never heard of people driving naked. But recently I took a trip down south via bus. While on the bus ride back to the Tri-State area. I was sleeping and my riding companion woke me up and said he saw a naked male truck driver, I didn't actually see the driver but I have a feeling, the truck driver wasn't wearing much of anything.
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Gainesville, FL

#10 Jan 17, 2011
When I was a trucker, some of the female drivers told me they drove wearing only a shirt or a blouse, and no pants or panties.


#11 Jan 17, 2011
I like to be naked in many places, but never driving. once I had a car accidents: me and all occupnts were harmed in different degrees. I happened to be fully clothed, my companions wore short pants or were shitless. They had lots of cuts that I didn't, taht is because clothes are more protecion for you than you will ever think. I tell this for your safety. Again: I have nothing against nudity; i rather like it very much.


#12 Jul 7, 2011
I just love the feeling of driving nude windows wide open and nice cool air round my shaved ****. I get my morning paper then ***** off at 7am drive to work through towns villages never bothering to try to cover up and then when i leave work i do the same again even going through town centres in rush hour naked its a great feeling with people walking past me

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Since: May 10

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#13 Jul 7, 2011
I drive around naked quite a bit. Well, not naked, but pants down to my ankles. In fact, i did this last night. After hanging out with a friend of mine, on the drive back home I pulled my pants down to my ankles and let me cok lay freely on the seat. Usually I drive in the right lanes so no one passing me can see me. However, last night I drove in the center lanes; letting people pass or passing other people however slowly or quickly i happened to be passed to pass. I never look over to see if anyone saw anything. I would get hard then soft, then hard again all throughout the ride. It's great.


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Since: Jan 11

Flush it.

#14 Jul 7, 2011
Most anything you can do dressed you can do the same thing naked.
So get naked and enjoy.

Chilliwack, Canada

#16 Jul 7, 2011
It was a warm or hot summer day. I was driving totally naked. I had a towel in the front seat near me.... I had to stop for a flag person along with others. I was embarrassed what if the flag person saw my totally naked ? Then I notice other guy where shirtless too.... I had to go pee... How was I going to handle this ? But then I notice the guy in back of me open his door and rapped a towel around himself and head for the woods. I heard him talked to the flag person. And learn we had to wait. Because of a slide across the highway... I join the other fellow in the woods. We both dropped our towels and took a leak together. And talk a bit.. head back walking naked...Life went on....

Costa Mesa, CA

#17 Jul 7, 2011
LMFAO, I love this topic and boy do I ever have a story for you!! This is a true story, not BS like 3/4 of the other stuff on here.

Ok, One night an old girlfriend of mine and I were driving out to pick my brother up from a prison out in Blythe California. He was getting out on parole the next day. So my girlfriend and I drove the 4 + hour drive to get him, we left the night before he was to get out. When we got out there, we already had a motel reserved. Anyways, about a half hour after I started driving, my then at the time girlfriend reclined her seat back and dozed off. I on the other hand reclined my seat back and took my clothes off. So here I am driving butt naked for the next 3 1/2 hours. During this drive, my g/f did wake up to find me butt naked with a hard on stroking myself. All she said was 'you cant go anywhere without being naked and playing with that thing can you'? So I continued to drive. We were now coming up to our exit. When we got to the exit, I didnt know to go left or right, so I went left. Now were like in the middle of no-mans-land, so after I went left, I drove about a mile and we were heading towards nothing but darkness. There was a couple residential streets here and there, but something told me I was going the wrong way. I came to a 4 way stop sign and noticed there was a school parking lot ahead that I could turn around in. I also noticed a car pulling out from one of the side streets. I looked at my g/f and said to her 'Thats a un marked cop car' She said it wasnt, but I still reached for my pants. The car was now behind me, and my cants werent even up to my knees yet. I didnt want to pull them all the way up and cause any suspicion in case it was a cop. And I to am on parole and I was absconding at this time, so any contact with the law would get me arrested. And I told my g/f long before this night that if we should ever get pulled over, Im getting out and running. Anyways, all the sudden a spot light came on and the red and blue lights started flashing, I was being pulled over. by the time the cop got to my door, I barely had my pants pulled up. They were pulled up, but werent buttoned up. I wear Levi 501's, so everything was still sorta hanging out. I could get out and run cause I was in the middle of bumb fuck Egypt, the only place to run and hide was behind a cactus, so I was a dead duck. Cop asked for license and registration. I told him i didnt have my license with me. I gave him a phoney name. A back up vehicle showed up and I thought that this was it, their taking me in. After a few minutes, the came to my door and asked me to step out of the vehicle. I did, and they took me to where the trunk of the is, put his ticket book on the trunk for me to sign for driving without a licese lol

United States

#18 Jul 7, 2011
I am a truck driver currently and have been for many years, and yes I do drive naked a lot.. No I am not one of the picturesque idea that you get when you hear truck driver, I am very athletic, muscular and have been told many times, attractive. I do have fun driving naked, and you would not believe this but I have just as many men who like to look as I do women. The point is that over the years, I have noticed the nudity on the road diminishing, yet I see stories, and hear of them, but I dont see the ppl out there doing it near as much as I used to.. I loved to watch and to show.. Hope it comes back again.. I had so much fun
Jack dandy

Kent, WA

#20 Feb 3, 2013
Back in 2000 my, then girlfriend now wife, rode naked through several towns and stop lights. All in all about 200 miles stark naked. It all started when she simply asked if she could do anything. Playfully I said, yeah, get naked. She said ok and stripped. It was dusk when we started and well on to darkness when we reached our destination. There were several long lonely stretches to which we pulled over and, well you know. Then on through town. Several people saw her and she just laughed. That was the first time the second time she drove naked and I joined her briefly in the passenger seat. It is very fun you should all try it once

Alexandria, VA

#21 Aug 4, 2013
Rocket wrote:
I've done it many times on the interstate. Truckers love it.
i also enjoy driving nude in my pick up and my big truck and I also love when I see a guy or a girl pull up next to me naked and are playing with themselves hot hot hot
naked guy

Reno, NV

#22 Aug 11, 2013
I also like to drive my pickup totally naked. Have done it on an 8 hour trip what a great feeling with windows down and cool air all around you. Driving in town naked is fun too but don't want to get caught. Striped down the other night and drove for a while then went to park and walked around in box briefs for an hour or so that was nice. Happy driving to all

Randolph, NJ

#23 Aug 11, 2013
have driven naked many times. with and without the kids. but we embrace the nudist lifestyle as often as possible. it is always funny to me how many times people never even notice at stop lights.

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